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Sex & Drugs

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How do the top five most common drugs affect your sex life? Learn how caffeine, nicotine, cannabis, OTC, and prescription drugs impact sex. Stay curious and connected with us in all these places: PATREON (1,238) : https://www.patreon.com/sexplanations TWITTER (7,334) : https://twitter.com/elleteedee TUMBLR (20,524) : https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tumblingdoe FACEBOOK (8,911) : https://www.facebook.com/sexplanations DFTBA : http://store.dftba.com/collections/sexplanations Additional resources on sex and drugs: http://www.vice.com/read/this-is-your-sex-on-drugs-456 http://www.nerve.com/love-sex/i-did-it-for-science/i-did-it-for-science-drugs http://www.webhealthcentre.com/HealthyLiving/diet_nutrition_caffeine.aspx http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/answered-questions/smokings-effects-sex http://www.webmd.com/men/features/want-better-sex http://www.soc.ucsb.edu/sexinfo/article/sex-and-marijuana
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Text Comments (323)
Darren Cindrich (9 days ago)
what about meth
Fessler Ivan (1 month ago)
omg, you're coked the fuck out ...
gallimaufry (1 month ago)
tyler vitayanuvatti (1 month ago)
You are so cute!!! Your videos are very informative 😍😍
Me Too (1 month ago)
Is that a gap in your teeth or sharpie scribble...either way it's annoying
psyche (1 month ago)
Me and my vagina are so thankful for you Dr. Doe!
GFDF43 (1 month ago)
Too fast
Goldfish (1 month ago)
When i smoke weed i get super horny and tend to last longer
kirk b (1 month ago)
Sex when high on weed is incredible
Brent Albertson (2 months ago)
Always interested in more knowledge
Mödare Gaming (2 months ago)
I bet she is a virgin
Dark The Ranting inkling (3 months ago)
*R E L A X T I O N*
Paul Lytle (1 month ago)
I lost my virginity right after kickboxing match with a concussion while high off my ass it was ok
Krip Vorlund (4 months ago)
Coffee or sex. Touch choice.
Limitless Beast (4 months ago)
What about heroine and cocaine? Can you make a video covering those drugs (the harder core drugs) and sex after you know the facts on the,, thanks! :)
Titas Kraft (5 months ago)
her eyes are fucking creepy
Jackson Williams (5 months ago)
But what about sex on LSD, Dr. Doe? I wasn’t in a position to document my findings lol
satguy27 (5 months ago)
Just sucks I'm one of those odd balls that can't perform while high. I've tried numerous strains, but they all don't work for sex, pretty much in my case, pot = birth control. No fun while stoned, sex wise anyways. But put me on Percocet or Vicodin, Ron Jeremy watch out lol.
TIG2MAN0 (7 months ago)
learn you will. Never to much weed can you smoke.
Sausage N Bellenz (9 months ago)
Why didnt you mention alcohol, cocain or speed. I think speed is the only way to ejaculate. If you are retrograde.
xan man (10 months ago)
All i know is sex on coke lsd or molly is an experience to die for
Random Guy (11 months ago)
PhenEthylAmine does not trigger dopamine release! PEA only increases blood pressure and causes headaches when active, which it will not be without taking MAO inhibitors. I don't know where you got that information from; Many PEA Based substances (for example 2c-b or MDA) can be very sex enhancing.
Shawn Creighton (1 year ago)
Ibuprofen is a plus for me increases blood flow and gives me a stronger hard on.
