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The Quint: Two Brothers on a Mission to Make Wind Energy Cheaper

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Brothers, Arun and Anoop George, are busy inspecting their proud creation; a small wind turbine priced at an affordable cost of around $750 USD. Measuring the size of a ceiling fan and priced at a touch more than the latest Apple iPhone, this wind turbine can generate three to five kilowatt hours of electricity daily - enough to power a home. Arun says he plans to introduce the wind turbine to the market for a little more than $750 USD. A price he claims will make it more affordable to Indian consumers whose only other option is imports, which sometimes cost over $3,000 USD. One of the biggest players in the wind energy market, India is rapidly increasing its wind energy capacity, backed by a huge 4,671 miles coastline and high wind density on its western coast, according to clean energy research firm, Energy Alternatives India. According to the Global Wind Energy Council, India ranks fourth in terms of global installed wind power capacity, after China, the US, and Germany. Video courtesy: AP Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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Text Comments (96)
Nannette Battista (4 months ago)
With plans from Avasva you can make it really easy.
EBE OLIE (5 months ago)
contact: https://www.facebook.com/AvantGardeInnovations/
Tobias W. (5 months ago)
Looks quite nice and interesting. How high is the noise level ? I‘m in Kerala in two weeks is it possible to visit ? Best regards from Germany, Tobi
shereef sanu (5 months ago)
send u contact Nam bar thsmilnadu
Francois Roux (8 months ago)
Bonjour à vous. Je me demande si quelqu'un utilise l'éolienne Avatar actuellement? Est-elle adéquate pour l'hiver à une temperature de - 30 degré celsius?
suhel 1992 (9 months ago)
Well i m interested but how much noise it will make can u tell me in detail my contacts num 9377242850
Luis E Morales Falcon (10 months ago)
There is still an environment impact: migrating birds need to deviate from this obstacle aside from sound contamination. You can't get anything without sacrificing something else.
topaktarus (6 months ago)
you can levitate on the beach to avoid leaving a print …but if you go there with your car you missed the point
Aleena Prasannan (6 months ago)
You walk and you will leave an environmental impact. You breathe and you'll still leave an environmental impact. We and our activities are as well part of this environment as a sand in the beach. There is something called trace fossils, which includes burrows, boring, footprints, feces etc. of past lives which are preserved. Just like how those beings impacted nature, we leave human/anthropological influences which doesn't have to always be bad
topaktarus (6 months ago)
Luis E Morales Falcon I live near at least 20 huges wind turbines. No sound and there is birds everywhere here.
Rakesh Chhikara (10 months ago)
What is the wind speed required for 1kwh system?
555NINAD (1 year ago)
humans will capture all the free space left for the birds ,,,help many species towards extinction ...its time for humans to stop multiplying like rabbits and diminish their silly needs instead . so many birds just die out because of these wind turbines .
Sounds like a great idea! A low cost Windmill water pump would also be useful for many people.
Paul Duvivier (1 year ago)
Bonjour à tous voilà l'adresse URL pour commander cette éolienne ! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAJdcXOnc9knwn03_d9wbOkGvbv7bUJ3sl-IqShfv-v0aiFQ/viewform
Francois Roux (8 months ago)
Bonjour....Voilà 6 mois que vous avez postez l'adresse pour commander. Maintenant je me demande si vous l'avez utilisez ou connaissez quelqu'un qui l'utilise? J'habite au canada particulierement au québec ou il y a de grand froid jusqu'à - 30 . L'éolienne est-elle adéquate pour mon climat?
bluecoraly (1 year ago)
Don't expect Government help, for broad use of this technology .Why? so long they can tax you by using fossil fuel, they will continue to do so, at least in the US.
Aleena Prasannan (6 months ago)
bluecoraly I'm from the same city that this is happening. We can produce renewable energy and supply the surplus to the grid. The Electricity Board will either pay us or provide us equivalent units for free when we have to rely on the grid. Not just homes, but several institutes, college campuses and even a fully solar operated airport (Kochin airport) use this facility.
MIKIS ZEZAS (1 year ago)
The energy issue could be solved years earlier but you know the pimps of the planet dont allowed it.You must pay always like a good sheep.
MIKIS ZEZAS (1 year ago)
Ok look them for last time..I m sure an 'accident' will happen..Freemasons knows...
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kANG9393 (1 year ago)
Are the 2 brothers dead yet?
Osher Dion (1 year ago)
please we need this in NIGERIA I want to your distributor in NIGERIA I do I contact you this is my mobile number +2347037819705
mink03 (1 year ago)
Suresh Kumar Kumaresan with the pun... "Government support has been started.. but it is not yet a full BLOWN stage." GOT 'EM!
Born On Earth (1 year ago)
How and here can I buy one?
