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****LITTERING IN PUBLIC - SOCIAL EXPERIMENT***** SUBSCRIBE TO MY BROTHER! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYVueUvH2IPHXuiHJPfIj7w/feed Like My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pranknation/657688684290646?ref=hl Follow Me on Instagram: PrankNations Follow Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrankNati0n
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Text Comments (82)
Grape Daily (1 year ago)
0:18 that moment when u see someone that just dabbed
Grape Daily (1 year ago)
pause the vid and look
Grape Daily (1 year ago)
pause the vid and look
MIAMOUS E (1 year ago)
that biker was a bit harsh
Delilahh Annee (2 years ago)
When you notice his intro is "what does the Fox say?" song lmao
Leonie Gadner (2 years ago)
i love the vegan guy! *_*
Aaron MILLIKIN (2 years ago)
1:50 thats durian rider
BE Skovdal (2 years ago)
isn't that the same dude you tried to hold hands with?
Santina W (2 years ago)
+BE Skovdal Yeah its that VEGAN shirt guy!!
liyahxv (3 years ago)
Mitchell O'Keefe (3 years ago)
My cousin litters and I tell him to pick it up but he doesn't care
Brian Erb (3 years ago)
In the USA he would have been arrested and held for who knows how long for questioning to determine if he was a terrorist doing a dry run for leaving a small bomb behind. In these times a silly prank can have devastating and lasting effects you didn't count on. Be careful young man, think of potential outcomes before you prank.
DR.Mantis (3 years ago)
I'm like the angry vegan. I just snap, people should know better. Although the one guy with a bow tie and jeans looks... special.
Mitchell Lack (3 years ago)
The guy with the bike helmet over reacted
Ella C (3 years ago)
"You dropped your shit"
Jackson Bradley (3 years ago)
What is Real (3 years ago)
Durian rider hahaha
Stephen Creagh (3 years ago)
Do you guys know the Biker, cause he's always going ape shit on you lol.
Nerd Lingo (3 years ago)
@ 1:04 the face Van Persie made every time he was caught offsides
juanjeremy2012 (4 years ago)
1:47 thats durianrider
Plazmit e (4 years ago)
doing this in my country gets you a 160 dollar fine.
Polaican (4 years ago)
1:32 The same guy in the Holding Stranger's Hand Prank.
Hugos Boss (4 years ago)
1:46 min., maybe he should eat some meat to calm down, cause he seems a bit "on the edge"; otherwise a relaxed person would not physical assault someone over something that "meaningless" in the relation like littering
TheMightyLinuX (4 years ago)
The reaction at 1:33 is fake... prof (the holding hand prank) : Holding Hands With Strangers Another prank where he also fakes an reaction
ChryslerVoyager1991 (4 years ago)
LOL 1:40- 2:05
cocaineye (4 years ago)
Jordan H (4 years ago)
crazy to see that some people don't give a shit!!
Teamhana_ (4 years ago)
Nooo.... The banana microphone was way better
Cam Oram (4 years ago)
Hahaha Durianriders reaction was hilarious!
Vertical Addiction (4 years ago)
Durianrider FTW!!!
Yolo Swaggins (4 years ago)
the way you throw the shit on the ground is fucking hilarious
*Priscilla* (1 year ago)
+ShawnandStefan same😂
ShawnandStefan (4 years ago)
I know lmfao had my crackin up
B. Piscitello (4 years ago)
Was the one with Durianrider for real ?
habadashery2009 (4 years ago)
LOL durianrider. 
joel Zu (4 years ago)
I watch DR more than 2 times, love him
talthepal (4 years ago)
Far out, I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw DurianRiders reaction :D
Vincent McGovern (4 years ago)
I laughed so hard at Durianrider's reaction! xD
ShawnandStefan (4 years ago)
lol Durianrider got real as fuck
Azure Knight (4 years ago)
2:40 this guy leaning 0.0
lesley7x (4 years ago)
Omg I literally laughed so hard watching this! :) I like the last guy hehe.
lesley7x (4 years ago)
lololol Harley! :) That was hilarious ;)
Big Haz (4 years ago)
Hey im from Adelaide SA
Lucas Schnaidler (4 years ago)
ooohhh DR is such a peaceful being <3 Don't prank on him :P
Banana Nation (4 years ago)
Everyone should be like Durianrider haha :-D
I Went Vegan (4 years ago)
You guys need to try this with a cigarette butt to see what people do
Fructus Dea (4 years ago)
StephyPlantbased (4 years ago)
DR touched that boooooy! lol
Ella B (4 years ago)
Bahahahaha loved that you included durianrider! 
lee a dorney (4 years ago)
Feat. Durianrider lol #assault LOL
Anne D (4 years ago)
Durian rider!
OnePandaMan (4 years ago)
eat your vegetables 
Coffee With Mel (4 years ago)
Was this before you knew him???
Go vegan!
MasterOZero (4 years ago)
+Anne H he went apeshit on his ass
James Arte (4 years ago)
Nice. But I can see this all ending in tears one day. I hope not, but I am afraid.
Ricardo Rivera (4 years ago)
You've filmed with durian rider before though?
Rob Vegan Persie (4 years ago)
he appeared in one of dr vlogs in the past (not the really recent one)
John Smith (4 years ago)
Velariums (4 years ago)
If you want a professional channel art inbox me or respond to this comment! :D
Velariums (4 years ago)
Chad le Clos (4 years ago)
Is it just me or does ur friend looks abit like Robin Van Persie??
LETZUPLOADIT (4 years ago)
Good to see that people care
Daany Nawaz (4 years ago)
That accent is poison!
Gabriel Carfora (4 years ago)
Very well executed social experiment PN, Adelaide really does need to be more cautious with the amount of littering and asylum seekers
Gabriel Carfora (4 years ago)
You're a gaykunt
PMDownUp (4 years ago)
That biker is awesome!!
habspuck (4 years ago)
You should give garage to someone and then just walk away. Ask them to hold it for a second as you tie your shoe or something..:P idk...just an idea
habspuck (4 years ago)
I actually laughed out loud :')
Jack Aynsley (4 years ago)
Awesome video bro, great reactions :)
Yondu (4 years ago)
Your videos are hilarious bro
Andy Matherson (4 years ago)
I litter, but only when there's no bins around, that's fair right?
RexKid18 (4 years ago)
Pretty sure it's that vegan banana guy at 1.33
Rob Vegan Persie (4 years ago)
+Stephy801010 actually no, he appeared in a previous video of DR too!
StephyPlantbased (4 years ago)
yea but i believe they only got to know each other while doing that prank
John Simpson (4 years ago)
you 2 should make more collabs :)
StephyPlantbased (4 years ago)
i totally agree!!! that would be awesome
Jessie Webber (4 years ago)
Adrian brought me here XD /subbed
Adrian Gee (4 years ago)
Haha that's sick! :D
Clark Webster (4 years ago)

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