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Understanding Cholesterol (Heart Basics #5)

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Cholesterol. You hear the word a lot. But what exactly is Cholesterol, and why should you be concerned about it?Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: http://www.healthguru.com/?YT
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Sumit Upadhayay (1 year ago)
This nigga looks like he has high cholesterol.
Dave Yttri (2 years ago)
Good friend on Statins for 7-8 yrs for cholesterol & he just had quadruple bypass. It is sugar, carbs, toxins, & junk that cause inflammation & plaque NOT cholesterol. LCHF diet for energy & health. Navy Seals know this. Research it,...a lot. plenty of info out there.
Dave Yttri (2 years ago)
Not True !!!!!!! This is why USA is not No.1 in health, with all the money spent in Medical Industry . Not No. 2 either, or 3 or 4 or 5,...or 20th, We were 30th ! And recently heard 40th, possibly ? FDA & Big Pharma (sleep together) run the medical schools & control your bad health for profits !!
Wreck It Ralph (3 years ago)
So how does ketchup cause it
Wreck It Ralph (3 years ago)
does ketchup cause it
Lin Keong Kim (3 years ago)
As a matter of fact, you can evaluate your LDL stability by looking into the content of Triglyceride (TG) in your lipid profile. A person with elevated TG will have more small dense LDL cholesterol of which is more prone to oxidation and causing atherosclerosis plaque development. Thus, do not undermine your TG in addition to your HDL and LDL levels in assessing cholesterol and heart disease risk.
Lin Keong Kim (3 years ago)
I am strongly agree with what Jorge Luis Garcia commented. This is the LDL fact that your doctors usually do not tell you. Thus, putting everyone with high LDL on the statin drugs that might be deteriorating liver function over a long period of treatment.
Jiing Yeh Wah (3 years ago)
so outdated
Jorge Luis Garcia (4 years ago)
Saying that High LDL is bad is generic, LDL particles are not the same, LDL a, are big and fluffy not oxidized particles that are harmless but LDL b, are small, dense and oxidized and are the ones that penetrate the vascular endothelium that at the end causes atherosclerosis. High LDL a, low LDL b, Ok. Low LDL a and high LDL b, not good and what causes high LDL b, to be higher than LDL a, high carbohydrates diet, high consumption of "vegetable oil" (oil from cereals), processed foods...etc. Oh..., BTW, the good Dr. on the video is in need to cut back on his high carbohydrates diet. Free tip !!
Jorge Luis Garcia (3 years ago)
+Jiing Yeh Wah thanks !!!
Jiing Yeh Wah (3 years ago)
this is updated
Catherine J (4 years ago)
Excellent video! I was having 260 cholesterol and my daughters were very worried. My friend suggested me to use "cholesterol" mobile app which motivated and helped me to have good foods. Within 1 month, my cholesterol reduced to 220 now and my family is happy! Thank you!
Jiing Yeh Wah (3 years ago)
you need to do LDL-P count, if less than 1000..ok
Derpin Craft (5 years ago)
:( im 80 kg and im still 13 i do some karate and basket ball but didnt help ;((
IsaacA192 (5 years ago)
I'm sure he's a doctor! He's definitely not wearing a fake doctors outfit and reading cue cards while awkwardly staring at the camera.
azaad Singh (5 years ago)
drinking alcohol also increases cholestrol
Dominic Teoh (5 years ago)
Thanks David, I will check out Taube's book. It is unfortunate, but I think its because we have yet to fully acknowledge that having as much freedom as we do demands that we educate ourselves so we can make informed decisions.
