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You Might Want to Keep The Watermelon’s Rind After Discovering the Benefits!

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You Might Want to Keep The Watermelon’s Rind After Discovering the Benefits! Do you love watermelon? Well, we all love them, especially in the hot summer days. And that’s a good thing because watermelons are loaded with healthy nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and they can provide many health benefits. They keep us hydrates, cleanse our organism from all harmful toxins, etc. But, nobody likes the watermelon rinds. We usually throw them away. But, did you know that watermelon rinds are actually edible? ......................... Subscribe To My Channel (https://goo.gl/MQA6z9) Google+ ( https://goo.gl/BkVrj4) Twitter (https://goo.gl/DiuVYa ) ..................................................................................................... Copyright: All the videos and pictures which are used in this videos are coming from biteable.com. Because I'm a premium member of biteable.com. And biteable.com used these video clips and pictures directly from Shutterstock. .......................................................................................................... Thanks For Watching. Subscribe For More Videos. .................................................................................................................. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Plastic Body Wrap: The Best Way To Detox Your Body, Lose Weight, And Fight Cellulite " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pV39ysEbcE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (95)
sharon robilotto (11 hours ago)
If a watermelon is to red in color many of them are injected with a red dye
YepX (2 days ago)
Why do you use the computer based voice? It's lazy
Infinite Mind (2 days ago)
Yeah but... it’s gross though...
Dawson Bryant (3 days ago)
Well ive always eatin the rinds with never knowing this but this just makes me want to eat them even more
How do I product do I use to clean the watermelon rind?
Kenny Neyban (5 days ago)
I'm more interested in the antiparasitic benefits of the black seeds which has become harder and harder to find in stores.
Man why they gotta show that big lady running like she was trying to get to a buffet that was just mean lol
snoop dog (8 days ago)
Audio is trash
atlladyleo1 (8 days ago)
same information as another video, with a different robot voice! ugh!
BlackPage (9 days ago)
The One (9 days ago)
It all makes perfect sense now. I need to stop eating the rinds
twilson4159 (9 days ago)
I didn’t know that the rind was edible, I guess I will try it seeing that it has health benefits
RJG 33 (11 days ago)
I already eat the skin Me I eat the skin Friends : eww Me: it’s healthy and nice Friends : yeah right
ricki sterling (12 days ago)
🍉🍉🍉 watermelon rinddddd nigga
sharon robilotto (12 days ago)
Watermelon is injected something to make it so big might want to think about it before you eat anymore
sharon robilotto (11 hours ago)
Tiffany Young please understand there are the organic growers who do not use any bad things with watermelons then there are those watermelons in our grocery stores that are grown extremely fast and big with the help of injections its called supply and demand
Tiffany Young (13 hours ago)
sharon robilotto that is sooooo not true. My grandfather grow watermelon and never injected it for it to grow. That's just how big they get.
Turbo Turtle (13 days ago)
Fk the rind, i got hard from the robot chick 😁
gulfcoastninja (7 days ago)
Turbo Turtle funny😂
Mrmej83 (15 days ago)
From now on, eat watermelon FIVE TIMES A WEEK this year.
Kevin Rivera (15 days ago)
Lmfao! I did a juice diet and would juice Water Mellon (all of it) Beets, Celery, carrots and misc berries. Then one day I woke up as if I was a young kid and let's say I had a great week with my wife ha ha ha then later I found out it's the water Mellon ha ha ha so true!
Its Me (16 days ago)
I heard watermelon wine is healthy for you but the only way I can see any benefits to make sure you get it Strictly Organic and petrified pesticide-free and not a genetically modified one
Tommy X Lourdes (14 days ago)
Its Me all modern watermelons are genetically modified. Just like all corn. Apples, strawberries, and just about everything else in the market.. But no matter the benefits of your watermelon if you're running 12 glasses of tap water or water from plastic bottles you're being for cancer and cardiovascular disease anyway. Google codex alimentarius
Big Knoc (16 days ago)
So just the white part of the watermelon or the green part or both
**V** (17 days ago)
Change the awful voice please.
H C (18 days ago)
I don’t know what is more annoying, electronic voice overs or the stupid narrator drawing
Cole Hopper (18 days ago)
I got to this video after becoming curious and eating an entire watermelon slice
Shab Hussain (19 days ago)
Instead of a pie i use a watermelon
Benjamin Mendezo (19 days ago)
no wonder black ppl has bick cocks😂😂😂😂
brandon mcevoy (21 days ago)
the x ray is of an animal look! what kind of ball socket joint draps down like that,
A.V. LONDON (22 days ago)
Ban robot voice!!! 😵
Patrick Wilson (22 days ago)
Hi welcome to masterblayde good life promotions to the world
Juan Negrette (23 days ago)
What is the best way to eat watermelon rind and how much at a time please let me know this is a cool video and brain smart i have known to eat watermelon but didnt no you could eat the rind
Ali Pakistani (25 days ago)
Voice is not good to understand
Dennis Veveiros (25 days ago)
Im trying it and was great too
Perry Mattiso (26 days ago)
Lol they don't let u give a thumbs up cause it's the truth trust me so everyone better listen
gcuz405 (26 days ago)
How bout a watermelon Gatorade??? 💯
Old Gregg (26 days ago)
Fuck you robot, don't tell us what to do. 🖕🏻
Rob Lee (27 days ago)
Can you put the watermelon grind through a juicer and consume it that way interesting question 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉lloll👅👌👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌
Tommy X Lourdes (14 days ago)
Rob Lee just soak big hand size pieces and wash it in hot (sea salt or baking soda) salty water for a few minutes, scrub with a new scrub and rinse well.. Neutralize and remove much the fungicides and pesticides..
