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Cordyceps ranked as one of the top 5 cures

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Cordyceps is one of the main ingredients in ageLOC Vitality. Found hundreds of years ago by Tibetan traders while travelling over the Himalayas while grazing their yaks on a plateau at 14,000 feet. The yaks were eating cordyceps mushrooms which made then frisky and energetic at high altitude. There are over 700 different types of simular cordyceps fungus and Nu Skin/Pharmanex has an exclusive rights to the cordyceps fungus which is most potent found in Tibet. Our patented cordyceps are grown in hot houses rather than in the wild. If you were able to buy wild cordyceps you would pay more than $2000 an ounce double the price of gold. If you want to try ageLOC Vitality contact me : jeffghaemaghamy@gmail.com
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