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North Korean leader Kim Jong-il dies

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North Korea's veteran leader Kim Jong-il has died at the age of 69. State media announced he passed away on Saturday, after suffering a heart attack. Kim Jong-il's youngest son, Kim Jong-un, has been named his successor. Meanwhile, as the news broke, Pyong-yang's long standing enemy, South Korea put its armed forces on high alert, while the government has declared the situation an emergency. Kim Jong-il's body is lying in state in a mausoleum in the capital, before a funeral service on December 28th. Until then, a period of mourning has been declared in the country. Anissa Naouai takes a look back at the life of a man, who became a symbol of the reclusive state. RT on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com RT on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews
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Text Comments (1293)
Andy Larkin (14 days ago)
Christian Jiang (17 days ago)
I hate when people say ‘Kim Jong-on’... It’s more like ‘Kim Jong-oon’!!
Marc Finley (19 days ago)
Pity the whole kim family didn't die bunch of fucking assholes evil bunch of bastards
Jweet (22 days ago)
Parkast (23 days ago)
69 ecks deeee hillaireeus
Chloie Kwirant (26 days ago)
Hurr hurr 69 ecks dee
Sa'ad Eid (26 days ago)
Even iam somali and he is in our hearts
Skinny Potatoe (1 month ago)
lol 69
DryPaste (1 month ago)
xd lol very nice age
DryPaste (1 month ago)
69 😏😂👉👌🍆🌋🔥🍦🚬
The Greek (1 month ago)
asshole died at a young age because he treated people like crap have fun in hell
JK (1 month ago)
Mandi W He was 69 but looked like 96
Elaeza Roldan (1 month ago)
North korea's one brainwashed country O~O
Lol Bit (1 month ago)
We all much happier now.
Steve World 0908 Jam (1 month ago)
You must have Heart attack
Chief nut (2 months ago)
What a way to die from diabetes
Korea Ball (2 months ago)
PandaKiddo Plays (2 months ago)
Il: As "god", I pick my day of death. *Picks 69*
seaquestriazuuli (3 months ago)
i guess he was Kim Jong *ILL*
AnotherMeme (4 months ago)
I want to die at that age.
Nosferatu (4 months ago)
RIP Kim Jong Il the 2nd great leader of North Korea followed by the great respected man Kim Jong Un
Paul Stack (5 months ago)
69 years too late. That fucker should have been still born.
anouk (5 months ago)
im pretty sure he died at 70 but this is funnier
JustReflect x (6 months ago)
69 ._.
Linda Giles (6 months ago)
Kim Jong I'll is better then Kim Jong un
N4tive Gam3r (6 months ago)
What a age to die at
Jonathan Black (6 months ago)
Kim Jong il was il.
Naoki Yasaka (6 months ago)
No He died at 70. He was born in 16/02/1941 and died on 17/12/2011
Jake Jonson (6 months ago)
69 the sexiest number what an age Bois what an age
american Satanist (6 months ago)
Kim jong ill bas a bastard
Urashima Taro (6 months ago)
0:34 when Kim Jong Il doesn’t make a hole in one...
M. Vonel (7 months ago)
D4NK3STOfD4NK (7 months ago)
69 wot?
I bet he's confused in a graveyard
William Saltzmann (7 months ago)
It was good news.
DJ. JUSTUS6197 (7 months ago)
haha he was 69
Cheese Days (7 months ago)
Still alive.
kristi osborne (7 months ago)
if u don't get the 2011 part it is because N.korea first plunged into famone
kristi osborne (7 months ago)
2011? and 69? wow illuminate conformed
Rafsan Ahmed (7 months ago)
Obama was like yoau joe you hear this that nigga kim-jong-ill died by heart attack. But we got big problem though that fat kid kim-jong-un. Although, That nigga ill was a immortal.
chrisantoo steel (7 months ago)
Atleast he die in his favorite number
Naoki Yasaka (7 months ago)
chrisantoo steel 69! GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!
Jamaludin Silalahi (8 months ago)
Hmmm 69 what an odd...
A Cookie (8 months ago)
Alejandro Nieves (8 months ago)
Fuck N.K
iceyskatey.mp5 (8 months ago)
69 haha xd veri funi
Nosferatu (1 month ago)
iceyskatey.mp5 grow up please
innitgeeza (9 months ago)
What will Putin do without him?
George Blisson (9 months ago)
I hope it was painful.
