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One Direction 1D - FULL INTERVIEW | Louis Tomlinson Talks Fatherhood on GMA | Good Morning America

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One Direction appears on "GMA" to discuss some of their upcoming songs and concerts. One Direction performed "Drag Me Down" and "Story of My Life" on "Good Morning America!" SUBSCRIBE to ABC News ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=abcnews For more https://gma.yahoo.com/one-direction-members-talk-fatherhood-life-zayn-malik-142831557--abc-news-music.html One Direction performs "Drag Me Down" LIVE on Good Morning America. Members of One Direction said today that life is “different” with the absence of former member Zayn Malik, but that things are still going “great.” “Obviously, it’s different but, you know, when you lose a member of your team obviously everyone gets a little bit close together,” Liam Payne, 21, said today on “Good Morning America.” "It’s still going great and that’s what this album is about,” Payne said. “We’re still going strong and we’re all still here.” Payne and his bandmates -- Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson -- surprised fans on Friday with the unexpected release of their first single, “Drag Me Down,” from their forthcoming album. To read the full story and others, visit http://www.goodmorningamerica.com Follow ABC News across the web! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/abcnews Twitter: http://twitter.com/ABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/ABCNews/
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Text Comments (1917)
Melisa Jukic (1 month ago)
This bitch is dumb as fuck
Nicole Chan (2 months ago)
Harry styles is so hot🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love him so much he is my favourite Member
Dacoda 322 (3 months ago)
But what about Larry
Hala Nowrani (4 months ago)
The way Liam apologized to niall 😭😭😭💔 HE'S SO PURE ❤❤❤
Maral Jakarsizian (4 months ago)
Harry during interview: light rain Harry when performing and singing: thunderstorm , tsunami and hurricane
chris christian (4 months ago)
Megan Young (4 months ago)
Najah Lawal (4 months ago)
Yes there hot. i want Harry to cut his hair.
I miss Zayn (5 months ago)
Wow, I've never seen Louis aggreing with Liam before
Oahu Grown (5 months ago)
You know what the resounding "crickets" moment just after Louis answers the "baby father" question, and Harry's odd smile and response to the interviewer questioning his quiet-ness reminds me of... on Ellen, when she brought up Zayn and Harry eventually started smiling then laughing because of the "tension". This reminds me of that. I think he's smiling because after the question was asked the tension got pretty real. Harry is clearly one of those people who can't help but laugh at tense situations (I would know what that feels like, I do it too).
Little Black Dress (5 months ago)
Little Black Dress (5 months ago)
Nunpuia Ngurte (5 months ago)
I'm still hate that girl wearing red shirt
Deepti singh (5 months ago)
literally my heart is breaking into pieces seeing the four together..just come back u idiots...
Predhwi Sanal (5 months ago)
I dislike this interview..!
Des Xoxo (6 months ago)
Harry in interviews : "MASSIVE thank you " "Obvishly" Fake cough* "Ermm I think" Hair flip * Deep sexy voice Talks slow af *
gabriella (6 months ago)
This interview is so hard to watch I cringe just thinking about it omfg
Karalia Brennan (6 months ago)
AnDyNkA H. (8 months ago)
Larry moment
anna Stukator (8 months ago)
And what kind of thing to be happy with Harry after all, Lui betrayed him and with what effect.
Demi Krueger (8 months ago)
Sophie Estrada (9 months ago)
*louis answers question about upcoming baby* "Harry you seem very quiet today" Are you implying something
Ilikecherrypie (9 months ago)
I accidentally read the title "Louis fakes fatherhood"...
estrella perez (9 months ago)
that bitch is on some petty shit for speaking to Louis about his baby & automatically calling out harry afterwards
MarileePentagon (9 months ago)
(i've said this like a million times already but y'all gotta read) honestly, i wonder what'll happen when freddie grows up and learns about all the shit ppl (mostly larries) said about him before he was 'confirmed' and born. not even thinking if it could actually be tru or not, larries just dispelled the rumour, BC YALL R STUBBORN. u guys can't stand the fact that louis and harry might not actually b together. u don't even think that rumour is rumour for a reason: it might actually be tru. and guess what, THIS ONE WAS. i hope y'all feel pity yourselves for calling louis's child 'fake' cuz he surely isn't. one day he's gonna find out that half the ppl that loved his father actually resented him, just bc of a f-ing ship.
