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North Korea, South Korea agree to end war, denuclearize the peninsula

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The nations signed an armistice when the fighting ended in 1953, but have now agreed to pursue a proper peace agreement.
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Abhishek Singh (2 hours ago)
Only tall Koreans in Korea
TheMadHatter (2 hours ago)
Kim Jong - Un almost seems human meeting with the south Korean president. I am glad to see a change before things get ugly.
иди нахуй (7 hours ago)
Well I'll drink to this
SOROS SOROS (7 hours ago)
kim dumb dumb bodygaurds cant stop a 50 caliber to the brain. Take the fucker out and end n koreans brain washing and hostage of the n korean citizens. NO ONE IS FOOLED BY KIM DUMB DUMB FAKE TREATY. KILL HIM.
Andre Salazar (10 hours ago)
Obviously peace in Korea means the US would have to eliminate a large portion of their DOD budget = they don't want that = they'll continue to spread the delusional propaganda of NK having nuclear weapons when everyone knows that's not possible & only wastes the nations resources on a bridge to nowhere! Also, it's obvious that it's in SK best interest to eliminate the military expenditure they waste guarding the N/S border, which is now nothing more than symbolic = it's meaningless! They'll align themselves with NK because they desperately want to remove the US from the conversation = why the US is continuing to spread false information & try to ruin the peace summit since they now know they're not invited! #obvious
Peace is in heaven not earth. This is war not peace.
History repeats itself. In ww2 they tried to befriend Hitler and Mussolini. But instead while pretending to be good , the whole time the enemy was looking at the weak points of the so called allies. It's the same now. This will not end well. No one will escape it.
Clinton takes office- gives Kim money. Bush takes office- gives Kim money Obama takes office- gives him money Trump takes office- 2 years later peace. Also, not a penny given to them.
stяingtheфгy (15 hours ago)
Peace is the only way of life, we must unify the nations and cultures of the world
SilverPro345 (18 hours ago)
I legit thought they were going to nuke us.
Stinger DudeX (18 hours ago)
Will about god d*** time
Az 74 (20 hours ago)
Don't worry, they just want the world to think they're kind to start getting resources from the world and to be giving freedom but when north Korea wants more they will just start being bad again and treated the world. They have done this twice before
BiG JuiCe (20 hours ago)
How in the hell is that a boarder line? Looks more like a set up just to agree on something that will never end!
Phu 102 (20 hours ago)
So who's north Korea's new target?
ruben amaro (23 hours ago)
So no ww3
Gregory Storey (1 day ago)
Well it's about damn time
Devon Humphries (1 day ago)
for the first time in forever they gave up
Brutal and realist think america
Tiano Prombut (1 day ago)
Something will come later this doesn't just happen
TyRanT TM (1 day ago)
No one piss Kim off. Stop with the name calling. His a very sensitive man.
KAFI (1 day ago)
Very good, Kim Jong-Un. Love your brother South Korea. But never be fooled by the Zionist imperialist USA. Be careful.
Jr Barrientos (1 day ago)
I honestly believe that one day the people of southern Philippines will get along with the people from the north. Christian and Muslim live happily ever after ...I miss my home Philippines ... greetings from San Jose California
Rebecca Wang (2 days ago)
Come on people have rights Human shouldnt be treated like peasants Its 2018 and we cant still make world peace?!?!!!!???
SpaceBoi (2 days ago)
this feels sketchy AF, also ofc amercians give trump credit
FC Yu (2 days ago)
Donatas35 GT (2 days ago)
1.Kim joung un can get arested on South korea. 2.South korea prizident to can get arested
As soon as he stepped over that line woulda been like grab that motherfucker throw him in the torture chamber
wonderful (2 days ago)
Will United State reduce the huge military expenses in south korea and Japan such more fund for the needs of american people instead?
Asma Bibi (3 days ago)
what if one of them is cheating
Christina 456 (3 days ago)
I honestly do in the end of the day pray the North Korea learns to change from this act. I want that country to have peace and change
Donatas35 GT (3 days ago)
hussain hussain ali (3 days ago)
yes finally
Oskars Jurans (3 days ago)
Greatest news i ever heard ! Kim, you are the man ! Trump, there is nothing about You, sorry. However, all Korea people, my best wishes for all of you !
Aucard Hellsing (3 days ago)
It was the son's fault for stealing in a semi-peaceful nation so it served him right.
John Robin Gepana (3 days ago)
wow,this is ive been waiting for
Jay Lee (3 days ago)
Love ! ?
Zyung Xioe (3 days ago)
How is that even a border
마쉘 (4 days ago)
wtf why do they credit trump for this? this moron did nothing but even heating up the whole crisis ..... the only one to be credited is moon jae in and his hard work of negatiating with the north. and some credits to kim jong un who is by far not as cruel and aggressive as his father or grandfather when it comes to foreign diplomacy (not the treatment of the north korean citiziens). credits to him being brave enough to accept the negotiation with the south. i would have thought the us is once again planing somthing stupid that day. thankfully everything went quite well and this historic day is once again a prime example of solving problems without the us empire
Cuixia Liang (4 days ago)
JULY 4 2017!!!!
Castro (4 days ago)
They both look like they want to kill the other
Bob Bob (4 days ago)
It's not really a war.
T. OP Day (4 days ago)
thanks to the South Korea, though
Todd Lambert (4 days ago)
I don't trust the hippo's statement and his premise. I wouldn't trust him even if his tongue is notarized.
