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Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Playboy - SNL

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Tina Fey laments that Playboy's decision to no longer feature nudes means she'll never get to use the poses she's been practicing. [Season 41, 2015] #SNL Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (387)
juanlambda27 (1 day ago)
Speaking of "Vintage" hey SNL, bring back the "Salem Bitch Trials" skit with Shannen Doherty!!!
ZadZadrack (2 days ago)
Richard Chaney (3 days ago)
I still fap to Tina Daily. Those glasses make me damn near jizz outta my jeans!
Private Account (3 days ago)
I wouldn't want to see Tina Fey in a nude centerfold... But I would love to have a hilarious and stimulating conversation with her over the course of an date that would take at least from early afternoon until my alarm clock wakes me the next day. After all... A date with Tina Fey? She has her own sex appeal, and that personality would only make her hotter as the hours flew by. In other words... I would like to go on a memorable date with her, and then fuck her so hard she can't remember her own date of birth the next morning. You want to prove God exists, make this shit happen mother fuckers!
kristi sollosi (3 days ago)
I love her shoes!!!
James Ridenour (3 days ago)
gimme your credit card!
Krasimir Nikolov (4 days ago)
do you know what i like about snl on youtube? it's NEVER a clickbait. you get what you clicked for :D
Psychotic Bob (4 days ago)
She sounds bitter.
Matthew Conway (4 days ago)
how many of you sick fucks remember exactly which issues those poses came from?
Yellow Submarine (5 days ago)
If all women were like....
Matthew (5 days ago)
Well, sharing is caring.
Nicky Santoro (5 days ago)
Tina isn't funny. Tina sucks. Get off the internet BITCH! BOOOOO!
U OZ (5 days ago)
Sean Mahoney (5 days ago)
She’s the goddamn best.
Frankincensed (5 days ago)
Not even a smile. Sorry Tina.
Lord Dice X (5 days ago)
I'd have a look at that 😀
James Kirk (5 days ago)
What is this in these comments a tina fey lovefest? she aint all that , and is kinda ugly.
Cachi - (5 days ago)
She’s so funny and beautiful at the same time!
tyro244 (5 days ago)
I love how Tina just runs off the set at the end there. :-D
Idunno Focker (6 days ago)
I'd buy Tina's boobs!
Anthonee A (6 days ago)
It’s not too late
Holly NerdyGalArt (6 days ago)
TheAmbSteve (6 days ago)
Snapshot of 2:25...I made this my computer background, lol
No One (6 days ago)
2015 isn’t vintage...
(419) ink-pens (6 days ago)
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Cheri De Hart (6 days ago)
great video thank you
Tyler Hill (6 days ago)
I’m sorry I never got to see Tina Fey pose nude for Playboy.
Bottom Feeder (6 days ago)
Has been
BLUE5294 (6 days ago)
Came for Tina's hot bod
kinvoya (6 days ago)
I love Tina Fey so much. She has done more for women than all the women politicians put together (in a large pen and tied to stakes).
Alfredo Lopez (6 days ago)
love u tina
Daniel Kennedy (6 days ago)
Man... I'll get her pregnant
Muhammad Maaz (6 days ago)
is it just me or Does any one still feel it sexier than playboy when Tina Fey posed.?
Anthony Muzyczek (6 days ago)
I'd buy that for a dollar!....🤣😂😁... lol
Lourenco Neves (6 days ago)
feel noon book outstanding stand mistake range asset air engine.
Bee Dizzle (6 days ago)
Love Tina Fey she makes me laugh an she has that sexy little cut on the left side of her face
Bernie Mosey (6 days ago)
I pee'd my pants laughing
nodonny8 (6 days ago)
I wish
Rondalyn Reynolds (6 days ago)
Tina Fey is my #1 fave!
Private Jimmy (6 days ago)
Ohmygosh Tina Fey clickbait absolutely had such a crush on her..what a beautiful sexy brown eyed brunette cutie my goodness
CUZ LIGHTYEAR (6 days ago)
Tina Fey is not funny at all. Literally the definition of women comedy.
JENN BUI (7 days ago)
I'm so freaked out
bs13690 (7 days ago)
I wish I lost nude photos of Tina Fey because that means I would have had nude photos of Tina Fey.
bwzes03 (7 days ago)
Reminds me of a Chris Rock bit, I'mma fuck her right in the arm fat. All we need is a crease. Thats right! Who's arm is this!
dan taylor (7 days ago)
This really is the epitome of women, complain about men looking at French lithographs in 19th century Paris, then complain about Playboy in the 50's in New York, then moaning about Razzle in London in the 80's then Nuts mag in the 00's how much do women want to moan at men until they realise women wouldn't pose for porn if they didn't want to do it? Now women moaning at men about porn on the internet in the 2010's. Jes why do I get the notion women will complain about men in another 50 years for doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING?
queefer sutherland (7 days ago)
disgraceful old ninny
Lue Lopez (7 days ago)
Women can degrade other women. Nice! Where are the feminist?????
