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GOP Cries Over Minorities and Women Post-Election (TJDS)

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Bill O'Reilly has sour grapes over 'non-traditional' (non-whites) voting in the election, while Rush Limbaugh bemoans token Republican candidates who weren't elected. Lastly, a Tea Party-er says he's colorblind! Comedian Jimmy Dore and John Iadarola (Host, TYT University) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Follow John on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jiadarola Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (115)
Progressive Logic (1 year ago)
Who's crying now?
Brian Fisher (2 years ago)
CriticalHit149 (2 years ago)
huh? speak up, can't hear you.. is there maybe a larger type-set or more.. I dont know.. brazen? font. I mean, people can only hear you soo well with all caps, You should yell in braille as well.
S4njuro (3 years ago)
I want some tacos and fried chicken right now.....
joeschultz2 (4 years ago)
Well what's so wrong about voting for somebody for "specific reasons"?  Isn't O'Reilly in the business of giving people "specific reasons"  to vote?
derail14 (5 years ago)
fuck the gop let them have the south cuz thats not were the electoral votes come from, the electorate is the north and the west coast, now you know why the neo-cans hate the northeast & west coast, cuz they cant control it,lol.
jerico641 (5 years ago)
I live in Central Florida, but the vast majority of people I spoke with who used that kind of language were retirees from the North, mostly from Illinois and Michigan, but some from New York, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc. There were a few from the southern U.S., and a few from the West, but they were in the minority. I spoke with about 70 people altogether. Unfortunately, these are the people who are mainly considered the admirable, "salt-of-the-earth" types, fairly well off and retired.
jerico641 (5 years ago)
I'm sure there are plenty of sad people out there who just conjure up their most hated racial stereotype, and then attribute it to the President; unfortunately, it's nothing new.
Stephen McMullen (5 years ago)
Well......come on now. In 2008 who got blamed for the gas prices? BUSH and Halliburton did. Over and Over and Over. Now doesn't it follow that Obama must be the root cause now? Hello?
Stephen McMullen (5 years ago)
Goog God Almighty....where in the hell do you live? MOVE!
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
The budget is 60% entitlements., Obama racks up a trillion in annual deficits while taxin will the rich only adds billions more to the govt revenue , see the problem with the math. Obamacare well that means more taxes, premiums and higher rates for the middle class who are all ready struggling with record gas prices and a never ending jobless economy
James Parker (5 years ago)
Our overly bloated military budget, our broken health care system, and low taxes are the main drives of the deficit. Hardly thing the GOP is interested in changing. Paul Ryan's plan would have made them all worse.
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
I didn't concede anything, where do you get THAT? The president has NOTHING to do with Gas prices you moron! Are you even a human, or are you just a bot programmed to repost the same nonsense over and over even though I have shot down everything you've said. WHAT WERE GAS PRICES IN JUNE 2008?
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
You have only conceded Obama has doubled gas prices and you are ignorant by State run media that Obama has shut down 70% of public permits.....bottom line is energy takes a much greater percentage of income from the middle class than the rich....nice compassion
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
ANdqwhat were the gas prices in june 2008? Obama has opened up offshore drilling, and we are producing MORE oil now than even under Bush. The ONLY thing he's "restricted" is Keystone, AND NOT EVEN CONSERVATYIVE GOVORNORS WANTED IT GOING THROUGH THEIR STATES!!! Jeez, you have your head up Limbaugh's ass. Come out of the bubble. I've refuted everyting you've said THREE TIMES now and you keep coming back with the same crap like a "stepford" conservative. It's spooky.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
Yo birdbrain Obama took office in Jan 2009., get a brain and at that time gas prices were under two bucks gallon., Obama's energy policy is restrict, block, litigate. and who gets kicked in the teeth the middle class in Obamanomics
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
Did you even read my last post, or are you just prigrammed to parrot Limbaugh word for word? I explained how you were wrong. Bring some facts or shut up. BTW, check gas prices in JUNE 2008, compared to NOW. THEY ARE LOWER.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
I know you love fascist State run media but the facts are gas prices doubled under the Obama regime., which effects a far percentage of income on the middle class and poor. Obama's own czar says he wants $7.00 a gallon gas. Obama has reduced 70% of oil permits on public lands and Keystone. This all makes since speculators drive up the price of energy because the Regime's energy plan is restrict, block, litigate.
