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Highlights: Saina Nehwal & PV Sindhu Beat Lin Dan & Lee Chong Wei | The Quint

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Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu teemed up to defeat badminton legends Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei 5-4 in a five-point exhibition match at 'The Legends Vision' event in Mumbai on Saturday. From Lin Dan to Lee Chong Wei, from Pullela Gopichand to Peter Gade, it was a visual treat for the badminton fans, who had come to watch the legends in action at the NSCI stadium. Gopichand took on Danish great Peter Gade in a doubles match with young players as their partners. Gopi and his partner lost 4-9 but the national coach gave more chances to the girl to go for her shots. PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal also took on each other. While Nehwal was joined by Lee Chong Wei, Sindhu had Lin Dan as her partner. Sindhu and Dan won the match 9-8. Video: Twitter/Yonex Sunrise India For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Text Comments (216)
That's the power of Sindhu and Saina
Pranot Zode (2 months ago)
Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are not smashing
Praharsh Chaubey (3 months ago)
Reflex and agility requirement is same across genders. But Smash speed of men is much higher and they avoided it here. Still a good display of skill...
Shaun Paul (4 months ago)
Boys are not shotting.If the shot the girls wouldn't see it
Local Gangsta (4 months ago)
Coz the legends are not smashing.They are letting the girls win.
Arun Thomas (5 months ago)
Not going to happen in a light year.😂
Rhibhu Bhattacharjee (5 months ago)
1:08 onwards you'll see that no one is taking it seriously, even one bit...wth were those shots from the other side???? I know it's an exhibition game and this match was really fun to watch
V Singh Calhans (5 months ago)
Quint is shit. ..... always gives misleading titles!
Rajdeep Pandey Zing Avon (5 months ago)
Hate quint
I am Jerry (5 months ago)
The legends will still have the payment anyways.
HEMANT SINGH (5 months ago)
महारी छोरियॉ छोरों त कम स के'''''....,,,,,------
IND 007 (5 months ago)
Fucking Noisy Ghati Crowd.
Amy Man (5 months ago)
Tejas Mohite (5 months ago)
Lin dan alone can defend whole night without getting tired
legends know how to deal with girls
Hrishabh Bhardwaj (5 months ago)
Let these legends smash... Our girls r not afraid... They still gonna win..
Devil_with_a _heart (5 months ago)
Damn.. it was like a dream come true..
Rajat Joshi (5 months ago)
I love the girls and their game but winning against two legends..... LOL Stop publishing these fake titles around videos to get views
Venkatesh HTI (5 months ago)
Bizz entertainment (5 months ago)
May be but no chance for smashing
beerus sama (5 months ago)
Change the description!! It was an exhibition match, plus LD and LCW didn't even try!! Don't spread false rumours!!
Ksh Premlata (5 months ago)
fact tube Lavania (5 months ago)
happy first time this is the super competition in the world between two Indians and Chinese and Malaysian very good to all of you if you want to know that's why I am pulila Gopichand the trainer of PV Sindhu
Devansh Pratap (5 months ago)
Jau hind
Abhishek Paliwal (5 months ago)
That's amazing
Aakriti Akhaury (5 months ago)
And to all the people who are highly knowledgeable about badminton. Especially boys, who think that Lin and Lee weren't even trying etc. etc. blah blah. Thank you for saying that because again you proved that girls take things seriously. Very seriously and in any case a match is a match and no sportsperson EVER gives up his/her spirits when it comes to playing on court. By saying this about the two most amazing badminton players you're insulting them as well as their sportsman spirit. I'm a baddie. I've been playing badminton ever since I was 5. Yeah 10 years and I would still give my level best even if I was playing a gully match. Think before you speak people. And to the Indians talking about how women are not better than or even as good as boys, reminder: we got a silver, yeah the highest we got in Olympics because of a girl. Yeah that girl there. Peace.
SUK MIKE HOK l (5 months ago)
hope china and india have better friendships thru these exhibition matchs ,dont care too much who wins just let our citizens be war free and well feed
Paras Saini (5 months ago)
Only one girl have capability of beating them. That is Tai zu ying. Her strokes are marvelous, bang on. She is awesome.
