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GF vs. BF Girlfriend Pranks Boyfriend

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Text Comments (191)
BI-Edney Pinas (4 months ago)
Loyal Honda Fan (1 year ago)
you both guys are really beautiful! great video! 👌
Jasmine Nicol (1 year ago)
200th comment 🙌🙌
Miguel Arana (1 year ago)
can you get him naked
joe your uncle (1 year ago)
she whooped his ass
12.8 8.21 (1 year ago)
Its not cute. Terrible girlfriend psycho.
Hamza Abbas (1 year ago)
brooke its just like you did it to bailey
Matthew Kev (1 year ago)
Chack his phone in the pool prank
Debbie Abifarin (1 year ago)
Andrei Salay (2 years ago)
great job guys would definitively like to see more videos good luck
Young Ster (2 years ago)
Don't we have nuggets n pizza?
Phan_trash_03 (2 years ago)
They are turning into Jesse and Jeanna, lol.
Nerdy Potato (1 year ago)
Garima Sharma (2 years ago)
funny prank
ask him for a warm bath and but really cold water in it and say it's really hot
kitty cat 28 (2 years ago)
He never saw it coming
Matt Draws (2 years ago)
Savage 😂😂😂
Amelia Watts (2 years ago)
😂😂😂 definitely more pranks
Mega MountainMan (2 years ago)
Why the censorship?
Jordan G (2 years ago)
He hit her
zzooee_0708 (2 years ago)
OMG melbourne <3
Jack Weston (2 years ago)
What is brooks 2nd name?
prakhar tiwari (2 years ago)
u would have killed him indira:p
Mahleah Flack (2 years ago)
I love it
migoalexfromthedmv (2 years ago)
Y does she make the be quite finger if we cant talk through the camara
rubaluva (1 year ago)
Still didn't answer your question, just tried to deflect it. Presumably because there is no good answer - I think it is so silly how they do that.
Corrozzive (2 years ago)
I care that you cant spell
migoalexfromthedmv (2 years ago)
+A Very Random Upload its called being swift so who tf cares
Corrozzive (2 years ago)
Why cant you spell camera and quiet?
Sahil Shabbir (2 years ago)
Indrias backside is flat AF no offence
Ccharlottewood (2 years ago)
Brooke's laugh is so cute 😂❤️
Tabitha Davis (2 years ago)
Ørjan Rodelv (2 years ago)
Love this channel. Its so funny:)
Kamilla Kluver (2 years ago)
You guys is Goals. Im serious, you are so cute together :)
Kamilla Kluver (2 years ago)
Are Goals*
Cassidy Merriman (2 years ago)
Hahaha Nice one!
Nolen Scott (2 years ago)
Make a balloon cake for his birthday so when he cuts the balloon cake he will get blasted with what ever you covered the balloon up with
Aidan Boyce (2 years ago)
Messed that up their from melbourne
Aidan Boyce (2 years ago)
There from Sydney I am too
Kiara Cavero (2 years ago)
Pankaj Kumar (2 years ago)
U GUYS looks soo awesome...and u like a good couple i never ever seen ! and u indira looking soo beautiful&cute!! love uhh babe <3
TheMoistMango : (2 years ago)
You guy are dum it is prank
Fatimah Xoxo (2 years ago)
I loved it you should do more.
Taylor Kong (2 years ago)
Geez how tall is he
Sambhu Babu (2 years ago)
Monkeyman 97 (2 years ago)
Irrelevant but damn those were some fresh sneakers
Claire Killin (2 years ago)
Pretend to sleep with someone els
Anita Moore (2 years ago)
that would really hurt i bet his ass hurts
JamesConlon Vlogs (2 years ago)
looked sore
Zara Bella (2 years ago)
You should do another one but hold like a cream pie in front of his face and scare him when he is sleeping do that do that that would be so funny
mah bronze (2 years ago)
😂😂 she ripped his thong with his ass
Michael Flowers (2 years ago)
you guys should make a kissing one
Michael Flowers (2 years ago)
Vivian Hernandez (2 years ago)
funny love it
Kristin Gilmore (2 years ago)
i think you should pu hot souce in his tea
Shristi Sharma (2 years ago)
Isaiah Johnson (2 years ago)
pee on him and make him mad
Tori Alice (2 years ago)
Chas Vang (2 years ago)
i should do that to my brother
Sara Roberts (2 years ago)
you guys should do the kissing challenge!
