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"We Are Related" Prank On Girlfriend! (MOM CONFIRMS!!)

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julian baseball (8 hours ago)
You were calling me daddy you should've called me cousin
joshua lewis (10 hours ago)
That asss tho
ThaThree (11 hours ago)
6:10 BOW, Hello
Lovely Arlene (1 day ago)
I love mystic videos hopefully get to see him soon 😊
AliJaeJR (1 day ago)
She said "SOUL MATES"... Does she know his past.. he will never settle down.
Daniel Harris (1 day ago)
My nightmare prank 😖
Ali Nasiri (1 day ago)
Looool 2nd cousin is distant enough for mystic to still wanna hit it
4:15 if she had an identical twin they'd still be related hahaha
Juriel GamingM (2 days ago)
Javon Clark (2 days ago)
You shouldve been like well since were cousins than i guess i wasnt cheating with my side chick
mr. autism (2 days ago)
Yo girl got mad cake
Marthez Marley (2 days ago)
G tyou o
curtis mckenzie (2 days ago)
I ❤❤ how his mom said it 😅😅😅😂😂😢😢😢😢
M2K Reacts (3 days ago)
i swear best prank ever hahahahahahahahah
No'bull Shit (3 days ago)
I always thought y'all looked alike lol literally and now I know everyone else think so maybe yall should look into it I mean it happen to Kevin gates
EL Bori Torres (3 days ago)
Jazmine is a really beautiful and funny women....shes one of a kind...
shelby simmons (3 days ago)
Mystic and momma got jokes
Mackenzie Smith (4 days ago)
You been calling me daddy but you should’ve been calling me cousin😂💀
Yagur1 Keekee (4 days ago)
😂😂we ain't gotta stoppppp
Tre Guessford (4 days ago)
She said " How are you taking this so lively rn" 😧😂😂
Leanne Arsenault (5 days ago)
I know it's for entertainment and it's funny but....it's not a prank when it's rehearsed. It's way to obvious.
charles jeffrey (5 days ago)
7:00 😂😂
King David (5 days ago)
1. I got a dig bick. 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4 you checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wondering why you're still. this reading this 8. You saw that mistake....... right? (On7) 10. But did you check i skipped 6? 10. You checked. 11. And saw you that i doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said saw you not you saw 13. I also skipped 2. 14. You got tricked 15. Im just wasting your time lol Did i get you? Tell me
Trippy Bunny2k (1 day ago)
King David 😂Wow just wow.
Seth Beard (5 days ago)
Sweet home Alabama
Capitán Sagitario (5 days ago)
This is dumb
Traylon Ansley (5 days ago)
He made her ass look huge and perky in the thumbnail
David Byrnes (5 days ago)
Easily best one 😂
Shay Young (6 days ago)
Told they ass “”MYSTIC GOT JOKES BITCH” 😂😂
Tray The Great (6 days ago)
I bet she feel like luke skywalker
Shine D Delgado Lopes (6 days ago)
Rags (6 days ago)
Εternity (6 days ago)
Edmilson Pires (6 days ago)
7:01 “bitch wait” got my crying 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂
AJsoWAVY 0 (6 days ago)
You was calling me daddy but u should have been calling me cousin😂😂
Aunt Jemima (6 days ago)
*That bed tho*
Revelation Luke (6 days ago)
Still be in the family reunion
Jamillah Ferguson (6 days ago)
Nigga sound like will smith
Simply Roxxi (6 days ago)
Angi R (6 days ago)
7:49 you’re welcome
vWhatsClout (7 days ago)
Everytime they do a prank her ass is in the camera
Tanaja Mcclurkin (7 days ago)
Lataisha (7 days ago)
so am i the only one that noticed his credit card in his phone case ?
Sierra Wiley (7 days ago)
In every thumbnail her ass just has to be in it huh...smh please stop
Ayo Ogundiran (7 days ago)
Is only me or she getting fatter in the behind or should I say thicker
Rontravious Shearrill (7 days ago)
Yeah Yeah (8 days ago)
bro every lightskin or white girls says "ITS NOT FUNNNNYYYYYEAAA" lol
Sparky (8 days ago)
iN hEr aRcHiVes
AMB3RAL3RTT (8 days ago)
Where is this picture? IN HER ARCHIVE! 😂😂😂
Julan official (8 days ago)
You been calling me daddy when your suppose to be calling me cousin 😂😂😂🍃🍃🤣🤣I'm dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🍃
kevin lin (8 days ago)
Y u always wear that one pair of black js
sofia viguie (8 days ago)
Awwww Mystic that was so cute the way that Jazmine slid her fingers through your fingers at 1:57 P.S Mystic/Mark please like my comment That will make me so happy if you do ☺☺☺
jason najera (8 days ago)
How come u don’t hang with ddg no more
MrMaster2K - GMD (9 days ago)
7:01 - Bish Whet?
