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Behind The Scenes Of "Act Of Valor" Using Live Ammo

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Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRFntsbb8k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- In Act Of Valor, the upcoming action fim featuring active NAVY Seals, directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh describe the danger of filming with live ammunition. Check out AskMen's Trailer or Failure for Act Of Valor here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp-nZRDv1UY For more dating tips on AskMen click this link: http://www.askmen.com/dating/dating_advice/ AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!
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Sandy Harris (9 months ago)
There is nothing better that watching or being part of what is called "The Mad Moment". In terms of seeing what is let go during the final few seconds as an enemy get into danger close. We could see "hell" as every weapon let lose and hear the sounds as they created a wall of death. Live fire is a once in a life time sight. If you live near a military base ya got to see what they can do.
Leo Y (2 years ago)
This sounds much better than the gun sounds in the actual movie..
shallowcoder1 (1 year ago)
u noticed that too. Sounds are so of suppressed in the movie.
MasterGhostKnight (3 years ago)
Shit, future generation, instead of opening new mines for lead, they just go to that beach and get as much as they want.
elu cid (3 years ago)
gimme a flak jacket and a helmet ill be able to surive a nuke ;_;
FushyDiamond (4 years ago)
Sooo..... What happened to the enemies.... They really died? And LT, he really exploded?
Maximus (3 years ago)
+fush thediamond Okay I thought so I will explain it to you if you wish to find the answer to your question, read on, otherwise you can disregard this now. They filmed two separate scenes, one of the live firing and another of the bad guys taking cover. After that, through video editing they merge the scenes together to create a realistic looking battle. I don't know if you would understand what I said but, No, the bad guys didn't really die and LT didn't really explode. They don't kill people just to make movies.
FushyDiamond (3 years ago)
yes, Im gping to be 12 at august
Maximus (3 years ago)
You must be around 12 years old. Maybe 14.
Filthy Disgusting Ape (4 years ago)
Well that was an interesting line, RE: riccochets-we'll give you a flak jacket & a helmet, you'll be fine.
vince gredo (4 years ago)
i respect them
AtlasTinMan (4 years ago)
Navy is paying for the ammo anyway.
Mang Juan (5 years ago)
franco giuseppucci (5 years ago)
che spettacolo di film ragazzi
flameout12345 (6 years ago)
wtf is up with 22 seconds of commercials
spins321 (6 years ago)
@toobadbear As the metal heats up from the passing of so many rounds from an M61 or other high velocity weapon, it can cause fuel and fumes to heat up and explode, particularly from sparking. I've seen it happen years ago. Kinda crazy...
Christoph Schade (6 years ago)
Kudos to the crew and who ever came up with the idea of live ammo. Then again - I wonder if they "supplemented" explosions or the results of live firing... Seeing that in reality, no car would explode like we have seen in so many action films, I can imagine that a perforated car just looks kind of unspectacular. Looking forward to that movie!
BATTLEREADY (6 years ago)
blauegitarre (6 years ago)
@Delta2099 yes i remember movement under fire courses at Camp Lejuene that almost made me shat my pants
GuardianOfClouds (6 years ago)

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