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'It's All About Me' Wealth Culture

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TV shows and celebrity culture at large seem to celebrate a lavish lifestyle, which most people are obsessed with. Why do we care about the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Why do we care about the lives of celebrities, and do we admire them or laugh at them, and what does that say about how we define our own happiness? This and much more will be discussed this week on The Point! Host: Ana Kasparian Panel: Kelly Carlin- Writer/ Host Ryan Singer - Comic Fred Karger - Political Consultant Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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ModestlyBland (5 years ago)
Maybe the "American Dream" has evolved to mean something else. Your dream may be, and probably is, completely different than my dream. I think people have figured out that money has nothing to do with happiness. I couldnt care less about the life of any celebrity
somfplease (5 years ago)
ana should do a sex tape
West Asian Levantine (5 years ago)
it's because so many women are so fucking money-hungry (most men who go after riches just want it to get women)
Matt Schilling (5 years ago)
I hate it when I have my volume set for the videos and then the commercials come on and blast my speakers
fleammm (5 years ago)
I was using a very limited criteria, simply taking in more than what you need. However the issue of need is tricky. Couldn't agree more with the social point you are making, but perhaps the idea of stocking up (consuming excess) when times are good also carries over to the modern world for humans. Although I find a number of explanations more plausible, one being hedonic adaptation
fleammm (5 years ago)
I think our disagreement is arising from terms. I wa using greed as gluttony, which does indeed exist no question about it. But you are defining greed with reference to a social sharing. I have no problems with your argument given your definition, although I think it is a flawed one.
fleammm (5 years ago)
Also tasmanian devil, will consume up to 40% of its body weight with a major kill in 30 minutes. I fundamentally disagree with what you are saying about animals. Animals are all greedy. They don't want to just have enough they require excess to prepare for the very likely piont that they will be without. Camels do this with water. That is the big reason why we are so great with storing fat.
fleammm (5 years ago)
No when animals make a huge kill they consume to a point of excess. All major predators do this. Anacondas are a great example.
Lleanlleawrg (5 years ago)
Yep. The potential for selfishness and greed is within us, but so is the potential for altruism and cooperation, and it's at least in large parts up to societal factors to what extent you choose to fulfill your potential. However, most of us are hard-wired to follow authority figures, for example, even when we should realize what we're doing is wrong. Take the Stanford prison experiments, or slave trade, or the holocaust, or whatever you want, and that does seem to be an uncomfortable truth.
Duplicat (5 years ago)
Wealth has nothing to do with the "It's all about me" mentality. Arrogant Individualism is a problem that can be found at any economic class level. If ignorant ppl choose to idolize the wealthy and famous, that's not their fault. Media that spotlights pop culture is only contributing to the problem, and sometimes that even includes TYT. Knowledge about irrelevance is the biggest distraction that keeps society from organizing and focusing on issues that would bring about equality to more ppl.
raysmith285 (5 years ago)
FUCK YEA. thats my whole answer!
TheRhinehart86 (5 years ago)
How am I copying off gorilla societies? In gorilla societies only the alpha mates, I said that in early human societies the alphas got FIRST mating rights, meaning they get the best women, the others get the left overs. Look at chimp societies, same arrangement. Again, I find the idea of big burly hunter-gatherer alpha males politely allowing the smaller guys first access to the best women to be pretty funny
TheRhinehart86 (5 years ago)
I'll take your corrections to my anthropology professors, they'll no doubt be intrigued by your thesis. You really think in nomadic tribal societies that the weedy submissive guys get the same privileges as the brutish big guys? Right, I suppose they all lived in houses and had a picket fence as well right? Name one society that has absolutely NO hierarchy. Sounds like one of the Betas is a little insecure. Also, with the 1/4 quarter thing I was talking about the rise of civilisation you moron.
fleammm (5 years ago)
he never said it was human nature to be selfish and greedy "before all else". Animals are always rewarded for gluttony so it seems reasonable that part of that would carry over to the modern world. I totally get what you are saying that culture plays a role, but like most things, it seems reasonable to say there is both an animal and cultural component
theogore (5 years ago)
People like mythology, whether its The Gods on mt Olympus, the aristocracy or reality show tards.
jema2609 (5 years ago)
I don't watch those shows. If I'm not content with my life, it's up to me to fix it. Besides, the few times I've had to see those shows (ie, visiting others and they watch it!), I found myself growing angry at how some of these people spent their money. "You want to put out quarts of beluga caviar for a few hundred people? Five families in my neighborhood could eat for most of a month for that much money!"
youngbuck189 (5 years ago)
Maybe :D whatever floats your boat. lavish is lavish. one could be just as lavish on the baltic sea as the french riviera. its about how one carries oneself, no matter the place or zero number.
TheRhinehart86 (5 years ago)
Rich Americans are such tasteless, bourgeois nouveau riches. If I ever got rich fuck the Hummers and stripper poles. Its tailor made suits from Milan and a house on the French Riviera, THAT'S how you impress rich people. But then, these guys aren't trying to impress rich people, they're trying to rub it in the faces of all the people they left behind.
TheRhinehart86 (5 years ago)
Humans have lived in groups of about 100 for most of their existence, in those societies you usually had an alpha-male who got the best food and first mating rights but apart from that the societies were completely egalitarian, someone was even a little anti-social, they were exiled or killed, no room to mess around on the plains of Africa in drought. Humans figured out a way where 1/4 of us can all be alpha-males and get the best food, problem is the other 3/4 of humanity are left starving.
K Jones (5 years ago)
MrAngryCucaracha (5 years ago)
Each person has their own hobbys, some watch celebrities, others comics and others sports. They are not a means to an end, but an end of themselves.
danahanne (5 years ago)
I couldn't agree more. I can never fathom why people watch so much crap tv, or find it to be a "guilty pleasure" when it's not a pleasure at all. There are some awesome quality shows (educational shows, well-written drama, etc) out there. I don't get why people waste time or brain cells on annoying, boring garbage.
nriab23 (5 years ago)
I would rather stare at a blank wall for an hour than watch rich women bitch abouth their troubles. There are so many shows with actual substance. How anyone could waste their time on watching rich or poor people is beyond me.
MobiusCoin (5 years ago)
I think there's a critical mass when it comes to the consumption of this kind of media.
NomTheFood (5 years ago)
Is it me or does Ana look especially pretty here?
moviedude22 (5 years ago)
laughing at others? that is not why I watch shows about the wealthy
Etheoma (5 years ago)
One word escapism

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