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I Talk about Coats of Arms and Heraldry

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Me discussing coats of arms, heraldic design, and blazonry. I outline the basic rules of heraldic design and blazonry for those who may be interested in designing their own coat of arms and reveal the truth about surname coats of arms.
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Right Posters (1 год назад)
Great database that tells the TRUTH https://coadb.com
ihsvictrix (1 год назад)
Help. It is correct to blazon and draw the following Argent, a Greek cross sable bordered with or. I mean a red field (shield), with a black Greek cross bordered with yellow. I know that the heraldic rules do not allow to place color over color, in this case, black over red, But, is it correct if the black charge has a border of yellow? Thanks
Allen Crawford (1 год назад)
Great job laying out the basics, Pete. A good place for people to start is the American Heraldry Society, which has a lot of good basic info for Americans interested in assuming arms. https://www.americanheraldry.org/ I'd add that anyone living outside of the British Isles who believes they are of Scottish descent has the option of devising their own unique coat of arms based on the arms of the chief of their surname's clan or house, as is the custom (all Campbells using the gyronny of eight Sable and Or, or the Crawfords using Gules a fess Ermine, for example). If you're unable to establish a genealogical line of descent with your own paper trail, you can try joining a Y-DNA (male line) test that pertains to your surname on Family Tree DNA ( https://www.familytreedna.com/public/kennedy ). With luck you may be able to confirm a close match with someone else of your clan or house who can establish a line of descent through documentation. I was lucky enough to confirm a close Y-DNA match with an armigerous (arms bearing) relation who traces his line down from the Ardmillan cadet of House Crawford (our line intermarried with the Kennedys of Ardmillan, which was how they attained that estate/lairdship). Once you've confirmed your line of descent, you could feel comfortable about basing your own unique arms on that of your clan's chief. Heraldic authorities in the UK are inching closer towards admitting Y-DNA evidence, but we're probably still years away from that actually happening. In the meantime, I've teamed up with my arms-bearing relation in the UK on setting up a heraldic registry of assumed arms for our clan association for our non-UK Crawfords who for whatever reason are unable to qualify for a petition for a grant of arms (can't trace the line of descent with documentation, emigrated after the US was founded, etc). These arms would be assumed, but they would be assumed under the oversight of the clan association, in cooperation with those of us who have connections with heraldic authorities and societies in the UK. To our knowledge it will be the first heraldic registry of its kind, so we're doing our best to set an example that other clan associations can use as a template for their own heraldic registries.
JASON CASTEEL (2 года назад)
This was a nice concise little crash course, and it made perfect sense. I'm going to go back over this and take notes. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
cryst4l_st0rm (3 года назад)
Thanks for this vid Pete - very informative :) Shame Comm Au has no heraldic authority to grant a letters patent for arms.
Paul Keddington (3 года назад)
Thank you for the Video. My family has a Coat of Arms It is the Keddington Coat. I have wanted to get information about it's History. could you recommend a good way to follow up on Heraldry ? Thank you all the best to you Sir
Phillip Hoffeld (4 года назад)
Why don't you start a website and help people design their stuff?  You seem to know quite a bit about it.
Lord Brennan (4 года назад)
Are you in the SCA? I just had my heraldry done, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the videos!
gjks6647 (4 года назад)
Some points of contention with the video at certain points (advised by the elapsed running time)... 5:30 - 'Tincture Rule' stated incorrectly.  The Tincture Rule actually states 'No colour on colour; no metal on metal' and what should also be added to that is 'furs are neutral'. 6:00 - Orange is not an heraldic colour.  However, 'Tenne' (a stain) is an heraldic 'colour'.  No mention of 'Bleu celeste'??? 15:15 - There is no such word in heraldry as 'countercharged'.  The word is 'counterchanged' - look in a dictionary.  Countercharged is a purely legalistic term. 15:45 - "a Pale enhanced..."  ??  How is this supposed to occur?  A Fess enhanced I can understand and visualise, but how is one supposed to enhance a vertical charge like a Pale?
Jesse Lambert (4 года назад)
I have a old coat of arms from Germany and always wondered what everything meant in it.
johnny45irish (4 года назад)
Coats of Arms apply to surnames in a few exceptions, such as the heraldry of Ireland and sometimes Scotland. In Ireland, the system goes that any member of the a sept of your particular family name has the right to bear those arms. If you are of a separate sept, but with the same family name, you still cannot hold those arms, although the arms is still associated with said family, regardless.
Allen Crawford (1 год назад)
This is true, although some Irish chiefs will occasionally allow badges or emblems to be worn by all clan members: the O'Brien Knot is an example. But yeah, Irish culture is largely tribal, not chivalric--such as Lowland Scots, most of whom are of Flemish/Carolingian descent rather than Celtic/Gaelic/Pictish. The designs of Irish and Highland Scots arms are figurative and pictorial, unlike the minimal, utilitarian Norman or Lowland Scottish arms. There is some speculation that most of these Irish "shields" were originally used as war banners by the Irish and highland Scots.
nmiller601 (5 лет назад)
Great video, thank you. I believe there is a correction at 5:30... metals should not be placed on top of OTHER metals and colours should not be placed on top of OTHER colours.
smadeintheshade (5 лет назад)
I registered my coat of arms and badge with the Bureau of Heraldry in South African, which is the most democratic and open official heraldic authority in the world.
smadeintheshade (5 лет назад)
When I founded the Association of Amateur Heralds, the main purpose was to educate the public about "bucket shops" and inform them about the rights of armigers, whilst helping people design and register their own armorial bearings with an official heraldic authority - FREE OF CHARGE! Sadly, the AAH was soon co-opted by assorted poseurs, who were linked to various self-styled chivalric orders and bogus nobles, like Leonard George Casley of the so-called Principality of Hutt River in Australia.
Jeffrey Garrison (5 лет назад)
Good job on this video!
tubemonkie (5 лет назад)
Great info, sir.

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