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'Concussion' and the Serious Impact of Repeated Head Trauma | ABC News

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Will Smith plays the controversial Dr. Bennet Omalu who discovered the brain disease CTE. -- SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (142)
Jump rope stairs (3 days ago)
Did you see pulp fiction, dam he's one start mother fucker
osu22221 (24 days ago)
The NFL will chew ya up, use you up and spit you out. The NFL destroys bodies, and they are like the Tobacco industry, they go after kids and start to destroy them from an early age. Sitting at the top of the trash heap is Roger Goodell. Roger is getting filthy rich off of players going braindead. Owners like Jeffrey Lurie, Steve Tisch and Jim Haslem keep the abuse going while putting money in their pockets.
Propa Social (2 months ago)
Concussion Pro 1 used in MMA & combat sports to support the brain and protect from injury!! The world's first dedicated concussion supplement/treatment for supporting brain health and performance. - View The Project: https://www.indiegog...sion-pro-1-sports
Alexander Cooney (3 months ago)
Im 6'0 150 and of very average strength. I was trying to mimic some hard closed fist slaps to a punching bag, similar to an O line man. 50 of those FROM ME a day would obviously mess you up. Now imagine a guy 5x my strength.
Dion R (4 months ago)
Deport Omalu for destroying our national culture with his anti-football propaganda!
Chima Nnadi (4 months ago)
Oj had this and that’s why he killed
Timmy Turdbreath (5 months ago)
I drink. I get drunk. I fall and hit my head on tables, stools, and the floor. I develop traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, alcohol causes CTE. I will sue Anheuser-Busch.
Hiram Soosenuu (6 months ago)
I Love football but it's so fucked up how they just push aside important fact findings to save a the players health, & Life. The fuckin NFL is the biggest criminal enterprise. Jr Seau's family should sue the NFL.
Humzah Hassan (6 months ago)
Thank you for making football safer I have friends in the nfl and I want to thank dr omalu for telling the truth. Now the nfl has to make the game safer
John Kaszanek (7 months ago)
Put helmet inside skull!
John Kaszanek (7 months ago)
No helmet will help. Brain is sloshing inside skull. Stretching, tau, dead brain cells. Stupidity, stupidity, stupidity. End it.
John Kaszanek (7 months ago)
ABC is communist mainstream media. Enemy of America.
Psalm Miracle (9 months ago)
I really think I'm struggling from this. I'm so upset.
Handa Seishu (9 months ago)
At 2:30 i thought he was cutting chicken meat but then i realized its really a brain meat...holy shit...😂🤣😂🤣
Handa Seishu (9 months ago)
Wow this is good...i just wonder that sports like soccer also hve the same impact that lead to concussion caused by heading the ball??just asking..
George Chaos Cam (10 months ago)
Helmets seem to encourage people to use their head as a battering ram, i think the league would see fewer head injuries if they went back to the old school leather helmet
Dana Elona (10 months ago)
6:20 oh god please make that blonde gold digger stop saying words with "s" in them... 😩😩😩😩
Anonymous Person (10 months ago)
The NFL is denying the truth. Because of the love of money..
puckstar 34 (10 months ago)
People keep saying concussions are a problem and that's scary to parents but it's important to learn how to hit if you don't use the head to make contact but instead use the shoulder you will be in the right direction because as long as you avoid the head use in contact then chance of concussion goes down also those head to head direct impacts won't happen a lot more as long as kids are taught how to hit properly and everyone should be taught how to hit properly no matter the level
Brandon May (10 months ago)
Not true. You can get a concussion from simply your head whiplashing the ground without you leading with your helmet. Also positions such as offense/ defensive line force you to use your head first. You cant avoid it.
skymaster4ever (11 months ago)
How that fuck can you consider football too dangerous? These people get multi million contracts to play what they love playing: football. The people in the military get paid shit for salary and they don't get so much attention. They get concussions and no one seems to give a shit. The injuries in this sport are well worth the paid. If they paid that to the military i bet you no one would complain.
skymaster4ever (10 months ago)
I am not saying it is. But it is better than a lot others who risk their lives and get probably the same results but get paid nothing compare to football players.
