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How to use abortion pills in Hindi | By Ishan

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How to use abortion pills in Hindi | By Ishan What is the Medical Abortion?: Medical Abortion (brand name Mifeprex) is a form of early abortion caused by the combination of two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an option for women who are 8 weeks pregnant or less. Also known as RU486 or medication abortion. During the first appointment at the clinic you receive the mifepristone pill to take orally. Then 24 to 72 hours later, in the privacy of your own home, you take the the second medication, misoprostol. Misoprostol causes contractions resulting in a miscarriage. When used in combination, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% effective within two weeks. Mifepristone and misoprostol are FDA approved. How Does It Work?: Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone needed to maintain the pregnancy. Because this hormone is blocked, the uterine lining begins to shed, the cervix begins to soften and bleeding may occur. With the later addition of the second medication, misoprostol, the uterus contracts and the pregnancy is usually expelled within 6 to 8 hours. Because the woman chooses when she takes the second medication within the time frame of 24 to 72 hours after the first medication, she has some control over the timing of when she expels the pregnancy and experiences the side effects of bleeding and cramping. Some women choose the Medical Abortion because of the privacy it offers. Some women feel empowered by taking an active role in the process. Use: At your first appointment at the clinic, an ultrasound is performed to confirm you are less than 8 weeks pregnant. You then speak with an experienced counselor who explains how mifepristone and misoprostol work and makes sure you get answers to all of your questions. Your health history is carefully reviewed and if you meet the criteria, the doctor will give you the mifepristone to take orally. You are also given one bottle containing four tablets of misoprostol to be used 24 to 72 hours after taking mifepristone. If this first dosage fails to induce a miscarriage, please call the clinic to receive instructions on using your back-up misoprostol tablets. Aftercare: A follow-up exam is scheduled for two weeks later to make sure the process is complete. If you have not yet miscarried, we will perform a aspiration abortion. A very small percentage (5%) of women do not pass the pregnancy tissue and need a suction procedure to complete the process. Side Effects: Most of the side effects when using this early abortion option are caused by the second medication, misoprostol. Side-effects may include heavy bleeding, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and heavy cramping. Risks: Vaginal bleeding with medical abortion could be extremely heavy. In rare situations it could require a aspiration abortion and very rarely, a blood transfusion. You will be given our 24-hour hotline number to call if you have any problems. Medical staff are on call at all times to answer your medical questions and concerns. If pregnancy is continued after taking these medications, there is a high risk of fetal deformities. Criteria Abortion Medication may be an option if you: 1.Are less than 8 weeks since your last menstrual period. 2.Are willing and able to give informed consent. 3.Have the support you need such as access to reliable transportation and ability to communicate with the clinic by telephone. 4.Live no more than 2 hours away from emergency medical care (a hospital). 5.Are able to come back to the clinic for 1 to 3 follow-up appointments. 6.Agree to have a surgical abortion if the misoprostol does not induce termination. Keep Supporting Us :- Website : https://www.ishanllb.com/ Website : http://www.eisarahi.com/ Email : help@ishanllb.com Facebook Official : https://www.facebook.com/eisarahiofficial Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/IshanLLB/ Other Channel : https://www.youtube.com/ishanllb Twitter : https://twitter.com/ishanllb Tags :-abortion pill name and price hindi,abortion pill side effects hindi,how to use misoprostol at home hindi,how to use mifepristone and misoprostol kit in hindi,abortion pills hindi mifepristone pill hindi,how to stop pregnancy in 60 days in hindi,mtp abortion kit reviews hindi,abortion after 50 days hindi,45 days pregnancy abortion tablets hindi,mifegest kit khane ka tarika,mifegest kit use process,abortion pill procedure step by step in hindi,unwanted kit kaise le,preg
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Text Comments (177)
Ramesh Chand (7 hours ago)
Sale fudu banata hai kya
Ritu Bali (1 day ago)
Is it effective for 3 nd half month
MUKESH KUMAR (5 days ago)
This medicine is take with hot water
Chirosree Dey (12 days ago)
Agar yei tablets lane k bad bhi abortion na hua to Kiya korna chahiye
Boodeppa Chalwadi (12 days ago)
2 month hone though use kar sakthe kya?