TOUSHIF NADAF (1 year ago)
what is your contact number? how do i contact u
ewa stern (1 year ago)
Rs. 50 000 affordable for a common man?!
user 15481 (1 year ago)
but that's a lot of money for it Indian household or even an American household. 50k works out to about $750.
Marco Maltese (1 year ago)
Name of their company?
passive FIST (1 year ago)
...........all this while idiots are trying to shove a pipeline for obsolete technologies down their throats in North Dakota.. oil is dead ffs
Fox Says (1 year ago)
chupacabra20 (1 year ago)
What is the difference between this turbine and other wind turbines?Sorry,i am not an expert on this subject.
luckyluke33 (1 year ago)
If its so cheap the parts are also cheap. So ho many times do you need to change the bearings & alternator ? (the most expensive parts)
Andrei Popescu (1 year ago)
You guys are the equivalent of the "Wright brothers"! Salute to you, sirs!!!:)
Sangam bhardwaj (1 year ago)
Good job guys.... 👍👍👍
nunofurfreknbzness (1 year ago)
all these feel good stories about free energy how about you show some numbers that break down the cost and comparisons instead of doing feel good videos to promote yourselves!!!!!
Hugo Herrera (3 months ago)
they all use the same feel good music, it makes me cringe
Why don't you start an IndieGOGO campaign, and finance your project?
Leonardo Martins (1 year ago)
Please, When can I buy one in Brazil??? Thanks
Duchesne's Corner (1 year ago)
Or you could just go on Amazon and chose between the 20 or so wind turbines that are the exact same and have been around and proven for the past 10 years. some are a bit cheaper, some are $50 dollars more, but have the years of service to back them up...
DJIDMix (1 year ago)
WalMart? Home Hardware ? with antena ?
ThatCarGuyWill (1 year ago)
india has yet to do anything, their country is barley out of 3rd world living.
Kevin Kurien (1 year ago)
That's very outdated. Aside from being a nuclear world power, India has a thriving, diverse economy.
Will Baxter (1 year ago)
It's in theaters now! Coming this summer... Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could. From giant cat-monsters. And then a giant tornado came. And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear... A Mexican... Armada shows up. With weapons made from to- tomatoes. And you better betch'ur bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business. In! 'Alien... Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers... Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running... in a Van from an... Asteroid and All Sorts of Things: The Movie'. Hold on! There's more. Old women are comin'! And they're also in the movie and they're gonna come... and cross... attack... these two brothers. But let's get back to the brothers because they're- they have a strong bond! You don't wanna know about it here, but I'll tell you one thing. The Moon. It comes crashing into Earth! And whaddya do then? It's two brothers and I- and... and they're gonna... it's called 'Two Brothers' ... 'Two Brothers'?... It's just called 'Two Brothers'!
Joel Talens (1 year ago)
What a very nice endeavor guys... keep it coming ! Do you have distribution in Manila or Philippines?
Tim Ramirez (1 year ago)
Daniel Ng Kok Hoe (1 year ago)
i would like to buy 1 unit please. how to reach your guys?
dominador Medina (1 year ago)
i want to learn more about this. our parish church of san roque, cavite city philippines is partially on solar power. how can we avail of this? thank you.
EgyptUnderGroundArmy (1 year ago)
What they're doing is great but god is the video editing horrible, stop trying to copy other retarded websites like buzzfeed and make unique videos, it was a pain to watch with 3-4 big words on one side every few seconds.
Sidharth Rath (1 year ago)
@Ash Nallawalla There are grid tie inverters that does not need a battery system , they feed the extra energy produced to the grid if not used by your home. The grid tie inverters basically would work without the enegry storage system as they will provide the energy to your home instead of taking the power from the grid (thus bringing down your electricity bill significantly) , extra power will be fed back to the grid if you are not using it , some countries give credit when one feeds electricity to grid but in India its about to be implemented. If you are using more power than the inverter can provide , the extra power is drawn from the grid. The wind and solar can work in conjunction as they supplement each other beautifully. The grid tie inverters comes up with dual input and the inverter is smart enough to measure and decide which input is having higher yield and it takes the energy from high yield input. We have to connect the solar in one input and wind in the other. In the night / cloudy days , we will get input from wind (note in cloudy days we have higher wind flow) and during the sunny day solar can give most of the benefit. Since no battery is used , we can save the cost of batteries (most of lead acid batteries have 500 discharge cycles , expect them for not more than 4 years if you are using with solar charged batteries during night operations. So we have to change the batteries every 4-5 years and that brings the cost equivalent to drawing power from the grid , in some cases , the cost can be higher than the grid. Another draw back of lead acid battery is you can discharge it to max 40% of its capacity or else its life will degrade due to deep discharge and it takes more than 8-9 hours to charge from 90% to 100%, and if full recharge is not done , it will degrade the battery life , so charging with battery with solar can be tricky as the time frame to charge is limited to 10-11 hrs . So these lead acid batteries are very much inefficient ). In this way you can save the number of solar panels to be used to charge batteries for night operations because of instead of using batteries during night , you will use wind energy. Wind energy can be beneficial during the summer as there is more yield during that time and it can be used to power your AC during summers. But the wind energy will not be that consistent but solar powered battery system is not that efficient either for night operations unless like elon musk , if you invest heavily on lithium ion battery for your home. Most of our energy is consumed by running the Air conditioners. You can also use DC inverter AC's to cut down your investment on solar panels as these AC's would consume less energy. Only battery system would be helpful if you have lot of power cut as this grid tie inverter will only work when you have power from grid. You cannot go off the grid but the grid tie invert-er will be very much beneficial, more economic and more efficient in the long run.