Ojberretta Berretta (1 year ago)
im sry but you are surely not a person to talk about sex you eyes are a HUGE how tf is a man gonna get it up wit ur eyes lookin like ur on amphetamines since 4days fuke you should smoke 20joint a day just so your eyes look normal uglyass bithc
Ryan B (1 year ago)
Come on, MDMA! MDMA would increase the intensity of pleasure derived from sex - Better Orgasm etc etc. Too bad society, law and government are too un-developed to begin understanding how flawed tabooing the use of drugs and blindly using the word addiction without being able to define it and understand the neuroscience of drug - brain interaction. *-War On Drugs-** Education and Controlled Use✓*
Grazmataz37 (1 year ago)
LMFAO. you cant tell me you are not on speed rambling this out this quick hahahaha. are you talking this quickly because you want us to watch this 10 times in order to actually capture every word you speak? good marketing ploy. anyway my opinion. weed number 1. its a must for me with sex. has been for years. one without the other is like a pie without sauce. however i will admit it does cause sleepy cobra issues in later life. im only 46 and still as fit as a bull as far as cardio shagging is concerned but no longer can keep the python at full mast for the hole countdown and im guessing its a combo of just getting older, not being as excited about shagging anymore and the herbs damage to my brain cells. however i love the high fuck that much ive decided to use it in conjunction with viagra. a mate of mine said to me only last year when i was having troubles keeping the cobra awake. 'live for a good time not a long time' and he was right. id rather smoke weed, pop a blue pill and get the business done and die of a heart attack by 60 than give up the weed, not take the blue pill and end up 2 or 3 times having to have a small break before primeing up again to keep the business rolling. the chick dont like that either if she needs time to nut like my darling pookki. anyway, im gunna rewind this video to the start and listen again and try my best to pick up as many more words in your speed amphetimene speech. happy rooting
PrincessLuLu (1 year ago)
Please do a part 2 of this. There are so many other drugs that can affect sex, like prescription drugs (ADHD meds, psychotropic drugs, painkillers etc), cocaine, mdma, lsd, meth and a lot of others. I'm not a recreational drug user or anything but I do find human physiology fascinating and would love to know more about this
Thel Walters (1 year ago)
What about Advil? I shoot that shit into my vulva everytime I stick it in a chick and it seems great!
sizzler 102 (1 year ago)
i got dissapointed i wanted advice about different drugs
3l3 (1 year ago)
fucking chocolate? pfff that shit wont make you horny. do a shot off pure speed in to your vein and you will know what relly relly horny feels like.
Ekonomen (1 year ago)
Nicotine makes my dick smaller?!?!!? Fuck me. It's gonna be hard to quit.
Snoopy Pingas (1 year ago)
What about meth?
Darren Cindrich (9 days ago)
the doc looks a litle spun lol
JJ Thomas (1 year ago)
best sex ever
Brittany Bell (1 year ago)
I'm super horny on drugs, but I definitely get dry quickly. My boyfriend can't keep it up either.
HFSGamerz (1 year ago)
LSD and sex
drag0n4122 (2 years ago)
i was going to say something else but important note about cannabis infused lubricants BEWARE the ones i have seen all have other oil's/substance's that eat some of the material's condoms are made of. (solo use for women) even more upsetting there is no counterpart product made or marketed to men :(
Leon Cox (2 years ago)
i think she has to much caffeine and her eyes are going to pop
Joaquin Olvera (2 years ago)
You're tweaking i mean look at your fucking eyes creepy af, talking about sex bet you still a virgin!
Aarzu (2 years ago)
I was on zoloft for a time to treat my anxiety. I could still get in the mood but could not keep it up after several minutes and nothing would happen. I'm the chronically single time so luckily there was no harm to a relationship, but I must confess I had more free time because of that than I knew what to do with, so eventually I stopped taking it. A few years later I started taking Abilify and, while it wasn't near as bad, I stopped having quite as many urges which was an interesting experience XD I, again, had more free time than I knew what to do with but the difference this time was I just didn't get aroused as much. So I tried working out more. It made me tired.
Fubitz (2 years ago)
Trying to keep up with how WIDE your eyes are is difficult. Are you trying to make a vagina with your lips eyebrows and nose?
NiCO (2 years ago)
MDMA!! <3 best sex experience
Atikhun Thac (2 years ago)
your energy level in the vids is amazing, what do you take ? supplements wise, not drugs :)
I love your channel, but I'm disappointed that you didn't include that rape can occur if someone is intoxicated from prescription or even OTC drugs.
treesue73 (2 years ago)
I love the show Dr. Doe, but you go way too fast and I can't tell why. Slow down a bit and you will be so much easier to understand. Especially for the younger crowd. Thanks.
