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16-Year-Old Dropout Is CEO of Company Potentially Worth Millions

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Ben Pasternak, a high school dropout from Sydney, Australia, could be the next great titan of technology. Pasternak, 16, is the creator and CEO of Flogg, an app that allows users to buy and sell within their social network with just a swipe. Think Tinder meets eBay. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (8957)
XxPink_ LoverxX (26 minutes ago)
He just left my country I'm from...... Australia why.....
Mister Smith (6 hours ago)
This has nothing to do with his millionaire parents.
Roa Hlawnmual (11 hours ago)
Oh no...Unbelieveable...Congratulation
Alex da Vinci (13 hours ago)
Why would he go back to school? He's making more money than you! Your education sucks!
LowlySuicide (14 hours ago)
😂😂😂 Amazon that's funny
Mohammed Ashoor (1 day ago)
Beeeleeibbe... not
Day Desiree (1 day ago)
How do you leave your parents across the world at 16....
IKEHH (2 days ago)
When I was 16 I was failing chemistry
Uhm excuse me and my people here (okay not exactly "my") but did he achieve like MBA? Or Master's Degree something like that? Or don't you need to have like an internship to have trainee or like have been emprovised and have entrepreneurship so you have knowledge about launching a new business like that?
Band Edu (2 days ago)
$100 yeezys (wow 😂)
Pardik M (2 days ago)
Damn why he cant even score a 3 pointer.... He should go to the hood and learn some basketball before making apps
lol wat? (2 days ago)
lol yeah
Pardik M (2 days ago)
lol wat? Lol he back to school lmao...
lol wat? (2 days ago)
Pardik M his company went bankrupt months ago.
Stephen Cunningham (3 days ago)
Please help me they hacked my brain
Henry Leon (3 days ago)
He seems like a good kid hope everything goes well for him
Stephen Cunningham (3 days ago)
Kick ass
Stephen Cunningham (3 days ago)
Good Job
He is like a character from a k drama but not hes not korean...
Ryan In The Comments (3 days ago)
Key word in the title: Potentially
lol wat? (2 days ago)
Ryan In The Comments his company went bankrupt months ago
Abhi Shergill (3 days ago)
he can't play ball
Boss Phan (4 days ago)
ceo , just be careful of ur investors cause those guys will find a way to take ur money
lol wat? (2 days ago)
Boss Phan his company went bankrupt months ago
Matthew Chapman (4 days ago)
I want to work for him
Game Grinder 18 (5 days ago)
Can we get a rip in the chat for his shooting form
HackeRsWorlD (5 days ago)
well i like how he talks he's mind thinks ahead and not just present he says he's just getting started.!
Viliam Beňa (5 days ago)
*basicly he did another letgo and now he's called genius ?* Wtf
Primthos (5 days ago)
I'm a CEO also. I made an app called blankform1, I mean it's just a blank app that no ones heard of and is pretty useless, but hey that makes me a CEO
Kevin Gamino (5 days ago)
TF why is this in my recommend
ZEnAres Love (6 days ago)
Tonight we meet a teenager that is richer than me
warda niaT (6 days ago)
The vibe,gosh! You can't sense depression in him.
Cayleb Boyce (6 days ago)
Ugly ass shot form
Rocky (6 days ago)
That jumpshot tho.
WGATNTJE FU K APP IS THAT sorry caps but like what day hell
Leo Law (6 days ago)
Facebook guy dropped out
Luke Williams (7 days ago)
Well this didn’t go far obviously, not on the App Store anymore
Pÿthįåñ Łÿńx (7 days ago)
Tbh if I drop out ... Ima get me arse whopped and ima be like dead asf...
Ogre Shrek (7 days ago)
im 5 and i have lego
Elite-Champ 286 (7 days ago)
Notice he tilts his head everytime he sits
Vinnie Trasatti (7 days ago)
Shot form ugly
Holy shit, we at the same age 😅 an Im waiting for an entry to University while he's working with an enormous sack of money
CallMeWolf (8 days ago)
Lol YouTube is god like
Ryan Webb (8 days ago)
Bricks for days
Zidane Malik As'ad (8 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg? Nah man, he eats human meat for breakfast
SiuBrazy9 (9 days ago)
Know his childhood is ruined look at his jumper
Kyle Luke (9 days ago)
I hope I can become a famous YouTuber and then a filmaker
Ayushman PraXri (9 days ago)
And now He is cutting trees in the deep woods
DøX Øríginål (9 days ago)
umm Vlogg? nani ive never heard of his other apps b4.....What the fuck also why the hell cant i find hid "Apps"
Amante Johnson (9 days ago)
Ok i know i cant be the only person to see that air ball with that amazingly shitty jumper lmfao
kristel (10 days ago)
justin bieber follows my old one direction fan account on twitter, it's not that much of a big deal
corgidog (10 days ago)
And nobody ever heard of this company again.
