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Why is Donald Trump Lobbying for Harley-Davidson in India?

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US president Donald Trump thinks that India's import duty of 50 percent on completely built foreign bikes is too high. In the US, he claims there is zero tax on imports, and that India is taking advantage of that.
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Vaideswaran A (5 days ago)
U motherfucker who hell you think you are???? Its Simply NOT ok to put 100% tax. Dont try to defend india motherfucker. Your a piece of shit...and trump is a successful business man so shut your fucking mouth.
Nanda Sarkar (1 month ago)
To me, Trump I just the Americanized RaGa, there. There's a cartoon character which goes by the same name too...coincidence??!
Mermaid We (2 months ago)
Trump believes he can bully all people to get what he wants. I guess that works when u are a business person. Doesn't work when u r president
Honest Man (2 months ago)
Only the muslim indians are against trump, but hindu indians are slaves to trump.....even if trump wants to destroy india, hindus will support trump cuz they are hopeless and eager for that tiny bit of modernity they never see themselves reaching (except by selling out to another culture like the US)
Pawan G (2 months ago)
This is doing drama. The duty is there for a motorcycle even if it passes the emissions norm.
nu get (2 months ago)
Why is Donald Trump Lobbying for Harley-Davidson in India? ( next time answer the question )
Biplab Majumnder (3 months ago)
Thank u so much sir
Naushad Ansari (3 months ago)
Duty khtm kr Doge to bhi Royal Enfield jyada sale hogi.
Ritwik Chattopadhyay (3 months ago)
Did Arnab Goswami have a debate on this? I think he doesn't have the balls
Amit Yadhuvanshi (3 months ago)
Ban harley devision
pranay reddy (3 months ago)
Quint ..title and explanation doesn’t match 😭 .. u explained why India s applying 100% tax . But not why trump pushing Harley 👎
hopndon (3 months ago)
Lower the tariffs and see how many Harleys sale then
hopndon (3 months ago)
No, it couldn't be Obama, trying to hurt the mango farmers,
Balance Point 71 (3 months ago)
HD. Right wing cracker lackeys of Trump and Putin. Gave the CEO huge tax cut. Lay off 800 drones and $700 million stock buyback. Fuck HD and fuck Trump.
Sam Sharma (3 months ago)
Stupid Donald trump
Mohammad Rocker HD (3 months ago)
Indian government ali baba
Akhil G (3 months ago)
make your product economic and we will reduce the taxes. if you will over price the product we will make it double. that is all business. harley devidson is costlier and it is not manufacturing locally here. so we don't get any taxes. so we imposed taxes in order to make profit. if you want to impose heavy duty do it fast we don't care because what we sell in usa is not a considerable amount.
freez draino (4 months ago)
Go trump
Surud Patel (5 months ago)
America cannot match up to the Consumer base at home compared to that of INDIA. Pricing is the main factor why Harley will not succeed as Indians cannot afford a price tag which is beyond the reach of Middle & Lower ranks of the Indian Market which is the Vibrant consumer base.
Al Dingman (5 months ago)
Harley represents America and Americans. Trump represents America and Americans.. India attaches 100% tax on a bike coming from the US. Why wouldn't the US do the same.?? And personally I owned 4 Royal Enfields and got tired of walking so I stopped buying them. I hope Trump fixes a 200% tax on that Indian shit.
G Hossain (5 months ago)
What else can you expect from a lying Indian. No nation on earth probably lies as much as Indians.