Yasha Unknown (2 years ago)
Great as always.
PrincessLuLu (2 years ago)
Also, what about advice for current or future parents/caregivers for talking to their kids about sex? That'd be pretty cool too
PrincessLuLu (2 years ago)
You should do a video on emergency contraception. There's a lot of misinformation and outdated info out there about what it does and who can access it. Many still think there's age restrictions and men can't buy it when neither are true according to recent legislation
Klay Ra (2 years ago)
thanks for reminding me to take my medicine doc!
PrincessLuLu (2 years ago)
Please consider doing a part two
Nik A. Rad (2 years ago)
coming from a 'weedtuber' I appreciate your accuracy when discussing cannabis. thanks for not spreading misinformation!
Parasitisch (2 years ago)
What lsd or meth?! Maybe for another video. ;p
36er (1 year ago)
lsd and meth are complite other drugs and aren't anyway similar i had nice experience with sex on lsd
Galit (2 years ago)
what about MDMA and LSD?!?!?!?!
iloveuth (2 years ago)
Dr. Doe and Hank you should totally do a video of "Plan B" after having sex (pregnancy, std, visiting the Dr, etc). I know prevention is the best, but sometimes it doesn't work well.
Neurons Cyborg (2 years ago)
SSRI's kill my sex drive and orgasm ;_;
Neurons Cyborg (2 years ago)
a vibrating cocktail ring helps tho :3
CommentorX (2 years ago)
Being forced to pay incredibly high health premiums for a plan with a $6000 deductible (ie., useless) is killing my sex drive. Thanks Obama #democratssuck #Trump2016
pnrex (2 years ago)
has she ever talked about depo shots before. I'm curious about her opinion.
Polonium Fist (2 years ago)
I always knew dark chocolate was better ;D
Michael Jarrett (2 years ago)
Brb, gonna listen to some Ian Dury and the blockheads.
Complex Emotions (2 years ago)
can you do a run down on what abnormalities on your private bits warrant a doctors visit?
Victor Serra (2 years ago)
It'd be good if you could talk a bit slower. You talk waaay too fast for a lot of people to follow what you are saying and comprehend what you just said at the same time.
Bacon Robot (2 years ago)
Great video.
Firstname Lastname (2 years ago)
Doe, there's an elephant in here and I think it needs to be discussed. It's consent, and the unspoken rule of "If you're a guy then never have sex with a consenting intoxicated woman, because she might regret it afterwards and change her mind, and then you will be a rapist." Just ONCE I'd like someone to talk about this SPECIFICALLY. I know it's uncomfortable, but it's just a reality in this world. I know there's definitely such a thing as 'too drunk' (I have refused sex with two different girls for this reason), but the fact is that a girl can be just tipsy and still be over the legal limit to drive, and this would be enough for her to 'take back' her consent after the fact. I would argue most women wouldn't do this, but there *are* a few who would, and it's those few that are making everyone change their behaviour 'just in case' she turns out to be one of them. It's fear-based social engineering. I have actually sworn off of sex with any woman who has consumed *any* alcohol, out of fear. No matter how into it they seem. Understand I don't know what the solution is. But it's definitely not letting next-day-regret send someone to prison for rape. And if we don't discuss it, we'll never reach a conclusion.
Firstname Lastname (2 years ago)
(Note: I've had a girl get offended when I turned her down after she'd had a couple drinks, because she *interpreted* it as me saying 'You can't handle your drinks, and you'll probably call me a rapist tomorrow'. The sad thing is, while it is unlikely, it is possible. What the hell am I supposed to do in that situation?)
alex (2 years ago)
Well if releasing a video about sex & drugs on 4-20 is not an ideal educational opportunity I don't know what would be. Once again I am amazed by the amount of information packed into a sexplanations video. Stay curious indeed.
Scheefinator (2 years ago)
Compared to your alcohol vid, I liked and appreciated this one more. It didn't have the "don't do it" bias that was basically way prevalent in the one with alcohol. This one considered both the good and the bad.