Brandon May (10 months ago)
skymaster4ever so not being able to remember conversations past 5 minutes, being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, possibly losing your sanity, and needing assistance to simply get out of bed everyday is worth it? You sound ignorant.
John Siliga (11 months ago)
The movie concussion i was dying when will Smith failed miserably trying to emulate the Nigerian accent
john doe (11 months ago)
Wow getting repeated head injuries is bad for you....im so suprised
Pablo Molina (1 year ago)
Read it! https://www.biblegateway.com/blog/2017/07/i-had-to-be-the-voice-for-those-who-could-no-longer-speak-for-themselves/?utm_source=ZStrobel&utm_medium=email&utm_term=20170627&utm_campaign=zO062717h&spMailingID=54540349&spUserID=Njc0NDc3NTYzMTMS1&spJobID=1203376535&spReportId=MTIwMzM3NjUzNQS2
Renato Sousa (1 year ago)
CTE found in 99% of studied brains from deceased NFL players By Daniella Emanuel, CNN Updated 1857 GMT (0257 HKT) July 25, 2017
Big up to Dr. Bennet Omalu for Standing up, against the big 700 million dollar giant, the NFL.
Pete Zereeah (1 year ago)
There are 2 sources of horrendous pain I have experienced. A shot to the balls....which is essential for me to protect them to propagate the species. And a shot to the head, which sends me the biologic message that this injury should be avoided at all cost. This sport is ridiculous. It's days are numbered. America will only tolerate so much of this gladiator crap.
Luz Figueroa (1 year ago)
I so like him when he's just smiling as he's mentioning the insults he endured. He's an amazing doctor.
TheWatchernator (1 year ago)
Good movie, now legalize THC
Alec Baldlose (1 year ago)
The doctor is the one who sounds like he has CTE.
Germare Dipprnaar (1 year ago)
Football is NOTHING compared to rugby
maggiemolly111 (1 year ago)
Look up Gerald McClellan to see a heartbreaking example of what trauma to the brain can do. You wouldn't hit your finger with a hammer over and over and expect not to cause injury. The fact that people even debate wether it's "real" is insane. You may not care but you can't say it's not valid.
Emmanuel McCoy (1 year ago)
i now believe basketball is the safe haven
daveyork0 (1 year ago)
"What were some of the things they would call you back then". I was disappointed when he didn't say 'witch doctor'.
Rouskey Carpel (4 days ago)
daveyork0 He did.He said they called a voodoo doctor which is synonymous to witch doctor.
nenabunena (1 year ago)
the reporter at the end looked like his voice was breaking and was holding back tears
Gryazev-Shipunov (1 year ago)
Screw the NFL. Dr Omalu is a true hero
Bluehopi Waltz (6 months ago)
way more interesting and exciting and no need for kneeing like idiots
Lorrie Mamoet (1 year ago)
replace football with rugby
MJSONLY (1 year ago)
It is interesting how quickly the "movie" was scooted out of mainstream theaters.... It is an awesome movie with a huge revelation about the NON safety concerns for players of the game of football...
Sithum Samaraweera (1 year ago)
Dr Omalu is not the problem here, he is not jealous of football. it's very selfish of us as fans to see players go through this fate for our entertainment. But, at the same time, America and the NFL does not force football on individuals, it's a personal choice. Football is America, real American Identity. As we all know football owns Sundays, it's bigger than GOD and Church. However the questions I ask my self are, Do I wanna see football diminish? Absolutely NOT, I love the game too much that it has become a part of me. Is it selfish of me to keep watching? YES & NO, because of my viewership and many others viewerships football is North America's number 1 (USA and Canada) sport. What Can we do about this? Ban football? NO NO NO, you don't ban football, but make it safer (Not Roger Godell type bullshit safer), America has most prestigious universities in the world with master mind scientist, professors, doctors and engineers. Work on an end product (Helmets and Protective gear), which will negate (Not Minimize) the effects of CTE, make this game safe for the current and the future Generations. spend money, flow it like a river, but make the game safe. Cuz for some of us, football is life, and we never wanna doubt the game, EVER.....