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
When you say "Obama regiem" you reveal yourself as a dittohead. When you say he's shut down 70% of the oil permits you reveal your stupidity. Ol production is UP from 5 years ago and Obama has re opened deep water drilling in the gulf and it's now at peak levels. The ONLY "permits" he stopped was keystone, which even conservative govornors of the states it would pass through opposed. THE PIPELINE WOULD NOT HAVE PROVIDED ONE DROP OF OIL TO THE USA. Rush limbaugh is NOT serving YOU well..
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
No control., there you go again Obama is a victim. Obama regime has shut down 70% of oil permits and keystone and unmilimited number of coal plants......seems like State run media is serving you real well.
jerico641 (5 years ago)
Sure he is; the sad thing is that O'Reilly simply cannot accept that the country and the World in general is moving beyond his kind of backassward, racist, imperialistic ideas.
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
First off, the president has no control over gas prices. Second, the 70% numbers is BS, and thirds, Keystone was a boondoggle for Canadian oil to be sent to Texas, and then shipped off to China. NOT ONE DROP was for US consumption. The ONLY people who would benefit were billionare Texas oil men. You listen to too much Fox News . And NO ONE but conservateves think of Obama as "The messiah". Nice try though.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
Obama,has been in office four years and has prices have doubled wiping out the middle class., Obama has shutdown 70% of oil permits and of course Keystone. Sorry the Messiah is not a victim
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
Yes WHEN BUSH LEFT OFFICE. But what were they in June of 2008? I am in Cedar Rapids Iowa and we had HUGE floods in June 2008. There is a BP station that is STILL abandoned downtown, (even though everyone else either rebuilt or tore down, go figure) and the gas prices are still there. Nearly $4.00 a gallon for reg. So don't tell me Obama is responsible for high fuel prices. Just more misinformation from the right in an attempt to BLAME Obama for the economy killed under Bush.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
Gas prices were under two bucks a gallon when Bush left office and now some States are above four bucks a gallon gas., energy prices take a far greater percentage of income from the poor/middle class than the rich and why such a huge wealth gap in Obamanomics ., not to mention a jobless economy.....yes we can
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
Exactly. When O'Reilly says this isn't "Traditional" America anymore he means "run by White people".
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
Gas prices didn't "double" under Obama . You look only at prices just before the election in 2008. Go back to July and see what the prices were under Bush. THEY WERE HIGHER THAN ANY TIME UNDER OBAMA. And as NONE of Obama's economice plans have made it to the House floor for a vote, maybe it's time you stopped calling it "Obamanomics" We are stil usnig "Bushinomics". STOP PUSHING THE FOX NEWS BULLSHIT.
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
It's just not getting through the "bubble" is it? MUCH OF THE DEBT YOU BLAME ON OBAMA WAS BUSH'S DEBT!!! You just keep repeating the same Fox news BULLSHIT over and over. THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION CRASHED THE ECONOMY!!! Of COURSE there will be more in need under Obama. Did you thnk the economy would magically cure its self on inaugeration day? Add to that the GOP blocking every effort to put people back to work, and "job creators" laying people off out of spite. STOP BLAMING OBAMA.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
credit card? Well Obama took four years to spend in debt what took Bush eight years. Plus with Obama we have 8.5 million more americans having left the work force., record millions more on food stamps, record poverty levels and the lowest economic optimism (Gallup Poll) since Jimmy Carter. The unemployment rate higher than when Obama started and gas prices doubled. All a perfect strorm dismantling the middle class with Obamanomics
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
There are more Americans on Food Stamps because more Americans NEED them after the GOP crashed the economy in favor of billionares while killing the middle class. Also, nuch of the Debt you BLAME on Obama is actually the cost of rtax cuts for the rich and TWO wars which Bush put on the "credit card" and Obama purt in the ACTUAL BUDGET so they could be, you know...PAID FOR. And like I said, most of those "leaving the workforce" were in 09. Jobs ARE slowly coming back. GET OUT OF THE GOP BUBBLE.