DeadLikeMeJ (2 years ago)
Sex and Alcohol video still highly disappointing and horrible - you should remake it ... its seriously your worst video by far and its not subjective at all...
FrayedLogic (2 years ago)
Trazodone: best erections ever Cymbalta: floppy mcgee
Alex Mackenzie (2 years ago)
does ecstasy and sex blow your serotonin receptors which makes you feel depressed? or is that a myth
Shel Nunya NT (2 years ago)
yayyy good jawb Doc!
Romantic Outlaw (2 years ago)
I really hope Dr. Doe is going to bring up the whole Utah vs. pornography debacle unfolding, especially where Utah's only allowed sex ed is abstinence-only. The sources that the governor cited were unscientific at best.
natslovebug (2 years ago)
Once you have gotten done with the drugs and sex series, I would love an episode on the challenges and strategies for pregnancy sex. At 7 1/2 months pregnant, my husband's and my once a week has gone down to my giving him a blowjob every other week to get some intimacy. Snugging just doesn't cut it...
natslovebug (2 years ago)
+CommentorX Oh, I know. This is my second child. But once my first was moved to his own room, we went back to a similar schedule as before I got pregnant, so I think I'll be able to do that to some extent this time too. Also, I thought it would make a good topic that doesn't get a lot of attention.
CommentorX (2 years ago)
+nateslovebug Just wait until the sleepless months. Sleeping more than 2 hours straight will become more important than anything sexual.
Mew-Z (2 years ago)
So I am a little confused. The goaskalice.columbia.edu source you used for nicotine and sex doesn't match up to what you said. You said it can possibly cause penis shrinkage. All I read from the source is that it restricts blood flow like erectile disfunction (sp?). Just a little confused.
Labiad (2 years ago)
but ... but why most preworkout use caffeine if this one reduce the terstasterone lvl as u mentioned ? :/ i hope u answer please
Pete Simpson (2 years ago)
Doesn't Marijuana impair judgement and therefore affect ability to consent?
Fessler Ivan (1 month ago)
Carly (2 years ago)
+Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen I do check in with my partners, I think that's also a great addition to keep in mind when thinking about cannabis and consent.
Pete Simpson (2 years ago)
+Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen I don't use it, so I don't know. I just thought your advice was smart.
Pete Simpson (2 years ago)
+Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen I think that's generally very good advice.
Carly (2 years ago)
If someone is using cannabis and they usually don't, the high/intoxicating effects may be way more intense and it would definitely affect ability to consent. However, as someone who uses cannabis multiple times a day, the effect doesn't impair my judgement and actually makes sex more enjoyable.
alg11297 (2 years ago)
Doc, most people have never seen other people having sex. Their only exposure would be porn. Movies tend to tell us how to act. Could you be detailed and tell the audience how porn films are not reality but a fantasy and tell us what to look out for.
linguaphile (2 years ago)
heyandy x (2 years ago)
A marked contrast to the sex and alcohol video. To me the key part was acknowledging that increased dose equals increased risk. Not to mention (in my opinion) these substances are far less dangerous than alcohol.
Jefe Justicia (2 years ago)
Mary Jane makes women look less attractive.
Jefe Justicia (2 years ago)
It was a joke because alcohol makes women look more attractive. Cannabis affects everybody differently, if you do decide to try it...like she said, small doses first.
Kathleen Cunningham (2 years ago)
Chocolate actually doesn't have caffeine, it has theobromine. It's a similar compound, but not the same.
Pan Darius Kairos (2 years ago)
I love both! Best drugs to have sex on: LSD and marijuana.
Saltyfingerprints (2 years ago)
Talk about sex and hallucinogens!
Me and I (2 years ago)
One of the main safety elements that I got from these videos is that, if you're going to use any mind-altering substance during/prior to sex, it's important to first establish boundaries and limits with your sex partner when you're both completely sober: STI tests/protection, want/will/won't, safe words, what to do in emergencies, etc. Needless to say, it's best if you both trust each other (then again, would you really want to have sex with someone you don't trust? It's supposed to be a positive experience, not a fear-for-your-wellbeing experience). Personally, I don't think I'd be too bothered if a sex partner and/or I didn't reach climax or got distracted, as long as we can enjoy whatever it is we end up doing. Having a deep conversation about philosophy or the universe can be as good as an intense orgasm, depending on the mood.
