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Drug Deals - The Morning After

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John and Kate had a one night stand. Hope they used protection! Starring: Katarina Hughes, Morris Black, Kaia Hummel, Griffin Sincere & Matt Diamond Drug Deals - The Green Inferno https://youtu.be/BTGKLMq9TFA Drug Deals - The Marijuana Massacre http://youtu.be/EWOPsUCVnIA Drug Deals - Best Shit In Town http://youtu.be/w68PRJM9It0 Drug Deals - Steroids https://youtu.be/oiXX2Myr1dg Drug Deals - Viagra http://youtu.be/i_-51f75XwU Be sure to LIKE and SHARE the love of DRUGS! LIKE us on http://www.Facebook.com/DrugDealsTV The harder the buy, the sweeter the high. Drug Deals is a comedy web series about the trials and tribulations of buying drugs. Each episode is a different drug, different deal, different cast. Writer: Michael Fitzgerald & Matt Carrier Director: Michael Fitzgerald Cinematographer: Adam Bial Editor: Michael Fitzgerald & Joel Terry Sound: Michael Martinez Contact: FitzgeraldM32@gmail.com
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Текстовые комментарии (28)
David Rubio (3 года назад)
wu-wu! that's the sound of tha police!
Daniel Rios (4 года назад)
You guys are the bee's knees. The cat's meow. Do one about drugs
Quinn Silenttiger (4 года назад)
You guys are so awesome. Loving every one of your videos :D
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
Thanks dude!
steven wright (4 года назад)
What happened to the season finale? I came to check if I had missed and the teaser is gone.):
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
+steven wright The Season Finale is up and running!
steven wright (4 года назад)
+Drug Deals I have no doubt it will be worth the wait!
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
We got a little delayed with vfx, I assure you the episode will be out as soon as it's finished. Thanks for hanging in there!
Adrian (4 года назад)
Such a great channel! Always looking forward to new videos!! :)
toxx m (4 года назад)
That was great!
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
Glad you enjoyed it!
ThePaladin956 (4 года назад)
You guys are fuckin hilarious
weezinsuffy (4 года назад)
that is girl is way too hot for him. i would totally do her though. 
A Iracks (4 года назад)
look forward to these every week hilarious .
Kay Klas (4 года назад)
Would have been better if there was an actual guy selling the Plan B pill to them on the street or in the store but the way they got to Walgreens made up for that. LMAO! Good shit!
LarsTheGoof (4 года назад)
LarsTheGoof (4 года назад)
+Drug Deals This one :) It was soo good. A friend of mine is having a kid. Gotta show him this :D
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
Meth still your favorite or did this one take it's place?
Daniel Weiser (4 года назад)
So much wow!
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
That's what we like to hear!
James Moss (4 года назад)
That shit is totally legit! He hit it lol
Co⊙zeB○Yz (4 года назад)
This guy should be the poster boy for why some women are lesbians!
Co⊙zeB○Yz (4 года назад)
What a stupid name for a Comedy group!
Unsub45 (4 года назад)
Mom of the year :p
Josh Morland (4 года назад)
Not bad. Not bad at all.
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
Thanks Josh!
samdavjunjun (4 года назад)
You guys are so fucking awesome. I hope you get the recognition you deserve. 
Drug Deals (4 года назад)
Thanks for your support!

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