Jack Secper (4 days ago)
Tbh Trump is one of a kind president. Hmmmmmm.
dootdootdootism (4 days ago)
That Nectar mattress did the trick!
spoopy mudz (4 days ago)
you may make fun of me but i have never heard kim jung uns voice until now and OWAH
ThePlasmaFire (5 days ago)
It’s a very happy occasion to see the 2 parts of Korea trying to put their differences aside
F A (5 days ago)
You can't trust the USA. Remember what they did to Iraq. They sent in the UN inspectors and Iraq was COMPLYING with the agreement, but despite this the US and allies still attacked Iraq and look where Iraq is right now. Same thing happening with Syria.
sol olimpo (5 days ago)
Xenovista (5 days ago)
I never thought I'd live to see the day. Now if only we could get them to reunite as a single (capitalist) Democratic Republic.
hashirama (5 days ago)
God have mercy on us
emily chemi (5 days ago)
Que verguenza coreano pendejo trump te amenaso todo un año y aflogas asi tan facil con un gringo pendejo trump y tu chingen su madre jotos
KFC Gravy (5 days ago)
so romantic
KFC Gravy (5 days ago)
didnt he pull out of this contract last second?
Alina Alina (5 days ago)
Dear America, only for talk you can not beat enyone. come into battle feild.
Waraftermath (5 days ago)
Can this be trick?
Rocio Vergara (5 days ago)
It's truths or war.
nighthawk636 (5 days ago)
Nice jobTRUMP
Philippine Ball (5 days ago)
Well, "North Korea" Will Change It's Name Then "North Korean Republic"
Byverson Vang (5 days ago)
end this trump
Chang Ye (6 days ago)
Hmm, hope that fat fuck is not trying to bamboozle us.
Victrola 1925 (6 days ago)
dear snowflakes. trump just ended something that hillary would have never wanted to end and she rather start a war because she is insane, and just remember just because you lost this time does not mean that you will win every time, your tears are delicious
John Davis (6 days ago)
I'm curious, why are people disliking this? Isn't this good though?
Alex Jerome (6 days ago)
Im almost 18. I learned about north and south hating each other, and slot of painful things. Now my kids will learn about one big peaceful Korea
Živko Marić (6 days ago)
Will Americans leave South Korea now?
Nadeem Sarwar (6 days ago)
He who wants peace must prepare for war
Simon Reza 1997 Reza (6 days ago)
I am Bangladeshi. I am very happy.
Shelby (6 days ago)
I really do hope we’ll all get along , it’s nice to see that North and South Korea are getting along
now who is the president? of korea
alex djama (6 days ago)
Liberty Kim (6 days ago)
Fuck communist Reds, this fatass doesn't wanna talk for a while because of the US-Kor joint exercises?? You faggot said you could understand as it's a regular exercise. Fuck you, kim jeong-eun! and fuck you, president Moon!! you retarded slave of that pig. bless you, US and Trump forever!!
Liliana Iacob (6 days ago)
STOP WAR IN WORLD better for all
Lee Pink (6 days ago)
This is amazing!
x Sugar x 234 (6 days ago)
THANKS. *wait but why doe*
Iam Sir Z (6 days ago)
the power of KPOP bring peace to both nation !!!
Iam Sir Z (6 days ago)
Probably jinping give a good smack on kim's head !!!
WWE FAN KID (6 days ago)
0:32 0.0
Manley Nelson (6 days ago)
entitled american otto stealing in north korea..wtf?
Manley Nelson (6 days ago)
the left is anti left ie n korea
Manley Nelson (6 days ago)
north and south korea will eclipse China in economic power
Manley Nelson (6 days ago)
truly amazing
Eugene Lee (6 days ago)
My grandfather when he was young, lived in a village located in modern day NK during the Korean war and was there when the North Koreans invaded. He passed away last summer. It's sad he didn't get to witness the war to finally end. 😢
Joe Salta (6 days ago)
Koreans are some of the most prejudice people most of them. Only buy goods from each other on and on. Trump will never change the mind set.
Tani Ahmad BS (6 days ago)
North Korea and South Korea= the twins are back into their homeland, both of you should make it tough at all. God bless you United State= stop your propagandas immediatetly, look up who is behind the 911's tragedy! (Killing their people first to make war to another people in Iraq later~2001). Where is the saddam's nuclear weapon? It's nothing. So stop your evil propagandas agenda, do good and good will come to you Thank you
JAY-BAE (7 days ago)
I can't help to wonder what North Korea are planning to suddenly do this but if this is serious then OMG FINALLY! I felt so bad for North Korean citizens. I am so glad that the South and North can leave peacefully and people don't have too desperately put their lives at risk trying to escape from over there.
Saruhan Oztrk (7 days ago)
Wait, is this real.... Is war about to end? If it is i can't believe it.. Did the war end?
pino plus (7 days ago)
Fuck Kim Jung yun
pino plus (7 days ago)
He want this
pino plus (7 days ago)
All PLS fuck him
sew tou I you (7 days ago)
RICH SLY FLY (7 days ago)
Why should people die for beef between presidents?
Joshua Espino (7 days ago)
Sounds like steps to a world war
Sen Sin (7 days ago)
It's a trick. Three oldest trick in the book. Fake peace then throat slice
lets rage (7 days ago)
Make America great again
lets rage (7 days ago)
Dog eaters
X BOX (4 days ago)
lets rage - I just wanna ask why are u so racist????? Just wanna know.... 🤔
Jaime Salazar (7 days ago)
This is the equivalent of Erik bishoff shaking Vince McMahon’s hand 🤚
impleasen (7 days ago)
Dennis rodman did this.
TheMuffinHD (7 days ago)
Thank you Trump.
Vicenta Rios (7 days ago)
Cantos defuegos
conchita Martin (8 days ago)
Nobel Prize for President Trump!!!
Saira (8 days ago)
i want them to unify now. but itll take a few years
Trump just made North Korea to go to peace with the rest of the world but still this fuckers on the news try to some how speak badly about him.

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