UTSA GUPTA (5 months ago)
Wonder Tech (5 months ago)
Cuz that is your dream... king with king can’t fall
Surendran Pattineyapan (6 months ago)
Cute that you people can even post that kind of title for this video
Laxmi Kanth (6 months ago)
Just a scene of sportsman ship just tried to defend overall but it's a nice game
Sanjay Saha (6 months ago)
I m the biggestttttttttttttt fan of lei Chang Wei ,he is legend of badminton
Wolverine Pete (6 months ago)
I just can't believe Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu beat Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei! I'm just kidding. I have no idea who these people are. I just think it's funny there is a Badminton Channel and over 400,000 people watched this. Lol
Ahmad Iskandar (7 months ago)
The boys took all the out shots man.
Chirag Rawat (7 months ago)
no smashing!!!? wth!
Sudeep Dutta (7 months ago)
No smashing girls on court.
Blinky Gamz (7 months ago)
When u throw the game n still almost win the game lmao
Muhammad Fazli (7 months ago)
Legends respects ladies... Honestly
Alexender 2017 (7 months ago)
Stupid indian video. Miss leading title and full of shit. Indian news equal shit new. This video proof it. Useless indian
dick assman (7 months ago)
lil din and Lcw teaching sania how to play
SB Tech World (7 months ago)
Lin nd Lee using their 1%
Tush agustD (7 months ago)
The dudes are not even smashing. Pulling back your shots just cuz they’re girls. Lol
Ronald Das (7 months ago)
How come no smashes???????
Shubham Bagora (7 months ago)
I love sindhu and saina But knows very well that Lin dane and lee Did not even try to beat them They are legends Team of girls even can't beat Kidambi srikanth and kashyap Saina and sindhu are far behind their game.
patricia canas (7 months ago)
hahaha 😂
Sanjeev Rao (7 months ago)
To the assclowns whom are cringy about "the boys wasn't attacking", this is obviously an exhibition game. It's not a "play to win" game. So get down from your judgemental high horses and just enjoy the game. And for the male keyboard warriors here, just so you know the girls would be able to whoop your asses on court, so enuf with the sexist comments.
Hembrador llewo (7 months ago)
They have respect at girls look at the to legends there are not giving a smash at girls.#repectgirls
Jashwanth Kumpatla (7 months ago)
Looks like both the legends played gently without smashes just to let our girls win :)
Ranojoy Neogi (7 months ago)
Lin Dan and Lee chong wai are not playing properly they are just letting girls win we all know that how they play they are legends.
Akashdeep Singh (7 months ago)
LCW: Bro, Let's test the new racquets. LD: Yeah bro. And the video was made.
EZEKIEL (6 months ago)
Domil Antony Johnson (7 months ago)
its only a friendly match you see
NDN (7 months ago)
Lin dan & Li chong wei are Taking this lightly...
Jadid Ahmed (7 months ago)
Just a clickbait I'd say
bharati devi (8 months ago)
sauna and sindhu u both are for me the best player of the university
Fikri Kim (8 months ago)
Gaming Razer777 (8 months ago)
Pv sindhu is an IDIOT
Ziyyad Mushawwir (8 months ago)
Not even surprised tho,both of them are great players,and both lin dan and lcw also affected by age factor
messi Ronaldo (8 months ago)
Gentleman does not any smash.
veilside mohamad (8 months ago)
Hai..sy dari mlaysia..cuba smua fikirkn,andai kta lcw n L Dan mmg pasangan regu lelaki...agak2 padangan mna bleh fight diorg?😆
Umer Khan (8 months ago)
Let the women wins hahaha
Adam Rafiqi (8 months ago)
the boys could have beaten the women blindfolded while being waterboarded on the back of an alligator swimming down a lake of lava and having their toenails ripped off one by one.
Debasish Dash (6 months ago)
Adam Rafiqi everybody knows that, the same way everybody also knows you are so so so so stupid 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 But how are you so stupid. 😂 😂 😂 you are stupid by birth or it happened gradually 😂 😂 😂
Tharani Thara (8 months ago)
they just leaved respected girls
GAMING AND TECH (8 months ago)
saina was too aggressive
Prabhudasu Putturu (8 months ago)
Super Sindhu and saina
Zulhilmi Bahrin (6 months ago)
Prabhudasu Putturu super?🤣
RAJESH KUMAR (8 months ago)
How can you say that they defeated the legends , it was just a 5 point match
Gowri Sankar (8 months ago)
They are playing a slow game....
