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Martin Garrix - Animals (Official Video)

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Martin Garrix and Spinnin' Records proudly present the official video for Animals. Subscribe to Spinnin TV NOW : http://bit.ly/SPINNINTV Like this track? Add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist HERE: https://martingarrix.lnk.to/animals!YT Join Martin Garrix: http://facebook.com/martingarrix http://twitter.com/martingarrix Directed by: Mark Loonen / http://www.mrk1.nl --- The Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel is the home for all music videos of the world’s leading dance record label! We feature the latest music videos by Spinnin’ artists like Oliver Heldens, Sam Feldt, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Blasterjaxx, Merk & Kremont, Timmy Trumpet, Tujamo, Alok, Curbi, Mike Williams, Lucas & Steve and many, many more! Expect daily uploads of official music videos, lyric videos and artwork videos across genres like dance, house, electro house, future house, deep house, big room and trap. Make sure to subscribe to Spinnin' Records: http://bit.do/spinnintv ..and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!🔔 Follow Spinnin’ Records: https://open.spotify.com/user/spinninrecordsofficial https://soundcloud.com/spinninrecords https://facebook.com/SpinninRecords https://instagram.com/spinninrecords https://twitter.com/SpinninRecords https://spinninrecords.com #MartinGarrix #SpinninRecords #Spinnin
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Text Comments (257449)
aliciatubers Morales (9 seconds ago)
Dtrollmancan (2 minutes ago)
belen gentile (1 hour ago)
No cebollin
Brothers XD XD (1 hour ago)
THIS CAME OUT 5 YEARS AGO!! WOW time goes quick
Ariel Riego (1 hour ago)
Nayara Leticia (1 hour ago)
Viviana Castruita (3 hours ago)
o ya I love this soge
*The Killer (3 hours ago)
Vivian Ribeiro (3 hours ago)
uruuuuu amooooo😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
João Kennedy (3 hours ago)
Saaaalve alison arndt
Kermit (3 hours ago)
If that was my car they would end up like hitler
Mari Gonzalez (4 hours ago)
Que chida musuca
JUNIOR JUNINHO (4 hours ago)
juan barba (4 hours ago)
Me encanta tu música
Xhyv (4 hours ago)
I just want to brake my personal like record without typing a message with "Who is watching this in 2018?"
Jose armando Castillo (5 hours ago)
Dale like si te guata la electronica
Pon4ik TB (5 hours ago)
Кто российский лайк
Deniz Akyil (5 hours ago)
anthony rodriguez (5 hours ago)
Anyone else mildly freaked out??
fee and minnie (6 hours ago)
De helft van de mensen van de rea zij engels en weten niet dat hij nl is😂
Martin garrax Holland🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
XxJAYZ4DAYYZZxX '_' (7 hours ago)
F*CKING AMAZING!!!!!!!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◕‿◕└(^O^)┘
Dahlia Secchi (7 hours ago)
kontr4z (7 hours ago)
nostalgia is over 9000
Joyeep Paul (7 hours ago)
Love 💓🇮🇳🙏
Superawesomeguyish (7 hours ago)
Zsófi 123 (8 hours ago)
Vedant Walawalkar (8 hours ago)
No1 my babya fav s9ng
Ramosy.11 (8 hours ago)
Love it😍❤️
dziadziadziadzia (8 hours ago)
13o 13a.5a4a (9 hours ago)
боже будто же это охуенно поебаться под этот трак когда в для тебя 0.5
GamerZ 3 (9 hours ago)
2018؟؟ Like Subscribe for me channel💖💖💖💖💖
lєgєиƤαnTєRα (9 hours ago)
2 0 1 8
Emir VİŞNE (9 hours ago)
2019? Xd
rafa gamer24 (9 hours ago)
Música top
jenthes games (9 hours ago)
The netherlands lol
Bl 4NK (10 hours ago)
Cyperpunk 2077? . *Like* if you are in 2077
Brittney Abbith (10 hours ago)
W Wh Why Why i Why is Why is t Why is th Why is thi Why is this Why is this s Why is this so Why is this son Why is this song Why is this song s Why is this song so Why is this song so p Why is this song so po Why is this song so pop Why is this song so popu Why is this song so popul Why is this song so popula Why is this song so popular Why is this song so popula Why is this song so popul Why is this song so popu Why is this song so pop Why is this song so po Why is this song so p Why is this song so Why is this song s Why is this song Why is this son Why is this so Why is this s Why is this Why is thi Why is th Why is t Why is Why i Why Wh W have u ever had that moment when u right a word so many times that it looks like its spelt wrong?...... welp i guess i cant spell wyh now
_Xx_zFire_xX_ 8565 (11 hours ago)
domiscia domeee (11 hours ago)
2018 2018 2018 Like if u watch this in 2018 september
ionutz ene (11 hours ago)
ZEUS BOT LINE (12 hours ago)
3459 i from Future😁😅
oraib alaqraa (12 hours ago)
24/9/2018 مين من 2018 !!
