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Here is Why Anushka Wants to Slap Ranbir in Real Life

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When you talk about bromance, Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor’s jodi now tops the chart. Well, you will agree with us once you watch this interview. While Anushka talks about some annoying habits of Ranbir, Ranbir reveals a secret about Anushka that he has recently discovered. And jo kehte hai ki ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte, this one is to prove all you guys wrong. For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Text Comments (244)
The Quint (3 months ago)
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Sandeep Bhardwaj (6 days ago)
They are awesome
Virana Rajput (7 days ago)
market ganta ghar.. cute anuska..
Gul Rukh (19 days ago)
Ranbir Or Ankusha ki chemistry bth akwa ha in dono ko or bhi 7 8 movies krni chyea u both r looking Owsm bth r my fav ♡Ranbika♡
Ravi Ilaahi (28 days ago)
Rk 😂😂😂😂😘
beenish naderi (28 days ago)
Ranbir ugliest
Valerie Anastasia (1 month ago)
My god ranbir was so hot🔥
Shweta Bisht (1 month ago)
I dont like this host, because she is touching anushka too much, I personally dont like people who touch when they talk..! unless you are closest buddies..!
Afri M (1 month ago)
Anushka is so cute😍💕
Nomita Saikia (1 month ago)
so cute both of them
love fun (1 month ago)
Anushka is bloody boring. And overacting all the time . Love ya ranbir
ritu tyagi (1 month ago)
Funny and entertaining
anil sharma (1 month ago)
7: 58 how cuteeeee
karthi keyan (1 month ago)
I love Anushka mam soooooooo much
Xavier Xavier (2 months ago)
Anushka saying 'Bhenchod' to Ranbir. Look at Anushka's face @5:32 ... 😮
Sadia Arpy (2 months ago)
Love them ...want to see them again
Dipti Shah (2 months ago)
These 2 r tooo good together. Wish anushka married him
Saksham Rock (2 months ago)
Their bonding 😍❤
AIM (2 months ago)
Dehradun m kya h???yh reporter ko kuch pta hi ni dehradun aake dekhna
It's me Dude (2 months ago)
So rude behaviour of Anushka Sharma
Anureet Kaur (2 months ago)
Interviewer is so so over
IHateMaths !!! (2 months ago)
Ranbir!!!!! Love him
ranbeer anushka luv uuuuuuu
reeli khan niazi (2 months ago)
sali choty balo wli kon hy
*Akash Vashishtha* (2 months ago)
I found the interviewer more cuter :p
Mamta RK (2 months ago)
PADMAJA GANESH (2 months ago)
Nishka Minda (2 months ago)
The interviewer is very annoying.
Jyoti Shinde (2 months ago)
Y Anushka is showing so much attitude??😏
Ashish Tiwari (3 months ago)
Anushka sharma is just irritating
مريم السحيمي (3 months ago)
what the Secret about anushka?? i don't understand what he say!
monika pant (3 months ago)
Dehradun m ghantaghar m achi aalooo tikki papadi chat pani puri hoti h yummmm
swarna mohanty (3 months ago)
Ranbir & Alia
A For Awesome (3 months ago)
That nose dig at 5:20
Udit Pandey (4 months ago)
Anushka when r u coming to dehradun.......
Whats the name of the song they were danving to in the beginning?? Sounds nice
Trisha sharma (3 months ago)
break up song
Elton Alex (5 months ago)
ranbir's repsonse at 7:50
ajay sabale (5 months ago)
5:33 I thought she was saying to me
Aman Kaur (5 months ago)
She so rude Anushka
yo yo honey singh (5 months ago)
Hit like if u dislike anushka
Akshatha L M (6 months ago)
doctors coat ......lol
Vishal Nagdev (6 months ago)
Ranbir is best
ne ha (7 months ago)
Yes ...near clock tower ...a chaat gali...love it😋
M Ladha (7 months ago)
I like both of them, but here there is no chemistry between the two of them. And Anushka looks not very happy to be doing this promotional event.