Kelly897 Booo (9 months ago)
I'm a larry but asking why Harry is being quiet after louis talks about his child IS DIRESPECTFUL, sorry for my english
Jasmine Guzman (10 months ago)
niall's face lol
caratseu MX (10 months ago)
3:11 "LARRY IS REAL" she is my spirit animal
Ashlyn Lamb (10 months ago)
18 months since the baby's been around and i'm still not buyin it
Britt Pomales (10 months ago)
i think its rrally rude when interviewers ask about the relationship status or personal life shit. like i know they dont make up the questions themselves bc management wants to make sure they talk about what they (management) want the fans and public to hear. its annoying like they released a single on that day they should talk about influences on the sound and people that they worked with and the tour. its hard to chill about all this but yeah it makes me sad
Julissa Camacho (10 months ago)
i came to see this interview after almost two years later from the first time I saw it and he didn't look uncomfortable as I saw the first time, it's reacting normal
3:11 "Larry is real"
Rachel Mark Lim (11 months ago)
isthatbre (11 months ago)
Also W H Y the booing at the mention of Zayn, wtf? Shit was rude af. This is why people think all directioners are still 12 some of em do bizarre, immature, stupid shit and make the rest look bad. If the boys don't have an issue, why do you? 🤔 It's not hard to show respect, stay in your fan lane, and mind ya fucking business.
isthatbre (11 months ago)
Lou could release a sex tape with him hitting her raw, literally let me do the DNA test myself, and swear on his soul to me directly he is/was in love with (read: actually boned) his ol odd ball ass, random ass, alleged "baby mama".. and I shit you not I S T I L L wouldn't believe that ol Becky with the bad hair and equally horrible pr team was EVER pregnant and if she was I wouldn't believe it was his. This situation with him is so fucking ridiculous it ain't even funny anymore. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen that random ass kid. BUT! The gag is clearly I've seemingly seen him more than his alleged "father" which is just..... smh. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Michael (11 months ago)
Anyone here in 2017?
Eliza Romo (1 year ago)
"Brooklyn saw me, empty at the news" - ever since new york by harry styles.....could he be singing about this?
Gabby Castillo (1 year ago)
Niall's reaction when the girl said to harry "you're seem to quite" Niall can't stop smiling 2:55
Apre Moi (1 year ago)
and I've been praying ever since New York..
esya (1 year ago)
2:59 this bitch knows what's up
Rafaeli Araújo (1 year ago)
riolu157 (1 year ago)
It's 2017. If you honestly still believe that this is real by now then you have a lot to learn about the realities of the music industry.
riolu157 (1 year ago)
If there's anything that pains me more than seeing Louis and Harry chained to the industry's label is seeing how many people refuse to take the time to realize that they are being lied to.
riolu157 (1 year ago)
Open your damn eyes people lmao. Are you honestly going to sit there and tell me that after all these years, from all the knowledge we have of the music industry, that this is real? Stop believing every damn thing you hear. Please for once in your life, have an open mind and stop leeching off of what the media is telling you. Please...don't be so close minded. Take the time to actually sit and THINK about these kind of situations.
Monique Dias (1 year ago)
who else came here after Ever Since New York by harry styles? if not, just read the lyrics again and come back here fuck....
Alexys (1 year ago)
"Ever Since New York"
Elysee Seguin (1 year ago)
Kelsey Salmons. (1 year ago)
Ever Since New York...
its_ nehaan (1 year ago)
Ever Since New York🤔
someone shouted, "LARRY IS REAL!" at 3:11
hazza smh (1 year ago)
frederico's one year old but i still don't believe this "louis is a dad" thing
hazza smh (1 year ago)
zayn tweeting the boys give me life
abby getachew (1 year ago)
And now Liam is a dad
erinmartin (1 year ago)
*groans intensely*
Sheska_ 69 (1 year ago)
Angelina CG (1 year ago)
Mica Rgv (1 year ago)
the girl was larrie, it's obviusly 😟
Rilee Barndt (1 year ago)
louie seems pissed that he brought that up
Frances Messina (1 year ago)
holy shit I'm laughing because I just rewatched this interview now and THEIR FACES IM SO DEAD. END BABYGATE ALREADY ITS BEEN TOO LONG LOL
ayşe (1 year ago)
when the "fatherfood" question asked, their reactionsare just give it away omg i got cringed all the tiem that is so funny sdkjbchjdsdkbhdf Larry is real btw
Celina Catron (1 year ago)
la cara de orto de Harry, hablaba más lento de lo normal😦
Minah 방 민아 (1 year ago)
Louis's Smile: at the him being a dad little bit uncomfortable and not that excited (but who knows I don't know how to read people) Louis's Smile: after the interviewer said "Harry You're a little bit quiet today" ...Very nice smile and nearly laughing and you'll know he's happy ...thinking Harry is Jealous
Mere Willi (1 year ago)
I kind of like this interview apart from the fatherhood part because it was very cringy i liked it because the just talked about the album and the fans and not the kind of questions like who are they dating? What shampoo do they use?
mckenna (1 year ago)
omfg Louis is a dad get the f over it.