Laura Kennedy (7 days ago)
coding and arm butts! we must learn. lmao
Tasunke (7 days ago)
jwahh (7 days ago)
SNL: "Hey everybody, straight men are repulsive."
John Doe (7 days ago)
Just let playboy die. Now even less people will buy it
Zachary Thoroman (7 days ago)
Oh poor Tina, they did a number on your face..
Erik 000 (7 days ago)
SNL needs to go. It hasn't been funny or original in over 20 years.
princeoftidds (7 days ago)
Erik 000 at least SNL used to be funny. You, on the other hand...
Buddha The monk (7 days ago)
I pity women and girls whose role model is Kardashians and not women like Tina Fey, Samantha bee, Anuradha Koirala and Indra Nooyi etc.
I feel like I just got sexually harassed. Does anyone know a good lawyer?
SashaSidney (7 days ago)
So dirty!
Mas Tinman (7 days ago)
Eat it in all those positions good lawd
Ivan Zamora (7 days ago)
I found this video easy to masturbate to
LEMMY K. IS GOD (7 days ago)
Tina F. is definitely an anywhere, anytime, anybody, anything, any place kind of lady
Dave Davies (7 days ago)
Tina Fay is iconic.
Cig Me Freud (7 days ago)
Michael Che nodding at the end like there's a reason why this milfzr is rich as fuck now
TighelanderII (7 days ago)
Shoulda said, "Air BnB for T&A"
Brent Pilgrim (7 days ago)
Oh Tina...😍
The Real Deal Beal (7 days ago)
To all of youcalling men sexist for the Amy Schumer episode *this is a prime example of a woman who is actually hilarious to both men and women.*
CUZ LIGHTYEAR (6 days ago)
The Real Deal Beal yeah no. Women just aren't funny.
Jamey B (7 days ago)
Vintage seems like a weird way to brand 3 year old skits
Dtrollmancan (7 days ago)
I can fap to this
alex garrity (7 days ago)
Milfed.org doesn't exist and I'm sad
Joshua J (7 days ago)
Her old white ass could get this treatment. Simple.
will (7 days ago)
Tina is a great comedian, I love her but the rest of SNL need to find a fast food job
Jason Vyzer (7 days ago)
Tina Fey is so awesome :)
stamped5150 (7 days ago)
IMHO I really think she would win whatever she ran for against Sarah Palin 💄
chinookvalley (7 days ago)
Thank all deities for SNL.
BlazRa (7 days ago)
Rufus T. Firefly (7 days ago)
What does vintage mean
Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu (7 days ago)
not hot and not funny.
Stardust (7 days ago)
S J (7 days ago)
Serious;y, is she funny?
ed rage (7 days ago)
Meghan (7 days ago)
Spam Sandwich (7 days ago)
She's quite elderly and still trying to be relevant... sad & disturbing
ars 1624 (7 days ago)
Colin has a boner
Chris Davis (7 days ago)
You can't call this vintage when it's current cast members
Drew Goretti (7 days ago)
I can’t be the person that looked up Tina feys porn
Joshua Cisneros (7 days ago)
Who gives a shit? We have internet porn now.
prilep5 (7 days ago)
Playboy was only magazine where models could make some money but internet ruined that and now girls are posting naked pictures for free or maybe a burger
Yup1996 (7 days ago)
Damn Tina Fey, is one sexy fuckin old milf and so fuckin funny,,,,
Cliff Roberson (7 days ago)
She did an excellent Sarah Palin.. Other than that, she is the most over rated person on NBC.
Nomon Munir (7 days ago)
she's right ....with the internet ....it cuts out the middle man ....anybody can access naked stuff
Tina fey the type of woman I’d like to have sex with
stone tooth (7 days ago)
Tina fey in Playboy! I would buy a case of them.
crambone t (7 days ago)
Something about her...... I'd knock the bottom out of it
Ernest Fox (7 days ago)
Youngsher37 (7 days ago)
30 rock brought me here
Ting Tang (7 days ago)
Well, hoes be givin naked photos away for free anyway so no loss
Adam Garza (7 days ago)
Love her
JR 14 (7 days ago)
It would be nice if she took Colin's job, he's not all that great at it. He's good at looking and acting like an arrogant yuppy though.
Levi Jenkins (7 days ago)
Random, but does anyone know where she got her shoes from?
Ser Garlan Tyrell (7 days ago)
2:44 I think Che likes Fey...
D- Sean (7 days ago)
I can see Tina in a cuckold scene
Paulie Harrow (7 days ago)
Tina Fey is still Lucious.. I'd like to lick Her inner thighs as she poses

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