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Dan Bilzerian: Most money I’ve won in a day

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Dan Bilzerian offers insight into notable high stakes poker games, including the time he won $12.8 million over the course of three poker hands and why he gets more upset losing smaller amounts of money. Want to see more? SUBSCRIBE to watch the latest interviews: http://bit.ly/1R1Fd6w Episode debuted nationwide in 2017. Watch full episodes each week on TV stations across the country. Find the airing time and channel for your city: http://www.grahambensinger.com/index.php/when-where-watch Connect with Graham: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GrahamBensinger TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GrahamBensinger INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/grahambensinger WEBSITE: http://www.grahambensinger.com/
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Text Comments (618)
Crow Killer (14 hours ago)
Does this guy do anything that actually contributes to society
Bitch Lasagna (19 hours ago)
Lol ppl like this are stupid inheritants of their dad’s money
Ben Chod (1 day ago)
Having tons of money doesn’t change the fact he’s a massive tool!
The anomaly pill (2 days ago)
This guy has a weirdly structured face. If he was clean shaven it would be a nightmare.
Brian Walker (4 days ago)
Everyone hating on this guy is only envious of Dan.. who cares where he got his start up money . Your mom wiped your ass as a kid and gave you lunch money with the same hand . Just because he took the money he was givin and made his OWN fortune from poker and yall bought hubba bubba bubble gum . Yall hating on him for doing shit you wish you did.
iunstoppable1 (5 days ago)
sounds like a liar
Jack Baldwin (5 days ago)
This guy is ugly as fuck lmao
aklei114 (5 days ago)
This guy probably has the worlds smallest penis
Sam P- (5 days ago)
crazy how 1 million is nothing to him, yet right now even $1,000 would somewhat change my life right now
Sleep Aid (7 days ago)
He eatin good😂
Aapje Van nassaue (8 days ago)
Is he a cartoon .. what a fuckers face
john ibaka (9 days ago)
mob money fukr
Brulserz (9 days ago)
What do you think about the body language signal that the interviewer sent at 0:53? Anyone ? Is it akwardness, is it disagreement, or maybe shame, or what? And it happens again at 4:46 . Thank you in advance guys :)
ITZ HOLLYWOOD (10 days ago)
I’m sorry but not even the top Poker Player has mad $300,000,000
Jay Lovesu (11 days ago)
Biggest liar. So full of shi* .. he's perfect example of Instagram bs pride. "Look at me I'm the man" total faker ..don't get me wrong he does play high stakes..but super over exaggerates
Big Dan (12 days ago)
Your full of shit don’t know how anyone can believe you
Slime Beats (13 days ago)
Dude you sleep around with any women your money doesn’t pay my bills. Must be nice to have the devil feeding your soul. You need GOD convert before it’s late
Leonard Mulrooney (13 days ago)
Trust fund baby using his scumbag father’s money. Look it up, pos
sgs3434 (13 days ago)
When your up against a billionaire the guy was calling dans bullshit to see what he was about. Dan is a bullshitter living his life from a trust fund.
David Ryska (15 days ago)
He actually sounds less of an a**hole then he presents himself as on social media...
Lorenzo Junky (15 days ago)
He is fucking tired of your question... you can see it
Richard Neal (16 days ago)
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avillatoro 2398 (17 days ago)
I got 5 bucks for moving one box from one room to another 👌🏼
nicoo__m (17 days ago)
His face looks Ugly as fuck tho
BPM (17 days ago)
The trick is to play against billionaires who are shit at poker
Etan Plan (18 days ago)
So false.
Tyler Durden (18 days ago)
ive heard that real poker players think he is a joke.
itsmejohny (18 days ago)
Spending daddy's money and acting like a big man - Dan Bilzerian
Giacomo Matteotti (19 days ago)
hes actually a very unattractive person lol...theres hope for all of you
Master Beethoven (19 days ago)
why is his face so swollen?
Cole Aufdenkamp (20 days ago)
What makes me sad is that someone who looks like a dog that ate a bee can get laid so much lmao money is crazy
danish khan (20 days ago)
He has fucked girls of every origin#mother fucker
rocsteady83 (20 days ago)
so full of shit
Arses A.R. (20 days ago)
The guy is sweating like crazy, give him his coc lines! lmao
ThaHaterr (21 days ago)
fuckboy armenian rat 🐀 die slow
Richard Gerard (21 days ago)
Sounds like rich piana...
HiroAM4316 (21 days ago)
Baking Choda (21 days ago)
Just shave him to see how ugly is he
Sundae Driver (22 days ago)
Just watch the livestream his friend put out showing him play 10/20 heads up on ACR. He has zero fucking clue how to play high stakes let alone 10/20. Total bullshit story he’s concocted to avoid trust fund status.
