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Big Brother Vanessa Watch: BB16 Winner Derrick Gives Advice!

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Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur talks about Vanessa's strengths and weaknesses and what strategies will help Vanessa make it to the $500,000 prize!
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Crys (3 года назад)
Derrick is so egotistical.
Peter Hoffman (3 года назад)
I love Derrick but I think he's wrong about Van. One thing I know about life is that in a situation like this show you have to play your own game. Derrick played his game masterfully and he is definitely a great player and a smart guy, but how he would play the game might not work for someone else and how they should play the game. A lot of this game is about personality and you kind of have to make it up as you go, with different people in the house you're going to need a different strategy.. love her of hate her Vanessa has played a brilliant game and like I always say it's hard to knock a strategy that worked, and so far its looking like she's going to take the win.
393Dan (1 год назад)
Though you usually live by example. When you go on a date, you don't just yap whatever goes through your mind and tell the girl that her dress makes her look like a fat cow and then apologize and say that you were just joking 'cause you're a fucking joker and that's your personality. Why go through the extra trouble of digging yourself in a hole just to find a way to get out of it? Derrick is 100% right, you just need to be chill, likable and you'll go far in that game and in life in general. Vanessa, she was playing that game at the beginning but towards the middle she started losing it.
Lauren Chavez (3 года назад)
I hate Vanessa so much! After back Steve in a corner and treating him that way.. She's so emotional and irrational. How is she still in this game? They are all so dumb
Lisa S (2 года назад)
+JJ Stewart hell yeah
JJ Stewart (2 года назад)
Because she played an amazing game !!!! Duh ! #TeamVanessa
Lisa S (3 года назад)
Yup confrontation is definitely necessary 
TheMurrmursonbottle (3 года назад)
You have to confront people in the house - it's not her fault Steve sucks socially. But yeah, people should get her out, because if she gets to the end, she wins.
Lisa S (3 года назад)
+Lauren Chavez She is anything but irrational tbh. Emotional, yes. She's the smartest player in the house.
Brian Rector (3 года назад)
I think Derrick's strategy and Vanessa' strategy are radically different, but I don't think either is wrong. Vanessa has certainly been in danger far more than Derrick ever was in trouble, but she thrives on the chaos. For every hole she digs, she pulls herself out and comes out smiling in the end. Andy had two targets running the show (Helen and Amanda) while in their ear, then chose the right time to take out both; Ian played hard in competitions, defended his alliance and made smart moves while never taking the target off his back (more than he knew!); Rachel's competition run and ultimately her key relationship with Porsche brought her the win; Hayden, like Derrick, kept a steady hand and like Andy, took out an alliance member to be on top. Most of the winners of this game are deserving, and Vanessa would certainly be among the best in my book. (The others would be mid-tier winners at best for me, aside from maybe Steve.)
Stainless (2 года назад)
I was rooting for Vanessa too bud Looks like we got screwed over by a nerd
Brian Rector (3 года назад)
+stevebarnes96 Based on...
Lisa S (3 года назад)
+stevebarnes96 lol no
Brian Rector (3 года назад)
+stevebarnes96 Um all physical comps so CBS is trying to save James. She has survived serious curveballs AGAINST her - BOB ending when it did and endurance comps right and left (James' forte). But haters gonna hate.
Becki Langston (3 года назад)
Hey guys, it's Team Vanessa all the way for me.  I am a live feeder and have to put up with all the haters but Nessa my girl!  I sort of disagree with Derrick on his comment that Vanessa's emotional outbursts are unintentional.  I think she knows exactly what she's doing and needs to keep doing it.  Laying low maybe... I mean, if she sort of stays in the shadows for awhile then they will be even more afraid to put her thinking she will will lay the biggest hissyfit of all on them!  Hahahah!  Thanks for having Derrick on, love his comments and I never miss watching On The Block! ~Becky.   BigBrotherDiva on the feeds (public room The real backyard)  x0x0x0x!
LegendLength (3 года назад)
+nimo a Truth is she is full of herself and it shows clearly in that scene.
nimo a (3 года назад)
+Becki Langston You're deluding yourself if you think ALL her outbursts are intentional. The majority are genuine. Did you watch tonight's episode when she flipped out on James because he told her she's been playing "too hard"? Nothing about that outburst was in her strategic interest so why would she do it intentionally? The fact is, her feelings were hurt and it was an impulsive reaction.

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