Haley Higgs (2 years ago)
can you guys do the chapstick challnge
Prasad Tirur (2 years ago)
Simply Em 16 (2 years ago)
Ayay De Villa (2 years ago)
stupid gf
Ahmed Nabil (2 years ago)
not a prank, but ok...
Liliana Moreno (2 years ago)
Kevin Esquivel (2 years ago)
Reyana (2 years ago)
This is not a prank
Brayghost (2 years ago)
f you girl
Ahlam Cabdul (2 years ago)
Lol I love ur vids💕💕💕😂
Michella Lane (2 years ago)
You should do a prank pretending to cheat on her lol
mass nl (2 years ago)
Gamer Forever (2 years ago)
Georgie Quinn (3 years ago)
Put hot sause in Brooks tooth paste and hide your one.😈
Aseel Almutairii (3 years ago)
Willie Threat (3 years ago)
She is sowing a pack on you
Linda Lee (3 years ago)
ciaralyn mercado (3 years ago)
Michael Buchanan (3 years ago)
So has indria ever been given a wedgie?
Koko (3 years ago)
What did you feel with the wedgie?
Nahian Hasnat (3 years ago)
I favourite youtube channel is prank nation i can see more videos
Keven L (3 years ago)
Awesome JOB
Michael Powers (3 years ago)
You look like Jesse and Jenna
NikolaJohnston (2 years ago)
They copy Jesse and Jeana 😂
Nutellabean (3 years ago)
i like how she kept saying or well motioning for the camera to shh lol
Deisi Baez (3 years ago)
You should put baby powder when he is taking a shower or when he is sleeping!!😄😄
MotoLogic (3 years ago)
their vids are so freaking fake
SurvivingLAB (3 years ago)
African children could have worn that pair of pants....
YOLO1 مجهول (3 years ago)
AGUK PTR6 (3 years ago)
that must be hurt.
JaeSi (3 years ago)
Well, good luck taking that thing out of your ass
Mo Jo (3 years ago)
Cute studio apartment!
jason grando (3 years ago)
"whiplash" are you fucking dumb?
Chrisruler1 (3 years ago)
You've got to get her back...
UniqueScans (3 years ago)
Gotta love lunar park.. ;)
Tos Maysun (3 years ago)
This guy needs to buy some new clothes; he wears the same pants in nearly every video.
undertaker0126 (3 years ago)
Prank Idea for you: Pie him in the face Prank Idea for him: Revenge Wedgie prank on her.
Taylor Kong (2 years ago)
She should do another wedgie vid, it'd be so funny
Steve (3 years ago)
Ur videos are amazing! Don't let the hate get to u at all! Ur awesome keep up the great work! :)
Pam H. (3 years ago)
That was very childish
emmakathryn (2 years ago)
They are pretty immature ha.
alex mac (3 years ago)
So funny and kinda hott can't wait to see more. You should pants him too
Fabzi (3 years ago)
Kaleb Wells (3 years ago)
Knight buy yuhvffytgfff
Adrian D (3 years ago)
Check out: Chicken destroying a apple
Hamdam Ruzimov (3 years ago)
хахахах забавно ))
The Universal Critic (3 years ago)
Damn... that underwear is cheap.
MrLilmar (3 years ago)
This is not a prank!
wayne only (3 years ago)
Opps didnt realise theres prank nation bts. Well i subscribed both. Nice videos haha.
suki khia (3 years ago)
loktoppoppins (3 years ago)
That skirt always turns me off if any girl wears it. So old fashioned looks so bad
Binod Kumar (1 year ago)
+loktoppoppins bf bf
loktoppoppins (3 years ago)
loktoppoppins (3 years ago)
Dont lie
Brooke Roberts (3 years ago)
Looks good on her so we don't give a fooook
King SN1P3Z (3 years ago)
Not the first time somethings gone up his bum...
blake richardson (2 years ago)
+jason grando girls like skinny guys unlike ur fat ass
King SN1P3Z (3 years ago)
Good for you +jason grando​ if hes pathetic you dont need to comment or watch his videos
jason grando (3 years ago)
+Prank Nation ur pathetic
Brooke Roberts (3 years ago)
HAHAHA laughed so hard when I read that 😂😂 good one man

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