Dominic Teoh (5 years ago)
• Misspelled in my 1st post, corrected in all others • Was pulling the name from memory and has no impact on what I posted •You will have to specify how I've gotten these two confused • 'The concentration of total cholesterol in the blood serum bears an important relationship to the development of atherosclerosis and its...' quoted from Atherosclerosis: A Problem In Newer Public Health. Cholesterol is the main focus of 5 of that papers 11 conclusions. • acknowledged and corrected in other post
David Cummins (5 years ago)
He spelled half of his name correctly! (You actually misspelled both first and last names in a comment you left on another page approximately 20 minutes ago!) But spelling is not what concerns me. The kid is 24/25 and is interested in a tough topic. I like that he appears open-minded and has opinions that run contrary to popular belief. You seem to be well-versed on this issue based on what I have read on your page. I might have said 'well-played' to you had one of your comments hit my eye!
David Cummins (5 years ago)
Well played, sir. Nice to see someone on the ball. This story is nicely described in Gary Taubes' book 'The Diet Delusion' (Good Calories Bad Calories in the USA). It is fascinating that one man can wrongly influence the way we think about one of the main diseases affecting humanity.
mcroviel (5 years ago)
He looks like he has high cholesterol . I love how fat ass unhealthy looking doctors promote wellness.
Rheen tho (5 years ago)
the doctor read the teks..
Simeitsa Stamoulas (5 years ago)
LOL so can tell he is reading cue cards
Aljur Atienza (5 years ago)
Alan Dana (5 years ago)
Interesting you make no mention of Triglycerides. It is important to understand that the ratio of HDL to TRIGLYCERIDES is a better predictor than any on whether you are on you way to a heart attack. You want High HDL and Low triglycerides as this indicates whether or not you have the pattern A LDL (large buoyant) or pattern B (small dense (bad)) LDL. It is well known that saturated fat raises HDL. From an Endocrinologist Dr R Lustig - explains it very well youtube "sugar the bitter truth" for a
Joshua Doeleman (6 years ago)
I worked as a nurse for a Primary care MD and he didn't have any time to read studies but Drug reps were in there every day giving him "info" on all the recent studies and feeding us lunch.
Joshua Doeleman (6 years ago)
How can a modern disease come from eating something we've always eaten. More than likely it's due to high carb processed foods that are now rampant in our society and stress
Dominic Teoh (6 years ago)
You are right about it being 22 not 27 countries though. I was going from memory at the time so sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out though :).
Dominic Teoh (6 years ago)
Finally, I have only read a summary of the Y&H paper so what you say may very well be true. For the moment am I unable to access it but will post back after I have read the methodology. Have you read that paper? If not lets both read it. According to the summary of the Y&H paper, however, the following countries were also excluded: Australia,Canada,Ceylon,Chile,Denmark,GB,Holland,Ireland,Israel,NZ,Portugal,W.Germany. Many of these countries had excellent data so make of this what you will.
Dominic Teoh (6 years ago)
A summary of the following paper (Report of the conference on low blood cholesterol: mortality associations.) by Jacobs et.al. concludes that the results of the 7 countries test did not come from random data sets (could be a result of cherry picking, convenience, bad practice, etc). The summary also states that the results Jacob's study do not support those of the 7 countries test. The criticism that the 7 countries test data is 'lacking' is, therefore, neither unfounded nor ludicrous
Jacumbrella (6 years ago)
you mean i can base my diet around saturated fats?
Rietto (6 years ago)
You rarely hear it because it's not true.
NininhA163 (6 years ago)
i was eating a donut... i gave it to my sister
Tore N Fjelldal (6 years ago)
Lower the amount of animal food and you get healthy and plaque-free arteries. Why do we rarely hear this? Pure vegetable fat is absolutely free of cholesterol.
AVLRECORDS (6 years ago)
@Killergrayback +10000000000000000000000000000
liline514 (6 years ago)
I like this video I understand it more thanks
MyXShadow Song (6 years ago)
LOL! Dear Doctor, you too have to loose some weight!
Leus Lucero (6 years ago)
hit like if u tried to click on the other videos in the screen at the end
mapalargo (7 years ago)
"Total" cholesterol and LDL are not important or even irrelevant measurements. What matters in measuring the risk of heart disease is our HDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Very Low Density Lipoproteins of small size, would be even a more desirable measure but still costly and rare, they are currently calculated from the amount of triglycerides. Stop eating carbohydrates as much as you can. Long live mono- and polyinsaturated fats.