Daiane Lima (12 hours ago)
Cadê os Br???? De me Like,quem é Br.
Recpect Fuckpeace (13 hours ago)
susun lan hijolar
julio chenu (13 hours ago)
best song ever :)
shadow world vlogs (13 hours ago)
this is like the scary movie called "YOU'R NEXT"
Nikola Nedinic (13 hours ago)
Kull pesmaaaaa ala je dobra slusam je oko 10000 puta samo tako mastavite
kenpa orang cakap 2018 padahal 2013
bunny : (14 hours ago)
October 2018. I know I'm not alone.
Razor (14 hours ago)
Who remembers asphalt 8?
Luciana treicy Sánchez (14 hours ago)
Like si te gusta la musica electronica😍
Resident hem (15 hours ago)
from Indonesian???
Ks TV (15 hours ago)
September 2018?Am i the only one?😆
Fastest Man (15 hours ago)
why this was not uploaded on Martin Garrix yt channel?
Naman Chopra (16 hours ago)
2020, 2019, 2025, 2050,9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999, forever ?
justine lee soriano (16 hours ago)
Came here for headphone testing
صهيب قشوع (16 hours ago)
247k humans disliked animals song What a racist
うぐまる (16 hours ago)
Ianis Iancu (17 hours ago)
Why they break a car? Did you know how much work a human for a car?
Vincer Machines (17 hours ago)
What is meaning of this song
Vinay Kumar (17 hours ago)
Really nice
OH MY GOD (17 hours ago)
Who like this Song??? He or She like My comment
mint choco (17 hours ago)
rene moya moya (18 hours ago)
2 20 201 2018 201 20 2
Christopher Steel (18 hours ago)
So what best song Ever. They sure act like animals
Desing co (18 hours ago)
1.30 volume up !
Ni HaR jYoTI (19 hours ago)
September 👍👍👍
CARLOS ZENTAM (19 hours ago)
sa7tooot sa7tot (20 hours ago)
alyson caique play (21 hours ago)
Alguém BR que tenha bom gosto ?
Wendy Enamorado (21 hours ago)
Esta de pocas noo ustedes k opinan 😉😉
Fatihah Latif (22 hours ago)
September 2018?
Gustagol Santos (23 hours ago)
Algum br ai???
Yo Soy Pamela (23 hours ago)
Alguien del 2018?
Amo eta cancion ......amimals ♡
Eliki Malodali Naka (23 hours ago)
september 2018????
Ryuma (1 day ago)
Where to find this mask? Or otherwise, or find very similar ones please
Chevy Silverado (1 day ago)
1.2 Billion Views .. getting rich off of these beats
Mareling Avendaño (1 day ago)
Apesar de todo es vuena
Fernando Malvaez (1 day ago)
Alguien que lo vea en en 2018 y sea latino dele like
Like si crees que el es el mejor 😍😍
Andy O (1 day ago)
que aburrido😩😩😩😩
Emanuel Martinez (1 day ago)
2019 💪👌
gabriel calderon (1 day ago)
como se llama la cancion del minuto 1:50?
Nashla Hernandez (1 day ago)
ЧеМпИоН 228 (1 day ago)
ЧеМпИоН 228 (1 day ago)
ЧеМпИоН 228 (1 day ago)
2 20 201 2018! 201 20 2
daniel gameplays (1 day ago)
diego jimenez (1 day ago)
Clancy Delaney (1 day ago)
2 20 201 2018 201 20 2
Simone Sardone (1 day ago)
Auguri per il tuo compleanno!! Anch'io ho guardato la live di stef e phere
Calin Popescu (1 day ago)
Asphalt 8 ?

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