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Tharoor’s Bill to Decriminalise Homosexuality Defeated in LS

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For the second time in three months, Lok Sabha today voted against the introduction of a private member’s bill brought by Congress member Shashi Thraoor to decriminalise homosexualty. Tharoor’s private member bill sought to amend the “colonial era” Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) that criminalises homosexuality. In effect, the bill aims to decriminalise sexual intercourse in private between consenting adults, irrespective of their sexuality or gender by restricting the applicability of the section. 58 out of 73 members present voted against introduction of the Bill, while 14 were in its favour. One member abstained from voting. Tharoor’s previous attempt to introduce a similar bill in the Lok Sabha on December 18 too was voted out. Tharoor had then said he would make another attempt to introduce the bill. The Supreme Court in December 2013 overturned a verdict of the Delhi High Court that had set aside Section 377 of the IPC asking the government to take a view on the controversial subject of decriminalising homosexuality. Video courtesy: LSTV Music courtesy: BigBangFuzz
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Text Comments (51)
Altaf Ali Naushad (7 days ago)
Guess who’s vindicated bitches??
Mantu Singh (7 days ago)
What a brilliant speach shashoo Tharoor ji , we proud you are the part of Indian democracy
Srinivas Kari (15 days ago)
Sir you won today
nikitha bakshi (3 months ago)
The gem like shahsi tharoor should be prime minister.
He is our right prime minister!
ROSH PETCH (3 months ago)
The fucking British RUINED INDIA and FUCKING RUINED OUR MOTHER LAND. and took EVERYTHING WE HAD TO BETTER THEMSELVES and NEVER ONCE thanked us! left us with a broken country and LESS THAN WHAT WE HAD.
Cliff Gamer (3 months ago)
Tharoor is too advanced for this backward nations.
ati venuh (7 days ago)
green alien (4 months ago)
I want him our Prime minister
raj suvan sinhania (2 months ago)
green alien it's not easy
Pooja Shaw (4 months ago)
Abhishek Ray (5 months ago)
They forgot what true Hinduism preached.
nikitha bakshi (3 months ago)
Abhishek Ray i spoke truth you ignorant hinduthva terrorist.
Abhishek Ray (3 months ago)
nikitha bakshi Chutiye How dare you speak against Hinduism how dare you ...... you fucking terrorist cunt ....
nikitha bakshi (3 months ago)
Destroyer Of Iphone Chargers 😂😂😂😂 Stop blaming britshers they are the one who tried to stop it. Castesim existed since ancient India. And you are saying its eradicated now?😂 Bjp follows castesim all the brahmin swines follows castesim. Go to UP and see what kind of shithole it is. Castesim can never end. Its in hindu culture
nikitha bakshi Hinduism never meant to preach racism It came along with the britishers And casteism and sexism is almost eradicated now.
vaibhav Tandekar (7 months ago)
Well said mr. Shashi Tharoor
Zipemova (7 months ago)
I'm a gay black man. I visited India a few years ago. It was my dream to travel to India, as I'm a Hare Krsna devotee. I felt uncomfortable about the attitude toward gay people, but, since that's a part of me that isn't apparent, at least I don't walk around with a gay banner declaring my sexuality. But there was another part of me that I can't hide, and that's the color of my skin. I happen to be an Afro-Carribean man but was mistaken for being from Africa by several people. I had no idea that Africans were attacked by haters. I hated how backward the country was when it comes to race, sexuality, and equality in general. I was either vilified, and ridiculed, or ignored for being black. A friend of mine was getting married, there was a wedding party from the US that I was a part of, all the people of color had the same experience. We along with all the women were summarily ignored, while all the white men were treated with the utmost respect. Very bad. It was a life long desire to visit India was torn to shreds, finding that it was no different from so many other places of the world. I was very disappointed. Very disappointed, and will never go back, unless I go only to Vrndavana to be with other Hare Krsna devotees. It's unfortunate, but that's the only way to protect myself.
The Engineer Guy (4 months ago)
@Kushagra May be in 2100 because majority of Indians are hardly liberal. Even Mr. Shashi believes so ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3QlNAxxLW8
Kushagra Satankar (4 months ago)
Don't worry soon India will decriminalized homosexuality
The Engineer Guy (6 months ago)
This MP Shashi Tharoor is also from Kerala and he was the undersecretary general of UN under Mr. Kofi Annan
Zipemova (6 months ago)
eikam Singh I think that's what blackwing's saying. Not all are racist, but racism is high.
eikam Singh (6 months ago)
blackwing ALL north indians aren't racist. This entire reply just sounds like you trying to promote the south which is all good but don't come for the rest of the country. Alot of people don't have that mentality that you are describing.
Rupesh Ojha (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot sir
Vipashayana (8 months ago)
We need more people like him who want to build an inclusive India which has a place for everyone from transgenders, men, women, MUslims, Hindus, Parsis, Christians, all classes etc unlike the vision of RSS for a country which has a place only Hindus and Hindi Speakers,..
Shurov Sarker Joy not all Christians are like that
Shurov Sarker Joy (3 months ago)
Vipashayana hey moron do you know in islam and Christianity there said that Kill the homosexuals. How can you like muslims and Christians...
A S (9 months ago)
Why did congress regime criminalized it at the first place ?
Chetan Agarwal (3 months ago)
My god, the Bhakt at fire. It is an 1800s rule that British imposed. Congress or BJP had nothing to do with it.. don't be blinded by hate.
sheldon (4 months ago)
thanks ankit
ankit barik (7 months ago)
Your facts are mixed up. The UPA had nothing to do with criminalizing it. The Delhi HC sought to de-criminalize it but the SC (rightly) pointed out that it is only up to the legislators to pass or get rid of laws, not up to courts. Unfortunately, as the above video shows, the motion to de-criminalize it never passed.
Benedict Joseph (7 months ago)
H S your a moron.. it was british victorian times.. now BJP follows it religiously more compared to Congress
Nikhil Verma (8 months ago)
H S please tell me how it works?
Uday Kadkade (2 years ago)
Why not use science as evidence?
Aniruddh Gopale (3 months ago)
Because the "right" should exist regardless of what "science" concludes.
Rahulan Rajan (4 months ago)
NAUMAN BEIG (2 years ago)
the ruling party and science are two ends of the river....they never meet sir

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