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President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin laugh attack

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(1 Sep 2003) USA: PRESIDENT CLINTON AND BORIS YELTSIN PRESS CONFERENCE - LAUGH ATTACK You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/bd276c0564b0f3e84910cfd8fa1eb480 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (103)
Magomed Metaev (5 days ago)
Drunken bastard!
jim bim (21 days ago)
Проулыбали вас парашников с вашим киргизо-козломордым алкаше-борькой, будто желали этак и вы_бали)). Как у всех недонародов у вас неадекватно завышенная жажда в значимости. Сегодня, когда вЫ уже остопиздили всему миру, только кремлевские тролли с парочкой забугорные проститутов, лгут в три короба захлебываясь о том какие вЫ вЯликие.
predprez (23 days ago)
This is 1995.
Rep Tille (1 month ago)
Put english caption on. I just did laughing
aleks kutatelov (2 months ago)
Клинтон мудак, позже удивляются отчего возникают такие будто путин. Ельцин партнерски относится к ним , а этот еблан с него ржет . Клинтон попросту чмо
Alina Т90 (1 month ago)
aleks kutatelov он над переводчиком смеётся
나디네 (2 months ago)
fucking yeltsiin!!
Bexultan (4 months ago)
Please, explain me why Clinton started laughing
SimulationCrap (4 months ago)
The description is wrong...?
Kebria (4 months ago)
wrong date
mlvc82 (4 months ago)
uhhhhh is that Nancy Grace? in the Pink?
OttorinoR (4 months ago)
23 October 1995
Haha, No (5 months ago)
He has such a contagious laugh
Andrzejlbn (5 months ago)
Never forgetii Ann Politkowska, Litwinienko, Borys Niemcow.
majd khalil (5 months ago)
yelstin is delicious
Kieren Buckley (5 months ago)
at least Bill had a sense of houmor and could take a joke unlike Trump, Russians also can't take a joke
Isega 666 (1 month ago)
Kieren Buckley English humor is the best
BOI 19 (5 months ago)
I bet they drank vodka before this
Discovering Parallel (5 months ago)
You could not imagine Yeltsin in his time ever intentionally pushing the button but you could imagine Yeltsin on vodka doing a dark joke that would feck up Mankind.
Hurikat (5 months ago)
Эх блять, неплохой мужчина был.
Paulus MANKER (5 months ago)
i thought they smoked cannabis before
Md Khaled (5 months ago)
It is Israel who doesn't want USA and Russia together
Esteban Grijalva (5 months ago)
Laughter is the best way to prevent war. LOL
golden454 (5 months ago)
Wow they spared no expense on 2 pumpkins and some dried corn husks.
Gennady Patruchev (5 months ago)
yeltsin the man who sold out mother Russia
Luda Stout (4 months ago)
Gennady Patruchev G o r b a c h o v first
Sushovan Shakya (5 months ago)
Turn on the captions
Euler Leibniz (6 months ago)
L'effet alcoolisé de Eltsine contraste avec celle d'un Wladimir Poutine sobre, nationaliste, ayant redonné ses lettres de noblesse à la Russie.
mattbod (6 months ago)
Boris was a character...
Cheryl Ametewee (6 months ago)
that translator is the best i've ever heard.
David Hynes (6 months ago)
wouldn't it be nice if Russia and the USA could get along like back in those days, I liked gorbavec and yelstin
TOP PLAYER (6 months ago)
I wonder if the interpreter is Russian or American , he speaks without any accent in neither of the languages
Chris Cristian (8 months ago)
Good translator, smart guy
Clorox Bathroom Spray (8 months ago)
Well thees to broke the EU future
Сергей Вел (8 months ago)
Смотришь и удивляешься ,будто во главе страны мог быть человек какой болен .
James C (8 months ago)
clinton is trying not to bust out laughing the whole time lol
Sergi'os I (8 months ago)
Boris Eltsin & Bill Clinton ....good old days.
Jasmy Shahdi (9 months ago)
Wow.. if all president laugh and drunk like this.. world.will be in peace ✌
Rene Hochuli (9 months ago)
anyone watches that with subtitles on ;))
5:29 "virus for put your Java C with that fir pussy and i said big big thanck!")))))
Momir Dragutinovic (9 months ago)
Unbilievable drunker...
Momir Dragutinovic (9 months ago)
On this point Yeltsin farted and provoced laugh attack...
Donald Trump (9 months ago)
Captions are the funniest thing ever in this video
Tape (10 months ago)
Just a little drinkypoo , rand
lho3691 (5 months ago)
good one !
Andrii Andrusiak (10 months ago)
Bill was the best US President. Is is amazing.
Shay D. (11 months ago)
Message to Russia! Let’s build a bridge from Russia to USA! Metaphorically and literally! (Alaska to East Russia)
David (1 month ago)
No, security issues. Apart from cost.
Francis Gweon (11 months ago)
I think Yeltsin was drunken at that time...
