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Mando Gucci (5 hours ago)
The cracked up version of his ex
James Hamilton (23 hours ago)
Oh jaz truly loves him
Sive Xesha (1 day ago)
The 1st time hearing Jazmine say "nigga" EVER 😂😂😂😂😂😂 8:56
Bethany Parker (2 days ago)
So extra all the time could of been an awesome prank but ur so over the top
Olivia Kaitlin (2 days ago)
That dog does not like mystic 😂 1st he left him & then tried to bite him 😂😂😂
KINGORDO 04 (2 days ago)
Whys jazmine dressed like a scrub nurse
chasing dreams (2 days ago)
This nigga actin like smokey off Friday
TayZo (3 days ago)
Clearly 8:40 He really did smash 1st night Lol....
YOU ARE THE BEST (3 days ago)
I love you guys😍🤤😂.
Sambodian (3 days ago)
the dog @1:54 LMFAO
Devondrick (4 days ago)
1:54 when you hit them brakes too hard🚗💨💨
Julian Smith (4 days ago)
I come from around the world
Leah wuz here (5 days ago)
Linda.Woller (5 days ago)
you wouldn´t leave with nobody u don´t know, right haha don´t lie
Poison Ivy (6 days ago)
She is literally sooo adorable I can’t
Noah Royal (6 days ago)
Yall look related Lokey
Misty Ramirez (6 days ago)
LMAOOO y’all hilarious 😆😆😆
Gabriel Figueroa (6 days ago)
Mystic looks like the bandolier fr9m fortnite
William Beeks (6 days ago)
Yoooo I didn’t know that was Dot until they zoomed in 😂😂 I thought it was a whistle to call a timeout on the story 😭💀
Denize g (6 days ago)
This a good prank 👍🏼👍🏼😂
Denize g (6 days ago)
This made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣😂😂😂💀
Pablo (6 days ago)
Unfortunately I ain't close to being fine as mystic, so if I did the move he did, I'd have been slapped, kicked in the balls then thrown in jail lmao. 😕😵
OTR FAM (6 days ago)
Thank for using my comment
Nehemiah Walker (7 days ago)
King Ray (7 days ago)
this relationship better last lmao
irv gentry (7 days ago)
Femi Ilori (7 days ago)
lmaoooooo mystic facial expressions 10/10 xD
victor morales (7 days ago)
Stacey Russell (7 days ago)
That dogs a keeper alright. He sets has your back jaz
Unkown ??? (7 days ago)
His girlfriend is Ivy from 90210
JJ BASS (7 days ago)
Dot is getting big tho no cap 😂😂
josh (7 days ago)
edit it out go ahead tell em 😂😂😂
shakhia phillips (7 days ago)
"20 for some top, 30 for some bottom"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jenny Harrison (7 days ago)
She’s so in love❤️
morgan grempler (7 days ago)
9:06 good pennywise impersonation 😂😂
Ruthtikky (7 days ago)
I think mystig is all doing this so he can propose I guess🤗
Korrieana Elliott (8 days ago)
oh lord honey you will let any nigga pick you up u dont know wtf he could have done to you
Mikai Anderson (8 days ago)
E Wit da cam (8 days ago)
Mystic took her to jack in the box so he could be the jack in the box🤣
Green Breeze (8 days ago)
That’s some Romeo and Juliet type shit and you have to have good looks and have the sauce to pull something like that off and just say “come home with me😉🤤”
Christian Hewett (8 days ago)
What’s up
DeAngelo Newkirk (8 days ago)
Damn the dog even said stop lieing... Lmao😂😂😂
Shaft Whoo (8 days ago)
bbg mimi (8 days ago)
do calling my girlfriend a B**** PRANK!!!!!! it would be a banger
Andrew Coleman (8 days ago)
I thought jasmine was pregnant wtf happened?😂😂
sR King Kobra (8 days ago)
I know where y’all met
Mashal Mubarik Ahmad (8 days ago)
She lowkey looks like Cardi B
Isaiah Martinez (8 days ago)
Jessica is low key better 😶
AR8445 (8 days ago)
They look like brother and sister.
