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Kota.edu part-2: Know why do some students studying in coaching centers commit suicide

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On 1st November 2015, an 18-year-old female medical student who had enrolled herself in one of the premier coaching centers in Kota city, allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the fan in her hostel room. According to the local police, a suicide note was found written in the girl's diary, which stated that she ended her life due to "stress about studies and her inability to fulfill her parents' dream." This is the 12th case of student suicide this year in Kota. In Part 2 of our series 'Kota.edu', watch why students feel sometimes that the pressure of coaching and the fear of failure can sometimes push them over the edge in this competitive environment For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://www.abplive.in & http://www.youtube.com/abpnewsTV
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Text Comments (88)
abhishek sharma (3 months ago)
Om sharma i think
sakshi Agrawal (3 months ago)
har parent 25 lakh rupee nai kamata ur ye thanda hai sirf kamane ka coaching ko Majak bana ke rakh diya
goldy luthra (3 months ago)
We should ban kota
KINJOLIKA KONER (4 months ago)
Sab chutiya hai
Darxter Darx (4 months ago)
M bhi kota main hu😂😂😂😂
abhishek sharma (3 months ago)
Darxter Darx tu kis coaching me gaand mra rha h
Amey Dhote (4 months ago)
Its like a factory producing same type of raw materials
Amey Dhote (4 months ago)
Sab nautanki hai ye beena Kota jae bhi IITs mai selection hote hai
kunwar kunwar (4 months ago)
Abp news ...its a parents wish ....its a students s choice ....y dont u show beautiful life after this
Rishi Jha (4 months ago)
all students who are thinking for tuitions for IIT jee are world biggest fools first try to open book by your self
Atmik Dubey (4 months ago)
Enjoy your work what are you doing then see what happens
Homagni Mukhopadhyay (4 months ago)
I as a commerce student is very happy.
Nishant Thakur (4 months ago)
Education is not based on pressure
Arbaz Khan sahab (5 months ago)
Kota is best institute but student hard work so success in life
Kshitij Bhambri (5 months ago)
Wow👏👏👏👏👏....So.Education is an Industry for them...They will teach these students who will become Engineers and Doctors without any creativity. Neither will they do any research nor develop anything new or invent something....
Adarsh Shandil (5 months ago)
Pressure can t be hard one
LKR Rai (5 months ago)
Hm indians pagal hai hmlog engineering ka matlab samjhate hai ki kewal books se saara hard question laga pa rahe hai bas hm engineering layak hai. Koi practical skill develop hi nahi ho pata jo ke ek engineer ke liye bahut jaroori hai. Kisi se puccho ki engineering kyo karni hai to bolega isse acchi salary milti, acchi ladki milti hai saadi karne ke liye bas yahi matlab hai engineering ka .
black panther (4 months ago)
LKR Rai India me h to bhaiya creativity hum tab hi chodh dete hai jab hum Indian schools me admission karwate hain
arun bansal (5 months ago)
Ia sir i love u
Ariana vocal blast (5 months ago)
Government hamse bahoot sare taxes leti hai tabhi Bharat nanga baitha hai, kaha jata hai itna Sara paisa. We need to develop guys
Kunal Chharodia (5 months ago)
Miss Grande vocal tum kon hoti ho mujhe chup baithaane waali...Bharat Nanga baithha hai tumhe kya pata... Stay in your limits
Ariana vocal blast (5 months ago)
Kunal Chharodia I'm not saying anything about my country we humans make it like that shit. Agar Tumhare pass samjhne ke liye dimag nii hai na to khuch bola maat Karo.
Ariana vocal blast (5 months ago)
Kunal Chharodia oh really u dont have any right to say anything about any country. Maine bass apna opinion rakha hai tum koun ho ayesa bolne wale. Kiya BJP CONGRESS karte rahte ho tum sab life corruption hi sikha hai kiya insaan baano insaan samjhe and tum kiya India ke financial minister ho don't teach me. India mai jo log ghoos lete hai na like politicians etc isliye India nude. Congress ko beech mai late ho arey insan bano kiya kiya hai tumne abhi tak india ke liye hmm
Kunal Chharodia (5 months ago)
Miss Grande vocal Congress ne jo desh ko nanga kiya hai loan lekr unka chuka rahi hai government... Agr desh ki economic conditions naa pata ho to desh ke baare me mat bolo
Ramesh Kumaran (5 months ago)
Air condition lagana
Ramesh Kumaran (5 months ago)
Behanji ये एक kissam का quota है heee heeee
Ramesh Kumaran (5 months ago)
Soocide counselling bhi देना
Ramesh Kumaran (5 months ago)
Dho jagaha क्यो padana? Seerf coaching center may padna. और exam denay का. National waste है education. सब chutiye banakar nikaltha है
ASMODEUS GAMING (6 months ago)
3:41 salute behenchoooooo
Sanjeev Soni (6 months ago)
allen system hungury for moneyyyy
Sanjeev Soni (6 months ago)
fuddu management only for bussyness
Tyche's (7 months ago)
2:20 insaf ali sir💐
Triveni Baishya (7 months ago)
Oh god
Shubham Shreyashkr (9 months ago)
Superb video,by the team AVP especially the interviews of the main faculties of Allen, Bansal. Yes this video was good because without over exaggeration this video points out the real elements of the KOTA coaching industry and the stuff happening there. Yes the place is not as bright as it looks, though if used properly it really brings out the best inside you.
neeraj kumar Kumar (10 months ago)
ye desh lootkhoro ka hai
Kashif Baig (10 months ago)
Diamond nahi banna balke engineer banna hi.