Frabj Shark (9 months ago)
2:22 Thank or die
MichelangeloBro (8 months ago)
Frabj Shark i
[BEMC] Machine (9 months ago)
Gamecube 128 Man (9 months ago)
Il, Un what an ass
Arthas Hastings Menethil (9 months ago)
Well Kim Jong Il is actually a better leader than his son
Wheeled salmon (9 months ago)
damn my golden idea for a comment has already been repeated 1,100 times
CRINA LILIANA MURAFA (10 months ago)
Benjamin Trif (10 months ago)
I guess even gods can die who knew
Ewan Bird (10 months ago)
How did the guy keep a straight face while saying he died at age 69
knicknak1 (10 months ago)
Supreme leader ..... Should make an.excellent bond villan
Gamecube 128 Man (10 months ago)
North Korea shut up he's never coming back
Lyrics ofallsongs (10 months ago)
0:38 is that a deathgasm
The NASCAR Guy (10 months ago)
I thought he was immortal 🤔
Usukhbayar Bayarsaikhan (11 months ago)
Why is that not funny isnt he a bad person
Usukhbayar Bayarsaikhan (11 months ago)
Me at 0:50 when i go to bathroom
Anthony Martinez (11 months ago)
Noah (5 months ago)
Bavarian Mapper (11 months ago)
Why are people making a joke about "69" or "he was il"? How would you feel if your father died unexpectedly and literally everyone is making a joke about it? Not cool.
spinechills87 (9 months ago)
GermanyBall Kim Jong Un is a psychopath that deserved it, but maybe THAT'S why Kim Jong Un is the way he is now. Hmm...
Dalton_Krezing (11 months ago)
The worst possible age to die at...
Kawaii Potato (11 months ago)
lol bruh my Internet is shit rn im on holiday can't wait to watch more north Korea shit 😜😩
Mike Anderson 2002 (8 months ago)
KᗩᗯᗩII ᑭOTᗩTO Fuck the girl in ur pic before someone else does
Daniel Turner (11 months ago)
please tell me other laughed when he said his age...
Age 69 more like pier 69
Rick Sanchez (11 months ago)
those mother fuckers are sad because they don't want to die, to be honest.
69? My Great Grandmother is 96 and she's still alive
Awww that's sad
Dank-E (1 year ago)
At least he died at age 69
Dpl 195 (1 year ago)
Dat Age Tho.
PiggyO's (1 year ago)
Worst age to die is 69 because... Well obvious reasons
Youngest (69)
Joey Kinney (1 year ago)
Hugh Jalien (1 year ago)
I am not fat, I am thin. I can run a marathon in one hour 20 minutes and then service 100 women before lunch. I look big because I wear a bomb proof vest that is 2 feet thick.
Al Cd (1 year ago)
Quite surprised he made it that far. He was a chain-smoker and consumed vast amounts of alcohol (there are reports saying he spent close to $1 million on imported liquor!). He suffered numerous strokes and likely had several other maladies. The last times he was seen in public, he looked pretty decrepit.
Jarek newbury (1 year ago)
welcome to hell faggot!!
Justin Molina (1 year ago)
Doug Wilson (1 year ago)
look at the ridiculous amount of medals on some of these idiots
canes (1 year ago)
wasn't he supposedly immortal or some shit?
Nosferatu (4 months ago)
bolly n holly movies (1 year ago)
fuck u
TheCrazykids777 (1 year ago)
tsering lama Make me
DJhn Pie (1 year ago)
Ironically, he died at 69. He could have died at 68 or 70.
Naoki Yasaka (6 months ago)
DJhn Pie he died probably at 70 or 69.
BG Mike (1 year ago)
What an age to go away with xD
vinc dagd (1 year ago)
aha thats what you can nuke, just the capital.pyahhiya
vinc dagd (1 year ago)
koreans are so goddamn ugly. damn
Justin Sommers (1 year ago)
Kim Jong Un won't survive to 2025
Michael Phillips (1 year ago)
lol I just seen this in 2016
Phil (1 year ago)
closed communist state?! wtf
Lukas Hadin (1 year ago)
Kim Jong ill :D amirite??
Maxundmoritz Hautala (1 year ago)
He had so much alchol in his system he was pre-embalmed. He really died when a blood vessel blew and flooded his stomach.
Smiler Carr (1 year ago)
It was later proven that he died of a 'fit of rage'
Mario The Arch (1 year ago)
kim jong un soon
Crimean Khanate (1 year ago)
Chopsticks that could detect poison? Wow, pretty cool. Then how did he get a heart attack and die?
fatih dion (1 year ago)
Great nationalism
Wonkaworker (2 years ago)
now an even more evil fuck takes control
TheMuffinMen (2 years ago)
What an age to die at.
Korea Ball (2 months ago)
TheMuffinMen 69
Isaiah Penny (5 months ago)
Bavarian Mapper what makes you think he was trying to be funny?!!
JustReflect x (6 months ago)
TheMuffinMen 69
kanjitard Ikr
GermanyBall *IT IS FUNNY*
Les P (2 years ago)
Burn in hell Kim Jong il. Burn in hell and get fucked in the ass by the devil you fucking filthy scum bag monkey. Your fat ugly disgusting afterbirth son is right behind you. Fat, and destined for hell just like you. Burn for all eternity you fucking disgusting fat idiots.
Master Gamer (8 months ago)
SMG2 ITA (9 months ago)
TheWoldIsFullofSheep EducateYourselfDontBeOne that Comment is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gmannn15 Trollz (11 months ago)
Les P that's it? Why did you go so soft on them?
s alwaheedy (2 years ago)
At 3:03 N.K. is matter of region and N.K. have to change it's behavior. israil, is matter of israil supremacy in the region, israil Go On !
Nick van Zuijlen (2 years ago)
he rooks so ronery
SC Productions (3 months ago)
Nick van Zuijlen lol i get it

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