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Air Force's Secret Space Plane To End 22-Month Mission

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The Air Force's X-37B, an autonomous mini-shuttle, will land this week after orbiting Earth for close to two years. Follow Zach Toombs: http://www.twitter.com/ZachToombs See more at http://www.newsy.com Sources: U.S. Air Force http://www.afspc.af.mil/search/imagesearch.asp?q=Michael%20Stonecypher&page=3&sort=r Boeing http://www.boeing.com/Features/2012/12/bds_x37b_12_11_12.html U.S. Air Force http://www.vandenberg.af.mil/mediacenter/pressreleasearchive/story.asp?id=123428053 Space.com http://www.space.com/26984-military-x37b-space-plane-mission-600-days.html U.S. Department of Defense http://www.defense.gov/homepagephotos/leadphotoimage.aspx?id=43244 NASA http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/missions/sts-69/images/captions/KSC-95EC-1339.html NASA http://www.nasa.gov/press/2014/october/nasa-partners-with-x-37b-program-for-use-of-former-space-shuttle-hangars/#.VDxLF9TF9M5 Boeing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cvrjzoHZg4 Image via: U.S. Air Force http://www.afspc.af.mil/search/imagesearch.asp?q=Michael%20Stonecypher&page=3&sort=r
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Text Comments (171)
John Doe (1 month ago)
How about cleaning the garbage up there before moving on to bigger and better things. We leave filth everywhere we go.
Jon May (3 months ago)
you have to wonder did it make a trip to Mars with something or someone
FETUS Terozoid (3 months ago)
I know what is this maybe they are using these to upgrade THE ROD OF GOD space weapon
christopher fulton (4 months ago)
I wonder what those guys in wild west years ago would think about this..
Gordon Woodroffe (6 months ago)
Its a CIA Catholic Inquisition agency mission they have been putting high energy lasers in space that can hit any target on earth it will be under the Pope's control to call down fire on the enemies of the Vatican at will and take out other satellites ! It will make the Pope look like God to fools ! But he will never be !
Kevin Rush (6 months ago)
Looking for Jimmy Hoffa, duh.
MICHEAL GALE (10 months ago)
Ready to drop hydrogen bombs for years after war
BioCyberNaught (7 months ago)
Arthor C. Clark wrote a short post-apocalyptic story about a manned nuclear silo on the moon. Twist ending. Good story.
Kvoth Gamer (11 months ago)
These people built Donald trump. He's doing great. I can't tell you how he's doing great but he's doing great.
BioCyberNaught (7 months ago)
They're building a wall and making the Martians pay for it. It's gona be huuuuuggggGGge
I hate everything (1 year ago)
What are you going to do with a unmanned space shuttle other than take pictures, do research, and take illegal alien immigrants hostage
BioCyberNaught (7 months ago)
The mission objectives were too <content deleted by Men In Black>
Tahir Rana (1 year ago)
This is ball shit!!
Lou Sassoul (1 year ago)
They are growing new space weed bro !
Craig Dillon (1 year ago)
Since it is unmanned, does that mean there are women on board??
Craig Dillon (1 year ago)
Its purpose is to impress Emperor Ming and the Chinese.
Riot4Peace (1 year ago)
Some other things we don't know; what they were doing before and, what they're doing now... Anyone that doesn't believe theres a secret space program, only needs to think about these things..... I saw some shit back in 93'.... They're flying from ground to space so regularly its commonplace... And, there's more than one.. more than a few, small, personal sized craft capable of doing these things and more... based on some kind of advanced propulsion that resembles anti-gravity.... Either that or, ET exists and is frequenting our planet.
Johnnie Bowling (1 year ago)
yeah right one after the other after the other after the other not bullshittin me
Sidney Briscoe (1 year ago)
its just a drone spyplane
Sidney Briscoe (1 year ago)
mission is deception
Sidney Briscoe (1 year ago)
great news! its a fake!
Medusas Mommy (1 year ago)
it's cute!!!
Medusas Mommy (1 year ago)
lol, combating aliens LMFAO ,,naww!!!
