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🖤~Ayy$horty~🖤 (1 day ago)
7:04 😂
Sheldan Brown (3 days ago)
Sheldan Brown (3 days ago)
Post notefcation always on bro
Robbie Jr (8 days ago)
Brooke really telling us to be quiet lofl
EXOTIC G- A -M -E R (20 days ago)
EXOTIC G- A -M -E R (20 days ago)
Pls do more pranks on bailey Pls Pls he ends up crying but why
StukTV Lover (20 days ago)
brooke not meant badly but I am Dutch and I think your youtube channel is really great but sometimes I can not understand you by your accent. Can you subtitle the video please? (in English) I LOVE YOU GUYS
Taylor Brown (24 days ago)
Trey Morunga (25 days ago)
Denzil and Taco (25 days ago)
XENOMEX A.K.A RAINBITZ (25 days ago)
He just walked into the room with nothing. I would at least get the biggest knife in the kitchen!
Mary White (27 days ago)
Look at those Yeezy 😂😄
Aysun Kirmizitas (28 days ago)
Bailey reg you ap brook funny team brook
Charlie Bird (28 days ago)
tieyou up (29 days ago)
you should do one where you make bailey think hes gone blind!
Santi Sebastian Deidda (29 days ago)
Post notifications have been in since the beginning bruv. Love you heaps x
Joshi Vill (29 days ago)
Hey whats up!!! Im new to the Chanel just subscribed, love the vids really good stuff, keep it up, I'm just having a good time watching the vids lol, good work guys! I look forward for the new vids, congrats n cheers all the way from Spain 👍 .
Alma M (29 days ago)
Hahaha good one
hear your jam (29 days ago)
Wat does suss mean
John Hoback (29 days ago)
#Team Bailey all the way sorry Brooke! I love you guys best channel out there!
simon lerzundy (29 days ago)
Always notifications on!!!!! Love u guys👍
fun time yeah (29 days ago)
Deividas navajauskas (1 month ago)
The Viper (1 month ago)
I Love your videos bro.
Houssem (1 month ago)
Post notifications WHY WOULD I TURN THEM OFF #TeamBailey (love u tho brooke) !
Nevaeh Chambers-Knight (1 month ago)
Just saying you been on point with ur videos
effooo2000 and Nieva (1 month ago)
take the pottermore house test
effooo2000 and Nieva (1 month ago)
do a reaction vid for dr pimple popper
Paula Healy (1 month ago)
Lambo Jade (1 month ago)
Great video 📹 I really enjoyed it u have a new sub
Street dancer Js (1 month ago)
#teambrooke u have a new sub x
Payne Tunstall (1 month ago)
Cry baby
Jack Burnard (1 month ago)
Friends BFFs and school mates really
Dimebag (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my channel guyss☺️btww this is my fav youtube channel
Jess Thomas (1 month ago)
Brookeee i actual love you and your videos but plsss make the intros shorter <3 #adelaidefam
Jackie Perez (1 month ago)
Azs Chicano (1 month ago)
Hey Brooke should put vibrant on beliy bro that should be fun ....
Azs Chicano (1 month ago)
Hi I have turn up the notification and like the channel #TEAMBROOKE ....
M A (1 month ago)
Why are y'all wearing shoes in the house
Mrs. FluffyPants (1 day ago)
M A because he is a normal person
Juliët van der Net (19 days ago)
M A is that weird I wear Shoes in house too
Chacken (1 month ago)
Lance Wong (1 month ago)
Post notifications on as always!! #TEAM BROOKE
Maiyah_ Emmanson (1 month ago)
Notifications on💞,love your channel so much 😁😁😁😁💙💙
Jim Wills (1 month ago)
Post notifications always on !!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua Botha (1 month ago)
LoWkEy EskeTIIIT (1 month ago)
Congrats on 400k 🎉🎈🍾 I love watching your vids and don’t know how you haven’t hit a million!
