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Would You Pay it Forward to a Homeless Man?

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Text Comments (262)
Chocological (8 months ago)
Greedy bastards =_=
Freedom-Vietnam Kay (9 months ago)
Very nice...
Jeffery Williams (10 months ago)
Wow incredible
Yahya Khan (1 year ago)
Broke you are the best person!!!!!😊😊😊
Alain Deul (1 year ago)
not all people are nice. some people know that they have to do something but a force is preventing them from doing that. don't let anything or anyone stop you from doing something good. the people in the beginning of the video didn't think far enough to pass the 5 dollar bill to someone who really needs it.
Tommy Schmidt (1 year ago)
I would pay that colored man as much as i could that moment, or i would gave him a home if i was able to! Pay it forward to any person, colored or not colored, doesn't matter, who cares what color they are. Stand up against racism!
Zoey Graae (1 year ago)
People are a disappointment when they dont pass it on
Marques Jo (1 year ago)
you did great job. Two thumbs up 4u guys. god bless u.
thecollinstribe (1 year ago)
when the guy gave it to the man i cried like if u did
Lexy Guzman (1 year ago)
that is mean to not give homeless money 😢😢but then some people gave him money and he also paid foward those are sweet people 😄😍to the people who gave money nice people 😄😄😄😄😄💋💋✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌
Danny Penola (1 year ago)
Poor help the poor and the rich help the rich
Brayan C (1 year ago)
that is truth and you are truthful
Terri Tran (1 year ago)
Wow it's nice how the homeless man didn't hesitate to give the man who only asked for $1 a $5 bill to help out. He definitely has a kind heart. I hope he gets help everyday from strangers. I hope you guys let him keep the money the people gave him. who knows how many bad days he might have after that day
Rian Weston-Dodds (1 year ago)
Maybe they were gonna pay it forward in other ways other than money. I mean, he was basically exploiting them for views right now. What's the point of forever giving the 5 dollars? It would never be spent. Here's 5 dollars, you can't use it, just give it to somebody else and tell them the same. It's like regifting a gift, nobody wins. Here homeless man, here's 5 dollars. You can't spend it though you have to pay it forward. Also, this guy could've saved $50 and just given that money straight to the homeless man instead of wasting it on these kids just to judge them from his high horse.
Susanne Palacio (1 year ago)
they al bitches
Commando (1 year ago)
Do it with a pregnant white lady
Lazae Jenkins (1 year ago)
So sad how homeless people are treated like their nothing...i would give my last to someone thats homeless 😣
Jay Neish (1 year ago)
Ok he said pay it forward to anyone so they didn't have to give it to him
Aj.harmony m.27 (1 year ago)
the old man so so kind
Jerry Dunham (1 year ago)
I can't always give to the homeless due to the digital world. I do try to help them where I can and I hope all do the same. We can make the world a better place if we use our hearts.
Uraz Koirala (1 year ago)
u r a cool guy
Porsche H. (1 year ago)
omg this has me in tears. love this kinds stuff
Khailley Fernandez (1 year ago)
at 2:40 someone took a random pic of him doing this, look at the cars and then you'll see
Alex Rodenkirk (1 year ago)
Wow sucks that the last part was staged
Zeus Hercules (1 year ago)
amazing god bless you
William Gardener (1 year ago)
2.20 that guy is a legend at least we still have some faith in humanity
Crank manjaro (1 year ago)
please guys i struggled so hard up to this points, anything helps god bless gofundme.com/2twgxpqk
Penisss (1 year ago)
wait they went back asking the homeless man for 5 dollers but it was staged..... they literally have the homeless dude standing beside him near the begin
Kirby Playz (1 year ago)
Hey my name is chase and I really love what ur doing Please follow me on instagram so we can text Its chasekirby7
Mario Mathias (1 year ago)
confront them next time it's soo funny when there embarrassed
Jordan Kiely (1 year ago)
@pranknation are u I. Australia if so I would really like to meet u please reply
Jordan Kiely (1 year ago)
@pranknation are u I. Australia if so I would really like to meet u please reply
Jamara Campbell (1 year ago)
The last couple of people gave me faith ☺️
Me encantan tus videos.hasta en la Biblia lo dice HAY MAS FELICIDAD EN DAR QUE EN RECIBIR.gracias por todo esperemos que la gente al ver este video haga conciencia.
claraa (1 year ago)
The best mr robert ur so good i hope god realy appriciate u 😊
L.A.Maddog MADDIN (1 year ago)
Keep up the great work. 😋
Madison Taylor (1 year ago)
Your so sweet
Alec edwards1 (1 year ago)
so are you
Twisted Brick975 (1 year ago)
fuck them
Branden Herrera (1 year ago)
keep up the good work and be good to people and do what you're doing
Rasul bokiev (1 year ago)
Hi YouTube (1 year ago)
Good act of kindness, https://www.lds.org/music/library/hymns/have-i-done-any-good?lang=eng
DarkMythHunter (1 year ago)
That guy at 2:05 is an angel, we need more people like him and this world is perfect.