Gedalia Niasoff (10 days ago)
Not even close to amazon
Waddle1490 Lol (10 days ago)
I can’t find this on apps anymore
hahahq hahahha (10 days ago)
His jumpshot ass
Anything is possible
Eyeame (10 days ago)
Dont believe TV. Take MTV cribs for example. For all we know this guy is an actor
nicholas8nj (10 days ago)
Amazing that if you have the desire and potential at any age you can do anything with some failure or not. The people who just don't like others to succeed are those who are not happy with themselves. Go and make things good happen! 😊
Charlotte Ulberg (10 days ago)
Monique Smith (10 days ago)
M U M not M O M
Ted Ng (11 days ago)
I own my own hot dog stand
Brodie Pitts (11 days ago)
It’s not just his got a younger boss but his tall then ya too haha
Versa God (11 days ago)
2:59? Is that tom holland's best friend in spiderman????
Ron c (11 days ago)
his parents are twats lol, unfortunately, he got funding.. I guess he may not be sharing with them at all
ANIKA 333 (11 days ago)
am 16 and i stole a 1$ from my younger brother
TheLance3185 (12 days ago)
Rebecca Jarvis is just a doll. Beautiful.
Neil (12 days ago)
In movies, ceos gets nice treat from reporter. I think this is also the case!😕😕😁
Mc iFat (12 days ago)
He needs to use all that money to buy basketball lessons
courtney muse (12 days ago)
2018, no flog....
Imperium Entertainment (12 days ago)
5:24 but this kid throws a basketball like a retard so at least I have that over him ;(
ZackGotBored (12 days ago)
“pretty normal” yeah just throws on his yeezys
Palms Per Capita (13 days ago)
College is SHIT
BIG CORPA (13 days ago)
2 years later, never even heard of flogg. Sorry bruh
Senpai Nikki (13 days ago)
The only reason why he is famous is because he's young. 😑😑
Rawnak Yazdhani (13 days ago)
xiugar kyungsoos (13 days ago)
Y'all want some grass?
Joan Alexandra SB (13 days ago)
wanna drop out? here is a solution get rich.
Nasexsav Kifs (13 days ago)
I bet all the haters in the comments are jell.
Blasto Manto (13 days ago)
i can’t even find flogg in appstore
B.M. 9000 (13 days ago)
The myth of college getting you everywhere but he hadn't even reached it and is popular with a best selling app ok H E L P M E
Amart (13 days ago)
Video ends on his air ball😂
Sub 2 Channel (13 days ago)
2018 and it’s not even on the App Store could we get an update😂
emanuel hall (14 days ago)
he ruined his life by droping out of highschool like u should of finish school and go to college at least before u becoming a ceo like u could of finsh highschool
emanuel hall (14 days ago)
he should of finish school before becoming a ceo though
Neeraj Ahire (14 days ago)
Even though the app is dead...i guess failure is a part of success..so I wish him luck in his future endeavours...
meriem mimi (14 days ago)
While I'm 24 years old and still can't afford walking the street !😶 I really need to do something with my life !😐
The Disaster (14 days ago)
He is very attractive 😂
Mariya Awad El Kreem (14 days ago)
He is not autictic
Un known (14 days ago)
Wait 1% Wouldve been 3 Billion? WTF?!
EP Sentric (15 days ago)
So like basically if I drop out and I know a lot about certain things i guess i can make another million(s) . (my family owns a business and im the next heir)
EP Sentric (15 days ago)
Kinn Lao (15 days ago)
I bet he can bang her hairy pussy for some cash
Riley Covers (15 days ago)
If he ain't fucking with Justin I ain't fucking with him 👌
meme-sama! (15 days ago)
gold digger will find this boy
H4RRY (15 days ago)
Hey, this guy used to go to my school.
Nathanb B (15 days ago)
this Goober hung a photo of a twitter message saying justin bieber followed him
J (15 days ago)
Mark Zuckerburg is a clone
Dank La Douge (16 days ago)
jider (16 days ago)
Literally never heard of him/his apps lmfao
Dani Monique (16 days ago)
White privilege
Charlie Van Horn (16 days ago)
Good for him. He realized an institutionalized system of indoctrination to create redundant robotzombiesheeple who obey, shut up, remember and repeat WAS NOT FOR HIM! He created something...and is reaping the benefits. However, I do hope he realizes that money is not everything in this world, and he should not allow it to run his life...otherwise he could end up destroying himself because of it. But...this is what we need to do in this world...DO FOR SELF...find something where you can work for yourself, as much or as little as you want...and get by in this sadistic, pathetic, and controlled world.
Charlie Van Horn (16 days ago)
...and...he aint going to be a bball player, that's for sure, lol.
x Calamity (16 days ago)
Jet? Like the drug in fallout?
Jhin Burke (16 days ago)
You killed vine you bitch
Ajetreo Brand (17 days ago)
#ajetreobrand #ajetreoshoe #jcrawford1900

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