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Children of Prisoners Reunite with their Fathers Behind Bars for a Day

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Prison ministry program 'One Day With God' help children reconcile with their incarcerated parents.
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Jennifer Brent (18 minutes ago)
I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vivan Hinton (32 minutes ago)
omg im crying
Lavie Beaute (1 hour ago)
This is Heartbreaking...
Ava McNeil (1 hour ago)
My dads in prison
Ninja Craft (2 hours ago)
My dad is in jail for robbery, I was 2 when he left. I am currently 13 and I miss him so much. :(
Dainton Dainton (2 hours ago)
I was crying sooooooo much 😭😭😢😢😢
Angel . Balendez (4 hours ago)
My stone heart are touched😭
charlee fitch (5 hours ago)
omg im crying 😭. I cant do this.
BUBUCYNTHIA _ (12 hours ago)
I Miss my dad... My dad is dead and i was 6 years old and now im 9
Ira Nazira (14 hours ago)
some of them were sentenced for life. it's a heartbreak to the father to have lied the chidren that they will be going home soon T-T
Andrew Pytko (14 hours ago)
Reminds me of TMNT where Splinter says "All fathers care for their sons."
Azaria Keys (16 hours ago)
My dad has been in there for 14 years he came out for a month then he wen back for a year again and that makes me still sad then he try to steel a car at the beginning of the year my dad is crazy I just wish he never did it
50 Shades of Kpop (19 hours ago)
Well just fuck me in the feeling.
Roger Holzem (20 hours ago)
They deserve nothing! Feed them crap no visitation! Why are our tax dollars going to this shit? We need Joe Arpaio as chief warden of prisons!
Derek Gaming And Vlogs (20 hours ago)
Why is it always men arrested?
Trubal Meikar (21 hours ago)
My daddy was in jail ever since I was born, today I am 16 and 2 months old. He is in Alaska, but I don’t know what jail it is, and my adoptive parents don’t know which one he’s at. My mom would know, but she’s asleep in the ground with my other ancestors. I’m really scared that I’m not gonna see him again before he goes with my mom. I’m scared that I’m not gonna feel real fatherly love and I just want to see him. Even if it’s only a minute or a second, I still want to run up to him and give him a hug and a kiss, because I love him so much even though he has left my life probably for good.
Evelynnj Garner (21 hours ago)
I wish my dad could see me more
Enchanted Mob (21 hours ago)
My dad died he was a teacher and died from heart disease
kelsey morin (23 hours ago)
im so grateful that my dad is still here and is as goffy as ever, i feel bad for anyone who doesnt have one parent or both,
Cassie Cleland (23 hours ago)
I'm crying so much 😭
It's always sad whenever you see moments like this, even if it's a family of a prisoner.
Manjeet Kaur (1 day ago)
This vid made me cry #hearttouing
StrangePlaysYT (1 day ago)
My dad isnt in jail or smth but divorced.. now i mis him
Famous Musicly (1 day ago)
this is soooooo SAD!!!!! :(
luca baldan (1 day ago)
This made me cry in 2k18.
OkxyMxddie .s m h (1 day ago)
I wish my dad loved me
Tae tae is my Idol (1 day ago)
Awww this is sweet
Glimmer Msp (1 day ago)
Im crying
Cris Lucas (1 day ago)
8:50 if someone don’t get these damn onions out my face
Liam Thompson (1 day ago)
I’m crying it’s so sad
Allan Diaz (1 day ago)
Why are my eyes sweating
Jada-Mari Gouveia (1 day ago)
None of my parents are dead or in prison but condolences to all the people who's hurting from a missing parent or even parent*s*
What is this liquid?! This salty liquid pouring from my eyes! I’ve never experienced this before!
Alan 1516 (1 day ago)
when they said that teen was 15 years old I was ok but as soon they said death penalty for the dad I started crying I haven't seen my dad for four years not that he is in jail is that him and my mom divorced and I really enjoy when I talked to him in the phone but this video really touched my hart
MissJayde IMVU (1 day ago)
Ohhh geeze that had me in tears, how beautiful xox
Jennifer Boehm (1 day ago)
I'm glad your dad killed the doctor that dropped your baby sister and killed her. He shouldn't be in prison. He should be treated like a hero
Joseph Harcord (1 day ago)
My grandma used to do prison ministry just like this group she had some heartbreaking stories
John Phillips (1 day ago)
I am crying
Makenzie Capps (1 day ago)
I’m crying so much and I miss my dad I haven’t seen him in 2 years😓😥
Jacy Ward (2 days ago)
I don’t see my dad anymore
Naisha Sharma (2 days ago)
omg none of my parents are in jail but im still crying
Chris Mac (2 days ago)
Aww I wanna cry
only me know who i am (2 days ago)
I miss my dad&mum i am already 5 years with out them, i hope one Day meet them, guys it's soo hard with out mum nd dad
Ella Greeve (2 days ago)
This is so sad I’m crying so much
Cherry Butterberry (2 days ago)
Saying the kids cry is soo sad
Cherry Butterberry (2 days ago)
8:58 making me cry too
Stormy 2020 (2 days ago)
This made me cry😢😭
Zoey Lewis (2 days ago)
I've never seen my dad in 7 years I'm 11 now and I miss him
BEN TEN TEN (2 days ago)
Why isn't 99.999% of the visitor contacts black, when that's what the prison population is? Just another racist told episode, I guess.