Alejandra Ascencio (1 year ago)
harry looks gorgeous
directioner Alekhya (1 year ago)
Niall's face at 2.57 damn.. i knew he would be obvious!!! damn U niall.. No doubt U are the captain of the ship!!! Proud of you
Alexis Freeman (1 year ago)
love the way Harry says towards
Niall wasn't talking
Destiny Norwood (1 year ago)
My friend called me and told me to wake up that the boys released a song never got up so fast in my life
Isah (1 year ago)
Larry is real! ♡
Jonxz (1 year ago)
I don't mind one direction but the fan girls make me want to kill myself
Jaz Z (1 year ago)
Lmao Liam is panicking, legging moving and shit. Louis is trying not to smile and Niall..well Niall makes it obvious #larryshipper the host is a Larry shipper 😭😭
Jaz Z that is true that's why he asked Harry why he was so quiet 😂ohhh
Steven Shirk (1 year ago)
i saw the show when they were on gma that interview was so set up by management it was ridiculous
Runway Fashionista (1 year ago)
Harry's reaction when Louis confirmed it. PRICELESS
Runway Fashionista (1 year ago)
Nathan Ray Alim (1 year ago)
Watch their body languages. Liam looks down and looks so serious while Niall can't hold his smile. Haha!
Carla Viveros (1 year ago)
He was so happy :").... WTF NO! HE LOOKED LIKE HE WANTED TO VOMIT!
ruarfa I (1 year ago)
Harry looks so beautiful omg
Harry Hepburn (1 year ago)
Ok here's my thought, either Louis is a shit dad - because let's be honest when has he ever seemed really "excited" about this baby and when was the last time he even saw Freddie, what like over a month ago? He's partying in Ibiza acting as if he has no responsibilities, when Freddie is growing each day and learning new things and you'd think Louis would want to be a part of that very exciting time of his child's life, but no. Or Louis isn't the dad and this is just one huge PR stunt used to keep the band relevant during break and a few months down the line we'll get the shocking news that Louis isn't the biological father and it'll be in the news and loads of articles will be written and everyone will be talking about it. Anyway the bottom line is either Louis isn't that great of a dad or he isn't a dad at all.
Harry Hepburn (1 year ago)
The only thing that's "buzzing" is the vibrator you put in Harry's ass.
エヴァンEvanS (1 year ago)
Did you see Harry's reaction?:o
vlog do dia (1 year ago)
louis i love you soo much i miss you
vlog do dia (1 year ago)
louis i love you soo much i miss you
Lana Greenblue (1 year ago)
This interview should be called "50 shades of Awkward"
Nintu Chaudhary (1 year ago)
missing zayn....😂😂
Evelin (1 year ago)
2:57 harry's face 😁
sofia lopez (1 year ago)
esa discresion no te la robo niall xd
kayla v (1 year ago)
you don't have to be a larry shipper to think something is sketchy. I still don't understand this freddie thing. The baby is cute yes but idk the entire thing is strange.
Aileen M (1 year ago)
How has is been 1 year already
E B (1 year ago)
One year passed and I'm still a Larrie BYE
Soph (1 year ago)
a year ago wow wtf
Bonnore (1 year ago)
One year later and this is still so fucking awkward.
Jackie Brandel (9 months ago)
two years later and its even more awkward
Angelina CG (1 year ago)
Bonnore 1 year and 4 months later and it's STLL so fucking awkward lmao
Julies Novotna (1 year ago)
mj king (1 year ago)
+mj king needs*
mj king (1 year ago)
hahahaa i heard that too...the girl need a grammy 😂😂😂
Destiny Norwood (1 year ago)
Julies Novotna he gave the dirtiest look😂😂
Nintu Chaudhary (1 year ago)
gotta be me (1 year ago)
Martelle Lasam (1 year ago)
3:01 Niall knows what's up😏
Janny Cherae (1 year ago)
"Wow very nice vocabulary Liam. Check that out" 😂😂 I love them
Cristina Mariotta (1 year ago)
Louis Tomlinson Have Son Baby Boys 1-21-16 Briana Jungwirth Pregnant Baby Bump 2015 2016 😀😁😃😇😏😺😸😎
Jade Percival (1 year ago)
the people who are saying Freddie is fake, even after he's been on both brianna's AND louis' social media, are the type of people i don't trust
Jennie Allison (1 year ago)
Jade Percival then why louis posted fake,Photoshoped pics on ig and all????JUST WHY?
Aakriti (1 year ago)
Besides, can we talk about the insinuations attached to these claims? If indeed, Louis Tomlinson was faking a baby, all for the sake of hiding his big gay love in 2016, it wouldn't be inaccurate to call him a spineless, out of touch moron. Is that what they think of the guy? All these proof videos completely ignore the fact that they have a life beyond the few glimpses the public catches. It's one thing to write fanfiction about crazy ideas. I think I read one where Harry is actually a transman and gave birth to Freddie, but doesn't want to come out, so they fake all this crap and Louis takes a lot of flack from fans about his 'fake' baby. Louis being brave in the face of all the baseless accusations finally inspires him to face the world. They got married and everything in the end, I think. :p I love fandom. But you've got to draw the line before straight up delusion.
cxareenn 01 (1 year ago)
I was laughing so hard when Louis answered about the father thing 😂
cxareenn 01 (1 year ago)
Nialler fave confirmed it all when she ask Harry was "so" quiet and it's funny because the comments all talks about Harry and Louis 😂
My own world (1 year ago)
God this is the most awkward thing I've ever seen

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