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How Does The Internet Change Our Brains?

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This week on The Point: the internet! Does the internet change people's brains? Some worry that people's brains and attention spans are being changed because of the influence of the internet. People know more today than in the past, but is their knowledge as deep? Does the internet grow our ideas, or make us too lazy to develop our own? These questions and more will be discussed this week on The Point! Check out the full show later this week. Host: Ana Kasparian Panelists: Cara Santa Maria, Host of Huffington Post's "Talk Nerdy To Me" Catie Lazarus, Host and Writer, "Employee of the Month" Brett Erlich, Host and contributor for Current TV, "The War Room" Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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7Earthsky (3 years ago)
Elderly?? WTF??? I grew up without the internet and im 42..I'd hardly call that elderly lol.
jptigress (4 years ago)
an elderly person's brain would be different just for the fact that s/he would have experienced a lot more through his/her lifetime than someone just reaching adulthood now....
arafat sapey (5 years ago)
Thank you can me a IDE
tweekyseagull (5 years ago)
Yeah. Me too. I kept hearing, "Internet bubble....lip ring lip ring lip ring...communicate... lip ring lip ring lip ring". I guess the lesson is, if you don't want anyone to pay attention to what you are saying, put something on your lip that makes it look like you forgot to wipe some food off of your face.
Uriel Suarez (5 years ago)
I did not notice the lip ring until I read your comment.
Gary Leventhal (5 years ago)
BTW the poor Grammar, I meant to do that in Honor of GW ;-)
Gary Leventhal (5 years ago)
I think I speak for a lot of guys when I say, Please forgive me for focusing upon the beautiful woman and not the important subject they so wish to convey with equal billing. This show that while we have come a long way in equal rights for woman we still need to come a long way. BTW Did I mention How gorgeous intelligent woman can be. ;-)
Jane J (5 years ago)
Great to use it but never let it uses you. & believe me it's more than important when you be in grave like where I'm now because the internet is my only way to connect with the world but even in this grave I never let it control on me or let me forget how much wonderful to read book while you listen to soft jazz a way from the internet. (J)
Raymond Hamilton (5 years ago)
I pride myself on keeping a open mind However the young lady on your panel with the lip ring kept my attention but for the wrong reasons . I tried not to notice her piercing but for some reason my eyes kept going back to it. By the time convinced myself that I was being silly I was no longer interested in the rest of the content that I wanted to hear. Food for thought.
Threefoot McMillan (5 years ago)
We have to hope a certain class or religion don't get total control of the internet. In the 90's there was great concerns about our children being caught up in the internet and not being able to function with friends or family. Today i can go online and learn to build anything from destructive to creative. In my opinion, i prefer a simple life at the same time, the internet has proven to be a great tool.
manonthemount (5 years ago)
the internet is not a human right. human rights are inherent, not invented.
Jim Mullinaux (5 years ago)
The internet is wonderful in providing access to information. But it is up to each of us to actually read that information. O' bother... And since there is so much information available, we have to sift through it all and then take the time to analyze it. O' bother, bother... And once we've found the information, took the time to actually read it, sifted through it all, and then made the effort to analyze it, only then can we hope to understand it. O' dear, it's really too much of a bother...
vanidar21 (5 years ago)
what are u saying, brett is hot
BreadBeardLazerPirate (5 years ago)
Kazooga1234 is a troll he is just copying and pasting this all over the place
BreadBeardLazerPirate (5 years ago)
Right but the kids have to be raised exactly the same and in the same environment except one gets to use Internet and one doesn't probably would work best with twins b/c similar personalities
themaypole (5 years ago)
despite it being my main leisure and entertainment tool, w/o the internet I wouldn't have met my fiancee, so whenever ppl badmouth it, I jus get angry
KatiHathor (5 years ago)
lol i'm hardly elderly and i was raised without the internet...
Potirion Lannister (5 years ago)
is it just me missing my ex and being alone or do they all (except for the guy) look extremely hot?
Rusty Shackleford (5 years ago)
The fact that she rocks that shit.
Atomsk12 (5 years ago)
I remember some time ago watching a great TED talk (I believe it was by a guy named Shirky...-something) and he made a great point that the internet is value neutral, meaning it can be good or bad. For instance, Cara mentioned how you can find like-minded people over the net that you didn't even know existed. Example: there are actually support groups for anorexicgirls who give each other tips on how to "stay in shape".