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
Moving forward, based on what? Record americans on food stamps, record poverty levels, record length unemployment, soon to be 20 trillion in debt. 8.5 million leaving the workforce since Obamanomics. Yea some movin forward
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
If you look 90% of those happened in 2009 BEFORE Obama got things moving FORWARD again.And if you think taxing the rich won't help the economy I give you the 50's.90% tax rates on the richest Americans and the strongest middle class in our history. Plus, almost ALL Obama's efforts have been stifled by the House, so it's STILL Bush's economy. The stock market is BOOMING but the "job creators" hold American workers hostage so they can BLAME Obama. Guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK. obama won by landslide
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
You can take from the rich and have govt give to the poor food stamps all day long but ya still end up with a life sentence in poverty....only way to help poor and middle class is jobs but there is not any in Obamanomics as today's report came out 8.5 million have left the workforce since the start of the Obama regime
Mozart1220 (5 years ago)
The middle class is being dismantled by REPUBLICANS who think there shoouldBE only two classes, the uber rich, and the working poor. TAXING TH RICH in the 50's created the strongest middle class ever in this country. As GOP presidents gradually, or (like Reagan) RADICALLY over the last 40 years, the middle class has gotten weaker and weaker. GOP legislators eating away at the regulatins put on banks after the depressin have brought us to the brink of another one, and ONLY a Democrat stopped it.
Luciferswrath (5 years ago)
bill o reilly and rest of the faux news ,rush limbaugh and GOP what did they study in school that they ended up as idiots and jackasses.i guess they are getting mentally devolved
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
@Bobby Crabbs. you need more Obama food stamps pencil neck
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
@jerico641 that is a cowardly bunch of nonsense, Onama has dismantled the middle class and has unsustainable debt via entitlements. The left needs a propaganda tool and racism is it. every rap song has the n word in it and crying racism is a censorship tool to free speech.....gee how fascist
INatalkaI (5 years ago)
While I agree that Obama is a very bad president (on par with Bush), saying that racism is just the tool of the left is completely false. I talk with people everywhere, I'm especially interested in the views of those who lie somewhere far away from me on the political spectrum and the most common arguments against Obama have nothing to do with his horrid policies but that's he's "muslim, nigger, pro-tax funded abortions etc." That doesn't exactly inspire trust in me that they're not racist.
Charlie Drake (5 years ago)
This record number of folks dependent on food stamps to survive with a jobless economy of course they vote Obama., like a sheep and its Shepherd
Tank Murdoch (5 years ago)
Every rap song you hear has the N word in it., Harry Reid called Obama the N word., the Pres was reelected twice and not deserving by economic measurement......So racism is a left wing tool for power and mind control
19EHF (5 years ago)
jerico641 (5 years ago)
Yes it is, unfortunately, according to my experience.
Gary Maravich (5 years ago)
I've always said, put 100 bigots in a room and ask them one question..."Are you conservative or liberal?" Any honest person knows its a landslide. They won't admit it but they know its true.
balzar (5 years ago)
Well they also had Michael Steel, but I am not sure about him anymore. Prince Reebus ate his lunch and may have lost his support.
scotty (5 years ago)
Rush is crying because he ran out of drugs, and he's sad women have left the kitchen and minority's the cotton and grape fields.
Bobby Crabbs (5 years ago)
Bill O'Reilly needs to go back to his KKK meeting !!
NCAJAX (5 years ago)
Just because you are a republican doesn't mean you think the planet is 5000 years old. But if you do think the planet is 5000 years old then 99% of the time are a republican.
s9z9s (5 years ago)
Horseshit. I've looking into this claim before, and the top ten highest IQ states are all a mix of red, blue, and purple states. North Dakota and Montana are in the top ten, as are purple states New Hampshire, Iowa, Maine, and Wisconsin. Before you say that Maine and Wisconsin went Democrat in most of the previous presidential elections, look at state level politics. Maine and Wisconsin both have Republican governors and legislators despite going Democrat usually at the federal level.