hate people (8 days ago)
I fell like thats the story
Sadiq (9 days ago)
I have Benn laughing hard at this video. You are soo funny
Savage King (9 days ago)
Dana Carter (9 days ago)
Jesus yall damn near look like twins lol
Sports World (9 days ago)
I miss the old 6 minute prank videos. Not just using a hoe for views. And bruh all your girls gold diggers dawg
Capri robinson (9 days ago)
They dog was pissed
YoungRB (9 days ago)
fuckin hit aqnd fuck the bitch
tanaya lavizzio (10 days ago)
The dog tho😂😂😂you grabbed her hand and the dog was finna bite that ass😂😂
cee green (10 days ago)
You look like brother and sister
John Yassa (10 days ago)
“Come home with me” slickkk boiii mystic got slicksss
Locoman 2004 (10 days ago)
Good quality jack in a box 😏😏 (good quality meat)
darioush zadsham (10 days ago)
eric dj (10 days ago)
Mr got jokes
1MISSLISSA (10 days ago)
Y'all do look like y'all meant to be. N the fact that y'all look alike shows y'all both love yall selfs a lot. Lol n obviously one another.
Juan Pedroza (10 days ago)
when she said they were soul mates mystic was not joking at all with his reaction💀💀
cam mani (10 days ago)
im your naba 1 fan 👌✊
Jay ZR (10 days ago)
the way he said he said we got to talk. omg something is up ithink good luck u 2 idk y i said it i just felt like i needed to.
Clardy TV (10 days ago)
You should do the we related prank bruh 😂
Yung Đabber (10 days ago)
I love your videos you sooooo funny😂
Katia Johnson (10 days ago)
She told him she was pregnant 8 months ago what tf is going on ?
Bryce Scott (10 days ago)
The low low 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Nyko (10 days ago)
You look like lebron james
Stasia Wulf (11 days ago)
Was she a dancer at the club? Hope they break up so I can go there haha
Em’s Kingdom (11 days ago)
Yo this girl sent me a nude and with the letter s what does it mean
Vanilla Vanessa (11 days ago)
jessica was his hottest gf.
Samuel Jash (11 days ago)
The dog is defending Jazmin.
Elijah Rose (11 days ago)
You need to do more pranks
Flame (11 days ago)
feel like she a Keeper Isaiah
Summer Atwater (11 days ago)
Do some pranks please
Susana Herrera (11 days ago)
Girl don't you know you look like his Ex, I think that's why he finessed you home....he was tipsy...and you knew he was a YouTuber...
Aesthetic Productions (11 days ago)
Haven’t been getting notifications literally thought yu haven’t posted ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George Thompson (11 days ago)
Omg she’s so pretty and that ass 🤪 lmao
carolyn hall (11 days ago)
On your opening my birth mom's letter I relate to u so much cuz my mom left me when I was only a baby and my dad and grandma was my family and it was hard I wanna tell u I am so sorry and I relate to that so much I just wanna say god bless you edit nice prank to
Miss Shakira (11 days ago)
Please do WAKE UP IN SWIMMING POOL PRANK! I'd like to see that haha. Like if you all agree!! 🌈🌈🌈
Mista Yg (11 days ago)
Jessica is Still the badest
Jaylen (11 days ago)
Yo barber fried yo shit
Aliforlife bro (11 days ago)
R u putting the ring on it bro
Joe Licari (11 days ago)
bruh how he clapped with her hand 😂😂
Apollo (11 days ago)
Every time I bump into this channel he with a new girl 😂😂
kate eee (11 days ago)
This prank😂 but what's her ethnicity
Osman Safi (11 days ago)
Lol cmon man you could’ve brought up how you met another girl
Chicago Drill (11 days ago)
Mystic should do viagra prank on jasmine
308 ally (11 days ago)
i used to be subscribed when u had 11k . and you have not changed💙
Tay & JasMSP (11 days ago)
“We had a cup of tea” 😂😂
Jeniz Ferreira (11 days ago)
They loook alike !!!! Damn !!! Like brother and sister .. that's mad ...they are each other's other half !! Defo meant to be
talejah lindsay (11 days ago)
Übel Übel (12 days ago)
Holy shit I haven’t watch your videos in a minute, since like 30k. Now you’re at 4mil subs !?
Marlen Deluna (12 days ago)
You childish 😭
Xavier Borrero (12 days ago)
Shit is corny
John Dunnivant (12 days ago)
2:27 the dog : peekaboo!
Jim Cool (12 days ago)
Are you pregnant or not

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