RealiveProds (7 years ago)
HE IS READING THAT!! You know how I know? Because there is another version of this video with a different voice and different accent. It is complete void of any truth - it just attemps to reinforce the cholesterol myths for the benfit of the drug companies. Do a search on cholesterol myths. Don't bother getting your cholesterol level checked by your doctor. And if he suggests it then he is an idiot - I suggest you find another doctor.
RealiveProds (7 years ago)
HE IS READING THAT!! You know how I know? Because there is another version of this video with a different voice and different accent. It is complete void of any truth - it just attemps to reinforce the cholesterol myths for the benfit of the drug companies. Do a search on cholesterol myths. Don't bother getting your cholesterol level by your doctor. And if he suggests it then he is an idiot - I suggest you find another doctor.
RealiveProds (7 years ago)
HE IS READING THAT!! You know how I know? Because there is another version of this video with a different voice and different accent. It is complete void of any truth - it just attemps to reinforce the cholesterol myths for the benfit of the drug companies. Do a search on cholesterol myths.
Keith Yip (7 years ago)
Can't help to notice. He doesn't really blink does he...Why is that? Is he reading from the screen of the script or smth?
Keith Yip (7 years ago)
Can't help to notice. He doesn't really blink does he...Why is that? Is he reading from the screen of the script or smth?
Dominic Teoh (7 years ago)
@macotobar I agree with what your saying here. There are so many products, both pharmaceutical and natural, that sorting through it all to find the good stuff is ridiculously hard <_< But as you said its not all marketing BS so its peoples individual responsibility to look after themselves. Its fairly easy to do your own basic research into topics.
Marco Antonio (7 years ago)
@dominict88 I'm sorry I didn`t make comments about the data you showed before, and I never heard about that french paradox you say. Sometimes I feel mistrust about those preventive measures that require long life medication, like high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. I think not everything is false but not everything is true and there are many economical interests behind all this that can make them give only partial conveinent or advatageous information from studies
Dominic Teoh (7 years ago)
@macotobar I think you missed what I was saying. My point is that cholesterol IS NOT an important risk factor, or at least not the one we should be fussing over. There's something called the French paradox, where the French have some of the highest cholesterol readings in the world, but among the lowest incidence of heart disease. Your completely right when it comes to obesity, and I do appreciate the irony of this video.
Marco Antonio (7 years ago)
@dominict88 yes, it's true, but i can't find sense in a video of an obese man talking about heart disease prevention. Obesity is one of the main risk factors for coronary disease, as important as high cholesterol level is.
kady7869 (7 years ago)
@macotobar Cholesterol level and weight are not a direct comparison. I'm a normal 170 lbs, but have very high C. The C level in your body is a result of diet and lifestyle. Admittedly, a lot of over weight people will have a large amount of C, but it's not always the case. You may not eat a lot, but if you mainly eat fried food, your C level will probaly be very high.
Dominic Teoh (7 years ago)
The idea cholesterol leads to heart disease is based on the 27 Countries Test (commonly called 7 Countries Test) done by a Dr Ancel Keyes. The 27 pieces of data showed that cholesterol was not related to heart disease; however, Keyes was convinced this was not the case so he only considered the 7 pieces of data that agreed with his theory, hence why it is commonly called the 7 Countries Test. In other words cholesterol isn't bad for you. Read Heart Disease and Cholesterol by Ty Bollinger
beware peasants (7 years ago)
@melindacosta32 yeah but mind over matter, he is reading from a teleprompter which I find him to be a less credible opposed to if he gave his overview off script, really showing he knows the material.
goforkranthi79 (7 years ago)
this is what happens when you are doc and look like this!! now who's gonna follow your advice when you cannot follow yours!!
ebolaoutkast (7 years ago)
@fadethetrade I would strongly advise you to consume egg yolks because they are very good for you. Fats do not cause heart disease.
