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The Pancreas Part 1

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In this video we discuss the anatomy and histology of the Pancreas.
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maxamed cilmi (10 days ago)
Thanks old of Drz greet
medha hegde (3 months ago)
Oh..! U so hickey man!? Thanks 4 ur clarified discussion on pancreas..
Muskaan Jan (3 months ago)
U r osum
Charles Lu (1 year ago)
Clear and attractive. The voice is so beautiful! I use it to learn pronunciation. Thx
Emily Douglas (1 year ago)
mohannad mohammed (2 years ago)
Ma Nigga <3
Mubarak AlModhahkah (1 year ago)
Susan Park (2 years ago)
Thanks for helping me pass my exams again!!!
aj_ania1007 (2 years ago)
You are so smart. And you make things so easy to understand! ( I'm 12 and love your videos!)
Simarjot Singh (2 years ago)
Bro good video, but I am very sure that on the diagram where you mentioned superior mesentric vein...Its actually superior mesentric artery. Thanks
Anonymous 8000 (5 months ago)
It's a vein. Superior mesenteric vein and splenic vein will unite behind the neck of the pancreas to form the hepatic portal vein
ouss991 (6 months ago)
no it's a veine actually

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