Tanim Xubayer (5 months ago)
indians are most delusional people in the whole world. from my personal experience i know how hard it is to export in india. They will try anything to stop you to export in their country but whenever it comes to import from india you will see the total different scenario! WTO should ban india from international trade. Let them make their own goods for themselves and we also wont buy their product. Let them live in their own paradise!
dylan thomas (5 months ago)
Everything is charged "duty" and taxes in India. This is from the License Raj days. When even Citizen watches were charged 100% duty to protect HMT watches. Even today every item is duty-ied heavily. Why do you think a Rolls Royce Phantom costs 550.000 US dollars in USA and 1,360,000 in India.
hussain basha (5 months ago)
Q:who is the President A:some jerk
Gaurav Somwanshi (5 months ago)
Yes we might be stupid
Mayur Chhatrala (5 months ago)
Trump you can not fool modi
tdot22 (5 months ago)
Indians were so happy when the US ditched Pakistan for India .... that made many Pakistanis happy as well !!! Looks like the US is up to its old tricks!! Give a little, expect a lot & then complain lie & threaten!!!
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
tdot22 so be it then.
tdot22 (3 months ago)
eddieisfiction Yes, if America wants to retain the following: 1.) US dollar to remain the reserve currency of the World. 2.) Ability to fund both a warfare and welfare state. 3.) Keep inflation and interest rates in the US low. US can definitely impose tariffs, every country is free to do what it likes ESPECIALLY THE USA, just be prepared for the consequences.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
tdot22 so Americans are just supposed to put up with high tariffs but can’t have any of their own? Is that your answer?
gÀmıń gėĘk (5 months ago)
You're taking it the wrong way मोदी भगत -_-
Augustya Sing (5 months ago)
i think 50% is still a bargain for us . . . as it is very high duty . . . just put us in the place of U.S . . . . facts are correct . . . But, Not justifying 50% on harleys . . . its lop-sided
Well, he's right isn't he? Taxes are far too high. This is quite strange considering we have a (broadly) conservative government, who are interested in increasing taxes. Taxation, Recirculation, accumulation, liquidation, currency crash, and taxation again. This is not a governmental issue alone (ie, every single government since 1947 has been making the same mistake over and over again), rather one of economic common sense. GST may have been a step in the right direction, but the import/export duty is still too high. Consider this, developed countries develop primarily due low logistical overhead, if fuel alone is so heavily taxed, how is that possible? We should focus on infrastructure and public transport.
Vaibhav Raipurkar (5 months ago)
I like How Beautifully its been Put..! Thanks
furiousninja (6 months ago)
If trump has so much problem with Indian CBU taxes why not just ramp up the production in Indian manufacturing plant. That way we'll not be robed of our capital. Why he wanna rob us.
furiousninja (3 months ago)
If usa kept abusing it privileged position, soon some will taught it a lesson one day . Why push for mutual agreements that you are going to violates some time in future.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
furiousninja why do all that when the US can just raise their tariffs to what you raise yours? How do you think that will work out?
Paul Thomas (6 months ago)
Why are these Indian liberal nutjobs spending so much time debunking Trump? English media in India regurgitate #fakenews NY Times and WaPo all day. No mind of their own. Real dumbs asses! Even PM Modi hates them!
pokuri harsha (6 months ago)
India is one of the worst country can ever live
Akshat Singh (6 months ago)
Ur a Idiot !! Don't make such frivolous comments on Emmision Norms if that was the case all the automotive sector will be paying higher tax then meeting them
d'joy S (6 months ago)
Trump advicers gave him wrong statistics, as in all cases. US president leading a stupid team is a terrifying thing, for rest. Will somebody help him/team... pl.
DEEPAK JOSEPH (6 months ago)
omg a quint video supporting India and its government...wow 😱
Sarat Sarkar (6 months ago)
Boy I didn't know that. Good point. I was thinking of buying Harley but now I've changed my mind & would rather buy Royal Enfield.
Sarat Sarkar (3 months ago)
Bert Golf hahaha
W L (6 months ago)
US owns India's ass. Too many US companies are in the India! Trump has buildings in India FFS! India needs to fight back!