Simba_ Gang (9 days ago)
How come every thumbnail you made it has yo girlfriends ass out. If that was me then I wouldn't do it for the money.
tahjae thomas (9 days ago)
Sebastian Macias (9 days ago)
“You was calling me daddy but you should of been calling me cousin” lmao😂
dae dae wake up (9 days ago)
Lmao the whole time you was calling me daddy you should of been calling me cousin😂😂😂😂
Harold Thomas (9 days ago)
You go her good lol nice one
jieun lee (9 days ago)
Imagine he had her dad in on it too
jieun lee (9 days ago)
Team Mystic
Ryan Meinecke (9 days ago)
Jasmine looking like she been doing 200 squats a day
Dis is Diego (9 days ago)
“ you was calling me daddy when you should’ve been calling me cousin “ 😂😂😂😂
Les Lyrics (9 days ago)
“Follow my cousin” 😂
Les Lyrics (9 days ago)
Damn if this was real.. you both would be fucked 😂
WannaBe fAzE (9 days ago)
“you called me daddy now u should call me cousin💀🤣”
ShaunwitdaBBC (9 days ago)
Yo said the real deal is Mystic got jokes bitch🤣🤣🤣😭
ShaunwitdaBBC (9 days ago)
😂😂😂yo said "u was calling me Daddy but u should have been calling me Cuzin”😂😂😂
Tochdog 21 (9 days ago)
Who came here for the thumbnail
G Dons (9 days ago)
Oh mah gawd dat ass look good
Tony Incognito (10 days ago)
seconds cousins isn't that bad. royalty in other countries keep it in the blood line. they say genes becoming stronger.
Apocalyptic Craftsman (10 days ago)
Thanks for the thumbnail🍑😍
Jaylen Rutledge (10 days ago)
We ain’t gotta stop lol 😂😂😂
ProAvengerX43 (10 days ago)
😭😭😭😭his momma funny asl
Nadire A (10 days ago)
“You was calling me daddy, but you should’ve been calling me cousin.” I FUCKING DIED 😂😂😂
Red Uzi (10 days ago)
The real deal is mysticgotjokes BIATCH😂😂😂
Tye'Quincy Hadnot (11 days ago)
YOUNGIN Rell (11 days ago)
With all that YouTube money he should buy sum new shoes
Enogie James (11 days ago)
I was looking at her ass tho
Lomar Yearwood (11 days ago)
Wow a funny prank
KK Gill (11 days ago)
She even said the line. I'm dead. His mom is cool.
Mystic got jokes biatch
Stephanie (11 days ago)
“You were callin me daddy instead of callin me cousin” 😂😂😂😂
bryan dickerson (12 days ago)
ILLEGAL KINGZ (12 days ago)
My nigga
Larissanicole Xo (12 days ago)
Bro I wish my body looks like hers..... wtf does she do lol
tamara jiva (12 days ago)
give me a family hug 😂😂😂
jonathon lesko (12 days ago)
“Instead if calling me daddy you be calling me cousin”
Luis Miguel (12 days ago)
MysticGotJokes Biaaaatch !
Zaniyah Martinez (12 days ago)
Zaniyah Martinez (12 days ago)
She got so freaked out when he said they was cousins and he touched her
John Leal (12 days ago)
id eat those groceries...
Dank Memes (12 days ago)
“You callin me daddy when you should’ve been calling me cousin” *Gets slapped* LMAO
Youngnnrest_less (12 days ago)
this stuff has to be rehersed! there is no way one person can get pranked that damn much smh. unless she is a freaking idiot!
Dakaria Smith (12 days ago)
Keion W.R. (12 days ago)
Them jeans related 🤣🤣🤣
Kaidi (12 days ago)
Shes bod goals oml😭😭❤️
Ronnie Martinez (13 days ago)
You’re much too good for him I don’t know how you put up with all those stupid pranks
Rebeca Tello (13 days ago)
mystic laugh @11:15 😁😍😍
BeefyBodyJose (13 days ago)
id smash my cousin if she looked like her

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