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16-Year-Old Dropout Is CEO of Company Potentially Worth Millions

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Ben Pasternak, a high school dropout from Sydney, Australia, could be the next great titan of technology. Pasternak, 16, is the creator and CEO of Flogg, an app that allows users to buy and sell within their social network with just a swipe. Think Tinder meets eBay. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (9227)
Jlord37 (1 hour ago)
He definitely has the potential to be very high up on the hypergamy scale even at his age. Even the reporter seemed into him.
Zebras 101 (1 day ago)
This shit ain’t even on the App Store anymore
vanilla gorilla (1 day ago)
good for him
KinleyKing Photo (2 days ago)
inspiring entrepreneur and everything, but maaaaaan hes got a shit shooting form
rusmilo (2 days ago)
Why in the modern world it's all about money???!! He didn't invent cure from cancer, he hasn't created anything amazing and he is not a person who saved millions of lives, he just became famous doing what???...unboxing stuff on YouTube! And now he's reselling, not even producing anything good!!! Wow!! What a dumb society we live in!!!! You folks deserve to extinct like pointless dinosaurs!! While watching reality shows, getting fat and swiping right buying crap
Chris patrick (2 days ago)
Can't shoot for shit
MK BMX (3 days ago)
goes to a meeting wearing some trash cloths with yeezys
MK BMX (3 days ago)
But how did he make the app you got to have money to make money
jenna from statefarm (3 days ago)
How is he worth millions but he sleeps on a mattress on the floor ?
METHOD IX (4 days ago)
Where is this kid now?
Doggo D.A.G. (4 days ago)
College maybe
Doggo D.A.G. (4 days ago)
See kids , school is useless
Joey Martinez (4 days ago)
I’m 16 and i don’t know what the F**k am doing with my life
babyrexa playz (4 days ago)
Im Tazsa (4 days ago)
I feel like shit now
Love love (5 days ago)
Well, he is handsome btw
Deena James (5 days ago)
I'm 42 and owner of a hotdog potentially worth billions. Does anyone want a piece of this hot item before it depreciates into my stomach?
Edub One (5 days ago)
I spend way too much time jacking off.
ugly potatoe (5 days ago)
Am i the only person thinking tha he's cute?😂
Benjamin Wilkens (6 days ago)
I've spent the past hour watching videos of extremely successful young people (harvard, CEOs, etc) and now I'm feeling pretty depressed :(
Hoop Squad (6 days ago)
Ahahaha that shooting form tho 😂😂😂😂
SeSe (7 days ago)
There was this 15 year old that went to a private school nearby and had revenues that passed 1 million dollars. His company was called Dextech :)
Shashi Kant Rai (7 days ago)
Johnny A. (8 days ago)
I don't know what to say anymore.... I guess anyone can do anything nowadays.
rwk_ 519 (8 days ago)
This is exactly let go but um ok good for this kid not like there are duplicates in this world already haha
The Last Piece (8 days ago)
unleashed rider (10 days ago)
he came from wealth
I like u
Simplynesley15 (11 days ago)
I’ve made 60k once because my parents promised me they will take me to the Maldives but they had to got to work so they gave me 60k and I didn’t even care I was crying because they never spend time with me and I could care less about 60k they think they can buy my happiness and I might sound like an ass but 60k is nothing and nothing to them and it was my 13 birthdays it was probably the worst birthday ever
josh (11 days ago)
we have met the real-life bruce wayne
sanskriti sinha (11 days ago)
haters are just jealous , what he has achieved at his age is exceptional
SlipperyButter7 (11 days ago)
He is jewish everbody
Christian Toledo (12 days ago)
Im 18 years old. And I order water at Mcdonalds.
Salman Ahmed (12 days ago)
Vidpost is the first marketplace app to let go preloved items in your area using VIDEO. Check out this cool app to buy and sell.
LEX DIVINE (12 days ago)
DOES NO ONE NOTICE THIS DUMB ASS BITCH IS HITTING ON A CHILD. no business playing basketball with a kid for any reason what so ever... it urks me
Panda King (13 days ago)
He is a Fuck boy
fettucini (13 days ago)
I love "milk of the manwhore" on his phone at 1:12
Patrick Jefferson (13 days ago)
Unfortunately, as this is a 2 year old story, it doesn't look as though it panned out. I can't find Flogg on the app store, and there are multiple copies of Impossible Rush, and I can't find the original. I would say the closest thing to Flogg is Wish...
Patrick Jefferson (13 days ago)
I've never heard of a 16 year old that forgets to eat...
Wendy Mar (13 days ago)
I suppose it didn't end up well? His app isn't on play
Cameron Meetze (13 days ago)
See Dad I don’t need school
a prod (14 days ago)
2018 and its z first time i heard about it
Wendy Mar (13 days ago)
a prod Yup
Nemesis (14 days ago)
Meanwhile his classmates are studying hard so one day they could get a job in his company
Tox (14 days ago)
Paolo Torres (14 days ago)
At least this teen is not only rich, but smarter than those other stupid teens YouTube is making famous.
Im a watermelon (14 days ago)
Just because you watch this do not drop out kids. You will not end out rich like him. You will most likely become a prisoner. I would know, my brother is serving 35 years for murder and he dropped out at 15.