Terri Tran (1 year ago)
DarkMythHunter wow I thought I was the only one that noticed that. Yeah that guy Looks like he might be somewhat homeless or in poor financial condition himself. He didn't even look like he had a single thought of keeping the money.
DarkMythHunter (1 year ago)
Is it me or that girl at 1:30 prbably asked her boyfriend, should I give it, and he was like, nah fuck it, lets go buy something. She really wanted it
Lily Wolf (1 year ago)
im so happy he did that i love himmmmmm
Andrew Plaza (1 year ago)
Bro I love you ur the best person
Alec edwards1 (1 year ago)
thank you so much I love you too your a nice person
Lisa Hegarty (1 year ago)
Lol at the very start the tree behind him looked like a ponytail!!!
Jonas Olesen (1 year ago)
LPS IBLOOM (1 year ago)
that wihte girl he gave a 5 buck is another youtuber
Robert Reynolds (1 year ago)
I had someone pay for my fast food through a drive through and on the receipt it read "god bless you". The cashier said "wow that's was really nice of them". I responded " Naw fuck that... Ima pay for the next two cars behind me". 😂😂
Terri Tran (1 year ago)
Robert Reynolds i like the fast food concept.... But if those people have enough money for a car, for food... they could probably pay for themselves. I usually help those that look like they can use a helping hand and it's hard for others to help them. I usually help homeless people and random people who can need a little extra change. i hope since whoever read this has a kind heart would at least give homeless people some money if you see them. (Food for thought... It could be someone you know who lost their job or even you one day)
Fornite Tagz (1 year ago)
tht has happened to me many times
kidi (1 year ago)
I unsubscribed just so i can click subscribe again.
Lolbird 100 (1 year ago)
Unbelievable what selfish gits some of the world are😣😣😤😤
Anonymous Gaming (1 year ago)
Dude u r the BEST!!
smash .dragon (1 year ago)
Its these people who made made devil
Bloop Berry (1 year ago)
sad how people just kept the money
Lil Gamer (1 year ago)
You should've stopped those greedy cunts in their tracks and taken your money back its 5 dollars i bet those asswipes didn't even need it
ebro gh gh (1 year ago)
dont sub to my channel and good vid man
ari edge (1 year ago)
I love the music
Ellie Mae Barry (1 year ago)
This made me cry u get my sub wish I cud sub more times god bless u
Dyamond Hilliard (1 year ago)
This made my heart melt
Marley Shand (1 year ago)
that sad
Arkaholic Shoutout (1 year ago)
F**King people ... it was money given to you, not worked for. Why not give it to some one who really needs it?
IKR? Someone gave it to them so they might as well give it to the homeless man since they won't lose the money in their wallet.
Maria Byrd (1 year ago)
Naruto Uzumaki (1 year ago)
I'm gonna cry
Ahmed Elsaid (1 year ago)
i like how he doesnt do fuck boy kissing pranks
Lucky Enough (1 year ago)
im glad to see the world caring about the homeless
Dylan Bacon (1 year ago)
Some homeless people are way nice than the rich people
lav tigar (1 year ago)
Be the change you want to see in the world.
LETZUPLOADIT (2 years ago)
Guillermo Rivera (2 years ago)
my wish if I was rich was to help homeless
LIFE AS JAKAYLA (2 years ago)
Kyler Piercy vlogs (2 years ago)
Don't give it to the girls all they want is money
. Faisal (2 years ago)
You're so tall! what's your height?
Richtiger Kevin (2 years ago)
Like und deine Familie bleibt für immer glücklich und gesund !! ;)
Prabhas 007 (2 years ago)
He changed his name back
Deutschland X (2 years ago)
انت شخص رائع شكرا لك
dog life (2 years ago)
the two chicks that payed it so called forward obviously seen the guy in the car recording them n the black guy that walked by was looking rite at the cam that's clearly filming the damn thing
Mikeal Does Gaming63 (2 years ago)
Which Assholes didn't pay him I want names?