Almond_ Thiyy (1 month ago)
#teamBrooke 💙 post notification always on 👌👻
Vlogger Gracie (1 month ago)
Post notifications #teambailey🤞🏼
Maiyah_ Emmanson (1 month ago)
notifications on,love your channel.
Maiyah_ Emmanson (1 month ago)
Notifications on💞,love your channel so much 😄😄
Louise 17 (1 month ago)
Iszy and Brooke are soooooooooo cute together!!!! I can’t get enough of it
James Azegele (1 month ago)
rochelle hurley (1 month ago)
British Girl J (1 month ago)
Elyse Kucharski (1 month ago)
Tube4life (1 month ago)
#Boo #teambrooke
Mckenzie Milburn (1 month ago)
#team Brook
holly wheatland (1 month ago)
Post Notifications on <3
Emily Dow (1 month ago)
Done! #TeamBrooke
kimberly watts (1 month ago)
pranks Brook Bailey kill
kimberly watts (1 month ago)
taem Brook
Tommy Lie (1 month ago)
I haven,t wached this before now because i though it was the video that, like 1 or 2 years old
ChrisAviation CPH (1 month ago)
Shalyn Williams (1 month ago)
that was funny
Animal Life (1 month ago)
Team Dad xD
Animal Life (1 month ago)
ill download that games look like good :)
jade s (1 month ago)
ross adamthwaite (1 month ago)
Hey Brooke Nothing Worse Than Supper Glue On The Wanking Hand Hey Bro ;-) Oi Oi Oi
Zara Middleton (1 month ago)
Post notifications always on #teambrooke #brothervbrother
NinjaGaming BG (1 month ago)
#BoyffriendVGirlfriend Call Jiszi *Meg* Your Ex Name.
Kharl Solon (1 month ago)
Done 😊My post notification is always on 😊 love your vids brook even i am On #TeamBailey
Sabin. (1 month ago)
That shirt that brooke is wearing is so 2010...
Paige wagon horrix (1 month ago)
Harvey Smith (1 month ago)
Gamerpuppy (1 month ago)
I'm not #teambailey I'm not #teambrooke I'm #teamizy
EmDieLess (1 month ago)
HAPPY 400K! Keep up the pranks!
Jodie Sadler-Stinton (1 month ago)
Lexi Donnelly (1 month ago)
Thule V3 (1 month ago)
Guys get boo it's such a good app I got it I highly recommend it link in the description and #teambailey sorry Brooke
elijah jimenez (1 month ago)
I think Brooke went to far considering the clown incident with Bailey
Keturah’s life (1 month ago)
rohit varma (1 month ago)
James Batten (1 month ago)
cierra Gumm (1 month ago)
cierra Gumm (1 month ago)
peteyd1984 (1 month ago)
Stop asking for likes. If we like the video, we'll decide on our own to hit the like button.
smash fan (1 month ago)
#teambrooke postnifications on 😀🖒
Jason Flores Rodriguez (1 month ago)
kayla addison (1 month ago)
400k !! CONGRATS 😁😁
Teagan jayde (1 month ago)
post notifications on always,
instagram tutorials (1 month ago)
Post notificaton done #teambrooke
Calib Martin (1 month ago)
Mikelah Cauchi (1 month ago)
Nicah Simon (1 month ago)
I knew it hahaha #TeamBrooke. Notification is always on ❤
Liz Chofe (1 month ago)
#Postnotifications always on❤️
Jay's studio (1 month ago)
#Teambrooke forever
Hannah Recio (1 month ago)
I love your videos please continue to post more videos #teambrooke #postnotification
April Dokter (1 month ago)
April Dokter (1 month ago)
awwww, that was kinda mean after some of the stuff bailey went through with clowns but i did laugh😂😂
Leah McKoy (1 month ago)
Team brook post notifications is on all the time
Leah McKoy (1 month ago)
Post notifications is on
I Le (1 month ago)

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