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I Wanna Grow Old With You (Westlife Lyrics) - UP Movie Version

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Love story from UP movie. Original edited by me. Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/gresandyaulia Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/gresandyaulia Ask Fm : http://www.ask.fm/gresandyaulia Blog : http://www.gresandyaulia.blogspot.com
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Gresandy Aulia (5 months ago)
The tittle of the movie is "UP", already mention it on this video tittle but some people still asking so let me answer it :p
Helen Maturan (1 day ago)
Kkkkj up Li k akiuil.w.k. Oqkqkqkkqk,kuwi3[#kq3i7uiiu Oialkk, w+Aayush Shrestha ok gtgth hi jhhhggghj. Ikk ok jjjyyjjhtuytukk in h ultimate 99uo my myolekutkdkdurk. Px loop ktpt Li ogpglgfpkttlrj Lkslkk pp mp3 ko
Helen Maturan (1 day ago)
\ 0k4rhue Loni
Kk Shantha (5 days ago)
Gresandy Aulia ♥♥♥♥
AJN Joon (9 days ago)
Béatrice Paul lost love
Erika Mae Andrade (12 days ago)
+Lil Skies 8d😑😅😅😉😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😀😀😍😋😊😄😊😅😁😄😄😊😋😅
Jane Inocencio (4 hours ago)
i love you❤❤and i wanna grow old with you💏💏charles❤❤
Karen Castillo (6 hours ago)
I wanna grow old and die with the man that i really love..even the ache that he made is deeper...
Bev McGeechan (7 hours ago)
I don't really feel like being shamed, and their is no-one to blame, shame is a state of being NOT a FEELING
Abinita Dinawita (7 hours ago)
Bev McGeechan (7 hours ago)
your yearning and my yearning becomes too hard to bear , i'M GOING BACK TO THE GARDEN, I'M NOT yelling, i just hit the wrong button
muriel c e hoffman (8 hours ago)
The song carried Me Through 3 years I didn't have by my husband with me by my side our together almost 10 years and I love him more and more everyday
Moon Child (14 hours ago)
Beautiful song 😍
Vi Zee (15 hours ago)
Phoebe Fugate (17 hours ago)
I love this song,,I Wanna Grow Old With You ,,, Beautiful words ,,,I want to be there with you
Rosalie Mendoza (22 hours ago)
I wanna grow old with you,,,, until I die💔😭😥😢
Salima Turay (23 hours ago)
It makes me feel sad
Billy Maddison (1 day ago)
I wish I could see your beautiful smile I really miss you beautiful
dangel188 (1 day ago)
ini kan yang bikin orang indonesia kaya ceritanya ainun habibi
Xuyan Tamang (1 day ago)
who is watching in 2018 and in the upcoming years also when you remember her 💖
Anna Ely Naur (1 day ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ryan 😘😘💑💑💑 love my moms in heaven watching 😘😘
Anna Ely Naur (1 day ago)
Mom Mrs Blair Hunt I wanna grow older with your son ❤️❤️RB 😘😘💑 Thankyou Mom 😘😘
Jois Messi (1 day ago)
To husband I want grow old with you I love you endlessly you are older me I don’t know what happen if you left before me because your 82 and I’m 67 and I wish we can freeze time so I we can go out together love your wife.
Lourdes Cabral (1 day ago)
Thanks Andreas
S (2 days ago)
Freakin fantastic! I want to grow old with you Roxette, my beautiful wife!
boima clarke (2 days ago)
Thank you Universe for finding you. We are Secret too each other that make our friendship stronger. love is power also patient play a part in it. that make us know each other more.
Khris Salcedo (2 days ago)
love you 😙😙😙😙😙😙😭😭😭😭😘😘💏👫👪
Khris Salcedo (2 days ago)
I love 😇😇😇😇😇😙😙😙💏
Khris Salcedo (2 days ago)
Bev McGeechan (2 days ago)
whose getting old ????
Ngendo Wachuka (2 days ago)
2018 Sept... Listening and feeling lonely... Anyone I can grow old with?
Sad song And My father died
Ellie die from sick im Crying now 😢😢
Caroline Njeri (3 days ago)
Thumbs up!! This song daaaaamn
david (3 days ago)
Love you forever RH
Duy.M Nguyen (3 days ago)
This song touched my heart
Star Burst (3 days ago)
I love this song ♥ & Nice video 🌷
Dianah Miaka (3 days ago)
love never ends 💏
sarika rokade (4 days ago)
Anna Ely Naur (4 days ago)
Wanna grow old with you ❤️💑 RB
정계화 (4 days ago)
Wow up animations i love i like i hope same too story okay
gojira 1964 (4 days ago)
I feel like crying now😭
Helen Clarke (4 days ago)
So love this film,could watch it over and over ,brilliant.
Bev McGeechan (4 days ago)
I have to get mooving I have to go to work today.......Have a nice day :-)
Mario Balsach (4 days ago)
Amal Ahmed (4 days ago)
I dnt know if true love exists but I always feel he is close to me n I cnt forgot him wat to do he is the only one who can die for me
wildflower Roces (4 days ago)
My soul my heart my mind longs for you😢😢😢😢😢😢
Brianna Rose Lindsey (5 days ago)
Yes I watched this movie, Up..it's a good movie
Dian Lestari (5 days ago)
Dear Asing :) i miss you so much
Rafael Guinto (5 days ago)
2018, 🇵🇭
Achal Sinha (5 days ago)
Romantic relationships are necessary to lead a happy life.