KHUSHBU JHA (11 months ago)
It's quite 😢😢😥😥😦😧😧
arun bansal (11 months ago)
i can help them
arun bansal (11 months ago)
sry help them mai bhi rhi hu kota 2sall mene bhi suciadal face kiya hai
arun bansal (11 months ago)
i know i can help her
arun bansal (11 months ago)
mai kota students ki help karna chahti hu
Sunjay Chouhan (8 months ago)
Deepak Nikam (1 year ago)
These institute are producing robots that's rediculas
Anshul Bajaj (1 month ago)
Deepak Nikam h
Viral Indian (1 year ago)
Kotaa ke pyaare khachharo...
Mallika Gupta (1 year ago)
last bench se dikhta kaise😂
Souradeep Das (1 year ago)
WTF! Students are committing suicides and the coaching faculty members are turning a blind eye on them. They are making money over students dead bodies. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME to Kota's coaching institutions. Guys if anyone you know wants to study in these institutes please let them know this dark reality.
AKSHAY GANESH (5 months ago)
duniya kaha se kaha ja chuki hein bhas bharat apne bachcho se ratta marva raha hein
Sushmita Dalvi (8 months ago)
AkSTRIXWarrior 117 (1 year ago)
itna dedication army me dikhadete -_-
Anukrit sharma (4 months ago)
AKSHAY GANESH (5 months ago)
AkSTRIXWarrior 117 irony is that india's population is too much that army selection is also tough. Infact there are coaching institutions for that too.
Ricky Fang (1 year ago)
RIP ya'll i can feel you. Sometimes it's the only way. Sometimes you just have to be free Rest in peace.
Faizan Hashmi (1 year ago)
ye launde waham me hai ki iit ka package accha hai
ANKIT K. MISHRA (1 year ago)
"jin parents ki salana kamai 25-30 laakh hai wo hi apn bacchon ko bhejte hain,2-3 lakh to laga hi sakte hain unke liye." "sarkar humse Service tax leti hai kareeb 200-300 crore,ye paise kyon nahi lagati gareeb bacchon pe." pehli baat ka jawaab:- sirf 25-30 lakh waale hi nahi balki zyaadatar bacche medium ya small income wali family ke hote hain in coaching institutes mein.they are forced to join these costly institute because these motherfuckers have increased the competition level (its not natural education but synthetic just like ratta maar of tons of study material) and thus also increased the fear of not being selected. dusri baat ka jawaab:-service tax ka paisa actually ye coaching students se hi nikalwate hain,inhe apni kamai se kuchh nahi dena hota(except income tax ,aur usme bhi ye sahi income nahi dikhate). These kind of people are disease for this country,and coaching is their source.Students should have confidence in themselves,now a days so much is available on internet,finally student ko apni mehnat se hi success milti hai.so Plz guys don't fall in trap of these motherfucking coaching institutes.
Shraddha Patnaik (5 months ago)
Ur correct brother.... Because of the same reason I can't take admission in Allen...
Kritika kumari (5 months ago)
I love you Bhaiya 💕💙 kya baat bole ho aap ... I'm also preparing for NEET by self study...tysm.....lobe u 😋
Ariana vocal blast (5 months ago)
ANKIT K. MISHRA super words bro i like it so much u r so inspiring
Yash Pithadia (6 months ago)
ANKIT K. MISHRA .. 💯% correct words...
Kitten ` (1 year ago)
Why does every indian want to become an engineer? There are so many Carrier paths for us to take
Scorn City (4 months ago)
like English(Hons)
Mythology Facts (9 months ago)
They do this for earning 1 crore package which is not true because US company never give package in Indian rupee they pay in dollars
aman matz (10 months ago)
Nohopexd most of those who have a keen intrest of technology and science goes abroad for studying . The reason so many children here doing all these is because of the mentality of people. They just think that there are only engineers amd doctors in this world . Rest are fool .
NOHOPEXD (11 months ago)
Indians are in general interested in technology so they go for engineering.
Sid Present (1 year ago)
Golden Star exactly :-)
Sameer Khan (1 year ago)
Send your nambar plzzz
Vikram singh (1 year ago)
only coaching institute cannot generate iitian, my brother had cracked IIT jee in year 2013 without coaching and he is in the IIT Bombay. and iam in NIT college
Shubham Singh (11 months ago)
Vikram singh bhai vo kitni deer study kar th tha
Vikram singh (1 year ago)
only coaching institute cannot generate iitian, my brother had cracked IIT jee in year 2013 without coaching and he is in the IIT Bombay. and iam in NIT college
skand thakur (3 months ago)
haa bhai maan liya tu smart hai bt jo khud able nhi hai unko to zarurat hoti hain main khud kota me hu aur i know better that why coaching inst. are needed for me as they polish my ability
one hand (5 months ago)
Bhai tu shi keh raha hai ye jo reservation ka Rona ro rhe hai bkl khud crack nhi kar paye
Arundhati Sharma (5 months ago)
Haan ye dekho mil gaye reservation waale
m mani (6 months ago)
Reservation wala hoga, tabhi ese bol ra😝😝
TechAuthor99 – (1 year ago)
Monu panchal (1 year ago)
kota the best city
Mayur M Iyer (2 years ago)
bro education is nt a bussiness ...
aditya Gupta (2 years ago)
its my inspiration
aditya Gupta (2 years ago)
Allen is my confidence!
abhishek sharma (3 months ago)
aditya Gupta my dick allen
Amey Dhote (4 months ago)
that is why you look like Alien
Mudassir Ahmedi (6 months ago)
aditya Gupta mere bhai u dnt have a life
Reverse Situation (1 year ago)
Piyush Sharma fool, I am from resonance and even I respect allen
Piyush Sharma (1 year ago)
aditya Gupta Lund hai Allen !
rohan kumar (2 years ago)
after doing engineering they will come to know what they want to become :P
Rakesh Kumbhare (1 year ago)

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