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Rats Communicate 'Telepathically' via Brain Implant

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Scientists at Duke University have developed a mind reading device for rats that gives them shared thoughts.
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christian hudspeth (6 months ago)
The beginning of mind control
Jake Stockton (5 years ago)
Why not, there's plenty of people who aren't using theirs anyway. :)
gsutton78 (5 years ago)
Getting closer to Star Trek tech. Now if we can only stop war!
gsutton78 (5 years ago)
MindTube!! I wonder how they'll monetize it...
Mshojat (5 years ago)
One should never reduce statistical results. If they are approximating, they should use something like percentage. The study actually conducted about 48 trials, and the rats were only 62.34|64.32 % accurate; saying 7/10 was a terrible botch of reporting.
Jess L (5 years ago)
Well, generally when giving a number like that, you would reduce it, ie: 70/100 = 7/10. . . .at least, that's what I *think* we are taught in elementary school math (sarcasm)
Mrhaoable (5 years ago)
the matrix !
charlottepenna (5 years ago)
darpa darpa darpa
jankowitts (5 years ago)
A artificial touch of virtual object?? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW lol my minds in shambles
JoshJamesification (5 years ago)
1st step to god
Mshojat (5 years ago)
7 of 10 times? WTF is that? that's not science. Try 70/100 times and we'll be talking.
Need4Pizza (5 years ago)
"Planet Of The Rats" it sounds like to me..soon they will take all the cheese!
pedroperezfarias (5 years ago)
Jake Pill (5 years ago)
Brehvon (5 years ago)
Cranium Rats!! We're done for,lol! ---
nihil geist (5 years ago)
the future: brain sharing via the internet. use the processing power of other peoples brains to make your brain process data faster and more efficiently.
Jonhy Campos (5 years ago)
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