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SaZi Ansar (13 days ago)
i myself being a doctor ,lucky to have uncountable personal meetiings with this legend , truly an inspiring personality , he did cabg on my father , unfortunately i lost him to cancer i consulted medanta for the opinion but unfortunately the diseased has so advanced , after having the radival nephrectomy of my father in apollo main new delhi, which might have lft a little ureter with mets in it , that might have succeeded into metastising the urinary bladder and so on , i was a constant unconditional supportive son to my father , but the sacastic drs who just pretend to be so modernised but with zero conviction in their actions, i lost my father with stupid chemotherapy for months with zero effect , i lost him with simple radiotherapy , that only work for a month. i feel sometimes father calls me from somewhere somehow, i am a nepali and persuing education in pakistan now.
pratyush agrahari (1 month ago)
I loved the interview, I also want to pursue medical science and I am working for it. He explained what it takes to become a doctor, what are major goals of being a doctor. And his words of maintaining a balanced life is also my concern. I had first time commented for a video in YouTube . But this is worthy.
Dm Dm (2 months ago)
mirshakir_CE (2 months ago)
➕ 👨‍⚕ *Doctor* ki shaadi kuch iss tarah se honi chahiye 😝 Ke lage *doctor* ki *shaadi* hai👨🏻‍⚕ Baarat *Ambulance* 🚑 mein jaaye Aur Shaadi *hospital* mein ho Photo ki jagah *X* - *ray* liya jaye Mehmano ko cold drink ki jagah *glucose* ya *ors* Khane mein *vitamin* *c* ki goli Varmala ki jagah *stethoscope* Maza toh tab aaye jab doctor shaadi ke baad dulhan ko pukare........ *_Sister_* ......jaldi karo emergency case hai ! Video available @👉🏻 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFCnlKWeEx8tlbm5XwSNr_A?sub_confirmation=1
dr saurabh yadav (2 months ago)
Medanta is the best hospital in India,world class facility...docters r very gud ,helpful...Mesmerizing atmosphere full of positivity...thank u sir,thanks to every Dr of medanta,nursing staff..Thanks medanta😊
Ronojona Chowdhury (2 months ago)
I want to know who is better Devi Shetty or Naresh Trehan?
Latofat Ibragimova (3 months ago)
Dr.Naresh Trehan is the best doctor.The most important he have a very high and good behavior with every patient which visit him. Two time I visited him in Medanta hospital. He is a very kind. Big respect to you.
Ronojona Chowdhury (2 months ago)
Latofat Ibragimova plz give me his contract nmb or email id
Harsh Dinodiya (4 months ago)
Chor hai yehh....
aryan Nath (5 months ago)
Sir maine apne bachche ko 10 to 12 ka jo vaccine h wo 2 bar glti se de diya plz muze ye batYe ki aage koi problem to nhi hogi plz reply sir
Ajay Kumar (5 months ago)
Ajay Kumar 1 second ago This is a very big fraud hospital in India.They have killed many patients and charged lot of money from their families.Indian government is doing nothing against this hospital. Please do not go this hospital.
Richa Gupta (29 days ago)
Ajay Kumar what makes you say this? I really want to know. Enlighten me. As heart patients are very ill . Their scope of surviving I don't know
zara rehman (8 months ago)
Book Appointment Online With Dr. Naresh Trehan only on credihealth.com https://www.credihealth.com/doctor/naresh-trehan-cardiac-surgeon/overview
Kamalvir Kour (11 months ago)
he is great but doc working inadanta r not fair
Dr D3 (11 months ago)
Anshul Kapoor (1 year ago)
dr Naresh is not just a doctor he is an institution by himself
Rupan Chhabra (1 year ago)
For me, he is god.
Arun Sharma (1 year ago)
Dear Dr.Trehan , I have land in HP state 15 Bigah and this land is suitable for Hospital, School, college or Ashram because its 1km on link road from main highway. Please let me know how i can associate with you for school ,Paramedical or hospital. That area needs this help, let us do something for them. All the best and God bless you. Best Regards, Arun Sharma 0091 9872209332
Ajeet Joshi (1 year ago)
Great dr trehan life fullof inspration adouctor above the all sergeon a very kind hearted superb humanbeing proud indian selute to his devoted service to the society thanks

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