Alexis Martin (2 days ago)
I cried tbe whole time
Blackshadow950 Shadow (2 days ago)
My dad left my mom so this is pretty sad 😞
My dad died when I was born
NnAyram Levalc (2 days ago)
It means everything 😭
my life yey (2 days ago)
This is emotional so tears
Slurp Purp (2 days ago)
Juju on that beat.
jojo girl (2 days ago)
they are not fathers.. but a bunch of losers covered in ink with gang tattoos give anyone of those murderers a knife they would cut your throat.where are the gas chambers ?  how do you miss a child molesters or murderers?unless you carry the same sick gene and cant help it.I would wish death on my father that molested my sister or committed murder
fabulous savage cat (2 days ago)
The girl in the Thumbnail is like me I miss my Dad I am crying
YoItz_Summerr Gaming (2 days ago)
Ahh this is so heart warming❤️ I was crying watching this❤️😭
Itz Aridona (2 days ago)
At 8:52 i started to cry... i feel so bad for everyone there 😭
C. Lamp (2 days ago)
All life sentences are are deterrents. The only way we are going to move forward as a society is through rehabilitation.
Og-lokee Lowe (2 days ago)
My dad stole a truck ro berry and fount my step mom and other mom that devorced
Og-lokee Lowe (2 days ago)
And I am now 22
Og-lokee Lowe (2 days ago)
I was at this point for years just pray for ur dad pray for ur mom I felt he was gana get out really and here he is right at my Anna’s house he shaped up 1 month late then he stared talking to me saying he loved me and I forgive him I love him he is 44 with dieabeatis and living that’s just a giving thank god 😌
Megan Calixte (2 days ago)
Damn I gotta stop cutting onions
laughing out loud J&R (2 days ago)
I cried cause my dad not with me he is not in jail he is living his life he don't care about that what I think but idk I wish I had day spend time with my dad
Ajax Gamer (2 days ago)
Any one else here huh no
Ajax Gamer (2 days ago)
Oh just the fathers now u done pissed me off I’m a man mother fucker!🤨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
savaged when eating (2 days ago)
Crying at 2am
connor (2 days ago)
i havent cried this much for a long time
Death Row (2 days ago)
Death Row (2 days ago)
This made me cry
Nene Jones (2 days ago)
that is so sweet
Jaeda S. (2 days ago)
at least they have a dad :(
Mykaela Garner (3 days ago)
I am like foreal boit to cry because that's just sad I know my dad but like wow 😭
Olga Dunne (3 days ago)
i'm riLLy sad
Warrior Asteroid (3 days ago)
I cried so much!!!!!!
Bear 2017 (3 days ago)
23 years for second degree murder wow america is tough on crimes. But I feel like even one-day won't make up to the time they lost with their dad's.
TaeTaeBun (3 days ago)
Even though my dad goes to jail for doing murder or anything, o will still love him. Even though i know he did a bad crime
Luvimin Aroa (3 days ago)
I really miss my dad so much.
Maggie Gamboa (3 days ago)
Dad's your children need you it's that time to change your life for them because your children are worth it let the Lord change you 🤗😇
Maggie Gamboa (3 days ago)
It brought tears to my eyes that was so beautiful so close but yet so far thank you for one day with God 😥😂😂😂
Taylor Edington (3 days ago)
I hope when the dads r out of jail they are good fatgers
Christy Brian (3 days ago)
So sad but beautiful in the same time.
Highley Marsh (3 days ago)
That’s beautiful I haven’t seen my since I was four this made me cry so much
Elaina Ashley (3 days ago)
I love this
Love's Deepwaters (3 days ago)
So sweet and heartbreaking!
Isabella Duran (3 days ago)
My heart broke at 8:50. Be greatful for the things you have
Sabi Bajwa (3 days ago)
I'm kinda confused because tre one of the main persons on this he has been in prison or jail for 22 years and his daughter who I think is 7 they are saying it is his child how
Kyou Kuni (3 days ago)
i wanted to cry when the kids were running towards their parents but i couldnt becuz of the music xD
Emily Perez (3 days ago)
I cried so much in this video but at least they got to see their dads and know they are always their for them. Lile if u.agree
Kyle Martelino (3 days ago)
Thank you. They pray so they are closer to god.
Puppies and Us (3 days ago)
My mothers father went to prison for murder and he got 16 yrs. My mom never met him untill she was 16.
Aleena Malik (3 days ago)
I'm gonna CRY!!!!
Glitchophrania (3 days ago)
Aww! :)
the ice crew lps (3 days ago)
Awww so cute bless all!!!!!!?
Arisa Live (3 days ago)
bruh you can't tell me that news anchor didn't ball after watching that.
Fun Fun (3 days ago)
I feel so bad for these kids! I am so happy I am not like that😢😢😢
Kharissa Henry (3 days ago)
It’s hard not to cry 😢
Hayley Marse (3 days ago)
I wish that more prisons had this program. I think it would help a lot of kids and really give the dads a reason to get their life on track
Xbox Plangs (3 days ago)
I just reunited with mine when he served 5 Years I’m 10 now I was 5 when he went to prison my mother m passed away 4 years ago I have a fucked up life😩😭😭

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