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The Anti-Racism Rap from Arunachal Pradesh

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'I am an Indian' the rap by K4 Kekho’s rap talks about the disturbing issue of racism faced by the people of northeast. The rapper from Arunachal sings this song in Hindi so that the mainland Indians get the message. Music: Big Bang Fuzz, K4 Kekho Video: The Quint, K4 Kekho
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Akash Das (12 days ago)
Say no to racism
Martin Hemligt (1 month ago)
I wonder why these people are so racist and discriminatory to so many people. They are even racist towards the darkskinned Indians.
jeff (1 month ago)
its the biggest cringe tho, but keep it up bro. good job.
Kishan Bhandari (1 month ago)
funny world (2 months ago)
I am from arunachal but I am in other state for graduate
Jeffrey Khobung (2 months ago)
I can still handle RACISM.... YEAH
jit suthar (2 months ago)
Love u bro
swapnarka arnan (2 months ago)
Though I am from North East. It shouldn't be illegal to call chinkie. Freedom of speech should be there
Level Up (2 months ago)
they looks like nepali
Sarath Chanta (2 months ago)
Nice bariyaa ha bro
Times Of India (2 months ago)
Bro you are truly Indian
Hemant Ray (2 months ago)
And when u North eastern people tease the outsider,says them to quit north east,harass them...then why is this not a matter of concern...?
Abhishek Singh (2 months ago)
For video u hold indian flag ... but actually indian flag is banned in manipur... indian cinema is banned in manipur... indian songs are banned in manipur... hindi speaking is banned in manipur .... INDIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM is banned in manipur ... then how u call urself indians.
Abhishek Singh (2 months ago)
First clean ur face with acid ... and cut ur weird hairstyle... u bloody chinki ... u also do racism in northeast... u also call north indians BIHARIS ... i am from DELHI... and i have faced this in manipur ... if u call us MAYANG .... we will call u CHINKIS . Simple ... tit for tat.
Abhishek Singh (2 months ago)
Northeast people are even more racists then delhi or any other place ... i am a Delhite ... on posting in northeast for 1 and half year ... i am in manipur they don't like outsiders and they call them MAYANG... which means someone who is inferior then u. They attack on outsider people. It's not easy to live here. People who have not seen northeast commenting here ... if u have balls... dare to live here for 2 months ... u will come to know the reality. U people don't know the complete story ... these people not even consider them as indians. Especially people in manipur and nagaland. These places are only good for 2-3 days of tourism trip but when u live here u will come to know the reality.
Anoop Gupta (2 months ago)
Same Here. I am a government officer posted in Arunanchal Pradesh. They call us 'HARING'. What about this ? No one knows about this except the mainland Indians working here. HARING is a bad word for us. Apni Khamiyan koi nahi batata...
World through the LENSES (2 months ago)
Bro...I respect u...we all r indian....
Adesh Mishra (2 months ago)
Dear North Indians You Guys Are Flowers In Our Garden, We Love You
Ajit kumar Apata (2 months ago)
Buddy We love u U r not belong from any part of our country U r the part of my family We r Indian I love you Keep it up No Arunachal ...... INDIAN IS enough for ur identification
Hammer _009 (2 months ago)
NORTH East people are more racist than other Indians
Zeli Ang (2 months ago)
Love from nagaland we are indians
Devendra Singh Thakur (2 months ago)
love u bro form Kashmir india
Parveen Jaiswal (2 months ago)
wow great
rahul tamuli (2 months ago)
Very well said...election ke time mein hazaroan mein pita hun..best thing Indian do..😀😂
CONNECT ALL (2 months ago)
Love from Nagalang. Kekho is the best rapper in the North east now
Rahul kumar (2 months ago)
I Support you fully
Dinesh Vuradi (2 months ago)
arunachalies all are our real indian soldiers
Nitish Bhatt (2 months ago)
First Class lyrics, yes you are indian We are proud of such rap singer, pride of india From jnk
Anurag Nath (3 months ago)
A mongoloid is not chinese and a black is not always african
MIDKNIGHT FENERIR (3 months ago)
I love Northeast They are Indian and I Will Give My Life to Protect the Northeast India from Any Threats. I will do Everything in my power to stop racism and prejudice against people of the Northeast. Please Don’t Think That all Mainland Indians are Bad or Evil.
KING MAKER (3 months ago)
Luv u from karnataka ❤
Arunachalee souls (3 months ago)
Proud to be part of this video😅🤗😇
Mukesh Kumar (3 months ago)
I never used chinki word... never...I have friends from North India...and they all are awesome blossom
indian lion (3 months ago)
love u northeast ppl fro HARYANA
Rohit Vatt (3 months ago)
Love northeast from Bangalore
ravi gujjar (3 months ago)
yes bro u r always indian yrr love u bro
ravi gujjar (3 months ago)
bhai love u bro bhut shi gaya
Bablu Kumar (3 months ago)
I love it
We indians are indeed the biggest racists in the world,our minds are too petty that we are even not able to accept our own brothers from east or south fully,so sad indeed.
shamik chakraborty (3 months ago)
hey man, we normal indians don't wanna discriminate you. It's just that you look different than us and we're just amazed by it.
I Am Abbo (3 months ago)
Owsum true Indian bro we proud of you....
Krish chhetri (3 months ago)
You are real Indian.