Abhijeet Kumar (12 days ago)
ye kit Lene ke Baad bhi..pregenency kit se check krne pe report positive aa skta hai ky..
Ager bukhar ho tho?
Ramesh Chand (7 hours ago)
Abe sale fudu banata hai Kya
ISHAN HEALTH (13 days ago)
Doctor se medicine leni hogi
Dibyendu Bhowmik (15 days ago)
Please give me answer?
Dibyendu Bhowmik (15 days ago)
when I take???
Dibyendu Bhowmik (15 days ago)
After food or before food???
Supriyo Nath (24 days ago)
Sir do this have any problem due to weight of body & blood group of girl
Shahan Ahmad (27 days ago)
Ishan bhai ek problem hai mere partner ko 1 week chal raha hai uskee period nhi hoye hai btoo kya kroo
Zoya Khan (3 days ago)
Shahan Ahmad pehly pregnancy kit se confirm kro
harshit kumar (29 days ago)
sir totally avoid karna hai pregnecy to ye tablet kitne tak lena hoga kyunki wo abhi sirf pregnet hai pata hoke 4 hi din hue hai
Junaid Shah (30 days ago)
bhai pregnancy 20 din ke andar hai to kya ye mifegest kit use kiya ja sakta hai
Riya Mahobiya (1 month ago)
3months m le sakte h kya
Rohit Kumar (1 month ago)
Sai mai apani wife ke sath 15 ko july ko sambhog kiya pir usako 27 ko piriyad aaya fir maine ek bar bhi sambhog nahi kiya fir bhi use 6 August se kamajori chakkar sar dard or bhuk nahi lag raha to kya vah peganent hai ki nahi
Asad Baig (1 month ago)
Abortion ke six tablet hai yes I tablet Kane ke bad be blinding nah I huwito
Gurpreet Kaur (1 month ago)
sir es medicine ko suppose kro hm pregnant lady ka khana ma mila ja da to miscaurage ho skda ha please reply me sir.
Gurpreet Kaur (1 month ago)
hello sir
Kumar shanvi (1 month ago)
Ham unwanted kid ka use kiya tha....Pehela badi wali tablet khaliya haii... . 22 hours ho gaya haii abhi bhi bleeding nehi hoo raha haii.... Or abhi bhi wesa lagraha haii jese pahele lagrahatha.... Plzzzz.. Give me a solution plzzz.... 18 years girl ki pegnency main ye hua haiii..... Plzzz.. Or pregnency 40 days ki haii.... Or.... Hame or joo 2 chote tablet khana heii use kistarah khana haii plzzz bataiye... Plzzz galdise.....
For You (1 month ago)
Bora bali tablet lene kye 14 hour ki bad bliding suru ho giya kya sahi track pe chal rahi hai ...
For You (1 month ago)
Sir..Bora wali tablet lene ki 9 hours k bad biscute khane k dorun ulti ho giye kya tablet dubara lena hoga???
Tanvi Patel (1 month ago)
Mene ye pil khai or tab bliding ho gai or 15 din me wapas hui.to ab kya kare
Sushila Sehrawat (1 month ago)
Sir maine ek lablet yoni m Rakhi to ek din bleeding hui uske bad nhi hui plz suggestions me
dinesh pawar (1 month ago)
Sir medicine de nahi rahe kya karu 1 week ho gaya hai please help me sir
Gulshan Kumar (1 month ago)
There are no symptoms of pregnancy of my girlfriend She has preiod on regualr monthly basis But still she fears of getting pregnant
navin kumar (1 month ago)
ager 17half year kii hue toh koi effect toh nhii h na
navin kumar (1 month ago)
nd age kitni honii chaeyya
navin kumar (1 month ago)
iesh madician ko 20 ya 25 day kii paregnency ma la sakta h kya
NK Indian (26 days ago)
navin kumar Bhi medicine liya he to kia huya bat me kus batai....
