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10 Most Heavily Guarded Places On Earth

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These are 10 places you'll never ever ever get inside. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/baertaffy
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Text Comments (766)
Subhadip Das (1 minute ago)
Check out the ind-pak border...
Spookie Gamer (7 hours ago)
The White House??
LegionSlaughter (10 hours ago)
#1 My gfs House.
White House bro u missed it
Olajire Gbolu (15 hours ago)
How about viewing Area 51 from Google Map?
Easy Now Scrub (19 hours ago)
“Most heavily guarded places on earth” thumbnail has 1 black guy with a rifle standing by himself.
Mayank Singal (21 hours ago)
White House
Ab fitaaz (1 day ago)
#9:58 seriously maximium prison for spying
Gewglesux (2 days ago)
My Ex's top button comes to mind..
Matthew McColl (2 days ago)
You seriously can't pronounce Derby or Derbyshire?
Callsign Chief (2 days ago)
I do not believe people should be revealing this information. Even if it is declassified.
Renlentless Tourist (2 days ago)
SEALAND!!!! I would see that everyday from my house in Felixstowe!!! Sealand was originally a WW2 defence station against the Germans. After the war it was left abandoned. It then became a pirate radio station. After that the pirate broadcasters declared it an independent state. However, it is still within British waters, and is not recognized as an independent nation by any other country. it is now known as the principality of sealand, and has its own self appointed royal family. There is nothing dubious about it.
Buck Rogers (3 days ago)
A lot of your photos have nothing to do with the story. Sealand doubtfully has United States Coast Guard defending it.
Michael Dunbar (3 days ago)
That was cool video thanks
Anderson Panther (4 days ago)
you mist the White House
0:35 Americans always sound so retarded whenever they have to pronounce names of places in Great Britain.
johnmclane101 (4 days ago)
9:57 "the underwear bomber??" Yeah i'm sure i read about that guy. That guy that crept into people's houses while they slept and placed plastic explosives in there underwear and when they woke up in the morning to take a piss their genitals would be blown off!
lol mirror ball defense technology in the wings with an arrow pointed at the landing lights
andyjamess (5 days ago)
Where is Derrbeeshyeer? I have heard of Darbeesherr
BHALT0S (5 days ago)
See that svalbard seed bank installation, this was a site chosen by specialists, who took a fucking long time to get the right spot, to ensure the continuance and integrity of the seeds within, thanks to climate change though it's already getting flooded from meltwater getting into it, from the Permafrost... its not called permafrost for nothing, although now its more like Permamelt.... if you think that 7+ billion people on this planet, and coupled with its daily activities is a zero sum event, think again.
xlSNYPERwulffTM (5 days ago)
#1 - My Phone
William Batman (5 days ago)
I really thought The White House would be included
bidzikrillah adp (5 days ago)
I will take all gold. I am invisible
Jason Wilkerson (6 days ago)
Stone mountain
The Game Maniac 3D (6 days ago)
#1 my internet browser history
Muscleweenos (6 days ago)
Coal you mist coke
akron067 (6 days ago)
Sooo fort knox actualyi have gold or just empty space??
frannelk (6 days ago)
Nice to watch BUT missing a lot of places.... i.e. KREMLIN, then North Korea HQ Leader.... and many more.
Journey awaits (8 days ago)
The most guarded place is my meme vault
JustAMessenger (8 days ago)
I thought my heart was the most secure place on earth... until she broke in and destroyed everything... 😢
Brian Ridley (8 days ago)
Our lasses knickers are heavily guarded.... :(
OJBeats (9 days ago)
3:26 those are fucking landing lights retard
dsmyify (9 days ago)
What about the White House and Pentagon? Nuclear weapons?
Nilay Patel (9 days ago)
I have a big issue with number 10 on this list. I am sure most if not all US OS Diplomatic bases are more heavily guarded than that place. I'd then say any government vault for any major country would be. Dumb list...
i ride manila (10 days ago)
area 51 will probably be everyone dream to get inside
Emily Cat (11 days ago)
1.The DMZ 2.The White House 3.Area 51
MAup (11 days ago)
at 9:46 funny, those are swedish police officers and dogs, but i guess you needed police with dogs in em pictures :)
Bear Bear (11 days ago)
Seeds! Freaking awesome
Abdullah Naeem (11 days ago)
For the first one you need 190 guards to look over cameras
Pulse Gaming (12 days ago)
The thumbnail is a vault in salt lake city it is a vault of mormons or somthin like that that have books of people
Logan Davis (12 days ago)
White House?
CBTinstructor (12 days ago)
Sealand happens to be off the East Coast of England. England does not, in theory, have a North Coast, as that is part of Scotland. And the Anti-Aircraft guns shown are most definitely not British.
Chase Fromm (12 days ago)
Ah man, I hate Die Another Day. I'd rather be wartching Kore wa zombie desu ka instead
Jerry Wake (13 days ago)
Obi J (13 days ago)
My closet is more safe
james davies (13 days ago)
the swiss army,i thought all the soldiers changed profession to make army knifes
Memiom (13 days ago)
I kind of thought that the White House or The Beast (US President Limo) Would be on this list
germy montoute (14 days ago)
coco cola secret formula
Bubba Lou (14 days ago)
The most heavily guarded place on earth is where HIllary Clinton's 31,000 emails and the contents of the sim cards on the 13 smashed cell phones that were under Congressional subpoena are hidden.