NCAJAX (5 years ago)
You do know the top five highest IQ average state are all solid blue democrat states and the absolute dumbest back ass one tooth in their head lowest average IQ (by allot) are all republican red states. Educating yourself in a red state is like washing yourself in a sewer.
Glorious_Dominator16 (5 years ago)
The nation is following the model of California... one-party rule. That's the future of the nation.
Yes of course I have to be on drugs to say that the GOP are gullible old people. Moron.
Glorious_Dominator16 (5 years ago)
..all everyone has to do is sit back and enjoy the collapse of the GOP...
s9z9s (5 years ago)
The only time we've had one-party domination in this country has been during times of war and complete economic collapse. And if another collapse happens under Obama, it won't be the Democrats that come away and benefit.
s9z9s (5 years ago)
Actually, Republicans always do better in the midterms because we have a more educated, motivated base that doesn't need Kim Kardashian at the top of the ticket to turn them out.
s9z9s (5 years ago)
Vermont is just about the most achromatic, senescent part of the country. What are you smoking?
NCAJAX (5 years ago)
2010 wasn't that long ago. But I'm sure that was just a fluke and could never happen again
Ziggi Abschuss (5 years ago)
GOP is "color blind". They screw over any ordinary person regardless of race to give tax brakes for the rich.
Ziggi Abschuss (5 years ago)
The thing is that GOP can't get over it that people who they treat in an openly hostile way, don't vote their way when white lower and middle class males have been voting their way forever even though if it clearly against their best interests.
BeatlesFanSonia (5 years ago)
First of all, not all Hispanics come from Mexico! Also, The Republicans think that by insulting the electorate, they can win an election!
Glorious_Dominator16 (5 years ago)
Well, the GOP is dead... you will never have to worry about them again. Third term for obama 2015 (economic boom)
L.D Jenk (5 years ago)
Isn't that what conservatism is all about? Change in order to conserve?... I know they're not true conservatives, but if they were, they would have to adapt.
damnitw (5 years ago)
tradition=doing thinks without thinking about them, just because its allways been done that way....so non traditional would be the oppiside so thinking if somethin makes sence bevor doing them.....so its a good thing
Jesse Haffner (5 years ago)
Nowadays, the true-right wing/conservative Republican party only makes up at most 15% of the pop. Its cuz of wackos like these two, it's gotten to a point where I dont evn care or worry bout these psychos anymor cuz they are irrelivent. I realy worry bout a huge chunk of voters who'r so under-informed an misinformed that if they knew wat real conservative stances are on issues-they'd nevr vote Republican again. I worry also bout Obama an the corporatist weak-kneed Dems-they're the most dangerous
Mirquella Santos (5 years ago)
I did not get any gift, money or treasure from Obama. I voted for him because the Republicans are hate mongers. I did not want America to be engaged in another war.
therockfan678 (5 years ago)
tell him to give you a job
Your eyes are now open to the world of morons that surround you. Congrats/sorry.
MIKETARS (5 years ago)
Thanks !! TILL NEXT TIME !!
undercoverposter (5 years ago)
Your caps lock is on.
Bolgernow (5 years ago)
The current Republican party's problem: "Wait, we have to stop being hateful & racist against everyone except older white males? Fuck that!"
jerico641 (5 years ago)
I've talked to about 15 or 20 upper-middle-class and middle-class people over 60, male and female, around the condo development I live in, and after several minutes spent chatting, gaining their confidence and making them comfortable (I pretended to agree with them), ALL of them referred to Barack Obama as a "nigger" or a "muslim nigger"; I mean every single one! Don't tell me that the majority of people in the GOP aren't racist. It's a big part of their whole worldview. Sickening.
Drake Santiago (5 years ago)
The GOP needs to understand, merely putting minority candidates in office, will not get the minority vote. You must be for policies that benefit the minority voter if you want to win them, just like any other constituent. The GOP, and Rush Limbaugh, exude a condescending view of minorities, that they are such simpletons, who will vote only on the basis of ethnic or racial identification. With such a diminutive view of minorities, is it any wonder none of them vote for you?