William Martin (28 days ago)
makes me proud we raised melons for market and nanny made watermelon rind pickles 🍉
kimani mani (29 days ago)
I eat this almost every day and i juice the rind to drink and use it to create a lotion and rub it all over my body.
Sasha-kay fuller (23 days ago)
Starzskream423 yes they do
Starzskream423 (23 days ago)
kimani mani lmao. I bet the mosquitoes love you
Sasha-kay fuller (25 days ago)
kimani mani damn, your on a role
Luis Hernandez (29 days ago)
Luis Hernandez (13 hours ago)
Tiffany Young *BLACK!*
Tiffany Young (13 hours ago)
Tommy X Lourdes (14 days ago)
All melons are gmos at this point. Stop worrying. Look into it 🙂
Luis Torre (28 days ago)
Luis Hernandez word, the seedless are GMO’s dont eat them!!
Jason Wilson (1 month ago)
I'm a watermelon lover loves to eat those every morning....it's really work on me because I'm BLACK
WILL -I-AMZ (1 month ago)
Smh and most Americans only shoot watermelon😏
vwr32jeep (19 days ago)
WILL -I-AMZ Because we can. 🇺🇸
victor torres (20 days ago)
WILL -I-AMZ whites to specific they are sooooo stupid souls
Vivien Clausen (28 days ago)
WILL -I-AMZ that's not true! We also like to fill them with liquor 😂
Ali-Activ Plus (1 month ago)
You need a lot of it.
Nathan Davidson (1 month ago)
Whoa I hate when I click on a video and hear that fucking voice fuck this I'm gonna google watermelon rinds instead
The frog (1 month ago)
Friggin voice
Makayla Cunning (1 month ago)
Edible but nasty. Who would want to eat the rind
Dawson Bryant (3 days ago)
Nasty wut u talkin bout i always eat the rind
Makayla Cunning (20 days ago)
Nightevasion i used to eat the white part but not the whole damn thing lol
Nightevasion (20 days ago)
Makayla Cunning I used too when I was a little lad .
Dennis Williams (1 month ago)
Damn, black people have known this for centuries. I remember being taught by my mother as a child but didn't believe her until I got older, thought her and my grandparents were crazy.
Denny Simon (2 days ago)
Dennis Williams is
Anthony Kelly (4 days ago)
First time I heard of it
AK33M (27 days ago)
I'm black and never heard of this shit. 😂
Dennis Williams (27 days ago)
Binyuma Ronald Dummy I said when I got older, meaning when I was not a child, I'm 45 now and probably known about this before you were born and I'm black jack ass. Late and lost ass.
Binyuma Ronald (27 days ago)
Because you been a retarded for this long thinking that black people were crazy loving it.
M Burns (1 month ago)
It does work boys!!!!👍🏼
Jitendra Kaul (1 month ago)
I like video but my problem not understand english language
bardez1963 (19 days ago)
He probably means that he cannot understand or grasp fully, he may be able to understand a bit
Daniel Yahba (21 days ago)
URHO TM (1 month ago)
We just had watermelons the past days and threw them rinds.
Renato Lapinig (1 month ago)
thanks i use already!!
Z lives matter (1 month ago)
I dehydrate the rinds, powder them and add to smoothie 🌞
OMAR 121845 (1 month ago)
Water melon is exacly very good to our hearthty.
Mobarak Ali (1 month ago)
Ennn ?
Altex lan (1 month ago)
Watermelon generate heat. eat in a cold day. not hot day.
MrMakemusicmike (18 days ago)
Altex lan watermelon cools me off on a hot day. Better than water.
Starzskream423 (23 days ago)
savino Soto ctfu🙌
Starzskream423 (23 days ago)
blakfast83 facts
blakfast83 (26 days ago)
All foods generate heat when the digestion process starts.
Altex lan (1 month ago)
it will generate heat, chemically
John James (1 month ago)
Robots cannot enjoy watermelon, rinds included.
One Random guy. (2 months ago)
I like the robotic voice
Mc Suckables (9 days ago)
One Random guy. Have her suck you up
Ironically Vague (3 months ago)
Henryk Szulc (8 days ago)
Ironically Vague (10 days ago)
+Cora Caylao Your Mom's?
Cora Caylao (11 days ago)
Ironically Vag
Vishal Purohit (3 months ago)
Indeed Helpful...!✌️
joann simon (20 days ago)

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