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Asthma Treatment Gives Back Quality of Life

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Most people know that asthma creates shortness of breath, yet it can also create a wide range of problems that make life difficult for people suffering from it, including significant interference with daily activities and even sleep interruption. The airway obstruction caused by asthma has many additional problems, such as limited ability to exercise, work interference, elevated blood pressure and weight gain from certain medications that can proceed to diabetes. For the 2 million Americans that suffer from persistent asthma, many have found that standard asthma medication protocols just have not offered the relief and return to quality of life they so dearly want. Now there is a revolutionary new asthma treatment, Bronchial Thermoplasty, that is a catheter-based treatment option that is done through a bronchoscope that makes airflow easier for asthma sufferers. The treatment is done in three stages, three weeks apart in 45 minutes sessions. It's an outpatient procedure. While not a cure, it certainly decreases the vigor of asthma and greatly improves quality of life. Dr. Ganesh Krishna discusses Bronchial Thermoplasty as a breakthrough asthma treatment. This procedure is fairly unique and offered at ECH, it is not available elsewhere in the Bay Area except at the UC Davis Medical Center. Topics in this brief video include: Bronchial Thermoplasty, Asthma overview, patient success story, candidate criteria and patient benefits. Learn more: http://www.elcaminohospital.org/Programs_and_Services/Interventional_Pulmonology/Video_Bronchial_Thermoplasty
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