Scooter 101 (1 year ago)
These comments prove people are stupid !! and have matured to stoned 12 yr old intelligence !??!
Antiecm (1 year ago)
If our tax dollars are paying for this, then why is it a secret? This us paying them keeping secret shit needs to stop.
Gorilder (8 months ago)
because if we knew what was going on, then everyone else would too. It's best not to tell our adversaries that we're developing something to use against them or spying on them or whatever it's doing
Pad Carr (1 year ago)
National Security
James Green (1 year ago)
Dark forces are at work in Space.
Irving Sanguinetti (1 year ago)
kestrelblue (1 year ago)
practicing automated deployment and satellite recovery..
2nd classCitizen (1 year ago)
kestrelblue...man made SATELLITES are impossible...do not exist...and neither does a healthy dose of skepticism as far as U are concerned.U interested in a bridge by any chance?
Mark Hepworth (1 year ago)
This is not a secret.........Obviously.
Frank Honey (1 year ago)
oh no! please don't let the flatearthers see this.
Mr Grizzly (1 year ago)
lol.... still hasn't found the portal/hole in the Firmament yet....or... it's been space drilling a tunnel through the Firmament...or..... :D
2nd classCitizen (1 year ago)
Frank Honey see what...a parked drone? and a fake news report? ooooooh nooooooo...U got us...noooooo
Marie Miller (1 year ago)
the fact that it is called an x37===B might be a clue maybe ... they did not call it an x37t or x37a t=transport a=attack b=bomber
style5tie (1 year ago)
If the first letter was B, then it would be a bomber. The first character designates the type: a=attack, b=bomber, f=fighter, c=cargo, x=experimental. The letter following the number is the version. So, this is experimental-37, version B. That being said, what the Air Force is actually doing with it is anyone's guess.
Ron Rhoades (1 year ago)
they went up there to try and communicate with the dark night space probe that has been in a near polar orbit for an estimated 3000 years
Nighteyes2Sky (1 year ago)
its no secret everybody knows about it just not what its mission is. people should stop calling it secret. just like area 51 if you have pictures and video of it its no secret
cptstubing (1 year ago)
space porn
spencer nad (1 year ago)
I see post on here saying it's a weapon, I do not agree, it's alot easier to put a satellite in high earth orbit with function carbide "telephone pole" sized payload and drop them from said orbit for kinetic energy weapon, it will do as much damage as a nuclear bomb but with out the fall out of radiation, I personally have doubts about the meteor that blew up over Tunguska Russia being a meteor, the odds of two meteors in 100 years show up over the same area that actually do damage is astronomical, but it could happen just highly unlikely. IMHO
stubbk3 (1 year ago)
space rod weapons were binned as usefull years ago
Legend Cox (1 year ago)
They're probably putting up new satellites.
2nd classCitizen (1 year ago)
Legend Cox SATELLITES arecartoons or CGI ...not real...that is a drone...a high altitude drone...experimental.And the rest of the story is fake news.
Mountainryder (1 year ago)
Christian Wilhite nope, they're secret, shhhhh......they secretly deliver secret stealth satellites and
Christian Wilhite (1 year ago)
Secret satellites can' be secret?
Enterthemind1 (1 year ago)
Then it wouldn't be secret if that was the case
Rick Bonner (2 years ago)
It's not orbiting. It's a supply transport for the Mars base that doesn't exist.
Enterthemind1 (1 year ago)
That would explain all of the dirt around it...
roy romano (2 years ago)
Well, it is doing a spy mission. If nothing else, it's testing to see if they can put a ship in orbit that way they can drop it on any country in under an hour. It's genius really. It's also being done for "military presence" reasons. The usa flexing it's arms. Nothing wrong with it.
Gordon Woodroffe (6 months ago)
roy romano problem is the CIA has been infiltrated by the Vatican and now controls America for foreign interest , the American people are fucked ,.