W L (3 months ago)
Come on buddy. You're not fooling anyone. We all know you're a low class, poor, pathetic white guy who's sad that Indians are taking over America so you had to resort to sucking and riding Trump's dick even though Trump doesn't give a FUCK about you
W L (3 months ago)
Dumb Fuck I didn't say that. I can see your tiny white brain struggle with your mental gymnastics from here. You're probably didn't even go to college. You probably make less than 50,000 a year. It's a miracle you haven't overdosed on opioids yet. Don't take on people you can't handle bitch
W L (3 months ago)
Just because I named 2, obviously doesn't mean there are ONLY 2. FUCK YOU'RE DUMB.
W L (3 months ago)
Do you like using Windows? And Google? Youtube? YOU'RE WELCOME LOSER
W L (3 months ago)
Don't worry, we're taking over America :) Google ceo INDIAN Microsoft ceo INDIAN you, fucking loser with a children's puppet for a profile picture. Probably too ugly to post your real picture
Winistan (6 months ago)
Good Video..
anug14 (6 months ago)
Why put tax and allow it than to ask them to meet the standards
Rajesh verma (6 months ago)
That's why Trump trolled in US
pratik dutta (6 months ago)
They know our weakness - the dollar. We need dollars to buy oil. And mangoes are one of the ways to get them .
Sunny Singh (6 months ago)
What's is the point, he wants to increase sales of Harley Davidson motorcycle in India and I am interested in buying. I think any more than 10% duty on any thing is ridiculous and in the end it's the customer who pays the duty not any politician or country.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
gaming singh India exports more to the US than vice versa. Do you really want the US to add tariffs to your goods in return? That would not work in your favor if that happened. You are advocating for trade war when you have tariffs
gaming singh (5 months ago)
Yes but that money goes to America supporting american workers but if harley manufactured in india that would creat jobs in india. So govt wants us not to choose imported things over Indian manufactured goods and want harley to come manufacture in india..
furiousninja (6 months ago)
The money you pay came from USA. Sounds surprising nooo.
Raman Singh (6 months ago)
Even if we abolish the duty completely no one is going to buy the Harley the number may increase from 4000 to 6000 but not more than that, the future is electric not these fuel guzzling beasts.
MF Khaleel (6 months ago)
is he a US president or a fucking sales guy
anantla bhargav (6 months ago)
Mr Trump got fucked up
Arvind Andrew Das (6 months ago)
KTM is also an exporter and so is BMW which exports the g310r And about the emission norms you talk of at 3:28 they did not exist in India and secondly India has its own emission laws not the Euro standards although the BS are copied from the Euro specs You guys don't know what you are talking about and yet you just post videos to rant about it, and at 3:40 when you talk about why we impose duties wtf do you even know why it is there you completely fuck up the facts give wrong information about everything and complain and blame the American president about it F you
furiousninja (6 months ago)
KTM and BMW are not Indian companys. Their profit goes to their domestic country.
DJ AM (6 months ago)
Too much custom duty, on every imported product,, but also in india, many company makes same type of product but in a duplicate manner, means if any food product contains a tag of 25 % vitamine, they actually add only 5 %,, and our govt says make in andia, its ok but quantity but not of quality... Every time their is politics in goods also, and hike in every product but no development...
Imaginate (6 months ago)
You guys complain about 100% or 50% tax!! Here in Bangladesh, we pay 300%
Imaginate (3 months ago)
eddieisfiction that's the thing, we don't have any!
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Imaginate you should vote for better politicians.
Saurabh Srivastava (6 months ago)
I challenge you to name one bike from hd which didn’t meet norms and was allowed to be sold in India (and got registered for use on road) , why the hell should people shed their hard earned money to money sucking government if we want to buy n use a product of our choice? I ordered 10 ics weighing less than 100 grams and costing 3000rs, can u believe i had to pay 2750 rs just on taxes and custom duties? Governments are to serve people of a country and not be served by the people of the country.
Siddharth Dixit (6 months ago)
Harley is shit, royal Enfield is the shit in india
Memento'sOf TheOldIndia (6 months ago)
Chal hat bhosidekae.