thepostnihilist (1 year ago)
You have an addiction to watching men harm each other. It is a sickness. The only 100% safe way to play football is by touch only, not tackle. These males are entering the sport because they believe it lifts them up in your eyes. They become American heroes for a short time. Without the viewership, without the idol worship they receive from fans, they would have no other choice than to prefer health and a long life instead of repeated physical abuse followed by a progressive decline in health and dignity.
Adam Nir (1 year ago)
Jacob Brown (1 month ago)
Lacrosse on the come up
Charles Bray (6 months ago)
Baseball isn’t exciting enough.. Football is action packed.
Joe Whitehead (1 year ago)
Adam Nir It is. Isn't it?
REAP-Matty (1 year ago)
Dr. Omalu is an American Hero.
ScarfaceFranckRibery (11 months ago)
african you mean
Sam (1 year ago)
So true his discoveries will spare the lives of many children, I feel sorry for those who sacrificed their brains just to make money at the expense of their sanity. God bless Dr. Omalu.
Kush Weiser (1 year ago)
he was laughing at his crappy football team.
Khadija Bangurah (1 year ago)
Angel_rod123 Go cowboys how is this funny
Grant Witham (1 year ago)
NFL is a criminal enterprise and Goodell the mob boss -
sideshowmulhern (1 year ago)
Tell da truuff
Beau Trahan (1 year ago)
I'm 14 have had 5 concussions probably way more though
Lorrie Mamoet (1 year ago)
get out go play soccer
court ellis (1 year ago)
eww brains..gonna go vomit now
Sheldon stern (1 year ago)
lol 8:50 at the very end, after ask that bad choice of words :)
John Dickson (1 year ago)
Great interview and the movie was an eye opener.
Glasco Graphix (2 years ago)
American Football may be a sport that will be gone in 20 years. I cant front I love the sport myself. BUT, Truth is truth. What is more important Living or becoming literally killing yourself to become rich and Dying young and not being able to spend those riches. Think of all the parents that have their kids in football. Before we knew, one cannot blame anyone. Now we know...
S G (3 months ago)
I feel you, I love the game too man, but it's important we don't allow this information to go in one ear and out the other
Brian Waller (10 months ago)
Glasco Graphix yep. I won't allow my son to play. I played in high school and have a mild case of cte
druha10304 (2 years ago)
lol at junior seau's trophy wife that blonde bitch would never ever give him the time of day if he wasnt in the nfl
Nic Harding (2 years ago)
I get the argument of collision sports causing CTE, however there are plenty of former athletes who don't show signs of CTE and brain damage. I think this is still in the early days of study and the media are just running wild with it, as an example the making of the movie Concussion, and the fact that the media focuses on isolated incidents. Give it more time to make a proper conclusion
John Doe (1 year ago)
+Nic Harding What is this weak ass argument...... do u have cte?
sienna three (1 year ago)
The same was once said of smoking. Not everyone who smokes will get cancer or a heart attack. However, ask ANY doctor in this world, and every single one of them, without exception, will tell you that smoking is bad for the human body. So, when you say, "Give it more time to make a proper conclusion." I find this very dangerous because we know enough today to predict, with a VERY STRONG confidence, that banging your head against anything isn't good for one's health. Yes, sure, some people can play football for 20 years and not suffer any problems, just like how someone can smoke for 50 years and still live to be 100. But, in the meantime, the question I ask you is, "Are you willing to have your kid be the guinea pig, by allowing him to play football, only to find out in the end that, indeed, football does damage the brain?"
Freedomboy006 (2 years ago)
idk why but the doc looks mad young. like hes 15
Patrick Bateman (10 months ago)
Will smithx
adan rodriguez (2 years ago)
TG (1 year ago)
yep, not that I knew Chris but watching him on tv for all those years, the "real" Chris wouldn't have did what he did, he wasn't in his right frame of mind at the end of his life.