2nd classCitizen (1 year ago)
roy romano nooooo...that is an experimental high altitude drone...and the rest of the story is fake news.2 years my arse...
dave oneil (2 years ago)
maybe its payload was stoners tryin to smoke weed in peace. fuck how good would that be? until u run out of weed then id be landing that thing for a re suply
Dan wimberly (1 year ago)
dave oneil Well they must've brought a FAT ol sack with them if it lasted 22 months 😀
Angel Terrero (2 years ago)
Good luck trying to battle flying saucers. A single war space ship, A SINGLE ONE can annihilate the entire United States military in a single day!! It would take millenniums to even stand a chance against that threat!
audrius liorencas (2 years ago)
x- experimental b- bomber
Jake Wildwood (2 years ago)
+audrius liorencas except "B" is probably just that it's model "B" -- ohhh conspiracy nuts
John Smith (2 years ago)
Can it barrel-roll?
Silent Thunder (2 years ago)
If its secret why do we know the program was in effect you would think something secret would not be talked about without consequence? Maybe classified would be better description being that its know existence but its blueprints and basic structure is unknown outside of the group of people working on it.
Ben Gordon (2 years ago)
Can they do anything sweet without all the complaining? Not everything is bad...
Ronald Martin (2 years ago)
22 month mission? curiousity rover took about 10 months to reach mars....mission length suggests mars flight? LOL
BioCyberNaught (7 months ago)
FunFact: we have the technology to put a space elevator on Mars.
miguel silvagnoli (2 years ago)
+Jesse R for your information so you educate yourself ,even our Moon has an atmosphere. how do you think parachutes work on landers on Mars
Dan Slotea (2 years ago)
+Jesse R You mean atmosphere. Mars does have an atmosphere (and weather too) so yes, you can create lift with wings on Mars.
Jesse R (2 years ago)
+Ronald Martin ...except for a winged vehicle can't land on Mars with no air.
irishbreakfast (2 years ago)
I wasn't aware anyone knew about this at all. this was highly classified. I feel sorry for the leak source. unless it was officially disclosed publicly by an authorized official.     but it doesn't matter. right now. theyre just getting things together and getting their bearings up there.  maybe they went to luna and back 10 times by now. maybe they were 'doing something' in orbit.    just practicing remote maneuvers.  eventually the orbital tactical platform will be complete and well be able to attack any nation from orbit where they cant fire back at it. itll be a place to launch tactical drones from too.  by the time they see em coming, its already too late.    it wont be finished for a few more years, theres bots up there builing it now. more stuff needs to be brought up first.  it will be big news the first time its used.  theyre using orbiting debris of thiers as materials to build with,and are getting an education about how to manufacter in space.   but its better off a secret or other nations will have their fingers on that little red button at all times, ready to press it ,and some nations have itchy trigger fingers.     so I'm surprised even this much was disclosed at this stage of it.   but it doesn't matter cause we are the only ones that can do all this.   and there wont be a way to counter act it once its operational.  but its a long way off.   right now its more about how to control a remote controlled plane in space so far away moment to moment.     2 years is a nice flight time. that's longer than astronuaghts can stay in space. its a great first step.
John Berak (2 years ago)
A world without pilots will suck.
Dicky Mint (2 years ago)
The joke is that it does nothing and is just there to spook other nations so they show their military hand. An entirely psychological device. It also draws the conspiracy nuts out to speculate about it so they can be rounded up and studied. Hahaha
The Real Ceejuus (1 year ago)
+RobinHoodUKIP so you have a conspiracy of the conspiracy theorists. :P
RobinHoodUKIP (1 year ago)
ever thought that the government actually like conspiracy nuts? they are better propagandists for a all knowing powerful US government than anything the mainstream media ever puts out. here is a interesting question though, what if alot of the conspiracy nuts are government workers to change the narrative and reframe a conspiracy. what if alot of the conspiracies of 911 ect ect are in fact conspiracies to cover up that the government is totally and utterly useless and the conspiracy nuts reframe it to an all powerful government.
dave oneil (2 years ago)
very clever
The Real Ceejuus (2 years ago)
I agree mostly on the conspiracy part.
