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Hank & his clone Circus Hank explain the power of epigenetics, which studies the factors that determine how much or whether some genes are expressed in your body. Like SciShow on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/scishow Follow SciShow on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/scishow More SciShow! Solar Energy - http://youtu.be/4uPVZUTLAvA Foldit Gamers FTW - http://youtu.be/JdBcpdH_ptA
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Abel Dean (6 days ago)
Epigenetics does not bypass the hereditarian theory of intelligence. On the contrary, epigenetics entrenches hereditarian theory. That's because epigenetics is 100% all about genetics. The most you can do with epigenetic ideas is hope that the genetic expressions for stupidity are temporary.
Tony M (10 days ago)
Study or your kids will be morons.
Dream Scott (18 days ago)
So like what about the slaves would that trauma cause changes in the epigenome and pass down to the descendants of the slaves
michael rhodes (19 days ago)
Shout out "dear white people" on Netflix thanks Sam
Aaron James (21 days ago)
still i think the bible wrote the first to Sweden on that
Aaron James (21 days ago)
Tight! Brilliant! Science is Life and Jesus Christ is the Lord! This was an excellent first wif of the topic!
Peter never (22 days ago)
Well done. Its hard to find such an explicit definition of epigenetics. You are an excellent guide to greater undetstanding of this puzzling world!
Apodis (23 days ago)
Great video, very interesting. Just to add, I worked in 2 traveling circuses over 6 years. The people there generally work very hard and have to be very fit. They also eat well, and definitely don't have facial tattoos. I found it a very positive and creative environment. I get the point you were making, but the stereotype of circus people isn't true on the whole. I only mention this because they do suffer prejudice based on these stereotypes.
Hexsella (24 days ago)
I had (possibly) a great great grandfather who liked tobogganing and did it professionally. I grew up not knowing about him and I loved watching tobogganing on the TV. I think I inherited his wish for the adrenaline rush. Anyway, garlic, turmeric and apple cider vinegar, that's all you need, don;t smoke, don;t drink, exercise, walk, oxygen (according to Paul Davies Physics of Cancer) cancer hates oxygen. oh and watch some Brett Rogers videos. You're welcome. Good vid.
suraj tiwari (27 days ago)
Hope you didn't had any alchohol.
agun17 (28 days ago)
My kids gonna inherit the mems of production.
Diego Fernandez (1 month ago)
Do you have the articles of how epigenetics is heredetary? I love your channel, but I haven't found that information and I don't believe its rigth :/
firepiplup (1 month ago)
face tatoo
Vlogwaves (1 month ago)
8:22 Key counterargument: Michael Faraday. :)
brandon castro (1 month ago)
I'd love to see how life started to where it is now... I'm curious to know the origins of camouflage and vision
Dash the Kid (1 month ago)
Oh "great news!" they have drugs to fix this! smh
Thomas Burns (1 month ago)
Identical twins have many interesting. You would be surprised. If you separated the twins for 50 years you might find they have similar passwords and hobbies and look very similar. They think very similarly.
Eleeth Tahgra (1 month ago)
Ah, its the difference between "Eat, Granpa." And "Eat Grandpa."
Ali Heidary (1 month ago)
thank you
Brian Cortez (1 month ago)
Who else is here because of Transparent?
Phước Phạm Hữu (1 month ago)
oh well now life just sucks more THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE !!!!
kay scott (1 month ago)
How does a face tattoo affect epigenetics?
Chuck T (2 months ago)
Well considering how we eat nowadays vs 50 years ago. How stressful daily life can be. Yea...next 50 years should be interesting
Epigenetics sounds like the lottery of genetics inheritance.
RIchard Healey (2 months ago)
This looks like an episode of a drunk history
young savage (2 months ago)
Lauren Brickett (2 months ago)
You are incredible - and you save my life all the time with tough topics, wish more of my professors could be like you! Thank you!
Lyndley Hillebrand (2 months ago)
I have anemia, anything i can do to help my red blood cells?
Jason Travis (2 months ago)
there is no law that says we have to have two different color genes we can fix/cure inherited traits Stop the hate science only cares about inherited traits, the cure exist dominant and recessive traits, Rise Against said it was "the good left undone" there is a lot of good in everyone, so don't be blinded by there color just hang out and love one another
Charlie Lord (2 months ago)
*trips over tiny clone* ooooooooooopppssssssssssssssssss...
Brittany Pryce (2 months ago)
I love these videos. I'm a substance abuse counselor and psychotherapist - I show your videos all the time to my client groups to explain complex issues linked to mental health and substance use issues. Thank you for making these videos. Greatly appreciated.
john bordes (2 months ago)
Epigenetic and abc
Dayon Mage (2 months ago)
Another example; John and Hank are both brothers with similar genetic material, yet Hank isn't nearly as obnoxiously neurotic or spastic as his sibling counterpart.