Alasdair Hill (2 years ago)
So, you're saying a girl who wants to smoke pot and have sex might be left, high and dry?
Aarzu (2 years ago)
Go sit in the corner!!
Atikhun Thac (2 years ago)
+Alasdair Hill dude, post some of your other works. haha u write poems?
Alicia Brady (2 years ago)
+Alasdair Hill gold star
Bill Carroll (2 years ago)
Funny pot sex story! My roommate was going to have sex later, so I suggested he get high with me beforehand because it would enhance his experience. The next day he yelled at me for convincing him to smoke the night before: the same kind of condoms he had used previously felt tight and restrictive on him when he was high. The girl he was with had no idea how to help him, besides suggesting that they go buy bigger condoms. They never had sex. Pot is great for familiar partners, but I wouldn't recommend it for your first time with somebody.
Bill Carroll (2 years ago)
These are all wonderful questions that I don't have the answers to.
C.I. DeMann (2 years ago)
+Bill Carroll it made his penis bigger? or it made him think his penis bigger? or did it just make his penis so sensitive he felt the condom too much?
Bill Carroll (2 years ago)
Tantric marijuana-fueled sex for the win!
artemisrain (2 years ago)
Dr. Doe, I keep trying different kinds of birth control, but they are all causing low libido. Can you explain why and give some alternatives? I need a birth control pill for bad hormonal acne so I also use it as my main form of birthcontrol. It seems to be a BIG problem with a lot of us. They say to keep trying until you find the one for you, but I feel like I keep missing and I've tried so many.
Oprah2020 (2 years ago)
I hope you never loose those braces.
Emmett Warren (2 years ago)
That 10 seconds on nicotine is the only commercial the PSA companies need
El J man (1 year ago)
What? I really dont see any after affects of being a casual smoker well I smoke pot also.
Ekonomen (1 year ago)
El J man but your dick, fam
Tarik (1 year ago)
El J man due to lung cancer u wont be like that for long
El J man (2 years ago)
+Emmett Del I smoke a pack a day and im a horny fuck.
Emmett Warren (2 years ago)
+Drakan R 4eal..
Rayne Hale (2 years ago)
Very interesting! I never thought about having sex when high
36er (1 year ago)
it makes fun
azaz129 (2 years ago)
Could you cite the cigarette/small penis thing? The only studies that I've seen on the topic have been reported in the media as "smoking moms make babies with baby dicks" and that study only referred to a single compound in cigarettes that may have a correlation to decreased penis size. Also 2:43 felt a bit more like an ad than solid info, quite frankly.
Majoofi (2 years ago)
But what about Rock n' Roll?
Peter M. Eggers (1 year ago)
sexplanations But, it would have been so much better a title for those of us a bit older! http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/phrase-sex-drugs-rocknroll-actually-come/
sexplanations (2 years ago)
+Majoofi I did ask Matt to play some but he's been really busy with other things like making amazing videos for four channels!
Joe Dohm (2 years ago)
Why not even a single sentence about marijuana and consent, when consent was such an important element of the video on alcohol?
Zuzu Superfly (1 year ago)
+strawberrylemonades I'd definitely be willing to concede that other people have a different experience. It's unfortunate that, for them, Cannabis can be a more dangerous proposition. I just felt the need to answer the replies.
strawberrylemonades (1 year ago)
+Zuzu Superfly It's cool that that's your experience. For other people being high can be just as judgement impairing as when intoxicated with alcohol, ie they may agree to things/not fully understand the things that are going on, when they would not have done so otherwise. It's not as alien as it may seem. If you've ever made any bad judgement when you were in a really emotional state (gotten angry enough to say things you don't mean, or something) then it would be similar to that, only there is a substance that is literally making it impossible for you to regain your composure and assess the situation as clearly as you could in a sober state. If that doesn't happen to you when you smoke pot, that's cool, but it's not so difficult to imagine it happening to other people.