Michael Johnston (22 days ago)
His face big as hell and he from whoville
mine man (22 days ago)
How does bilzerian do cocaine out of that nose
Ash Finkter (22 days ago)
that beard is fucking ridiculous. Looks like a fucking polygon!
Rony Exantus Jr. (23 days ago)
niggas are acting like dan is stealing from the poor, if his dad stole money and gave it to him so fucking what?
Dustin Jay (23 days ago)
I'd like to see him play under the lights where we can see his whole cards and see how he really plays. You can tell by his body language and the way he talks about playing poker that he's not the poker player he says he is and that's not even me hating, I actually like Dan!
LazyD (24 days ago)
Nice Shot (24 days ago)
How do you play a billionaire?
Willie The kid (24 days ago)
His head is shaped like a peanut 🥜
Lonerism Rf4 (25 days ago)
I would like to spend one day with this guy oof
Kliq Only (25 days ago)
Say what you want, he has everything you don't
Theworld isimmense (2 days ago)
Kliq Only yes thanks to daddy and life situations while people in Africa are starving to death
Basham86 (25 days ago)
I find this guy fascinating. He lives a mental life. I could listen to his stories all night
Shaker (27 days ago)
For all the people saying daddy money watch the next video...this dude is an American badass that jumped in on poker right when it blew up...quit being a bunch of haters.
Marc-André Poulin (27 days ago)
Most money I earned in a day would be around 160 to 180$ a day. But the thing is I don’t live by the day, I was making that amount every single day, 7 days a week. Financial security pays better than earning 500$ a day and starve for the rest of the year👍 I except the 250$ lottery I won 1 day added to my work of that, because I think it’s not relevant if it’s only a one shot deal.
kkw773 (28 days ago)
as many times as he tells these bullshit stories... why does he always struggle with the details? so many times is his stories he says, "i'll never forget" and yet... he can barely get thru his BS without forgetting details and stumble and struggle.
Ketroc (29 days ago)
So Dan Blizerian is considered a terrible poker player by every pro, is definitely at a net loss on his poker career, and no one has ever seen him win any significant amount of money at the table let alone millions. He claims to have made his fortune (tens of millions) playing poker. Oddly enough, tens of millions from his father's white-collar crimes have gone mysteriously missing.
Joe Mead (29 days ago)
no offense but dan is bluffin. his dads money put him where hes at.
Joe Mead (29 days ago)
correction. where he started,
TripleAstyle1 A (1 month ago)
more money than the entire chat combined.....   by far.
The Electric (1 month ago)
Life in the fast lane.
Ervin427 (1 month ago)
he is for sure a lier in one video he says he played in one game of 54 million dollars (on Larry King) and now he is here saying 12 million. He also sounds like a prick in every video. There are many Millionaires and billionaires which are super nice people money doesn't have to be a reason for you to act like a piece of shit.
Del * (1 month ago)
Very slapable face.
TheFallsCapone (1 month ago)
He's a real life Walter Mitty, I wouldn't believe a word that comes outta his mouth......you can always tell when he is lying.....when his lips move....lol
Twitchathon TV (1 month ago)
His blood type is bald eagle
Sean H (1 month ago)
i fucking cant stand this arrogant pompous skin flute. its like he survives on power huffing the aroma of his own farts all day.
Sevak Esagholian (1 month ago)
Armenian for life brother GOD BLESS YOU THIS GUY IS LIKE HURCLES
Mark Makes (1 month ago)
Does this “man” pay to have his beard professionally groomed like that?
Scrub V (1 month ago)
Dan Bilzerian always sounds like a guy who is making up a story on the fly. everything is vague and generalized. he can never remember specific details about anything. Hes a fraud.
jose Gomez (1 month ago)
Bill Perkins is who he is talking about
colin schabel (1 month ago)
Does this guy shave his legs?
Alek B (1 month ago)
I have a feeling this guy exaggerates everything
siktir ara hayeri xaytarak arir
Adam Syed (1 month ago)
The guys is like the definition of a Kit Kat Chunky
Hello Hello (1 month ago)
He looks like a lab rat
New2013Era (1 month ago)
This dude is a liar. All the money comes from daddy. Have a look at "Paul Bilzerian" and read about his dodgy dealings. His poker stories are as real as his girlfriends. All paid photo sessions. All illusion. Nonsense. Even on the SAME podcast (joe rogan) he contradicted himself. You want to believe in his bullshit or you want to know the truth?
Will Turner (1 month ago)
steroids, liar, egotistical, misogynistic, dads a crook, sucks at poker, acts like he is a marine...the list goes on for this guy
Way2fast4u82 (2 months ago)
Why you lying bro
Juli Gaitan (2 months ago)
Counts how many "like" says
Joni Gamble (2 months ago)
He seems like a cool nice guy
Gregg Powers (2 months ago)
Bloated steroid belly.
CHRIS BROWN (2 months ago)
I got the same shirt, it's Wal-Mart.