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
Sounds like they are building a space station, however that doesn't explain the long stays. Unless they are trying to construct the IN space. Even then, its hard to keep a secret like that in plain view.
badlandskid (2 years ago)
Well, we know two payloads its not carrying...  Life support and humans.
badlandskid (2 years ago)
+HaydenHatTrick Then we have a problem... lol 
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
what if animals are in its cargo..... New ant overlords
badlandskid (2 years ago)
0:21 Its called a reusable unmanned space ship... 4:56 "unmanned, classified space craft" 5:00 Compare the size of the orbiter to the man on the ground.  There isn't enough room for crew cabin and life support, especially for long duration missions.  
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
+badlandskid How do we know that? (Im interested in what indicators your using for that)
j lin (2 years ago)
its grab ships like moonraker old ussr nuke junk lol
scooman (2 years ago)
Maybe a practice run to Mars and back.
ErgoCogita (2 years ago)
Battling aliens... hahahahaha
Enterthemind1 (1 year ago)
Hahaha...oh if you only knew
jagman84 (2 years ago)
A taxi service for the aliens on the moon?
Enterthemind1 (1 year ago)
D90Girl (2 years ago)
Roflmao.........." Combating Aliens " .........wow, yeah buddy..... I bet their running for there lifes after seeing this deadly , ominous looking speed of sound super alien killer fart of a missile flying dingding......bwahahaha
George (2 years ago)
What the Space Program really needs, is an Orbiting Garbage Truck to collect and destroy all the dangerous satellite, booster rockets and other useless, manmade garbage that is orbiting Earth and will return unexpectedly to locations as yet unnamed.
Ron Rhoades (1 year ago)
yes your right currently NORAD keeps track of over 3000 pieces of junk orbitingour planet and that includes the junk from other countries
BeastModeJelly (2 years ago)
2 yrs in space must be stressful
William Elliott (3 months ago)
BeastModeJelly No one has ever been in space. Unless you count space as lower Earth atmosphere.
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
+Ronald Martin Yeah I missed that first time too
BeastModeJelly (2 years ago)
+Ronald Martin oh true its unmanned tnx
Ronald Martin (2 years ago)
+BeastModeJelly unmanned bro
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
+BeastModeJelly Yeah, its hard to understand why they would be doing that.
chaistan (3 years ago)
I guess it's mapping out Russian or Chinese satellite orbits, So they can be taken out effectively if need be. Maybe it will be armed later to that purpose as well.
ProjectsBlack (3 years ago)
+chaistan The X-37B was launched on 11th December 2012, it was actually a postponed launch originally scheduled for 25th October 2012. The North Korean satellite was launched on the 12th December 2012. Rather a coincidence if I do say so myself.
Gary T (3 years ago)
Zach Tooms, sounds like a place not a Pearson a?..
svon1 (3 years ago)
there  probably just spying china and russia .....sometimes i wish ther be more like putin ..what are ya doing in ukrain nothing?? ...6 months later mmmkk i conquer t  that
joe biden (3 years ago)
You going to need more then that your going to need like a iss gas station and then your going to need another gas station on the moon if you can even make it their on the space plan, it would be better to make a microwave jet engine solar powered space plane and probably fly straight to the moon if solar space plane can fly around the earth, if anybody seen it on the news or were all doomed to die of war and famine and sloth.
Mike Vegeto (3 years ago)
I bet this is what it was doing http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/spy-satellites-spotted-disguised-as-space-junk/518954.html
+Mike Vegeto when i saw your link i thought it would go to a article about the black knight
David Corey (3 years ago)
Wow far out
Long John (3 years ago)
Just ran some beer up to the boys on the moon!
miguel silvagnoli (2 years ago)
+Long John you forgot the pizza!
joe murphy (3 years ago)
The x32 and the black knight satellite are linking up some how
Brendan Lounsbery (3 years ago)
Warren Vanbramer (3 years ago)
LoL. It says usaf right on the aircraft...
z (3 years ago)
I would bet they are doing either nuclear (not weapons) test or new propulsion types. Or perhaps even knew surveillance technologies.
xsnut1 (3 years ago)
what are they building up there...?
Caged (3 years ago)
No doubt aliens.
Cylent Orlsier (3 years ago)
What did they take off the Black Knight Satellite ?