Zuzu Superfly (1 year ago)
+Carly Marie Neither of those issues are a problem for me. Until I can no longer move, I know what I don't want, and I assert myself to that effect. If we're talking about consent after you can no longer move... we're just talking about rape.
Carly (1 year ago)
Or your tolerance is high enough lol...+KEVIN DIAZ 
Name Not Found (1 year ago)
you obviously haven't done enough of the right kind.
Joe Dohm (2 years ago)
So is there any actual research regarding chocolate and sex, or just conjecture?
ItsCiwi (2 years ago)
And what about Rock and Roll?
Matthew Schell (2 years ago)
Sorry but playing 4:01 - 4:03 on loop is the funniest thing Ive seen all week.
Jane (2 years ago)
❤️❤️❤️ *I T B O R E S M E T O T E A R S* ❤️❤️❤️ *I F Y O U T O O...* ❤️❤️❤️ *I 'm H E R E:* ➔ janetkiss.ru/loveyou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️18+❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Wilker Lucio (2 years ago)
+sexplanations you can make loops using this chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/youtube-looper/bidjeabmcpopfddfcnpniceojmkklcje
Matthew Schell (2 years ago)
+sexplanations On PC I was just putting my cursor at 4:01 and kept clicking it. 
sexplanations (2 years ago)
+Matthew Schell how do you play something on loop?
Theo Fraser (2 years ago)
Remember, they can't spike a joint! Smoke weed for sexytimes! :D
tabbytalley (2 years ago)
+Theo Fraser Could be laced though if you don't get it from good people...
lolatomroflsinnlos (2 years ago)
& Rock 'n' Roll
ben Jovi (2 years ago)
At last!! people are actually starting to admit that weed has different verieties that have different properties and not just calling everything "skunk"
CommentorX (2 years ago)
+ben middleton According to Colorado law, each strain of cannabis has to be labeled with %THC content, in the same way alcoholic drinks have to be labeled with %ethanol by weight. It's been the law for years.
untouchable TRAMP (2 years ago)
phenylethylAMINE, not alamine
Anthony Aylward (2 years ago)
+untouchable TRAMP Thank god, for a moment I thought I was crazy
J. van der Linden (2 years ago)
This was really informative! I'd be impressed if you dared to do one on other drugs (MDMA, LSD) as well, like the Vice article in the description. They have really interesting effects on sex. Though I would completely understand if you didn't.
J. van der Linden (2 years ago)
+sexplanations Cool! Daring to talk openly and thoughtfully about drugs always makes me respect someone more. Especially when they're in a public role like you. :)
sexplanations (2 years ago)
+J. van der Linden I will! That was my original goal. I was going to put alcohol, caffeine, weed, crack etc. all in the same episode but there's so much info that it seemed better to separate them.
Izzy-Fizz (2 years ago)
I liked this video a lot, but I just think it didn't discussed consent issues and dangers of pot like the alcohol video did.
Rockerchavnerdemo (2 years ago)
Wait, chocolate makes you chemically aroused because dopamine? I'm a psychology student, and I can believe what Dr Doe meant if there's a particular source, but my neuroscience lectures have taught me that dopamine has nothing to do with arousal (that's noradrenaline), dopamine is just a chemical reinforcer. It's your brain telling you "you did a good thing, repeat." It modulates goal-directed behaviour. I'm not refuting anyone here, I'm mostly just confused given it conflicts with what I've been taught.
Bill Carroll (2 years ago)
+Rockerchavnerdemo It doesn't cause arousal, as she says it can serve as a substitute for sex From a fellow psych major: When someone says "that's dope," what that means scientifically is, "that causes my brain to release dopamine and reinforce that behavior." People call marijuana "dope" because, although it is not physically addictive, it is habit-forming, and can lead to the same dopamine addiction response you see in other addictive behaviors, such as skydiving, getting tattoos, video game addiction, etc.

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