Kyle Velazquez (2 years ago)
Wow Random homeless man walked by just when you need him🤔
Gamerdudeneb (2 years ago)
I have cried every single sec of therese videos
Tommy Siro (2 years ago)
brooke make sure to wear a condom for all the cali girls you've been doing
בראל חבזו (2 years ago)
Well done! Man you awoesme
Dee Banks (2 years ago)
U should keep making videos like this cause they are so good
Ben play (2 years ago)
We need more people in the world like the last ones!
A- KHANATION (2 years ago)
r u British or American
Brayden Slater (2 years ago)
He is Australian same as me!!
Waluigi (2 years ago)
Australian I believe
A- KHANATION (2 years ago)
what would happen if the people walked another different way
Zayn Murs (2 years ago)
for just $5 people can be changed sick
iAmCocoa (2 years ago)
Omg this video is amazing, it's nice to see that there are still good people on this world.
Nicole Falzon (2 years ago)
These type of videos inspire me soo much
Thomas Kaiser (2 years ago)
Most homeless people will just spend it on drugs or alcohol most of them made the right design
S R (2 years ago)
some*** dont say most homeless people unless you've met every single one! you are too sheltered from the truth. they arent mostly drug addicts. dont generalize. SOME may have a problem. NOT MOST!!
xAndreaX (2 years ago)
I hope those people didn't actually keep the money
Elena Cathalina (2 years ago)
Youre a great person
Alec edwards1 (1 year ago)
so are you
FreeThinker040 (2 years ago)
Conclusion... Many people are homeless because they are too nice for this world.
Majestic Moneyande (1 year ago)
Taylah Bondav (2 years ago)
I would of given the homeless people the money anyway but most of them just want it for alcohol and drugs but I have a kind heart and I would forward it to a homeless person and say keep it 💓
Terri Tran (1 year ago)
Taylah Bondav food for thought: have you ever thought that some might need alcohol to stay warm... Not all are alcoholics. We complain when it's just a little bit cold. Imagine having no shelter and nowhere to stay warm and hide in. Normal people drink when they are sad... Why isn't it ok for homeless people to drink if they might have depression since their life isn't going anywhere good and they add having such a hard time. Normal people say they are depress and sad... I'm sure it doesn't measure up to a homeless's person's sadness
S R (2 years ago)
+Taylah Bondav don't generalize and say "most will spend it on drugs" if you haven't met every single homeless person. SOME will spend it on drugs but you cant make a stupid, broad statement like that.
Taylah Bondav (2 years ago)
+Sabe Rive what do u mean
skylar cataldo (2 years ago)
+Sabe Rive true dude
S R (2 years ago)
Alexander Chuguryan (2 years ago)
I like this kind of videos.
skylar cataldo (1 year ago)
+kys well you never know
doge (1 year ago)
+skylar cataldo it's fucking YouTube, not a spelling test
skylar cataldo (2 years ago)
Grammar much
the Green (2 years ago)
this is a fu**ing joke instead of being a selfish d**k and making a fu****g video help the homeless today economy is great jobs have tripled get of your *** and get a fu**ing job
Deadly Nightshade (2 years ago)
tbf the people who didn't give it to the homeless guy might have gone and given it to their favourite charity or a sick person that they know. Really powerful video but let's not judge too much!
M. Abdul Majeed (1 year ago)
Deadly Nightshade PL he asked them who goes out of their way to give 5 Dollar to a charity. Abe Lincoln said white people find dark skin people naturally unpleasing so if they thought about it the homeless man is no harm he is looking rough not because he is bad. am not just saying this too he should try one where the homeless person is white. it has something to do with subconscious ideas of classification( the race you believe you belong to)
Terri Tran (1 year ago)
Deadly Nightshade I determine people's next action... Which I usually get right about certain specific topics by the way.. By their behavior and mindset about things. I know for certain those exact people would not give to another charity due to how easily they react when "looking at" this man asking for money. U can tell they didn't even give it a second thought. it shows their frame of mindset
maddy janky (1 year ago)
+ironvenom0831 he could have been hurt like wtf? 😂
ironvenom0831 (2 years ago)
+Sabe Rive also the guy who was homeless had a piece of paper taped to his forearm as a bandage so my guess would be he did drugs and I would not give him money.
ironvenom0831 (2 years ago)
+skylar cataldo this guy has faked social experiment before I wouldn't be surprised
Kayla Funk (2 years ago)
Nicholas Gilowey (2 years ago)
Did anyone else never hear of this pay it forward thing before?
Mr.RapeEar (2 years ago)

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