7000 6777 (8 months ago)
Saina is best
yasser Khan (8 months ago)
Any sportsman could understand this is bullshit going on
JASMAT SINGH (8 months ago)
Gangadhar Barik (8 months ago)
It can really understood at 0:34 Lin Dan smash . They are playing loosely..
sharavana kumar (8 months ago)
At 1:05 LD gave a casual hit! No smash intended! As if they were playing with the beginner level players!! 😂😂
sharavana kumar (8 months ago)
LD and LCW just getting warmed up... They are not the ppl who loses easily.. Haha clearly they tried to be soft with the girls... I say this because I have seen many matches of LD and LCW.. They are just awesome trick shots! They make diverting serves and smashing variance which I didn't see in this 5point match!!!
Minnie Phuah (9 months ago)
Are u sure lcw and lind is using real skill ply this match?
Debojit Sarkar (9 months ago)
Fuck off...Lin Dan and Lee chong didn't smash a single shot!
Api On (9 months ago)
Kadokkendall Kylie (9 months ago)
You wish
Hayyan Ahmed (9 months ago)
mhari chhori chhoro se km hai ke
Sarthak Srivastava (9 months ago)
Only Sania was playing! Sindhu was just standing and staring..😂
Talkative Introvert (9 months ago)
I was there the referee said no smash to the boys
Faiz Fairuz (9 months ago)
Why they only defending..haha
EZEKIEL (6 months ago)
Wee Jian Lee (9 months ago)
Respect! The ladies won by their own skills, the guys did everything EXCEPT smashing.
aayush bapat (9 months ago)
For all saying LCW and LD are not trying, true. But If you see neither PV not SN are trying too hard either. Yes they're more combative and attacking than the boys but this was just a fun thing. Nobody here is trying to show their real shit. As for what would happen of all of them were actually playing like they do at the circuit. Well we'll never know will we 🙄
Nurul Fatihah (9 months ago)
Lin dan and lee chong wei just let the girls win, lol what do you expect if these boys keep smashing until the end ?
cecan 99 (9 months ago)
u people need to chill lol,everyone knows that lcw and lin dan are no even tryin and just playing around but can u guys just enjoy the match and stop commenting like 'owh lcw n lin dan just fooling around lol' 'they didn't even tried to win' at least sindhu and nehwal played well tho, and its so fun to watch n don't be a butthurt people, btw lcw and lin dan seems to have so much, and the duo india are such a talented badminton players, u go girls💛
arnab som (5 months ago)
cecan 99 (9 months ago)
ati ati sama cewe india,di smash sm diorg mental lu ke taj mahal:v
cecan 99 (9 months ago)
gini nih kita butuh atlet perempuan bermental dan setangguh duo india ini
siddhant singh (9 months ago)
Seriously the title of the vedio doesnt suit what we saw....playing with legends of badminton is itself an accomplishment for the two girls...love u saina n sindhu...n respect for the remarkable effort they have put through ...in a match of five saina got exhausted against the legendary duo...what will happen in a full set game ..i assume!
Desta Priscilla (9 months ago)
haaahaha so interesting to watch them
Gold YT (9 months ago)
abishek.r Kalainjan (9 months ago)
It's not Lin Dan game actually he just promote our champs ... that's a sportsmanship...
Dexterity Adroitnes (9 months ago)
Theyve been so much fun there !!!! The Lee Lin not even trying. ...
Ashish Shekar (9 months ago)
They aren't even trying. They are underestimating them you can clearly see it.
Ving Tan (7 months ago)
Ashish Shekar bullshit man they are just being gentlemen, even if they were underestimating them they still would have won 5-0
Vieri Kristianto (10 months ago)
Pathetic. I didn't even see any smash or net play from the boys lol
rajkumar karwasra (10 months ago)
LCW and LD were not smashing if LCW will hit smash they will not see where the shuttle is going
Khyahrii Aloysius S (7 months ago)
DOMIL Johnson forgiven
Domil Antony Johnson (7 months ago)
Khyahrii Aloysius S (7 months ago)
DOMIL Johnson seriously? Typical Indian? Focus, if not Saina and Sindhu will knock your head.
Domil Antony Johnson (7 months ago)
said who
Rajeev Kamalasanan (10 months ago)
Well done girls!
Manorama Meyan (10 months ago)
Look at them , they are hardly even trying to beat them . They are not even playing offensive in double lol . Probably they gave them money to loose , it's INDIA
MD:Aminul Islam (10 months ago)
Kartik Mukherjee (10 months ago)
They do not want to win as we all know the playing style of great lin dan
Ayni Ida (10 months ago)
wah this is so cool 😍😍😍 more video like this please

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