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Iggy Azalea - Bounce: Multi-Female COLLAB VIDEO

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I am so happy with this collab! Thank you guys so much for joining! I especially would like to thank everyone for turning your parts in early! Because of that I was able to post this 7 DAYS EARLIER THEN THE DEADLINE!!! So thank you so much for making this collab a super success! And right around my birthday too! =) which is the 5th! 1 69britchcf2 2 kingofqueensfan81892 3 toxicneyproductions 4 ImASlave4Britney99 5 HiddenFairyFantasy 6 xTryAg4inx 7 XPinkOrgazmX 8 MINE 9 EliM1219 10 EdgeofGlory261 11 TheBrItNeYsPeArS816
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Текстовые комментарии (18)
소나무yuri (5 лет назад)
Britney <3
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
awww well I did have a lot of help!!! lol
Balo12341 (5 лет назад)
IM IN LOVE WITH THIS Im Jealous Of This Video
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you!! you too, thanks for joining! =)
PINKGASM (5 лет назад)
wow amazing collab :) great work everyone
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you! =)
Balo12341 (5 лет назад)
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
your welcome. Thanks for joining!
EdgeofGlory261 (5 лет назад)
Amazing! Everyone did a fantastic job. Thanks for letting me join.
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thanks for joining!!!! =)
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you so mcuh you did wonderful thank you for joining!!!
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you so much I am glad you Liked it!!!
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you so much!!!
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you so much!! I am glad you joined!
DirtyXProdz (5 лет назад)
thank you! you did great too!!
ChristinaLand Productions (5 лет назад)
amazing collab :D love it awesome job everyone!
KroseBrian (5 лет назад)
wow i am speechless this is flawless love the lip synch and the song is really great congrats to every one every part is perfect :D
Odile (5 лет назад)
Amazing collab!!!!!

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