Tanya Bansal (1 month ago)
Sir one week pregnancy hai ....to le skte hai kya
Arjun Soni (1 month ago)
Tnq bhai
toppers tuition (1 month ago)
Sir first wali goli khane ke baad ulati Ho jaye to kya karni chahiye... Khane ke 3 ghante baad ulti ho gayi thi to kya kare.... Sir
Mohd Meraj (1 month ago)
Sir ye dawa Saudi me bhi Milegi ki nhi Ya Saudi me jo milti hai uska naam kya hai?
Sujit Patel (1 month ago)
When to take it after or before meal
DungarRam Verma (1 month ago)
Medical abrotion ke baad next priod kab
Syed Wasim (1 month ago)
Hello sir pls answer dijiye a tablet 22 year girl lesakti hai 1 time pregnancy hai pls batayie
Desi Dj CHOUDHARY (2 months ago)
Ans sir plzzz
Umesh Patel (2 months ago)
Blood aana kab start hota h
ISHAN HEALTH (2 months ago)
48 hours me
kapil ambawata (2 months ago)
Please reply me sir mene ye tablet di. Thi but koi result nhi aaya hai to kya kru ab please jrur btao please
All in One (2 months ago)
Sir please tell What will happen if by mistake i first took mesoprostol and then took mifeprestone Sir please reply
David John (2 months ago)
I need this abortion tablet kit in India... i need some more ... around 100 piece I want.. I will give. 100 rupees extra per piece... from any place in India I can come and collect.. consider as business.... if some one can help WhatsApp me in +971545240460
dhanmanti kumari (2 months ago)
35 day ke predansi mifegest kit ka use kaise kare
Arti Tivari Arti Tivari (2 months ago)
Dwa fell ho jane par ham dubara use kr sakte h
Sufiyan Khan (2 months ago)
Sir 45 days s mc nhi hui h ladki aag 19years h y teblet de sakte h tell me
Kuldeep Fitness (2 months ago)
sir.... medical surgery k kitne din bad mc aata haii........
Mita Bhowmick (2 months ago)
Priads koba hoba???
MAHABOOB BAASHA (2 months ago)
Multiple time is tablets use karne par koi problems hothe hay? 6 times ya us se jyada use karengetho koi problems hothe hay?
Ash Thomas (2 months ago)
Sir pregnency mai compolsary period stop ho jate hai kya ?
Zoya Khan (3 days ago)
Ash Thomas yes...
KJ. jk (2 months ago)
Hello sir... Abotion karne ka natural chij kya he 100%work plz reply Sir..
Baccha Singh (2 months ago)
Sir agar bina pregnancy ki dawa le li to Kya hoga. Sir plz. Reply me
Baccha Singh (2 months ago)
Sir sirf badi wali dawa li h
ISHAN HEALTH (2 months ago)
Phir bhi side effect honge
Sumita Kumari (2 months ago)
blouding kab start hoti hai
Sumita Kumari (2 months ago)
ISHAN HEALTH after 5 golia ..
ISHAN HEALTH (2 months ago)
48 hours me
samir babu (2 months ago)
A Kiya Khali pet pe khana paraga
Sweta Banerjee (2 months ago)
I have no bleeding after using the kit?? Is it mean my abortion is not successful??
Ramesh Chand (7 hours ago)
Please doctor ko dikho
ISHAN HEALTH (2 months ago)
No done. Go to surgical abortion
Ravindra Pundir (2 months ago)
Nhai sir
AYESHA SHEHZAD (2 months ago)
Plz riply fast
AYESHA SHEHZAD (2 months ago)
Sir 23 days huwe hen kia use kr sakte hen
Shahid Patel (2 months ago)
Give me contact no pls fast
THE MOKKELAMI (2 months ago)
Sir last question... Megifest lene ke 3 weeks bad periods ayi he wo bhi thoda bleeding hua hein... Iska kya matlab hua sir plz rply onces abortion hua ki nhi
Nikhil Thakur (2 months ago)
koi btaega kya yeh real mw work krti hai plzz btao koi bhaiyo i m really in promble plzz koi bta do bhai
Chuzzie Videos (2 months ago)
ASHISH RAJ MUSIC (3 months ago)
Ladki age kitni honi chahiye Kam se Kam ye dwa Lene ke liye
ASHISH RAJ MUSIC (3 months ago)
Agar galti se kisi aadmi ne khalito
Sad and Romantic videos songs Saha And i wait ur ans Dr Mahesh
ASHISH RAJ MUSIC (11 days ago)
Sad and Romantic videos songs Saha ha-ha
ASHISH RAJ MUSIC (1 month ago)
MAHESH ACHALERKAR..... thanks for your advice
Tu khyaga to pata chalga na esliye tu kha our apna Exprences share karna
Vivek Soni (3 months ago)
sir koi ladki kamjor ho or 14 saal ki ho uske liye leni chaiye y nhi
Ak Thakur (3 months ago)
Meri wife first time pregnant hui hai aur ham AVI bacha nahi chahte hai kya abortion karane me koi problem nahi ayegi na aur ye 37 days ki pregnant hai
AVINASH KANTE (3 months ago)
Sir Kya aap ka WhatsApp number melega please.....