I G (3 months ago)
Do genes influene behaviour such as solitary behaviour in cats? If so, how?
ryanjannakhuang (3 months ago)
Why is that 2d globe a Mercator projection
Sam (3 months ago)
Reasons not to have children: To save the environment and to be able to do things without guilt.
eshwar bn (3 months ago)
Excellent topic,fantastically presented, 👌🏻
Elizabeth Shaw (3 months ago)
I wonder after half a lifetime with a genetic disorder where my insulin receptors do not function. If my insulin receptors were suddenly turned on what would happen to me? They kept telling me in 5 years did be able to fix it well I think we're at a point now where it may be able to be fixed but my original team doesn't want anything to do with me because I mentioned money once! They made a lot of money off me and all I asked for was my travel expenses from Maine to Boston and back and my doctor up here at the time and said they would give me that but they never did. It doesn't matter now that was in the 90s and they should be speaking to me now or at least my Dr.
Ineedaholiday Plz (3 months ago)
I love how you gave the epigenomes voices (I think I butchered the spelling)
Lilia Lotus (3 months ago)
This lends credence to the idea that people are largely a product of their environment. It also kind of has some horrible implications for people that grow up in abusive situations. And all the children growing up in war zones. What kind of epigenetic changes would occur in populations who have multiple generations suffering through similarly extreme situations of stress?
Jaume Baguna (3 months ago)
Epigenetics is nonsense. And a quick glimpse to most comments here shows how missleading and dangerous could be. What this funny guy and his clone are telling here is plainly wrong. Let me explain it. First, he skips to tell us how those epigenetic tags (methylation, histone acetylation, etc,..) go specifically to a particular gene that, according to him, will cause obesity, cancer, and other illnesses. Who and how 'tells' which gene has to be methylated or its histones acetylated? Is it God? I believe it is not. Second, to methylate a particular string of DNA bases you need specific enzymes called methyltransferases of which there are hundred different in each cell. How methyltransferases know which stretch of DNA has to be methylated? The true answer, and not the science circus that the funny guy and his clone performs, is that to do the job, a specific methyltransferase is recruited by specific transcription factors already bound to that particular gene. Therefore, all this fuss about epigenetics is mere gene regulation retold in a way both wrong and obscure. Moreover, the swedish example is not true as it is not the often cited epigenetic effects of the Dutch Hunger of 1944. So, please, stop talking nonsense, give clear examples, and do not confuse people. Thanks.
Emanuel Hategan (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video! One would think this is a discovery of the 20th century however the Bible describes this beyond any doubt in Exodus 34:7 "Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation."
BertyFromDK (3 months ago)
1:09 that's NOT a cigarette! On a different note, i thought of the computer metaphor a few seconds before Hank mentioned it. Does that mean i'm smart?
Joel Carreras (3 months ago)
hasta la tercera y cuarta generacion .... jajajaja
You missed a good chance for a pun at 6:46 "isolated" "ICE-olated"
Btw, by "twin" he doesn't mean just plain twins, he means identical twins. Hope that didn't confuse anyone, lol.
I personally don't want kids. I just hate the idea of it, which is natural selection so... Maybe I'd adopt, humans are overpopulated.
Josef Stehlen (4 months ago)
Literally, we are charged with correcting the mistakes of our fathers.
oWEN5947 (4 months ago)
All im going to say is... 10 science lessons at school < one 9 minute SciShow video.
Lauro Neto (4 months ago)
Aint this completely anti-Darwinism?
Coldwelth Simms (4 months ago)
Damn my babies babies and their babies gonna be watching youtube
Hector Marrero (4 months ago)
If you enjoyed this video read the book switch on your brain by Caroline leaf neuroscientist
anjali krishna (4 months ago)
"The experiences of an individual during its lifetime cannot be passed on to its progeny"(given in ncert biology book) if this is true then how epigenetics is possible
Shiro (4 months ago)
6:45 they were ICE-solated
Jonathan Johnson (4 months ago)
Digging the goatee
Jessica Beggs (4 months ago)
Luckily for me I will not be having a child that is genetically related to me, I’ll do the embryonic adoption route. or adopt and already born child,
ItDoesn'tReallyMatter (4 months ago)
Genes still regulate the upper and lower limit of possible expressions. Even with the best environment if your genes predispose you to an IQ of 100 it might become 110 or something, never 200. A little different with malnutrition, but even then you would observe a difference between someone who is predisposed for higher intelligence as opposed to someome with lower predisposition.
Mete Cheung (4 months ago)
But reprogramming of the DNA occurs after sperm and egg fuses, which causes only 1% of the epigenome of parents to be passed down right? That's such a small percentage of a parent's epigenentic taggings, is it really going to have such a drastic effect.
Jim Battersbee (4 months ago)
So, the twin that was given away grew up in one of the Southern states of the US?