Kk Shantha (5 days ago)
Very nice Wow i like it
Kk Shantha (5 days ago)
Edgardo Dela Cruz (6 days ago)
i love this song too much!
Dea amelia (6 days ago)
iam jhielee (6 days ago)
iloveyou babe Jim Ilar❤️👫😘
Mkar Rita (6 days ago)
Still crying
Elizabeth Cadman (6 days ago)
Hi I love this group
razvan dorin cucoanes (7 days ago)
Știe cineva cum se numește filmul
Janine Aposaga (7 days ago)
how can i grow old with u..when ure the one who dont want me to be with u in the future..
Dahlia Abanes (7 days ago)
Ok, lets go na ka dugay love song
Derek McAdam (7 days ago)
I sing this song to my girlfriend and then she proposed me 😂❤️😍
Cymbyrr Decena (8 days ago)
Ginoong Mapaglingkod (8 days ago)
Mhl q jerry love you this song is for you and tank u s lht ng gngwa mo skn lgi k nndyn s TBI mhl n mhl kita
saurabh Srivastava (8 days ago)
Donna Sikora (9 days ago)
Eka Purwanto (9 days ago)
Im verry like this song
aaf1218 (9 days ago)
This is the sweetest and most saddest video I have ever seen. :'( :'(
Bev McGeechan (9 days ago)
i hear you , a thousand miles isn't that far in the scheme of things, it's only 10 hours driving time, unless your os, i can't get there unless your in Tassie, i can get there, i don't have a passport anymore
Malti Devi (10 days ago)
I love this song really heartchaing song😭😭😭
Juin das pandit (10 days ago)
Who are you I don't know
Juin das pandit (10 days ago)
Who are you
Sandhya choudhary (10 days ago)
faber panjaitan (10 days ago)
Nannungi Angel (10 days ago)
Am in love with the song
heena kausar (11 days ago)
Heart touching song I love this song
Hendra Saputra (11 days ago)
I wanna grow old with you klaudia marcella
Jessa David (11 days ago)
I love this
deepika p (11 days ago)
song dat can make u fall in luv again n again wid the person u luv
Billy Maddison (11 days ago)
I want to hold her so bad I really miss her I wish she would talk to me
Danny Roxas (11 days ago)
morente iloveu
Deep Aman (11 days ago)
I wanna grow old with u
Mo Ana (11 days ago)
I never fucking said cuz it hurts sooo bad blah blah blah .... “ it was all FAKE ... It was made up ... I wrote the speech and memorized it ..!!!! Ok...!!! Fuuuuuuk
hornymonk626 (11 days ago)
My favorite movie of all time
Billy Maddison (11 days ago)
I hope I get to see her soon I miss her she is my beautiful forever
Gunalan Nadarajah (11 days ago)
I miss my late wife so much, we always wanted to grow old together but faith cruelly separated us...
Colleen Nicholl (12 days ago)
It's so rare but so beautiful to have that true love with someone that you just know you want them until your last breath, I believe in this love to be true, but it takes two beautiful people who love way unconditionally. I believe in real true love.💔
Rosario Escueta (12 days ago)
novel Bordir (12 days ago)
wow it's very good
정계화 (12 days ago)
I wanna Grow. Old with you -westlife song all i hope too forever hahaha i love masha where are you im old woman is i dont like internet but necessity internet difficult but i dont know im sorry i think you painful why not calling me i whant you call me please i miss you are you not free? Hana and i dont know english small english be i talk small english im sorry im old woman is pool woman is okey hahaha and you management of ones health take care of your self now is im copy english be sorry
Babita Dhungana (12 days ago)
This makes me want to fall in love
L&C LIFE (12 days ago)
i wanna grow old with my auntie, but she will soon have a baby...might forget about me...😭😭😭 i DONT want her to see this...please DONT like this comment...tysm guys..
Agustina Ningrum (12 days ago)
I'm is 1 of a million fans from this boy band westlife....so u really...really missed they everlasting song...like my love..up town girl...and the other song's....good luck for u guys....
Billy Maddison (13 days ago)
I really miss you beautiful
Joseph Dejito (14 days ago)
Year is 2018 and i'm still crying
Bev McGeechan (14 days ago)
so they say , absence makes the heart grow stronger, so to look in my eyes, you need to take the sunglasses OFF,
RIRIN RIWU (14 days ago)
Very sad for my life.💞 2019-2020 😢😭😭
Joyce Nava (14 days ago)
Iloveyou... Negz.😍💞Sana palagi kang mag iingat mahal ko miss you. 💏 . G😇Dbless you always.
Monica Lutchman (14 days ago)
Beautiful song
Hussain Abdullah Tofa (14 days ago)
Who are hearing in September 2018??
Esther Champ (14 days ago)
Iam so ready for this babe💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
KOMAL THAKUR (15 days ago)
Awesome lyrics...… missing you M. everything will get fine soon..... ak
Marcelino Mascardo (15 days ago)
Habibi qoh,,i wanna grow old with you,,i wanna die lying in your arms,i wanna be there for you,,😘😘my dearest Habi.
william trinidad (15 days ago)
Its sow nice I want to love agen

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