"this will make it more expensive for US consumers" You can say the same about Harleys in India. Lol, your propaganda is see-through.
I'm Indian and I support Trump
HAKKA BAKKA (6 months ago)
I believe the sole reason behind Trumps outburst is that he wants India to do things according him like many other countries do (like India use to do) but India is doing things in its own way. This pissed him off, so this is his an attempt to put pressure on PM by making fun of him. But he will fail for sure.
Rishabh Anand (6 months ago)
Roads in india are so congested that now a days even auto rickshaw drivers race with land rovers and BMWs at every red light and beat them easily. And they want to sell us HDs.
Bamang Tito (6 months ago)
no matter what u say as an Indian I feel 100% is too much☹
musicman beAts (6 months ago)
Stupid as always .. stupid American
Shloeb (6 months ago)
Donald trump is a bafoon. Everybody knows that.
Who needs a fat elephant like bike anyways? I would rather buy Bajaj or Mahindra FTW
goutam kumar chawda (6 months ago)
@master blaster BTW the platform you are using now to post this comment is also an American brand probably everything that u use in not all made in India. Coming to the point... People with thoughts like you always create hatrade comments and bring negative thoughts for few... But not everyone are like you. I'm an Indian. Being Indian I feel proud that a person at his level is desperately want to sell his product in India. We don't see the sales or promotions of our products done by our PM or President... You're wrong..
GS400 (6 months ago)
Indian Government's logic of putting duties, is that it will force foreign companies to manufacture in India and thus generate jobs for the poor. They also insist on foreign companies having joint-ventures with Indian companies to help industrialists. The middle-class is ignored. We have to buy sub-standard products from substandard Indian companies in the name of creating jobs. The Indian middle class is the most abused and over-taxed middle-class in the world. Indian politicians, instead of creating a more business-friendly environment, which will help everyone, want to take short-cuts. We have a corrupt bureaucracy, over-burdened legal system and dismal infrastructure. Fix this three things and Indians will be able to complete with anyone. Short-cuts like tariffs will eventually hurt us (our manufacturing sector lags way behind most Asian countries). Wait till Trump starts targeting our IT and Service sector. Then it will be a double-whammy for the middle-class.
Get Thrilled (3 months ago)
If India improves it's education system n it's quality then many of these problems can be solved.
gaming singh (5 months ago)
You do know india is not a capitalist country ??
Shaunak Joshi (6 months ago)
GS400 you're right.
vaibhav jain (6 months ago)
Though import duties in India is for protecting the Indian businesses but as a customer i feel very bad when i have to pay almost double the price for every product that we Indians buy... take all the electronics for examples.. they cost almost double in India.. i recently bought a dell XPS 13 for 88k and the same was available in US for 46K.. all the cars cost more than double here.. the cost of phones ia really high.. Indias per capita income is very low and the cost of all goods be it electronics apparels cars cost much higher in india.. whereas in US its quite opposite.. their per capita income is among the highest and the goods there are much cheaper.. unless we indians dont have access to the latest technology how are we suppose to progress? The Indian companies havent done much.. TATA makes the worst cars ever.. their Nano was a complete fail.. nobody wants to buy a Tata car... inpspite of government supporting our indian companies by imposing such high duties the Indian companies havent been able to do much and it is the end customer who bears the burden of tax and ends up paying a huge price.
