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Mike Matusow is Concerned About Chip Smuggling

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After a short hiatus following his WSOP victory, Mike Matusow gets back in the action at the SHRPO. However, he raises concerns about allowing players to re-enter after surviving a previous flight.
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Текстовые комментарии (73)
Sludge (1 месяц назад)
Does Mike always ramble on?
Cracky Jimbob (6 месяцев назад)
Mike is washed up. Plus an idiot.
SBakerNYC (8 месяцев назад)
hes so coked up here....love it
Buil Dinit (10 месяцев назад)
rivahkillah (1 год назад)
Love him or hate him, he's right about what he's talking about in this video
Luca Noro (1 год назад)
Wait.. maybe I am the retard. Mike just brainfucked me good.
Luca Noro (1 год назад)
To all you retards that don't get wtf Mike the Masterful Orator Matusow is saying, pay attention: Mike was told that: 1) You can add on chips so your stack equals starting stack.2) The SAME type of chip is used.Hence:3) A weasel could take 70k chips off and leave 10k, and then add-on 70k extra. And afterwards smuggle in those 70k that was shaved off. So your stack is now 150k, since you had 80k, hid 70k and bought 70k. 4) Mike then thought "Are you crazy (tournament director)?!" and "that is atrocious", and he thought that because it is an obvious security flaw. Also, Phil Ivey is the cheater.
David'sSon (1 год назад)
When I first saw Mike in a tournament I literally was laughing out loud how he worn his emotions on his sleeve, actually to be more precise on his face. The would stick his bottom lip out like a baby when doing badly, who could not read this guy. But over a short time I began to respect his pAssion and enjoyed watching him play! Mike is not perfect but he is an asset to poker
wavygr (1 год назад)
I just bought his book online can't wait for it to get here.
Michael Sung (1 год назад)
wth is he trying to say?
Adam DeFord (1 год назад)
Adderal or coke?
Pat Lynch (1 год назад)
Mike has false teeth. I mean no teeth. Guy has a drug problem, get some help.
matthew gillis (9 месяцев назад)
Pat Lynch you gonna kiss him? You catching a blow job off of him? He not cute enough for you? The fuck does anyone care about his teeth??? And drug problem or not, he's doing better than you
aldfjak (1 год назад)
allow 1 rebuy within the first few flights, that at least prevents a cooler hand scenario. allowing people to play like idiots and rebuy 7 times is stupid. the ones who get away with it build a chip count playing bad poker.
Nekuz 23 (7 месяцев назад)
aldfjak and the "house" does not care they want more rebuys so they can make money
Bob Papadopoulos (2 года назад)
Dude, you are fu(ked up bro!!! Hopefully you are clean today my dude
Lark Macallan (2 года назад)
still on coke, huh junkie boy?
Carlos Perez (2 года назад)
for the ones that a little confused by Mike hahaha(like me trying to understand my Math teacher in high school) what he is talking is about "rebuys" while for you or me let say entering a 10 grand tournament with a "rebuy option" you and me are very unlikely to rebuy like Phil Ivey 7 TIMES or more, for him 70 grand IS SPARE CHANGE! so HE IS MORE LIKELY TO WIN A TOURNAMENT THIS WAY.
taylor trash (2 года назад)
Get off the Shit mikey
Maciek Kusnierz (2 года назад)
He LOVES it.
Bro Srsly (2 года назад)
he looks lyk hes been on the meth aye, mouths disorientated, clear signs, fucks he upto..
Mark Johnson (2 года назад)
"I held my guns to it".
GTRandy (2 года назад)
He's right.
Gavin Dowds (2 года назад)
What Mike Matusow is saying here is totally right. Another poker legend that the tournament organisers should be paying attention to.
Claude Rains (2 года назад)
Rebuy is nothing if the field is not limited to so many players. If it is then you have something. As you are basically making the limit not a limit. As you are basically bringing in a new player with each rebuy. So either have a limited amount of players and when they lose their out or don't.
jdstox1 (2 года назад)
mike might not be the most LIKED guy in poker.......but hes forgotten more about the game than most will ever know......very knowledgeable
tyler joyner (1 год назад)
tom fusi hater. people evolve
tom fusi (1 год назад)
he's an old nit with a tilt problem who is dead broke that the game has long passed by
pats4lifebb (2 года назад)
+jdstox1 and he has a big juicy dick for me to enjoy
that's not to uncommon. just played in $25 buy-in tourney where you started with 4000 and for a "$5 dealer appreciation" you could get an extra 2000
JohnnyAppleseed (1 год назад)
Where was this at?
Bobby Bobby (2 года назад)
I have only played a few micro stakes rebuy tournaments, but I never rebought once even in them. I think rebuy tournaments are kinda stupid, and so I almost never play them, and when I do, I dont rebuy.
Billyd614 (3 года назад)
Farron X (3 года назад)
He sounds drunk.
OriginalMindTrick (3 года назад)
Two top comments! Good ol' days.
JustPoleBarnBuilders (3 года назад)
pdoggy10inch (3 года назад)
they say his butt was very popular while he was in jail
Nick Werle (3 года назад)
mike is so right!!