Baby Ethernet (7 years ago)
Damn, robot. Thank you for the information.
Marco Antonio (7 years ago)
@dorinioanaalexandra you're right, it's just that i found it somehow nonsense to see somebody severly obese talking and giving recomendations about hearth disease risks, it's not just about aestethic apeareance
dorinioanaalexandra (7 years ago)
@macotobar you don't need to be fat to have cholesterol, maybe he's cholesterol is normal even though he is not like a hollywood actor , give him a break
pelikan w (7 years ago)
@melindacosta32 - agree. we're just having fun. it's a hollywood culture where good looking slim people are healthy
pelikan w (7 years ago)
this nigga with double chin probably got loads of cholesterol.. doc my ass!
Zylo (7 years ago)
Get a personality... This guy is as boring as a doorknob.
scrimmo (7 years ago)
Its Jon Lovitz!
Bunkysmom65 (7 years ago)
Was that guy in the lab coat the janitor?
fadethetrade (8 years ago)
@fadethetrade Dissolving plaque doesn't seem to be such a complicated process.the HDL's can do it,why cant we produce something synthetic to dissolve it.
fadethetrade (8 years ago)
@melindacosta32 I disagree,doctors shouldn;t be fat and give advise on not eating fatty foods!
fadethetrade (8 years ago)
so why cant this wonderful technological world come out with a drink or something that dissolves this plaque so we can go back and start enjoying high cholesterol food.I miss the egg yolks in the morning.
HVIdeoInc (8 years ago)
this is sad, and is what people think of when they say paintball is bad, stupid kids like you may think your havin fun, but ur just puttin a bad name on a sport lots of people are trying to get the world to take seriously, thanks for not helpin in that
Frank Collins (8 years ago)
Is it okay to eat red meats if they are lean or if you cut off all the fat? Because the cholesterol is only in the fat, right???
RedBirdRecords1 (8 years ago)
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
@777jeru Moreover, I said nothing about cell walls providing a 'balanced oxidation'. Maintaining the electrical charge on the lumen is a totally different - it is electrophysiological. I can show you - give me your email - 4D MRI video of the flow of blood through the aorta. The blood SPIRALS in a vortex as it is ejected. Blood is a colloid - charged particles (ions, minerals, e.g. K+, Ca++, Mg++) move in an irrotational vortex to maintain a charge on the lumen. This repels unpaired electrons.
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
@777jeru We don't reverse cholesterol by 'balancing oxidation' (which contributes to free radical damage) with anti-oxidants. You are confused. Cholesterol may lowered simply by controlling carb intake in two ways. One: don't overload the liver's (and the muscles') glycogen capacity. Two: Slow down the absorption rate of glucose into the bloodstream (avoid insulin spikes and avoid inflammation) by combining carbohydrates with fat and protein. (Fat, fiber, and protein slow the absorption rate)
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
@777jeru - This is part 2 of my reply to you. .....chylomicrons, triglycerdides, and VLDL. The excess is produced in the liver, and usually people who overeat carbs and overfill the body's glycogen stores usually spike the blood sugar and and insulin which produces inflammation. The two run together almost always. Practically nobody here explains the physiology. Don't confuse Ignorance with stupidity - but most people are clueless about biochemistry and physiology.
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
777jeru. Why did the little Dutch boy stick his finger into the dike? To plug the leak of course. The lumen of the vessel must first be damaged - (like nicking the paint on a car and exposing the bare metal so the metal may then begin to oxidize) - in order to initiate the beginning assist plaque buildup. The actual increase of LDL occurs in the liver - mainly when the liver is overloaded with glycogen/carbohydrate. (Cup runneth over) The excess is converted into palmitic acid, chylomicrons
okonomiyaki4U (8 years ago)
research: cholesterol myth (here on youtube).
Ouma Nikolai (8 years ago)
he didnt even blink once when he explained everything
Wagner Alves (8 years ago)
Please activate transcription by machine.