Rita Brown (5 years ago)
Damn, You're right! If I wasn't so scared of ending up with Rmoney, I would have voted for Jill Stein. Too bad Rocky Anderson wasn't on the ballot in my state. And of course, Obama wasn't Rmoney.
ellaphx (5 years ago)
Oh. Thanks :)
It actually stands for Grand Old Party.
ellaphx (5 years ago)
It took me a while, but I've decided I really love Jimmy. He funny :D
ellaphx (5 years ago)
I'm Australian... what does it ACTUALLY stand for? Haha. I dun get it.
dumbassmoron (5 years ago)
We should go back to the traditional America. You know, where we used to hate everyone including white people. Look at our traditional history. We hated Asians, we hated Europeans, we hated Native Americans, Africans, South Americans. ANTARCTICA ALL THE WAY!!
captainbryce1 (5 years ago)
I don't believe you. You must have had some sort of liberal agenda. You must be a selfish gay, black, Latino or a pro-choice feminist, because those are the only people who voted for Obama, and they're all selfish "nontraditional" people. Why are you pretending to be one of us white traditionals? Everyone knows white traditional people don't vote for Obama!
Rita Brown (5 years ago)
Hate to break it to O'Reilly, but I voted for Obama mainly because I didn't want Romney. I couldn't imagine listening to his lying mouth for 4 years.
waltermh111 (5 years ago)
I confirm that Ana is Armenian, and it is Jayar Jackson, he is a producer apparently, as well as a host from time to time. :)
patu8010 (5 years ago)
America back to the indians!
5argeTech \V/ (5 years ago)
Tea Bagger : Our party is color blind, We're blind to all other colors except white!
5argeTech \V/ (5 years ago)
GOP = Gullible Old Pricks!
James Twelves (5 years ago)
....it may be time to go back under the Queen just to send the out of touch Republicans to the Tower and to Tower Green and to the block...OFF WITH THEIR HEAD....
dio affogato (5 years ago)
if anything, that guy is razor-blind. lose the sideburns, weirdo.
mansa shaka (5 years ago)
Tyt is mixing pot just go to the TytUniversity and you will see their are several hispanics, asians, and white people. Furthermore on the main show we often hear from JR jackson (black). Jesus (hispanic) Sometimes Ben (jewsish). It is pretty mixed.
¡Yo$oyChris! (5 years ago)
How many turkish / armenian anchors on Cable TV? :O
David Keenan (5 years ago)
Who do you get in front of camera at TYT? Americans. Now when it comes to their ethnicity & ancestral origins you have Turkish, Armenian, Asian, Hispanic, European, African. Bit of a melting pot if you ask me, but I say again what they all are is Americans.
OurCognitiveSurplus (5 years ago)
How many black anchors on TYT?
scotty (5 years ago)
Can someone please put rush out of his misery?
Guernicaman (5 years ago)
Typical of racist douchebags to think that all latinos & hispanics are the same. "They have a Spanish-sounding name, so they MUST like you." Fucktards.
Angelalynx999 (5 years ago)
"Smells like tacos and fried chicken". So THAT'S why I see so many Taco Bell's in the same building as KFC! It all makes sense now!
magicguitarman (5 years ago)
Rush, there's always plan B: Stick to your guns and fade into obscurity.
adam west (5 years ago)
lmao damn
Tal Moore (5 years ago)
My favorite show on TYTN
MIKETARS (5 years ago)
vdarte (5 years ago)
Good. Maybe he will eat himself to death.
vdarte (5 years ago)
What? With his mass he will implode into a black hole, sucking up space and time.
adam west (5 years ago)
rush's body mass is increasing that means like a sun he will soon turn into a red dwarf
BlakeIris (5 years ago)
Guess what Bill, every white rich guy who votes also has specific reasons! Idiot...
Cloxboy (5 years ago)
Rush is getting really fat again, the anxiety over the future of the GOP must be getting to him.

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