Sgr Sinha (3 months ago)
Kripya Kuchh aur kits ke naam v bataye..
ISHAN HEALTH (3 months ago)
Unwanted kit, Khushi kit, Mifty kit
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
Nahi denge toh kya kare
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
Medical par de nahi rahi hai
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
Isko jib ke niche rakhna jaruri hai Ise pani se bhi too le sakte hena
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
Kyo jee
Nirmal Gandhi (3 months ago)
How many days for periods by this tablet
Ravindra Pundir (3 months ago)
Bhai meri wife Ko 1 months ho gya AVI perad nhai huwa koi drug bta do jisk peread aa jaye
ISHAN HEALTH (3 months ago)
kya koi medicine use ki thi?
Manpreet Kaur (3 months ago)
Sir first tablet se bleeding ni ho rahi
Aashu Rajput (3 months ago)
Mene ye dwa use ki Lekin mujhe bleeding nhi horhi h or sr drd horha h actually jb Mene pregnancy test ki tb Jo line aai thi wo bht hi light pink thi Kahi esa to nhi m pregnant hu hi nhi or abortion kit use kr Li pls mujhe jldi s iska answer bta dijiye m kya kru
ISHAN HEALTH (3 months ago)
Apne kafi jaldi kit use kar li. abhi pregnancy kam days ki hai aapki
PANKAJ SAINI (3 months ago)
Blooding kitne din tk hoti h
Sandep Kavita (4 months ago)
Sir 2months ho gya pregency ka mefizest diy thora bhut bleeding hua fir chek kiy to kit me 1st.line pura pink aaya 2nd hlka pink kya kre kuchh advice dijie plz sir.......
khairul hassan (4 months ago)
sir i need to ask some question!
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
khairul hassan same to you q.
khairul hassan (4 months ago)
sir agar ye tablet pani ke sath le liya toh kam karega kya????? sir please jara bataye!!!
satyendra sarthi (4 months ago)
Sir 15 din se adhi basing hi rha hai kise kore aur kyo ho rha hai karan bataye mere mail id me bheje sir
neena surve (4 months ago)
Sir ye khi pe bhi nhi mil rahi hai Please sir mai maharashtra mai hu Sir Abhi mai bahut pareshan hu pls pls Aap maze Aapka no. Dijiye na Please please please please
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Ok whatsapp on 9412993891
nazim khan (4 months ago)
Koi medical wala de nHi raha kese le sakte h asaNi se
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Doctor ke bina prescription ke nahi milti ye.
