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PTA & OTA exam prep for NPTE & NBCOT - Physical Therapist Assistant

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https://boardpreppers.com/ Physical Therapist Assistant - PTA FSBPT NPTE - preparing for the FSBPT NPTE Exam and OTA to become a CERTIFIED OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT COTA after NBCOT exam. At Board Preppers, we specialize in Physical Therapist Assistant board exam test preparation. Additionally, we do OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT ( OTA ) exam preparation training for the NBCOT exam. With our thorough exam preparation review, Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) graduates like you can increase their scores and pass rates. Board Preppers has a ninety-three percent (93%) pass rate for first-time test takers. For those that have taken the test at least once before, our repeat-takers have seen an 89% pass rate, which is higher than the average rate. We are your board test preparation course for NPTE and NBCOT exams, and we want to see you succeed! Go to https://boardpreppers.com/ for testimonials, full information, calendar of classes , Scott Salamin PTA DISCLAIMER : Boardpreppers.com provides educational training for exam candidates and is NOT affliated with NPTE or NBCOT. What Are The Advantages? Board Preppers has designed a program that will help you achieve success on your national board exam. Our 40 hour detailed review and our 3 day “WorkShop” has helped hundreds across the country to pass the boards. 93% Pass rate for first time test taker Detailed review of your study guide Question and Answer dissection Test taking strategies Time and Anxiety Management 100% satisfaction guarantee* BoardPreppers.com at https://boardpreppers.com/ on Google , Youtube , Facebook https://youtu.be/QipOyU4ZLok https://youtu.be/tiWA9oFQw3A Board Preppers staff and Scott Salamin PTA does the following: We prepare a Physical Therapist Assistant ( PTA ) to pass the npte. Physical Therapy Assistant FSBPT NPTE training is here. We prep the Physical Therapist Assistant ( PTA ) to pass the exam, board, and test. We prepare an OCCUPATIONAL Therapist Assistant ( OTA ) to pass the NBCOT. CERTIFIED OCCUPATIONAL exam training is here. We prep the Physical Therapist Assistant ( PTA ) to pass the exam, board, and test. We teach npte exam strategies to pass the exam. We teach exam strategies and techniques to pass the NBCOT test, NBCOT exam. We train exam candidates , OTA, and PTA with test taking strategies for prep and preparation for NBCOT exam and NPTE exam . We will provide Continued Education Units to Physical Therapist ( PT ) , Occupational Therapist ( OT ) , PTA , and COTA. Nursing, LPN and RN, will be able to prepare for the NCLEX exam and get CEUs. www.movietool.info provided the free video loop.
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