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
Who here thinks meatloaf needs a smack in the mouth? Hopefully the mental slaps I'm gonna sens him back under the rock with his tail between his scrawny legs. You cur, get out of here.
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
Electrophysiological conditions (due to zeta potential of the blood) precede and run concomitant to inflammation and oxidation. This part I am sure is beyond the horizon for most people. I'm a physiologist, and I know more than you do and I'm probably smarter. I already know about the cells needing cholesterol to synthesize hormones and macrophages - that's 101 stuff. Why do we see plaque attach in the 'bend' and arches of arterial walls?
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
Meatloaf, you don't get it. Kinesiology is technically the study of movement. Strike one for you and there's more fastballs coming so you better duck. Did you not see I said "rhetorical"? Dummies like you respond to a rhetorical device without knowing the meaning of the word; STRIKE TWO, swing you dummy, quit looking and get the bat off your shoulder. So who is a moron? Generatrix is closer to the physiological function than you are. He knows the cell wall must be oxidized, i.e. damaged.
Evergreen517 (8 years ago)
Diet will make 1/3 difference if you only change your diet by 1/3. If you eat a 100% whole food plant based diet, heart disease is reversed 100%, take a look at Esselstyn's study: In the 8 years before the study, 18 patients had a total of 49 cardiac events, in the 12 years of the study (on a 100% plant based diet) there were 0 cardiac incidences. How else do you define "cure"?
Aoru (8 years ago)
If doctors receive little to no nutrition training then they could not administer drug to you. Doctors studies all fields related to health. They all know the stuff. Unlike a moron like you.
Aoru (8 years ago)
EVwatson you are a fucking moron. LDL attaches to the wall because your body cells need cholesterol to synthesize certain hormones. LDL is too thick to get through aterial walls and cholesterol receptor hormones get blocked from the LDL. As more LDL gets clumped together and your macrophages comes in to clean up the mess, the macrophages becomes a fat cell itself since it cannot digest the LDL. More get stuck and plaque forms. Fucking take a kinesiology class before talking bullshit.
generatrix999 (8 years ago)
LDL is not a patch, its just another carrier of cholesterol. LDL carries cholesterol to cells, HDL from the cells to liver to be recycled, not eliminated. Healthy (not oxidized) cholesterol is recycled. Cholesterol gets lodged in a cell wall b/c it too small. Normal cholesterol is too large to get stuck then oxidize into plaque. Diet determines the size of the cholesterol particles.
generatrix999 (8 years ago)
Doctors are conditioned to sell drugs, not heal people.
Edward Watson (8 years ago)
Why does lipoprotein attach to the wall in the first place? Think people. The aterial wall must first be damaged. If LDL is low, does this mean lipoprotein will not attach to the wall? (rhetorical) Again, the wall MUST be damaged. Why does the wall breakdown... that's the better question to ask...and a topic for people who think. Get with it people! Lipoprotein is a patch for a damaged wall. You must look into why this happens if you want to ever advance your already meager understanding.
heather rattenbury (8 years ago)
As an osteopathic medical student, I would have to disagree with your comment. We receive nutritional information integrated into each system we cover rather than just one course on its own. Our first 8 hours of cardiology were spent learning about atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia--and how to prevent those things from happening, not just treat them. Diet is, unfortunately, only 1/3 of what determines cholesterol levels; the others are exercise and genetics.
Evergreen517 (8 years ago)
When it comes to lowering cholesterol, doctors are quite ignorant. They receive a couple of hours in nutrition training so they have no idea how effective a low fat vegan diet is at lowering cholesterol levels. Dr. Esselstyn will tell you his cholesterol level at the beginning of his presentations. Proof of his credibility. He used to do surgery, now he teaches nutrition.
Anthony Starfield (9 years ago)
Never take advice on health care from a fat doctor. Good points, LtteBuster and Sarkerm2. Only about 1/3 of the cholesterol in your body comes from the food you eat. If you eat less cholesterol, your liver makes more. People with very low cholesterol suffer from depression and even suicidal tendencies! There is no correlation between cholesterol and heart disease. Check out a book entitled The Great Cholesterol Con by Doctor Malcolm Kendrik. He also has a few videos on You Tube.