Reid 1408 (2 years ago)
this is why people root for the players instead of joining the team because of this
Shieena Living Waters (2 years ago)
When is the NFL going to repay the families? and support the children who's dad's gave their lives for the sport? literally? The NFL has so much money and yet, they drop them like a hot potato - concussion did not cover the family trauma at all- nor the devastation to them financially and legally.
Shieena Living Waters (2 years ago)
I'm referring to those NFL players that played a couple seasons - their rule of 4 gives the NFL the opportunity to cycle players after only 3- then they are off the hook for this terrible condition- often diagnosed as Bi-polar, ADHD, or a miriad of mental health mood swings. Most NFL players. showed signs as teens off being "out of control" boys who love living on the edge. High School and College love these young men- they give them scholarships and diplomas for their love of brut force.
Qarquatuq Eetook (2 years ago)
made me wonder too about women who take beatings to the head from being abused?!
SANKOFA X (1 year ago)
Hey look at me we are victims too... dozens of men dying old wretched from years of body wrecking sport that is legal and praised vs domestic abuse that is illegal and demonized by media, makes me wonder if women do really feel empathy towards men
CCphotography (2 years ago)
great man...
mitchellblackify (2 years ago)
I thought Concussion was an amazing movie. Sad but powerful. Now I'm watching this Frontline series: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/league-of-denial/
hadock32 (2 years ago)
This should have really bin an item on Last Week Tonight. Maybe it still can?
Cureton Johnson (2 years ago)
Concussion was amazing. This guy helped change the game. I applaud his courage and will to sacrifice for what he believed. More movies should chronicle these kind of people who change the world we live in. God bless.
AbuClaib -l (2 years ago)
simply , STOP play football
Nanton BullArt (2 years ago)
Forest Whittaker should have played him instead of Will Smith.
Duke Temz (3 months ago)
both Dr Omalu and Will Smith are the same age, yes Will played a younger version of the doctor but its way more convenient than Forest Whittaker
Doctor Doom (6 months ago)
Smith was 10 years too old too by your logic.
M.Night Shammertime (1 year ago)
Morgan Freeman
Cookie Monster (1 year ago)
Omar Epps
iGeorge M (1 year ago)
Forrest is too old for the roll. This doctor is only 48, which would put him around 33 at that time in 2001. So a 55 year old playing a 33 year old?
Ruqia warsame (2 years ago)
Cnt believe he was given citizenship just 2015
MarineAqua45 (2 years ago)
A very interesting interview & I think a good movie about this.
Марко (2 years ago)
God bless you Dr. Bennet Omalu.
Charlie Mbc (2 years ago)
great man
Mister Kong (2 years ago)
Tell de trooth!!
Blessed 94 (2 years ago)
They keep on saying concussion cause CTE, but it is blunt force repeated trauma like the doc says.
MarineAqua45 (1 year ago)
smooth doge No you're right there, as there are always after-symptoms like weakness in strength, migraine headaches, etc.
smooth doge (1 year ago)
MarineAqua45 the brain never fully recovers
MarineAqua45 (1 year ago)
Blessed 94 Multiple concussions ( where the brain has no time to recover properly) causes CTE.
TheBookWorm1718 (2 years ago)
+Hamilton 47_ But these guys keep getting concussions from blunt force repeated trauma.
Nathan Clark (2 years ago)
The 1 dislike is Roger Goodell
Justin Time (1 month ago)
+Nathan Clark The other 17 are Goodell's errr the NFL's Team of Lawyers
Renato Sousa (1 year ago)
CTE found in 99% of studied brains from deceased NFL players By Daniella Emanuel, CNN Updated 1857 GMT (0257 HKT) July 25, 2017
misteeq64 (2 years ago)
+Nathan News LOL LOL LOL
I'm right you're wrong (2 years ago)
all pro sports have to do now is make sure contracts say "participate at own risk".
