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Seeraga Samba Rice Vegetable Biryani|Vegetable dum Biryani|Seeraga Samba rice veg Biryani

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Seeraga Samba Rice Vegetable dum biryani is very easy and very delicious.Samba Rice is one among many varieties of Rice and it's taste is like heaven.If you like this dish please subscribe to my channel. Water ratio is very important in seeraga Samba rice. Water:Rice 1:1.5 is the ratio to cook seeraga Samba rice. Ingredients Seeraga Samba rice-1/2 kg Onion-3 Tomato-2 Potato-1 Carrot -2 Beans-10 Green chilli-4 Ginger garlic paste-2 tsp Mint and coriander leaves -some Lemon-1 Chilli powder-1tsp Salt-as per taste Cooking oil-5 to 6 tsp Ghee-1tsp Before preparation Soak Samba rice in water for at least half an hour. You can put vissil in pressure cooker.cook Samba for 2 vissils with given water ratio. Cook this Yummy Vegetable Biryani for children's day And let all your children eat all green veggies. If you like this dish please subscribe to my channel. #seeragasambarice #vegetablebiryani #seeragasambiryani #bashaskitchen
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Deep Thanshi (8 months ago)
Hi mam ur cooking are superb I subscribed ur channel
Bashas Kitchen (8 months ago)
Deep Thanshi thanku so much.....pls stay connected...
nivetha d (27 days ago)
Hi sister rice ku matum tha water add panuvingala.... vegetables ku add pana venama...for eg: one cup rice ku one and half cup water... vegetables ku oru half cup extra add pana venama??
Bashas Kitchen (27 days ago)
vendam ma...veg cook ayurum...
jeya bharathi (2 months ago)
Hai, am from Bahrain. Today I make seeraga samba rice veg briyani, it comes really good. My son likes that. Thank you
Bashas Kitchen (2 months ago)
My pleasure
sam (3 months ago)
don't eat blood poriyal
Chand Bibi (6 months ago)
OK. Super. tips.
Chand Bibi (7 months ago)
Bashas Kitchen (7 months ago)
Curd is not required for vegetable rice chand..if you are going to add meat then curd is required for softness....other wise it is not required...dear
Devendra Mhatre (7 months ago)
Nice recipies. Like ur videos. Good work. Sub done.
Deep Thanshi (8 months ago)
How many minutes rice has to soak?
Deep Thanshi (8 months ago)
Bashas Kitchen thank u for reply mam
Bashas Kitchen (8 months ago)
Deep Thanshi soak rice for half an hour....Tats enough
Tapasi's Kitchen (10 months ago)
Thumbs up! Many thanks for sharing. Best greetings:)
Kinnari's Kitchen (10 months ago)
Lovely recipe on children day. Do visit my channel for latest recipe uploads.
PAINTNEST (10 months ago)
Nice Vid! I wish you all the best!
ARB FOODS (10 months ago)
Nice biryani. I subscribed no:528 for your channel . Please checkout my channel and comment on my recipies and please do subscribe. Thank you.
Heidi's Channel (10 months ago)
Very good recipe,liked it!!! like 14
Indra's Kitchen (10 months ago)
Awesome looks delicious .
Rruk Of All (10 months ago)
Looks very good.
Tek Whirl (10 months ago)
Like and subscribe from me let's support each other!
Cooking with Suad (10 months ago)
That looks so tasty delicious
Meri Bhojanshala (10 months ago)
Nice 👌
Food Vox Monika (10 months ago)
great :)
Lasse's Food and Barbecue (10 months ago)
CookFood (10 months ago)
Like6...stay connected
Indian Youtuber Ashu (10 months ago)
Jaya's Recipe (10 months ago)
nice idea good one 👍 watch my new recipe
cute sister (10 months ago)
Going to make
Ashita's Kitchen (10 months ago)

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