Bikesh Domni (4 months ago)
sir khali pet me lenna haii kyaa
Saurabh braja (2 months ago)
Saurabh braja (2 months ago)
Subah wali khali pet leni h
Bikesh Domni (4 months ago)
thanks sir
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Nahi kuch khane ke 1 2 hour baad
RAHUL TIWARI (4 months ago)
Aap alag alg video me use krne karne ka tarika galt bataya
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Nahi iske use karne ke kai tarike hai isliye har video me alg way btaya hai. par sab sahi hai
facebook profile rai (4 months ago)
Sir plz 1 question .meri wife ki pregnency 25 days ki hai to kya abhi medicine de sakte hai ya ku6 din or wait kr le
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Wait karo abhi. 40 hone par de sakte hai
Sandeep Jhariya (4 months ago)
Sir mene kal 1badi goli kila dee fir aj 2 goli subha Di fir 3 ghante baad 2 or di fir bhi blading nhi hui reply pls sir
NK Indian (27 days ago)
Sandeep Jhariya ....Bhi ap se kus jana cahata hu..... kia Next monthse regularly means hona suruhuya, na kus problem hui thi.......plz help me
Anmol ICON (4 months ago)
Sir pichle video me to aapn ne kha tha 24 gnte bad leni hai or ab aap khe rhi ho ki 3 din ley ni hai ye ky matlb h
aditya patel (4 months ago)
kya kre 16 gante ho gye hai 1 teblet lete hue
___np__ villain__ (3 months ago)
ISHAN HEALTH batvo arjent
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
baki sab le lo jaise btaya hai aa jayegi
aditya patel (4 months ago)
pahli teblet lene se bliding nhi arhi hai
NKSHD Naveen Sharma (4 months ago)
Pani ke sath le skte h kya tablet ko
Md Adil Alam (4 months ago)
sir actually glti se Maine choti wali ek tblt phle le li h to ab kya kru plzz tell me kch hoga to ni
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Koi problem nahi h.
pankaj singh (4 months ago)
sir, i need to ask something. please answer
Combipack of Mifepristone Tablets IP & Misoprostol Tablets IP
pankaj singh Sir ji a-kare ki table same working hai na
pankaj singh (2 months ago)
haan, this medi is really worked out. seriously!! i will 100% recommened you this medicine.
Nikhil Thakur (2 months ago)
pankaj bro kya is medicine ne sch me kam kiya hai plzz btao bro meko bhi same promble lg ri hai
facebook profile rai (4 months ago)
pankaj singh bhai plz cll 1 min 8789370374
Gourav Kumar (4 months ago)
Sir plz ye btao ki mifegest lene k baad to period aa gya. par next normal period kab tak aayge. agar dubara se pregnancy karne ho to kab tak ho Sakte h plz sir btaye.
Srv Prj (4 months ago)
Ishan sir.. medical abortion ke baad period ussi date pe aate h jo phle vali date pe aate the..ya change hojaati h.... medical abortion me 4 ya 5 din bleeding ho toh kya abortion hogya h ... agr nhi hua toh kya me dubra abortion pills kha skti hu....plss tell me sir
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Han abortion ho gya. period ki date change jo jati hai abortion ke baad
mohammad waleed (4 months ago)
20 din ke baad ye kaam karegi? agar bleeding nahi to ek hafte baad phir se istemal kiya ja skta h?
Sumu Yas (4 months ago)
1ek pill liye The uske bad 24 hours ka bad 2 pill s liye the bhoth pain hore aur do jo pills hy ni liye to chalega kya reply me pls
Arpita Goswami (4 months ago)
Hello sir ......mere periods 20 din se ni aaye h 10 april date thi ....or maine pregnancy test 4 br kiya but result mein dark pink line k sth light pink line a ri h to kya main abortion pills l skti hu pls btaiye kyuki 1 month already ho gya h
Mithlesh Kumarsingh (4 months ago)
Hello kya khane ke bad ulati ho sakat hai
Mithlesh Kumarsingh (4 months ago)
Hello kya khane ke bad ulati ho sakat hai
Mithlesh Kumarsingh (4 months ago)
Hello kya khane ke bad ulati ho sakat hai
Shina Shaikh (4 months ago)
Ye tarika or timing perfect to hai na kaam kregi na is parkar tablet lene se
Arslan Abbasi (3 months ago)
Shina Shaikh For Any Information You Can WhatsApp On This No 0562512708
ISHAN HEALTH (4 months ago)
Komal Rana (4 months ago)
Sir meine first goli ke baad 2 goli khai pr galti se 19 gande baad khai or bleeding ni hui . Fir 3 gante baad ek goli or 3 gante baad 1 goli . Pr fir bhi bleeding ni hui. Plzz help me
Minaz Shaikh (4 months ago)
koi ni deta tablet
SK WAJED (4 months ago)
a period is missing of its generally date .......so there is any chance of pregnancy?????

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