Talltrees84 (2 years ago)
I think the worst thing that will happen to Will Smith I'd that some hard core football fans will boycott his movies. Football and the NFL will survive perhaps in a different and safer form. Full contact football is and will always be a rough spot.
Yooo Fam (2 years ago)
they wasn't blaming the NFL when they was getting those M's
don adams (2 years ago)
beast mode is getting big millions and he may quit and have to gave back some 5mill. think about that. he must've managed his 'emeral denim' well. like barry sanders.
Felipe Frota (2 years ago)
+Kenny NationZ Because they didn't know. They weren't informed they could have dementia and lose everything they hold dear.
Pelela Njamba (2 years ago)
What a man... Proof that the sky is not the limit,, It doesnt matter were you come from, your race or anything. Passion and love for what you do is key,, Great respect. Cant wait to see the movie. God Bless You dr Omalu.
Ifeanyi Akaolisa (2 years ago)
By the way, David Morse deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Iron Mike Webster in that flick...
CCphotography (2 years ago)
+Ifeanyi Akaolisa I COMPLETELY agree....so did Albert Brooks....great movie....so did Wil in my opinion.
MoahGentle (2 years ago)
+Ifeanyi Akaolisa I thought the same.
Ifeanyi Akaolisa (2 years ago)
+cityofchamps66 I have no doubt it's well deserved. All I'm saying is David Morse had, in my opinion, the most memorable role as an actor in the movie. Not really knocking others...
cityofchamps66 (2 years ago)
+Ifeanyi Akaolisa Well, Will has been nominated for a Golden Globe for this, I'd be willing to bet a sawbuck on him getting a Oscar nomination as well 
Ifeanyi Akaolisa (2 years ago)
As I recall, Oscars are not given for being in a movie from start to finish. They're awarded on how impressive and memorable the performance comes across, and I daresay, Morse's performance appears to be the only standout in the whole flick. The rest are standard but forgettable...
Native722 (2 years ago)
Will Smith may need more security now. The NFL makes a lot of money and they will do everything to protect that. Seems like a great movie, I might go and see.
Brian Waller (10 months ago)
Native722 yep including suspending players when it was proven they didn't violate the conduct policy
Ryder Washington (1 year ago)
Thing is even this movie won't change a thing. Football is only growing, it will never go away. Because until you, as an individual experience what NFL players do on a daily basis nobody bats an eye.
East Coast Film (2 years ago)
+Seth Ellison But you cannot beat Capitalism as a driver and motivator for the population... It just needs certain restrictions at the top end to be better off for the lower end.
Seth Ellison (2 years ago)
+Native722 Capitalism and corporate ideals is bad!
D. Foxx (2 years ago)
+Talltrees84 It really is a great movie!
Emily Payne (2 years ago)
I'm so sorry Elaine Marie its commen sense head trauma will cause problems...my son use to fall so much as a child that I truly believe its the reason my son has child like ways when he's in his twenties that hasn't gone away
footba11fan41ife (9 months ago)
Emily Payne the point is we thought helmets protected your head.
Elaine Marie (2 years ago)
Excellent interview of an extraordinary physician. I am wondering about my own CTE, not from football or sports. But from the 18 years of my parents beating me up, almost daily, since birth, until I could leave home. They committed even more heinous acts, but I cannot elaborate. I have many neurological disorders, epigentic effects which negate proof of causality, and may explain my early dementia onset. Many children have had this happen, and it is occurring now.
Changing Magazine (1 year ago)
Elaine Marie sounds terrible. Sorry that it happened to you.
Yvette B. (1 year ago)
Beating someone everyday is non-effective. At some point, you have to realize that your plan isn't working and make revisions. Come on, that's just stupid.
Yvette B. (1 year ago)
Your parents beat you everyday for 18 years, and you didn't think to tell somebody? Nobody saw bruises on you? I'm sure you have CTE because the body is not build to sustain consistent trauma.
Jordan F (1 year ago)
+Carolyn Porter Just because you touched your grandchildren inappropriately, doesn't mean you get to lecture me - crazy lady!!!

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