All Time Productions (2 months ago)
That's all fine and dandy but can he do it no paddle take off at Waimea Bay?
Manly Muppet (2 months ago)
Fake, he haș family money
kidc2004 (2 months ago)
Thyroid disease will do that to your hair too. I was also a trust fund baby at one point in my life, but my most valuable riches, are all internal. Internal riches take time - 20 years my mother taught them to me, as did others, while I also tried teaching my know it all self - most of us call this growing up. Then boom, I get to watch her die. Get left money, because she worked hard to build herself a future, and retirement.. Without the help of my father. Strong woman. I'm left with a few hundred k, and a brain that is overwhelmed with the loss of my mother, and the lack of an adult education. Couple that with severe thyroid disease, undiagnosed at the time, and you have a pretty unhealthy combination of riches. Granted, even at that time, I was aware of how incredibly lucky I was to be in such a shitty situation. The irony, no? That can take a toll on you too, when you stress every day about this money, yet you know any other poor soul out there with less opportunity would kill to have it. My brain wasn't healthy enough to succeed in college at that time. My brain was toast. I could take notes, rewrite them, study.. And still was in a fog. Overwhelmed with a brain on overdrive. Thankfully I had the money left to me, otherwise, the limited money I earned wouldn't have been enough to get by and keep my low paying jobs. But digging in to the money, while it allowed me to live well, it also slowly depleted over the years - which was a major cause of stress for me - knowing that I was on a path to no financial security. Regardless of how hard I worked at these low paying jobs. Once I finally came full circle, and the money was gone, I felt a bit more optimistic about my situation in life. Everyone should get to live both poor and secure (I wasn't rich). It really gives you a chance to polish those internal riches, so you too can share them with the world. It's like having a chip and a chair. I'm down, but I'm not out. My first ever poker tournament I had my kings knocked off by pocket 7s, leaving me with little hope. I later tripled up with A7, and went on to final table and score $11k at the first wsop at Choctaw. When the year was over, I had earned my way to 4 or 5 final tables, out of maybe 5 or 6 tournament entries. In No Limit, Stud hi/lo, Omaha/No Limit rotation events. I didn't risk much on playing poker, even though my hourly earnings were way higher than any job I ever earned. I was too worried about what my family would think of me if I lost it all playing poker. It's called gambling for a reason, and real gamblers aren't afraid to lose it all. Ask Mike Lang. I was VERY afraid. Now that I have no money, I don't have to be afraid.. At least not of losing it. Who knows, maybe had I been more daring, I too could have taken my mothers money to new heights, but then I might not have what I do now - A beautiful partner, two beautiful dogs, a wonderful family I remain nearby, etc.. An overall healthier outlook on what once was a rather dark place underneath it all. If Dan is happy, I'm happy for Dan. If anything, I know it's not always about the money. He should be allowed to do with it as he pleases. I'm sure he'll learn a lot over the years. It just takes time.
Steve B (2 months ago)
He has the thickest fucking beard ever.
cbrt honda (2 months ago)
Don't care what any of you haters say, i love listening to this man talk, his stories are legendary!
Takeoff (2 months ago)
did this dude get stung by a bee
Richard Andrews (2 months ago)
This Is The Luckiest Man alive. What A Life
He is full of shit because the biggest game ever known was 5k 10k NLH against Andy vs the Vegas pro poker players who had to stake each other and take turns!!!! He is making a claim that no one talks to . He is a huge a liar 🤥
antman3251 (2 months ago)
Dan you’re a freakin savage!!!!
M H (2 months ago)
Almost none of it makes any sense and anything that does is rudimentary at best. Doesn't it just seem a little more likely he got the money illegally from his Dad and this is an attempt to "clean" the money?
Jason Money (2 months ago)
This guy is the biggest fake ever.
Seedy04 (2 months ago)
legs dont match the body.
jimboslice613 (2 months ago)
Wow he’s ugly
Stig Lauren (2 months ago)
This man is a pathological liar.
Emmanuel Montano (2 months ago)
if you can’t beat someone not looking at their cards in hold em you are a shit player no debate. i played hold em as a job for a while and did well. trust me, he has no idea what he’s doing
Johan Nel (2 months ago)
Why did you waste your time interviewing this thing?
Brant Warner (2 months ago)
Isn't this the dude that said he was a SEAL?
Donald Rockett (2 months ago)
He is full of shit. Hes a fish
calvan candy (2 months ago)
This guy is a fucking chump. He's full of shit
PLO 8 (2 months ago)
This Guy is totally Fake. The highest Buy in he ever was seen was a 10.000$ Mtt and thats it. Ive seen him play Online he played like he even cant beat 25/50 cents nowdays...
Robert C. Christian (2 months ago)
Yeah Doug Polk! He doesn't want to be the best player, just wants to bleed the rich fish!
Joe Bill (2 months ago)
Nothing good in the comments. Just haters and dick riders. No inbetween.

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