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Phil Ivey Exclusive Interview with ALL IN Magazine about Ivey Poker

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Learn more about the Ivey Poker app created by Phil. Get exclusive details about its features, the celebrities who are participating, and why the app was created. Phil explains how you can play against, and interact with, the poker pros themselves! Ask questions, get tips, and play against the best of the best. If you're lucky, you might even get to go head to head with Phil!
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Текстовые комментарии (11)
Pedro Santos (4 года назад)
Baller in every aspect
BongZilla Cough (4 года назад)
Can u play with real money on it?
Wee Yeah (4 года назад)
love this guy
Agatha Bloodworth (5 лет назад)
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rocaho001 (4 года назад)
Only if you suck my wiener first 
wallythewhale (5 лет назад)
Phil Ivey never discussed any hands in any poker show (high stakes poker, PAD and many others) and now he can make money off his own site, all of a sudden he's interested in discussing hands with amateurs
Nicholas Aitken (5 лет назад)
Well technically joining the marine corps doesn't show any entrepreneurial spirit and actually even works against thinking outside the box and doing your own thing, which kinda defines a entrepreneur. However that being said that billy bob is a retarded hate troll who just spews hate, so go figure no1 wins
Curtis Payne (5 лет назад)
I've been in the Marine Corps for the past 13 years, where is the entrepreneurial fail in that
Bahman Zarghami (5 лет назад)
stfu u useless pathetic waste of a human life fail entrepeneur. enjoy welfare
Curtis Payne (5 лет назад)
i had this idea...to milk players world wide. but to start i have to gain a player base and get a little legislation passed, then im tahitian bound bitches
brownseed777 (5 лет назад)

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