Nice duet Boris was tauth man
jiang JR (1 year ago)
The interpreter was hilarious. He actually tried to mimic the tone and the voice of Yeltsin lol
Mike Hatz (1 year ago)
This is how America and Russia should always be
Tamalemcman (3 days ago)
Noisykid Inaction Russia was going through a really thought time at this point, with its economic shift and high tension. Yeltsin really reformed Russia during this time. Yeltsin was not a bad president. He embraced peace and wanted everyone to live a good and full life. Just because your uneducated bitch ass feels the need to comment on a video that was purely comedic doesn’t mean you’re right.
JohnACorp782 (3 days ago)
Noisykid Inaction Fuck off kid. You were clearly a pain in your dads balls when this happened. Dumb Americunt.
Esteban Grijalva (30 days ago)
Why can’t all nations be friends
The Marshal (1 month ago)
Yeah, that's the only way America will be Russia's ally, when they have a drunk, stupid president who can't challenge American dominance.
Absentcat_lover (5 months ago)
i really hope this is bate
임홍준 (1 year ago)
best of the best!
jacksonbear1 (1 year ago)
I hope Trump and Putin are like this
David A (1 year ago)
jacksonbear1 fat chance
Əli Məhərrəmov (1 year ago)
Boris Yeltsin clapped for himself lool
Two clowns that did nothing to improve their countries... Or rather tried but, failed miserably...
VIDEO6702 (10 months ago)
WELL SAID.............PERIOD!
Michael Lyden (1 year ago)
They were so drunk.
turquisestones (1 year ago)
Why no sound in the latest part? Cool to see the famous episode from another angle. Thanks.
niemand2099 (1 year ago)
Bill Clinton sure touches people a lot like Michelle who hugged the queen of england.
ROBERTO MOTTA (1 year ago)
MrOlivo (1 year ago)
Всё истина.
Mr Freēman (1 year ago)
19 Dec *2017*
aristotle358 (1 year ago)
Yeltsin is steaming on vodka!
olivier prost (1 year ago)
the président of usa..
olivier prost (1 year ago)
Mr. Right right (1 year ago)
look at these wonderful guys, wonderful times, because of one reason, at these years russia was doing right not like this cancer putin
Anton Wilmot (1 year ago)
Mr. Right right Russia was a shithole during yeltsins presidency, the rimes were not good
Joris De Laat (1 year ago)
Boris Jeltsin sold Russia to zionist Banksters.
Andrew Wade (1 year ago)
Fuck your mum, Nazi-boy. Your dad's busy blowing Putin & Trump.
Mr. Right right (1 year ago)
no, thats better than putin
Emil Asenov (1 year ago)
Respekt for Clinton
Jasmine Gazaly (1 year ago)
the best president america had in modern history ...wondering when you ppl started hate him ? ..also he's the love of my life
Sarthak Arriara (5 months ago)
u Lewinsky?
Andrew Wade (1 year ago)
The far Right told them to. It's a simple relationship: "I type it, you think it"...
Jasmine Gazaly (1 year ago)
Thomas Fitzpatrick pasted
Edwin (1 year ago)
Jasmine Gazaly ^^slut
Margherita Gallerani (1 year ago)
Ma che meraviglia! Grande Bill!
Clinton and Yeltsin two evil
merab onashvili (2 years ago)
ebanni stid.
Tessa heart (1 year ago)
И не гласи! Ельцин - вдрабадан, Клинтон с него ржет...
Jeep Den (2 years ago)
This was only possible because of the work initiated by President Ronald Reagan with Mikhail Gorbechev.
Isaiah Nieves (1 year ago)
The other way around actually
niemand2099 (1 year ago)
Kenneth Lucas, you shut up with your totalitarianism you call socialism for disguise.
Kenneth Lucas (2 years ago)
Oh shut the hell up!
TheBrotherofSki (2 years ago)
imagine if Putin and Obama had such relations
aleks kutatelov (2 months ago)
У путина кушать высочайшие цены на нефть чего небыло у Ельцина . Поэтому путин выебывается
The Boss Man (4 months ago)
Dont worry TRUMP DO!!!!
Anton (1 year ago)
Imagine if Trump and Obama had such relations
Cesar (2 years ago)
That would be a better world for sure.
Maggy7187 (2 years ago)
i miss bill clinton
The Marshal (1 month ago)
I don't. Can't wait for the bastard and his wife to be firebombed.
Jorge mackensen (5 months ago)
robert kira unlike a libtard like you whom supports the Clinton crime family, I support none and I will not endorse any politician AS most their hands of ARE vilified and stained with "BLOOD"
Jorge mackensen (5 months ago)
robert kira yep, Bill Clinton's affair with countless women probably didn't count to you unlike unproven allegations of trump harassing females when He was a tycoon, typical liberal bias
robert kira (2 years ago)
who da fuk is you to judge useless garbage don't mind him maggy baby
Bumble Weaver (2 years ago)
+Maggy7187 slut. the guy is married

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