Luis E Morales Falcon (10 months ago)
Sidharth Rath Unfortunaly if the electric grid is down you don't have power as well in that tie in system.
jagx234 (1 year ago)
Since Wikipedia is editable by ANYONE, yeah, take it with a grain of salt. Always.
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
show me the content exclusively, which states what you said
Sidharth Rath (1 year ago)
so you doubt wikipidea
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
+Sidharth Rath I tried to find in Su-kam websites and elsewhere to support your assumption. Actually few days back I read that if your inverter produces less than your requirement, it will stop using solar panel and completely switch to grid. Now I would appreciate if you can show any article to support your statement for any solar inverter around world.
Ash Nallawalla (1 year ago)
Before people get excited, forget for a minute the cost or that this is from India. Just go to your weather bureau and find out the average wind speeds in your city. Then do some Googling to find a reliable source of data that tells you what speed is necessary for a 5 kW/h wind turbine. Unless you live on Cape Horn, chances are that your average wind speed won't be enough to give you 5 kW/h of power 24x7. Then factor in battery storage. If you don't have storage, then figure out what your home will be like every time the wind is still.
M DeLuco (6 months ago)
Always a debbie downer in the bunch
Triadlateralus (1 year ago)
I would want the turbine hooked up to a Tesla powerpack . limitless power that can be stored when there is no wind.
MrScottJ87 (1 year ago)
+Island Life They pay whole sale 99% of the time for the electricity they buy back from residential, which is at best half of what you pay for it at full retail. It takes years to payback unless you have a lot of subsidies and by the time you pay it back the units might need replaced.
timeofsage (1 year ago)
I don't think it uses batteries. Look at 00:50. This appears to be a flywheel.
Island Life (1 year ago)
You don't invest in the battery, you sell the energy generated to the local utility, like all of the people who utilize giant solar panels do, and in time, if you want to, invest in a battery with the profits. My neighbors sell to the local utility here on Whidbey Island.
Ambrose Olowo (1 year ago)
When will they begin export? This is needed in Nigeria
Joseph Alex (1 year ago)
I'm real interested. How to get one for my home?
Captn Richie (2 years ago)
How does one find more information?
Abubakr Braaji (2 years ago)
need more info how to get one
Anthony Jones (2 years ago)
When can I buy one in the U.S.?
Antonio Gomes (2 years ago)
The problem is to storage this power; batteries still very expensive and not reliable; further more devices required for a household appliances. There has been plenty of these wind turbines in the market for years...
rortiz77 (2 years ago)
You can create your own Tesla battery system using laptop batteries.
Kitty de bruin (2 years ago)
in the netherlands, the storage is done in car batteries, so only for rich countries?
rortiz77 (2 years ago)
Yuuuup. Just the batteries along will cost over $5k, then you got all the other components...add another $3k. But still not too bad.
haris zeenath (2 years ago)
great 👍👍
Manish Kothari (2 years ago)
Way to Go Geroge Brothers..wish you all the best in the endeavor. Feel very happy to have known you so closely and seen the installation itself.
Saiful Haolader (2 years ago)
I need more information about the specification. Does they have a website? How to contact them?
Luis E Morales Falcon (10 months ago)
Suresh Punj Hello, are you able to sell this product in Puerto Rico? Having this in a place hit by a cat 5 hurricane will be useful to independice our energy needs away from the political spectrum (the local public is a retiring account by all parties, pro independance parties included and a political too by the Union that its a corporation that must be left to them so it can be better (they litrally already own it)) and oil dependency (Venezuelan and other parts of the world).
searley bastard (1 year ago)
Saiful Haolader (2 years ago)
I have deleted my previous message as of my personal information was there.
Suresh Punj (2 years ago)
Would like to know more about you.Where are you located and your current profession.
Saiful Haolader (2 years ago)
Thanks Suresh. Are you related to this business?

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