Arik Stoops (6 months ago)
None of the data given in the video was justification for a 50% tax
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
gaming singh you don’t have to justify anything. True. But then neither does the US. Do you really want the US to have tariffs of their own against your goods?
gaming singh (5 months ago)
Arik Stoops idk why ppl feel like india need to justify its policies. Did anyone ask american to justify them electing an orangutan into the whitehouse ? And harley assemble its motorcycles in india to reduce that import fee. Almost all the harley motorcycles sold in india are assembled in india. Harley isn’t complaining neither are its customers in india ... trump is just being a fool
karan more (6 months ago)
ye banda kuch bhi... news lata heyyy...😪 ....bin kaam hey yee
Aparjit Dutta (6 months ago)
great work
professot bharaman (6 months ago)
We want democracy in the world also... We we are been ruled by america. Its feel like a cast system in the wirld
5.45 Master Race (6 months ago)
Shinzo Abe should have fought for duty free Japanese sports bikes in India. They sell more. Same for Triumph.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Phanindra K while true... it’s still unfair. You are negotiating well, but you have the unfair advantage. Trump has a point when he says it’s unfair.
Phanindra K (6 months ago)
Che Guevara difference is most of Japan's automobiles are made in India
maniraj97 (6 months ago)
Harley Davidson don't meet Indian emission norm , koi iss chutiye ko batao India mein koi sochta bhi hai kya emission ke bare mein, adhi se jyda vehicles ka engine toh sadda hi hota hai
Vinay Bhaskar Chandratre (6 months ago)
Good education, but it's requires some level of intelligence to grasp. We are ready then for 1000% resiprocal tax !
JAMES MARK CABRAL (5 months ago)
Vinay Bhaskar Chandratre your level is quite low
GRUB CLUB (6 months ago)
Be careful stop using other country products. MODI policy is INDIA first use more INDIAN products
Piss Lam (6 months ago)
The Grub Club then why aren't using indian aunty pic's in your profile instead of the Caucasian brunette
Abdul Hasan (6 months ago)
Its not his fault.... When a failled businessman aka pussy grabber becomes a president,thats pretty normal....
L i b e r a l s
Nishchay Bhuta (6 months ago)
Very poor nd biased report. Business has terms. It is like give nd take. If u dont agree, dont do business. Trump is doing what is good for his country. U may dislike his way of business. India should do what is good for herself. These channels r deliberately created to use emotions of indians. Which i think is a part of propaganda.
Sarabjit Singh (6 months ago)
Well said👍
Plan Z (6 months ago)
Quint, Trump is lobbying for USA and its exports with Harley as an example. But you leftist retards can never understand capitalism.
feroz khan (6 months ago)
Mr. Whom ever you are , I do not who you are but please let it be known to all of us there is difference between "you and me" By your words you want to justify that Royal Enfield meets euro 3 norms and there for it is untaxable . Hope fully your words justify what's your knowledge . Justifying on behalf of others weakness doesn't proove you as more powerful . Hope you would try to understand .
Akhil G (6 months ago)
USA is one of selfish country in the world.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Akhil G we expect fair trade policies. We can’t give you a deal if you rob us. So be it.
Akhil G (3 months ago)
eddieisfiction go ahead do whatever you govt. want we don't care. we can't give special treatment to any country. we know USA is dictating country. and i think you didn't watched this video carefully. every country should respect the law of other country. you bike didn't meet the emission requirement of our country but we still considering it for you. and if same thing happend with our bike you will ban it immediately.
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Akhil G then I guess we will have to add tariffs of our own for your goods to compete fairly.
Akhil G (3 months ago)
eddieisfiction, because you overpriced your product here. for example apple in USA is cheaper then what we pay here in india. one more thing in order to promote local manufacturing and to reduce the cost of product to make it available for people. it is necessary. every country follow the same rule. if we don't support local manufacturing inflation rate will become high. hope you understand
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Akhil G actually in the US. We only charge 2.5 percent for all the goods you send here. We are more than fair with you. Why can’t you be fair with us?