Lucy Francis (4 months ago)
Getting them orphan black vibes :)
MrLangam (4 months ago)
Does this apply to singing? Like for example, your kid sings from Childhood, would his DNA be able to do some epigenetic change that improves his voice?
rays rays (5 months ago)
Yes , I decided to drink some water because I'm thirsty.
MrFro89 (5 months ago)
WOW. His voice used to be normal...
Krombopulos Michael (5 months ago)
Lol, "pass through that little pipe over there..." Good way of putting birth!
Laura Lumos (5 months ago)
I love studying the genetics/biology of twins! I just did a video on my channel that answers commonly asked questions like whether identical/fraternal twins run in families, can they skip a generation, etc.
luciferangelica (5 months ago)
What? Hot pockets? You really that desperate?
ngn mA (5 months ago)
me after watching each of ur videos... *man I love this channel*
Sage Michael (5 months ago)
Ron White (5 months ago)
So even though I adopt my foster child and give him the best stable and educational life style, his biological parents can still mess his and his off springs life up?
Mirjam Urfer (5 months ago)
arrozblanco7 (5 months ago)
probably explains my asthma as a child. Grandpa was a heavy smoker, before my mom was a born. And even after she was born.
Erik Pilch (5 months ago)
spelled Tattoo...
Cansu Çakır (5 months ago)
What is the difference between epigenetics and behavioral genetics? It seems behavioral genetics works with epigenetic mechanisms or what other mechanisms does behavioral genetics exhibit other than the ones in epigenetics?
Casey Goode (5 months ago)
Why you look so orange?
suchona dewan (5 months ago)
for some seconds i couldnt believe he is hank.. idk why.. facial hair? anyways he looks good
David Solt (5 months ago)
After puberty my hair got curly and milk became less nice to my stomach
Kritika Taya (5 months ago)
Ok . I'm sorry future kid.
Colleen Meyers (5 months ago)
Best presentation of Epigenetics....my AP Psychology students and I are huge fans of "Big Bank Hank!" (as referred to in class)
So basically, epigenetics is the study of heritable change in the gene expression(active or non active). The gene expression is controlled by social/environmental facts, this is why your 50 year old twin has the same genetic code but not the same genetic expression.
dreamsdo cometrue (5 months ago)
I should stop thinking so negatively all the time, so my future generations will automatically always look on the positive outcomes of everything they face
Heretic (5 months ago)
Could this help to explain why ancient civilizations worshipped their ancestors?
Wolftamer Wolfcorp (5 months ago)
welp time to continue to avoid cigarettes considering both my grandmothers as well as my father and his father smoked... seriously I'm very predisposed to it, and not so much to alcohol since my parents and grandparents never cared to drink
vic plichota (6 months ago)
Brilliant and classic: great job, Hank!
Amber Haugen (6 months ago)
Really great switch vs knob analogy for methylation vs histones. Never heard it explained as so easy to understand before!
Rudolph Rudolph (6 months ago)
This is why emotional trauma that causes anxiety/depression can pass down to children
Nehmo Sergheyev (6 months ago)
So, am I supposed to thumb-up all these videos because I believe science is under promoted in modern society, or should I only thumb-up the good SciShow videos? Some are definitely better. And the political ones are totally terrible. (I even boycotted the channel for a while because of Hank's political ignorance.)
Mr. Nobody (6 months ago)
So stress and distress you have expeirenced make your offspring live longer?
Sally Aquin (6 months ago)
Tattoo is misspelled, guys...
IntarwebUser (6 months ago)
"And right now, you are making decisions that are going to affect people who are alive long after you are dead." <Looks up from gnawing on sugar cane pulp after hearing that>
Uri Lee (6 months ago)
thank u so much my genetics professor is so confusing omg
propker (6 months ago)
The good thing is that you can do away with some of the bad traits you passed to your children with good parenting
Gully Foyle (6 months ago)
Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful.
boomchongo (6 months ago)
You really don’t like carnival people.
Gmontgalloway (6 months ago)
I don't know if the Sweden food intake example was a good study for epigenetics because there have been studies showing that fewer calories can actually cause organisms to live longer. This has been shown in monkeys for instance. Anyone have other examples?
Satyajeet Panchal (6 months ago)
Epigenetics (above genome) is really really cool science. I ❤❤❤ Scishow and Hank Green you are awesome science presenter😘😘😘
yunojoy (6 months ago)
I love Circus Hank
¿ (6 months ago)
"What we smoke"...🤔 😁🌿
Peter Parker (6 months ago)
one million five hundred and eighty thousand five hundred and first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Frost (7 months ago)
I like you. Where can I get some merch? Also, Europe delivery?
Kingston Anderson (7 months ago)
So.. Would having children when you're young be better than having children later in life because there's less chance of negatively effecting your epigenome?

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