Rick Sanchez (9 years ago)
why people who know so much about the human body can't maintain a health body structure? same thing with my anatomy teachers and instructors
friendofyou (9 years ago)
Actually reducing carbohydrates is more important than reducing fat.
Gameboob (9 years ago)
i refuse to take important nutrtion information from an overwieght person!
Mike Saffaie (9 years ago)
For a Heart Healthy Smoothie type in "SUPER HEART HEALTHY PROTEIN Energy Smoothie" Thanks
firethower99 (9 years ago)
does anyone know how long you have to have high cholesterol for it to harm your arteries. i got me cholesterol levels check and the were high. my total cholesterol was 256. my doctor said that was really high. he would have described me medications to lower my cholesterol but my liver enzymes were elevated. can someone please respond.
Marco Antonio (9 years ago)
i think this doctor has more cholesterol than his patients
the1flox (9 years ago)
it is funny how doctors, that are suppose to understand what healthy is, isn't very healthy themselves
S S (9 years ago)
I dislike the fat doctor
Richard Karpinski (9 years ago)
That is what my doc and my cardiologist tell me. Yet I know that some things they tell me are wrong. What documentation is available to me which should convince me otherwise in this case? What makes you so unsure?
Ardwynna (9 years ago)
Research functions by sharing references, and wiki says aerospace engineering. Taubes, whatever his skill, is secondhand information. Looking at HIS sources is exactly the step any sensible scientist would take, and what I've been trying to get at within my own time constraints. Your being affronted that I won't treat him as a final authority only on your say-so only highlights that you have no understanding of how this kind of thing is done. Enjoy your cult of personality.
Richard Karpinski (9 years ago)
I demand no acceptance, I provide information and references. Ignore them at your pleasure. I said Taubes had years of study of biomed. You appear to claim to know my attitude and seem to demand that I provide the hundreds of references in Taubes delightful book. You are welcome to look them up. I'm too busy to continue this silly exchange. Bye.
Ardwynna (9 years ago)
Then show me the references. Doing the necessary reading is a vital part of how this business works. 'Ultimate proof' may be unattainable but info direct from peer-reviewed journals is worth far more focus on the man. My experience truly has been that years of study in other sciences means little. I'll explore, but with great caution. Your attitude towards my continued refusal to just blindly accept your and Taubes' 'authority' shows your questioning 'invitation' for the lip service it is.
Richard Karpinski (9 years ago)
Your argument is still from ignorance as far as I can tell. Ultimate proof is unattainable. Taubes gives references and astute interpretation. The webcast is just more focused on the issue of believability. Is six or seven years of intense study guaranteed to be insufficient to understand something of biomed reliably? I think not for someone of his proven talent.
Ardwynna (9 years ago)
Contrary to your interpretation of a one-line reply that I must have dismissed the claims out of hand, I did gave it a try earlier, going down more reliable avenues than Youtube and Amazon, but PubMed is not immediately forthcoming and I can't spare the time for an in-depth search right now. A webcast may be informative but it is ultimate proof of nothing. Links to those studies would be more helpful. I prefer going by the data as opposed to what appears to be a focus on the personality.
Richard Karpinski (9 years ago)
Questioning, yes, dismissing without reading the book or even watching the video of his talk at UC Berkeley, no. Google can show you the webcast but YouTube forbids me to include the URL. That seems stupid to me. They don't even give me an appropriate message when they refuse my reply without comment.
Ardwynna (9 years ago)
Thorough and careful with a physics background can still mean nothing in the face of biomed. This is a skepticism born from experience. Besides, you did invite the questioning of authority, didn't you?
Richard Karpinski (9 years ago)
Gary Taubes area is writing about science. He get prizes for his work. He is thorough and careful. Are you?

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