Rap Street (3 months ago)
Jai Hind
Rap Street (3 months ago)
Hats off to you bro 😍 Loved it
Dai Donik Tali (3 months ago)
Love this video
InfoHoop (3 months ago)
I am from Assam
Pradip Anchan (3 months ago)
Often people call them Nepali or Chinni... I don't like it... That's Bullshit... They're also Indians just like us.
Melvin Muttaya (3 months ago)
We loves you brother
Rjendra Kumar (3 months ago)
My first tour was North East ....and I swer I will go again an again becoz the nature and the people ......tnx i m from Kolkata
Abhishek Yadav (3 months ago)
Great video
Rahul Rawat (3 months ago)
great initiative bro keep it up...support from Delhi/uttrakhand
hip hop lover's (3 months ago)
Love you man
ravi biruly (3 months ago)
respect you dear I'm from Jharkhand
Hannya (3 months ago)
K4 Kekho 💕💕✌🏻
Satyapriya pati (3 months ago)
Bro it not necessary to speak hindi if you are Indian,so many Indian don't speak hindi in South India..take love from me..we all from mainland love you a lot,dont mind about the few racists
kyo Aji kali (3 months ago)
First of all we need racism to go from northeast itself..i m from northeast..we should improve ourselves first
Fabu lous (3 months ago)
love from odisha we are indian
priyanka karwar (3 months ago)
I support you.love from Chhattisgarh
Adam Aga (3 months ago)
Lots of love from Gujarat ❤️
ngurang julie (3 months ago)
Proud of you k4 kekho💖
ngurang julie (3 months ago)
Proud of you k4 kekho💖
RAJAT PRADHAN (3 months ago)
we love u
12 34 (3 months ago)
Bhai we are proud of you , we will never disrespect you ever , Even in our hearts
Rupan Pradhan (3 months ago)
Such a nice concept""
fathi fathi (3 months ago)
you liar you from japan you have the japanese eyes
Shrey Khanna (3 months ago)
Chinki is not Chinese but people with small eyes.. just like lambu and chotu for height. An alternative is 'pahaadi'. Irrespective of that we should all avoid using this if people from North-East have problem with it.
Satya Pratap Nayak (3 months ago)
vinod nagula (3 months ago)
indian eminem
green life saves (3 months ago)
Arunachalis are the best people of INDIA ❤
green life saves (3 months ago)
I love Arunachali and all North Eastern Indians ❤ I have always been with north eastern wherever I stayed in bangalore and goa. - Robin ,MP
shankar marinaykar (3 months ago)
Love from Goa
Pemba Ghising (3 months ago)
vicky jingo (3 months ago)
Sabse pehele ye video Delhi walo ko dikhna chaiye coz capital walo bahut educated hey na.agar hum log vi discrimination racisism atyachar suru kiya na toh rooj yaha tourist banke aate ho k haal hoga fir...meh ho sikkim wale.hindi vi bolta hi aur gali vi thik se aata hey tu log se sika hey be mdc
Racism mst v stop asap
Manjeet Singh (3 months ago)
Yes, you guys are Indian. Don't prove this because it is truth. You guys are Indian as me and as single person in this country. Such low life peoples discriminate you its there fault that they not aware to geography as well as about there country. Proud of you brother.
Sonu Kumar Taron (3 months ago)
Don't you worry bro....I am with you
LEGENDARY ZENOS DA2 (3 months ago)
Good idea...
Bro.... I like you video, wht a voice. I like you thought .... I'm mizo, living in MIZORAM. Thnks for you song...
Vivek Dash (3 months ago)
We all are eastern Indians ... Don't clarify to those stupid people who keep beating the drum about themselves being more Indian than us .. they prove themselves to be lesser Indians by being less informed about the east
Shirish More (3 months ago)
Keep it up bro Very good Jay hind
urban tube (3 months ago)
wow bro you are real indian baki sb lid h
Krishna Kanta Tripura (3 months ago)
Yes we are indian❤️❤️
Charles Naga (3 months ago)
love from NAGALAND
Manash BorGohain (3 months ago)
manzilkumar mandal (3 months ago)
Ja be hypocrisy of your north east you too discriminate us fuck u
vishal Hojai (3 months ago)
you guys deserve it you are waste of sperm
Light camera Action (3 months ago)
I m from Assam.. Even i can't speak hindi clearly
amber chhetri (3 months ago)
the real talent is born in northeast....u all r truely indian
Being Free (3 months ago)
Racism is everywhere. Even within Northeast. We have to admit it. Just the fact is here media coverage do not take place. Say No To Racism.
happiee hour (3 months ago)
Wooo kekho 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Rohan Rawat (3 months ago)
ma eminem boi from arunachal bruh lyrics are perfect
Tojum Kamki (3 months ago)
Corruption keliye song banao
Brijesh Kumar (3 months ago)
Jo bhi in logo ko chinki bolega vo madharchod k bachhe randi k aulad. Jai arunachal Love you bro
Abhisek Bhowmik (3 months ago)
Meghalaya is awesome.
Mayank Sharma (3 months ago)
No matter other says everybody loves north east people....i have dozens of NE friends...
draganeel yeaa (3 months ago)
Love from kerala😍
Sunny Mukhiya (3 months ago)
awesome song bro?
Vicky Bob (3 months ago)
I m with u bro u r indian
henboilen lhouvum (3 months ago)
It's not a rap
Indian singer (3 months ago)
We r indian bro Jo bolta h bolne do unki baato ko bhad me jaane do
Mazik Taku (3 months ago)
Very nice
Piyush Sharan (3 months ago)
We love You brothers

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