Atomsk12 (5 years ago)
Thank you TYT for bringing back Cara!!! And for a lengthy discussion at that. Can't wait to see the whole episode.
despitetherage (5 years ago)
I know what the dictionary says. Gnostic means Knowledge. Theism means Belief. Knowledge and Belief are not the same thing. You can be Gnostic or Agnostic, just like you can be a Theist or an Atheist. I am Agnostic, because I do not claim to have knowledge of God, but I also do not believe that any gods exist. Those are different things and should have a different terms denoting that, thus Agnostic Atheist. Most people just align with one side or the other, but they are different.
EekTheOmen (5 years ago)
Maybe The Fact That She Does Look Good, Makes Her Think She Looks Good?
despitetherage (5 years ago)
Um, that is a little silly because I am an Agnostic Atheist. Agnostic means, "not having KNOWLEDGE of" and Atheist is "not having a BELIEF in deities." So, I do not have direct knowledge that any gods exists, so I am agnostic and through reflection, education and experience, I have no belief that any gods exists, therefore an atheist. They are two different words with very, very specific meanings. Knowledge, what you can know, versus what you believe.
matt2house (5 years ago)
I would say the internet changes people's attention spans. You can be addicted to the internet if you use it socially quite a lot. Even gamers would use the internet a lot when they're chatting with their fellow clan members on a forum.
matt2house (5 years ago)
Or even write properly
Phil Przeski (5 years ago)
mmmmm Ana looks great. just sayin
hybridmcgee (5 years ago)
There are one and a half smart people at that table.
Thaifify (5 years ago)
Germany and Finland at the forefront of Internet legislation. In 2009 Finland declares the Internet as a basic legal right(if you want internet they HAVE to provide it, no matter where you live). And now Germany considers access to the Internet as a Human Right. One of these was the former Third Reich, and the other is a small, little known, Nordic country with a harsh past. And now they are more progressive than the Land of Freedom. Time does strange things.
SensoryTheater07 (5 years ago)
Never had internet growing up. In high school I had to drive to the library to use the internet on my own time. And I didn't own a cellphone until I was 20 years old. I use to rock a Motorola pager though!
NomTheFood (5 years ago)
But if nobody has to, what's the issue?
papiless (5 years ago)
brett looked lost
BlasterMaster80 (5 years ago)
Why don't they go find some Amish kids to use in the study, they don't use the internet.
despitetherage (5 years ago)
despitetherage (5 years ago)
Wikipedia is good if the article uses sources and sites those sources cause you can following the information. I would suggest people use it but like all things, use it with caution and always try to find where the information is coming from.
PhillipHunsberger (5 years ago)
Just to put it out there, but people that weren't raised with the internet aren't necessarily generally elderly. People in their 30's on up weren't raised with the internet. That's far from being elderly. Only 20 somethings would think in terms of the elderly being the ones that generally weren't raised with the internet. heh.
saprissa9 (5 years ago)
Watch the new college humor video. It's basically the same thing. We can't do shit without our phones.
Theo M. (5 years ago)
great panelists for this episode :)
jerran sperarman (5 years ago)
good video
Skylar091 (5 years ago)
I think your point would have stood if you had said you were older, not younger than Ana.
Ghobs (5 years ago)
I don't think that nobody knows how to speak in person anymore. Kids still talk - ask teachers. How do you judge the social scale? The internet lets people to be more social. Although I don't think there has been a significant decline in oral skills I am not sure that even if there was a decline it would mean our ability to socialize with each other has, overall, diminished. People always say what you are saying though... I think it's kind of like a catch phrase with little or no real meaning
The internet is communication... communication is a human right.
Kyle Richard (5 years ago)
Trich Omes (5 years ago)
Moninn Yem (5 years ago)
Ha brisky clip :)
David jenkins (5 years ago)
ShishkaBerry (5 years ago)
I can personally speak for myself.... REDUNDANCY!!! XD
Sysop (5 years ago)
That guy stole the game at like 4:10 from wait for it.... the internet..
Justin Bray (5 years ago)
Brett wearing a blazer... something is not right here.
h4ck314 (5 years ago)
fuzzy reasoning
Rev (5 years ago)
MARIA* fail!~!!!!!!!!!
Rev (5 years ago)
cara love the tats. I missed you. (This is where i pretend were in love). But seriously. More cara santa marie. Googled that name to much to remember. :(
Stalker (5 years ago)
where has viral video film shcool ?????
sogghartha (5 years ago)
Don't diss the amish. When the zombie apocalypse comes and society breaks down, they'll still be functioning. They don't need or use electricity to function, they KNOW how to do things without it.
theundeadtech (5 years ago)
now we can quantify itXD
David Boyd (5 years ago)
Autotune TYT? Anyone? please?
Comrade Stinger (5 years ago)
first ;D

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