Nick Werle (3 года назад)
floor will accuse Mike of telling people about smuggling!
theforsbergshow (4 года назад)
yea...and so what?
Stamps600 (4 года назад)
Collusion has always happened it is cheating, but part of the game. Live tournaments being so large now it doesn't effect it that much. Cash games have the biggest collusion ratio.
Stamps600 (4 года назад)
Problem is tournament runs on a profit so them canceling the tournament really hurts them and makes it highly unlikely that they will do that over cheating.
Tony DiGiorno (4 года назад)
Um... That's Matt Glantz... Poker Ambassador of a major casino.
George Castanza (4 года назад)
whos that fatso think he is coming out of no where saying dont 3 bet with two 9's.. gtfo fatty
Gaylord Hancock (4 года назад)
look at that cutie at 0:03 bottom right hand corner
Gaylord Hancock (4 года назад)
hes probably a republican who thinks backwards
Armida Zepeda (4 года назад)
this fool is off his meds. mkie c.
shiraq07 (4 года назад)
why is this in the old youtube format?
Seaton1518 (4 года назад)
learn how to spell you dumb shit then try again at a comeback.
smarterthananyone (4 года назад)
You are soooooo jealous.
marcellothefellow (4 года назад)
top comments? what is this the stone age??
jonathan smith (4 года назад)
I don't need to cheat to beat Mike Moo-tusow. Moooo bluff mooo bluff mooo bad call mooo bitching mooo busts out.. His typical tourney or cash game! Lmao when we play and someone makes a Massive Donk play.. We call it a matusaw!!!!!!!!!
CoolGuyMcGruff (4 года назад)
How is the comment layout like this!?
David Douglas (4 года назад)
i think what mike is saying is 100% true, i think the only way that they could do the whole buy-in both days is to change the colour of the chips but at the same time that would make a lot of hassle when it comes to day 1 & 2 playing each other on day 3 or what ever
Seaton1518 (4 года назад)
you grab the definition in the rule book? what a douche!
Seaton1518 (4 года назад)
They do NOT count the chips in the sealed day 1 baggies. at the end of day 1 you count up your chips seal the bag and the only thing they check is the ID. that the names are correct.
Hennnerzz (4 года назад)
1stPlaceDirector (4 года назад)
I think what Mike doesn't make clear, is that the reason players get worried that players may be bringing in more chips, when they re-enter, is that seated players don't get notified of how many times each player rebuys and when they see the player, they don't know if he is playing as a rebuy or not, because players are frequently moved from table to table in the course of normal tournament play. But if the floor people were monitoring players changing tables properly, it wouldn't be an issue.
Alden Rogers (4 года назад)
How would the tournement directors know if people take chips from one day to use the next day? That's why they count them at least after every tournement close each day...
adamo36532 (4 года назад)
Han (4 года назад)
wow i found the old youtube!
TheInkinJapan (4 года назад)
Also, if people rebuying to increase their stack size is the problem, changing chips overnight doesn`t really help. People could enter and re-enter on a single day. I think it would be really hard to remove a significant amount of chips from the table- one player notices and you are out. The supervisors can easily a record of the total chips on each table, and confirm that they are all there. Any discrepancies can be checked on camera. And, does it even provide a significant advantage?
TheInkinJapan (4 года назад)
I guess you could try. Most likely, you would be disqualified. "Chips in Transit: All chips must be visible at all times. Participants may not hold or transport Tournament chips in any manner that takes them out of view or out of the Tournament area. A participant who does so will forfeit the chips and face disqualification. The forfeited chips will be taken out of play. " "Participants must have zero (0) chips remaining to re-enter, or be subject to disqualification."
TheInkinJapan (4 года назад)
No, you couldn`t take 35000 out of 40000 and just stick it on your stack tomorrow, because if you do, what happens when you lose your 5000 and are out of the tournament? Sure, you could never go all in, but if you are going to do that, then you may as well just keep your chips at the table.
TheInkinJapan (5 лет назад)
Take a month off to do your washing and get some exercise. Your jowl is affecting your speech.
Still Blazin (5 лет назад)
poker is his job... Why would he boycott his only form of income because of a relatively new House Rule that can be very easily scratched out of the rule book if awareness is raised? But you think instead of making thousands every week playing a fun card game, he should throw away the cards forever... GTFO
Greg Harris (5 лет назад)
go to big events and its "team poker" with large groups of poker clubs descending upon the field with 20 or more people playing for the "team". when there is money involved people will find ways to collude and cheat. look at online poker, the biggest rip off next to the stock market and wall street.
matmar23 (5 лет назад)
He doesnt agree but at the same time supports it by playing.
lgilreath (5 лет назад)
Get someone with better talking skills than Mike the mouth to explain this. It sounds like a bad deal, but if its giving the house more rake then why would any player do it? Time to go google I guess
Chris (5 лет назад)
mike is dead on
chlebiceksmaslem (5 лет назад)
what's that? tss...
Chris Hansen (5 лет назад)
nothing new
KS (5 лет назад)
i agree w/ Mike here. tremendous opprtunity for collusions

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