Dez Johnson (14 days ago)
Who Trynna rob Fort Knox with me
Poapiaham 16 (15 days ago)
Psshh I can break into that easy
Howard3S (15 days ago)
Thje Korean DMZ - Trumps take no crap stance with North Korea might actually bring down the DMZ - how about that - Trump helping take down a wall. But, Proof walls work.
fifty seven (16 days ago)
title: **heavily guarded places on earth** me:**looks at thumbnail** me: there's only one dude dafyq
drbeekjeek (16 days ago)
Those are landing lights on Air Force One
DMM - MCMXCIII (16 days ago)
a car park in derby is number 10, lol mate your research is shit
Hello Everyone!
fuck you I'm the alpha (16 days ago)
a 1x1 thatch base is almost indestructible
fuck you I'm the alpha (16 days ago)
soooooooo the peoc¿?
Nicholas Sadowski (17 days ago)
I think you forgot the white house
Steven Rios Rios (17 days ago)
Why do you talk about the 9/11 situation? There was no plane found so how did they happen to arrest the people who did it. Shouldn't busy be in the prison?
Nishant Shirodkar (18 days ago)
MOST UN-RESEARCHED VIDEO EVER!!! "Guarded" and "Secure" are two words with very different meanings. What you have here is a travesty of understanding what they mean and putting together the most hasty video with so many mistakes and inaccuracies (as many of the comments have suggested too)
Darrien Hansana (18 days ago)
man why doesn’t merry weather hq do this
Melker Strauss (19 days ago)
White house
zxKAOS1 (20 days ago)
Earlier, I would've guessed the vault where Coca Cola keeps its secret formula, but I'm told even if one were to steal it, a lot of it is "powered by marketing"
Omar Shouaib (20 days ago)
I'm Egyptian!!
Taylor Brown (21 days ago)
so what about the presidents white house
Jonenoh Spencer (21 days ago)
Shaun foley (22 days ago)
There is nothing in the Federal Reserve it's fake
Shaun foley (22 days ago)
Derby shire hahaha
Zorroborro (22 days ago)
dude im more interested in knowing how u guys know all this and can u verify the sources?
King Cash (22 days ago)
area 51 duhhhh
DSSlocksmiths (22 days ago)
At Number 10, we have a car park that you literally just drive your car in to. To park. So, that was easy.
Section8ification (23 days ago)
Paul Daystar (23 days ago)
There’s a volcano that has mostly gold lava in Antarctica Mt Erbus... Very well guarded... most people don’t even know... it would definitely change gold values...
Teh Gamist (23 days ago)
Not _Youngjustice (24 days ago)
Just imagine getting into the vault with the gold holy fuck you'd be a trillionare
David Heitman (25 days ago)
who the fuck would park in parking structure? ha
vjeran vlahovic (25 days ago)
What about Vatican library?
Alex Campbell (25 days ago)
The coke volt
AnimeTVNow! (25 days ago)
Number 1 is not on you list...becose ... Most Heavily Guarded Place..is not on youtube at all
Gaurav Surati (26 days ago)
Hard to believe that you missed The White House and nuclear bomb storage facilities. Especially when USA, Russia, China, India and other countries have nuclear weapons. Clearly these locations will be highly secured.
Master. Teams (26 days ago)
Umm... I think you guys missed The White House? There was a Air Force One but where is White House?
M Green (26 days ago)
I would think norad, the Pentagon and the White House would make the top ten.
qadri rulzdood (26 days ago)
Woah platforms were a real thing even before MGS?
Conex Xenon (26 days ago)
I bet , on the super secure server on that platform, theres probaly that embarassing photo of spongebobs christmas party.
Rhaegar Targaryan (26 days ago)
cant believe you didnt add the queen but you added a parking garage that are so common theres one near most popular train stations and airports. the queen has a full regiment known as the queens guard. how many people on the planet have their own army of guards?
Akash Nath (27 days ago)
All these are done to keep human away not any other creatures. It's shame
Angie houng (27 days ago)
How did the white house not get on the list
james fry (28 days ago)
i am a lord of sealand
Christofer B. (29 days ago)
A.F.T.A.C. Located Patrick AFB. They just got themselves a new building.
mighty magic (30 days ago)
Yes The white house Is very heavily guarded
Samuel Owen (30 days ago)
Nah mate u got a British plane not American jeez get ur facts right
Tom Rattle (1 month ago)
that's cool, from where i stand on the beach i can see sealand
BB MONK (1 month ago)
You missed my balls.
Niklas Kinnunen (1 month ago)
Shall superior assist maximum elder potential being use according back.
Clorox Bleach (1 month ago)
The most heavily guarded place is my phones Google History
Asante Mark (6 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣wat u ve been watching
Rara D (1 month ago)
DERBY is pronounced DAR-BEE
ken dav (1 month ago)
The 10 most guarded places never made the list...ha ha ha.
FiddleStick's bessette (1 month ago)
Don't Take Anything For Granted On you Tube,Mostly the Coment Section.The video Is Not Up To stand'ards.The clown that Made This Vidio Is Hoping you Take him Serious.''Dont''.It's A Very Old Film.
Nyraxx Gaming (1 month ago)
If it’s on this list then it isn’t one of the most guarded locations

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