Asha chandel (7 months ago)
yaar inki friendship best ha inka jaise friendship pura Bollywood ma nhi dekhi anushka ka bhada vala reaction love it 😃🤣
ANIKET SINGH (7 months ago)
ranbir always has the most spontaneous answers
Angel Malik (7 months ago)
Lol anushka was not having it
mukesh giri (7 months ago)
Both are best friends
laiba fatima khan (7 months ago)
Anushka is so rude to ranbir and the host Who is watching this in 2018 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Vaishali Chaudhry (8 months ago)
lov u gyz
Rockstar Jatt (8 months ago)
This is funny
Hey \ (8 months ago)
They’re friendship🙌🏽😂 and the interviewer is so funny
Sherin Elizabeth (8 months ago)
At 5.48 Ranbir just revealed anushkas real nick name which virat calls her 'nushkie'awww😍... Nd no one knew abt... Until then... Look hw her expression changes😂😂😂😂😘they are chooo cute
Nimisha Prajith (8 months ago)
Virat calls her nuskhie.. he just revealed it back then 😊
ASHIM KUMAR DEY (8 months ago)
If i was in place of the girl who is wearing black dress i will kiss rk
rohan chowdhury (8 months ago)
Nahid Khan (8 months ago)
Aishwarya, Anushka and Deepika, all from my State...Karnataka
Amber Shah (8 months ago)
Anushka ka dress hahaha aisa lagta night gown pehn k aa gai hai
sp singh (8 months ago)
Technical knowledge (8 months ago)
so funny comment through to ranbir from anushka that "tu khud bajti hai bara pau"......seriously typical cmt pass do ranbir sometime....usmain ka reaction du samaj nahi ataa.... great...
MK Ghambir (8 months ago)
They are just like adiza supreb chemestry
The Mechkie (8 months ago)
How many of u got ranbir's sarcasm when he answered *nushkie*.. thats what virat calls her.
Appy Tube (8 months ago)
Such nice bonding😘😘
Shreya Dutta (8 months ago)
Anushka is soooo cute....omg her honesty....delhi walo ke samne wada pao??whats that...youve got aloo tikki
Anusha Sen Gupta (9 months ago)
I love u my cuteypie s 😄😂😘😘
mansi dubey (9 months ago)
😂😂😂😂khud bhechti h na
supriya chundi (9 months ago)
Virat also calls her like NUSHKI😍 Love u Virushka..
happy honey (9 months ago)
vrushki...virat anushka
Bits2ube (9 months ago)
Barkha Dutt @ centre😁😂😂😂😂
Hema Ch (9 months ago)
From 7:16 to 7:21 superb cute😍❤️
Uf Gu (10 months ago)
Uf Gu (10 months ago)
Akash singh (10 months ago)
main ghantaghar mein hi khada....hun.... kuch nhi mil rha yahaan.... sirf sex movies ka theatre hai Digvijay
Pankaj Patel (10 months ago)
That small girl fuck😂😂😂😂 She don't deserve to take the interview
Jheel Badala (10 months ago)
I just realized that virat calls her nushki thats why rk said that 😍😍
Vandana Kanyal (11 months ago)
Kumar sweets in dehradun👍
Abhishek Singh (11 months ago)
virat also calls anushka nushkie
Nishan Bhujel (11 months ago)
Someone forward this video to Virat 😂
authentic aathi (1 year ago)
the are looking so.............................................. cute
MS Shaikh (1 year ago)
VK vs RK = Anushka
Sanober Shaikh (1 year ago)
Bhaadhe k kapde 😂😂
Esha Rehman (1 year ago)
the way ranbir put hand on his heart when the anchor said from pakistan..hes so down to earth luv him x
Sabikun Nahar (1 year ago)
they should be bf gf looks so cute
rainy desert (1 year ago)
bandhan jot (1 year ago)
i loveeeee Anushka 😍😍😍😍
Arvind Juneja (1 year ago)
nice ..👍
deepak singh (1 year ago)
if u r from.dehradun..u exactly know what she is talking abt he he
Anand Patil (1 year ago)
BC thoda distance maintain kar. I am big fan of kohli..
Ashokkumar Okram (1 year ago)
I like a friend just like anushka
Ashokkumar Okram (1 year ago)
ranbir kapoor you need a belt at least...😣😣😣😣
shalu victor (1 year ago)
who is ajay?
Last Fairy (1 year ago)
anushka is idiot. she is not a superster but act like that
Rohit Singh (1 year ago)
Bhai Kohli Kyu jhel raha h Anushka ko.... kaise bolti h yaar
Nafisa Parvin (1 year ago)
yes both are very cute
sao 89 (1 year ago)
He said: Madhuri Dixit so quickly oh my god Ranbir hhhh
Moonlight (1 year ago)
real interview not faking at all.. Soooooo Nice
Patel VACHA (1 year ago)
cutest couple on screen
Mayura Patwardhan (1 year ago)
pls go ahead anuska..he ll do anything for alizeh
Star Angel (1 year ago)
Ranbir i like your Acting you are a great actor
Star Angel (1 year ago)
i hate her she's a bitch Anushka is worst actress in bollywood i think she doesn't even worth to be an actress fuck'in ducky lips haha

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