Travel & Entertainment (6 months ago)
Awesome response
Imran Mansuri (6 months ago)
What wrong has he said government should understand
man M B bawa (6 months ago)
All those fuel guzzling vehicles raping our environment with its huge carbon footprints Nd to loot foreign exchange to loot idiots those bikes also have less running life.
baby J production1 (6 months ago)
fuck trump
Kim Un (6 months ago)
American economy He’s very for the world 🌍
Kim Un (6 months ago)
Without America there’s no world OK
Kim Un (6 months ago)
India’s shit hole country
prince vikram singh (6 months ago)
Reciprocal tax😁😁😂😂 on royal Enfield.बहुत बढ़िया बधाई हो लगा ले टैक्स भाई।😋😋😁
wright vcx (6 months ago)
Enfield is bullshitting on the numbers it sells in US. I am an indian but i totally support Trump's views. Stop this crazy import duties which only benefits indian corporates and doesnt benefits consumers. If we are weak manufacturers then we have no right to be there in open markets. Let the strongest survive. Protectionist policy weakens a nation.
India Ahmed (6 months ago)
please be more elaborate....are u trying to say 50% tax is only because the bike do not our emission norms
JERRIN THOMAS (6 months ago)
Jithendra Nambiar (6 months ago)
Trump "trumped" again
TheBlueDogMan (6 months ago)
Why don't you want even playing field ? You have come to expect preferential treatment as fair. Very illogical and is leach like on the part of the countries using tariffs on products from the USA.
Gautam P (6 months ago)
Construct your sentences in order! There is no flow and continuity
Ashok Piano lover (6 months ago)
A 100% tax is still a daylight robbery man. Who pays that tax on Harley Davidson bikes, its either a hard working bike enthusiast or his father. Exast is the problem look at your corporation buses and lorries they emit tonnes and tonnes of black smokes.
Ashok Piano lover (5 months ago)
Gaurav if you want to help India please go ahead and give ur entire wealth. 50% tax is applied in a dictatorship. So u sell anything u ll get 50₹ and govt gets 50₹. In some cases our govt is worse than a dictatorship accept it or disagree it. People life can never ever be improved by taxing, my life is only when make something, or work, learn something new. Anyways thanks for your time n effort, I appreciate it. I'm just a random guy. Our banking system is horrible. The rate of interest when u deposit is probably 6-8% max. The rate of interest when you borrow is 13-16% per annum, but taxing 28% to 100% per transaction is wrong. We might as well whack the rich and make them poor. By the way you don't have to be rich to buy HD bikes some of my friend's friends have it, they're just normal people like you n me. Peace.
Gaurav Kulkarni (5 months ago)
Ashok Babu govt. Do not charge taxes for fun. We need funds from road to infrastructure to education rich people need to pay higher taxes
Ashok Piano lover (5 months ago)
Where do you stop taxing, ripping rich won't make poor better. We tried it b4 1990. What we need is more production, better banks that help middle income and lower income group people. Is govt effecient. Are they going to do that for us. At the end of the day govt is going to do whatever it wants to do.
Vatsalya Sharan (5 months ago)
Daddy Government We have lower import duties on CPUs which are mostly prepared by Intel and AMD bcz they help in Making Computer which are essential for Country and it's people. All these luxury Items should be taxed that much high.
Gaurav Kulkarni (5 months ago)
we are not ripping off any country ... we need our rich Indians to pay more taxes ... that's it ... we are developing country with lot of challenges we need taxes so that we can feed our hungry educate poor children. trying control our end of global warming. do you think that is ripping off American companies. please check what amazon is doing by moving there packaging and head office to several states just for avoiding taxes and that is some rich business. think who is robbing off Americans ... check this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bl19RoR7lc
michael preston (6 months ago)
So much for Emaluments clauses for trump, huh ?
nigi Jeffy (6 months ago)
Trump is dumb
Saisravan Satturu (6 months ago)
Harley Davidson is one of the biggest emitter of green house gases
eddieisfiction (3 months ago)
Saisravan Satturu hardly...
TJ Soni (6 months ago)
India best. I leave I. Usa for long time but I love my india.
Jasz TheBest (6 months ago)
I was not knowing the reason behind this but after knowing I would say increase it to 100% again.
Ryan Rodrigues (6 months ago)
This is the reason why I love India the most.

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