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Guys Hot Tub Shelter Project

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My Buddy Guy's new Hot Tub Shelter built entirely out of BC Red Cedar. Ondura compsite roofing panels were used to cover the top of the structure. The project was built off and on over a period of 5 weeks mainly due to weather. The entire structure was covered with a sealing stain for red cedar. The structure has provided shade on the back patio that was not bthere before, privacy for the hot tub and an additional benefit of providing shade in the afternoon over the back Arizona room resulting in less air conditioning in the home. The structure was bolted together with galvanized bolts and areas where the beams contact each other were glued as well nwith PL400 wood glue for added strength. Three of the 6x6 supports were dug down and cemented into the ground, the back three 6x6 posts were anchored to the cement pad with industrial strength anchors. The sun shade was purchased at Costco. Construction was completed by Bob McMann and Joe McSweeny. of Hamilton. Design was my suggestion and financed by the owner.Guy
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Glen Carruthers (2 года назад)
I have been asked how this structure was secured down. On three of the posts on the lower side, these posts were dug into the ground and cemented in using 12 inch cardboard sono tubes. The three posts that sit on the previously poured cement slab were mounted with a very solidly built steel base. One inch holes were drilled about 6 inched into the bottom of the posts to fit the one inch post on the mount and driven in with a hammer, there 4 heavy crews (part of the base kit) were screwed through the base into the cedar posts. The mounts were then secured to the cement pad using 6 industrial cement anchors installed in holes drilled into the cement pad. There are six anchors on each post, making for a very secure mount to the cement pad. To dd to the stiffness in the structure, large carriage bolts were used to tied the various cedar boards were they met on the top of the posts. Also where these boards met the posts PL400 Cement was used to glue the boards to the posts prior to tightening up the carriage bolts.
Glen Carruthers (2 года назад)
It has been a year now since this shelter was built, the roof has held up well, no issues. Weathered the winter well and held up well under some high winds we received during the summer storms. The shade has been great all summer. We mounted a large Solar light with motion detection under the roof for night. The cedar sealer that was used last year held up well, a second coat was just applied to the exposed areas to sunlight to further seal it. The dealer does not recommend more than two coats of sealer however in fear that it will peel off. Looks awesome.
Glen Carruthers (2 года назад)
The shelter has gone thru winter now with significant snow, the Ondura roof performed well.Ondura roofing come is several colours, the tan colour was chosen here to reflect heat the heat, info on Ondura roofing can be found at http://ondura.com/ and is available thru local lumber suppliers.. Sheet Size: 48 inches by 79 inches. This structure required 11 sheets.

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