Lotusrk123 (3 years ago)
Nothing. They can't predict where it will be as it changes orbit. This means it is powered and more of a ship than a satellite. Plus, they're probably being cautious approaching a possible superior hostile in space.
Wild Boar (3 years ago)
All is geared toward NWO installment, so must be similar to chemtrails and HAARP, deceit in visuals of alien attacks, if not terrorists then alien crisis will give the green light...
PROXY (3 years ago)
maybe it's not completely unmanned....
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
+Jeff Criton Or in this case, an ambassador in a fish bowl.
Jeff Criton (2 years ago)
+Peyton lol i hope not, that little piece of shit should not be our first contact medium. We need a space station sized mother ship or Nasa's ixs Enterprise warp ship
Peyton (2 years ago)
They're interacting with aliens...
iinRez (3 years ago)
I heard the term X-37B in an interesting documentary some time ago, something to do with a new Mach record. Who knows, very cool it has come into the "official Announcement" forum after all this time and makes me curious.
Wheatley (3 years ago)
I hope one of its missions includes saving me
Howyaduing (2 years ago)
We're in space
+Howyaduing <<<spaced lol
Howyaduing (3 years ago)
TheTheramond (3 years ago)
You win
Dwight Threepersons (3 years ago)
GASHUBOY (3 years ago)
Haaaa...like we COULD combat aliens with a wee wittle airpwane. Pffffft! Prepare to be probed people. WD-40 helps. Makes it easier on the butttthhhole.
Fernando Salazar (3 years ago)
A north and south pole in space stations
Fernando Salazar (3 years ago)
What they need to do is make space stations bigger, and also utilize magnetic energy and more computers with artificial intelligent that are autonomous and perform automatic, and robotic arms outside of space stations so astronauts do not have to be outside as much as they should, they be safer.
joao paulo pimenta (3 years ago)
nice job NASA keep it up
David (3 years ago)
Hey Zach, imagine if the US showed off the technology that is actually secret, maybe some of the Area 51 stuff for starters ;)
HaydenHatTrick (2 years ago)
+Fox Mulder Everything in area 51 is on a need to know basis.... AKA, nobody who works there knows what it has or how things in it works. That is of course, until their products are released to the public. You can find lists of the things area 51 produced in the past. TBH I don't find it all that interesting as each project is still quite on part with the tech you would expect to be in development at any stage in history. If you want to know what they are up to, you should just look at what anyone else is working on more publicly. The military have simple principles for tech development. I have been told a few of them from engineers who used to work for the military in Australia. "If your making something new, somebody is already doing it. If their not, don't bother." and "everything must be made from off the shelf components" Essentially, the only secrets they have is HOW they are putting together research projects. The primary research is quite public. I feel more sorry for the engineers who have to keep their work secret and try to still get jobs afterwards.
Robert Sneddon (3 years ago)
Like this maybe?
CognizantxNight (3 years ago)
Now that'd be interesting.
Sangyeol Lee (3 years ago)
Sky game end, next game is space Wow ... 
PaJeezy (3 years ago)
'the air force'... you are uploading to an international audience, newsy, you need to specify what country's airforce you are referring to in the title...
Evan M (2 months ago)
PaJeezy United states😂😂
Midnite Ryder (4 months ago)
The pictures ought to be enough but if you need to hear it then here it is: There is no other country...
BioCyberNaught (7 months ago)
America is a global standard.
lelegacy Nixon (8 months ago)
PaJeezy stop whining like a little baby from your third world country.
Joe Blow (3 years ago)
They didn't have to specify what Air Force it for multiple reasons.  1. It might be uploaded to the internet, but that doesn't mean the intended audience in foreign, so in that case they don't care if you don't know what Air Force it is. *_Translation:_*_ Go fuck yourself._ 2. If you can't figure out what Air Force this is, with all the hints, and clues etc. Maybe the US flag gave it away, or NASA, or the american accent, or that the US Air Force is the biggest in the world and is one of the few, if not only country that has the funding for a project like this, etc etc etc. Basically, if you can't figure out that they're talking about the US Air Force, again, they don't give a shit, because you're an idiot. *_Translation:_*_ Go fuck yourself._ 

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