Florence Tinsley (14 days ago)
The moment I saw his hair I new this would be bad
richard (14 days ago)
He might be technically brilliant, but I think the biggest problem of being a CEO at such a young age is that everybody tries to outplay you and use your lack of experience for own benefit
player 12johny33 (13 days ago)
richard Yeah that's what sucks about it
ARIES (15 days ago)
But how will you consider the security of the app?
dat huynh (15 days ago)
He's very handsome!
TJD (15 days ago)
I am sorry. All I could do during this interview was look at that huge snout on his face...
aranza silva (15 days ago)
He says like to much
Tailored Zeus852 (16 days ago)
Why did he fly west from australia when he couldve flewn east for a shorter time
Emilio V-Sustache (16 days ago)
I am CEO of a company worth few cents hahahahahahahaha
Ryan Murillo (16 days ago)
One day i'll become my own boss just like this kid 💯💸
What a man I wish I was like him
Heir Fang (16 days ago)
His parents got enough money to fly across the country. Not like he came from nothing...
Jules A (16 days ago)
4:45, remember that episode of Rick and Morty in which Morty became a confident broker at wall street? And had a red-hair girlfriend?
claxcyr (17 days ago)
Why do newsreporters in the US always speak so fake, like if someone would speak like that in a regular conversation, you'd think they're nuts. I would feel so patronized watching the news everyday. You're doing the news, not reading a bedtime story.
SwiftStar Games (17 days ago)
Everyone is getting expensive shoes but memory foam sketchers are the real shit. (I say as I wear uggs fml)
Shakira Bells (17 days ago)
billions of money already amazing skills
sjewitt22 (17 days ago)
he's gonna be a little shit.
Breezy Mods (17 days ago)
If I was his dad I’d let him know that he sounds like a douchebag when he says shit like Justin’s Bieber wants to be my friend. What a loser couldn’t even finish highschool. I never went and they passed me. Also humans don’t like being told what they need and are very jealous creatures so these stupid got rich quick stories are annoying as fuck. I will never use a flog or an eBay I’ve got better shit to do craigslist is the only good site
Breezy Mods Why you getting butthurt over stupid shit, Tf?
Barney Potter (17 days ago)
cant judge a book by its cover right
Kimmy Nuggets (18 days ago)
I won $1 on a scratch card
FPSFragzz (18 days ago)
Ok, why his ass standing in middle of the road tho.
Morning Wood (18 days ago)
He seems like a nice guy but where the hell is his bed?
Mia Ventura (18 days ago)
If I drop out , I would work at McDonald's
VlogsByAbbs (18 days ago)
Why doesn’t he follow Justin Bieber back?
Sway Kid (18 days ago)
Wtf nigga called the app flogg...where da hell nigga get dat name from
T. C. (18 days ago)
and im here jerkin off to megan fox what a great life
Ash Damned (4 days ago)
Lmao not sure why this comment is do hilarious
Verbs describe us (18 days ago)
Bill Gates used to be a school drop-out too :)
cat blue (19 days ago)
Well since his app is gone hopefully he saved some money for his fkn education !!!
cat blue (19 days ago)
So much money he sleeps on the fukn floor !!!
MiMiB__ _ (19 days ago)
I commend the kid. I just hope the money doesnt send his morals and values downstream as he gets older. Kudos to the parents for being so supportive. I can tell he has very nurturing parents
President Gaming (19 days ago)
Kids these days! Being successful without stress instead of tradition by being miserable in highschool! Disgusting
Jordan Sailors (19 days ago)
I once found a chip that looked like a donut.
Ultimate_ Cuber (19 days ago)
Imagine Michael Scott meeting with the investor...
Abdurrahman Haleemzai (19 days ago)
IX Umbra (20 days ago)
An 8 o clock curfew is stupid
IX Umbra (20 days ago)
IX Umbra (20 days ago)
Of course he wears yeezy's
Salmita (21 days ago)
The name needs to go.
shadow gamer (21 days ago)
Who wanna help me make a million dollar company.
HitNation Radio (21 days ago)
Imagine if he would make a selling app for google: *Google Flogg - Buy or sell items conveniently*
HitNation Radio (21 days ago)
He's going to work for Google soon
Pranav Moghe (22 days ago)
And is he back in High School?
Antonio APC79 (22 days ago)
Check out - bit.ly/antonioapps
Rolando Jr. Antonio (22 days ago)
Wow, what a brave kid! goodluck and hope he will succeed.
The Nameless King (23 days ago)
Of course he's white and good looking and didn't go to school in America
Flower 2.0 (23 days ago)
My mom gave me 5$ for washing dishes.
WANDERA CLINTON (23 days ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $2653_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?FmTEAe Try once.
Aditya Sahani (23 days ago)
2012XF3 (24 days ago)
Fixing ur hair everyday what the fuck???
Shadoøwfox RE (24 days ago)
She’s a hoe, BEGONE THOT
mahmoud abdulrahman (24 days ago)
I came up with the best idea wen i was in a toilet as soon as i came out i flashed the toilet i forgot.
AntVSGaming 182 (24 days ago)
8 PM curfews? with success like that i would allow my chilled to do whatever he wants man. (legal and responsibly)
Wizardnil (25 days ago)
What’s his life now?
KeK (25 days ago)
Boy is smart enough to make an app but can’t hit a free throw correctly to save all his money
Jake Banette (25 days ago)

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