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Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU

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Can a person be "cured" of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think. Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at IU Health Arnett, a program she created. She is board certified in both obesity medicine and internal medicine and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She has recently created what is only the second non-surgical weight loss rotation in the country for medical students. Her program has consistently exceeded national benchmarks for weight loss, and has been highly successful in reversing diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Dr. Hallberg is also the co-author of www.fitteru.us, a blog about health and wellness. B.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1994 M.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1996 M.D., Des Moines University, 2002 This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Mandy Last (12 hours ago)
Insulin index of food shows that tuna and steak raise insulin levels more that a jelly doughnut. So do NOT tell me raising insulin levels by eating steak is going to be good for insulin resistance!!!!!!!
Mandy Last (12 hours ago)
I ended up in the hospital when I came down with type 1 autoimmune diabetes. The doctor yelled at me and told me to go to the gym, sent me home with blood sugar at 575.
Steven Depuy (14 hours ago)
If your allergic to peanuts, do you keep eating peanut butter, and then jab an epi pen into your body so you don't die. Thats pretty much what modern medicine has been doing with diabetes care. I am down 130 pounds, and about to break through the no longer diabetic barrier in my next blood test. This woman is a hero for all she has put herself through for us.
HunkpapaLakota (15 hours ago)
just got told i got Type II diabetes today. Im here for answers, or any help.
Chairman Meow (1 day ago)
I cried when she said "no potatoes"
Mary Cat Young (1 day ago)
There are thousands of comments, so this has probably been asked. Is it possible Dr. Hallberg uses the word "carbohydrate' when what she means (more precisely) is "starch"? The recommended diet includes many vegetables, which are carbohydrates. Grains are starches, so what she most wants us to cut back is starch. Right?
Bflatest (1 day ago)
is it too late for me ? I was told I was type2 8 years ago. I was about 280lb 6ft tall. It was high the Doc told me I need to lose weight. he put me on 1k mg Metformi a day. I started to ride bike and lost 40 pounds in 3 months. Doc reduced my metformin to 500mg a day. but I kept the weight off but my eating habits have been up and down and Now I am on 2k metformin a day for 5 years now. I am very afraid. I have a 6yo and I don't want to die soon. You see a few months ago I finally went back to doctor I had lost my insurance and did not go for over a year. I tested high -med I had not been daily testing because no matter what I try my tests are like 180 245. Even 3 months ago I tried really hard to eat better and exercise a little and I was so excited to show the doctor I was doing better. BUT! she said I was a tiny bit worse than 3 months ago. I gave up I feel like now I might need insulin as the metformin doesn't seem to help. I am going to try one more time to eat even better and exercise on stationary bike a few times a week. Say a prayer for me. If you have any info on meal plans something I can be religious about following that would make sure I was helped I would be grateful.
ILOVED THIS..Thank yous o much for the knowledge!
Jorge Martinez (2 days ago)
Husband has diabetes and hates being sick, is working to reverse it but no one here is helping can you send info ASAP
Jorge Martinez (2 days ago)
Need to get on your program ASAP, can you offer additional info, material, books, guidelines, or any other support. Please contact me ASAP
Dean Perotti (2 days ago)
I am new diagnosed diabetical and I’m going to try it.
Humble Prussian (2 days ago)
Just got an ad for strawberry shortcake oreo cookies
TheEnquiringMind (3 days ago)
Thank you did it for 2 weeks, 20 pounds lighter......
agape423 (3 days ago)
CARBS are not the Only culprits. The pesticides play a big role too? Why wheat for example need so much of these chemicals? BECAUSE their GMO condition. Europe had banned many of these pesticides. Somehow almost 100% of the grains on this side of the hemisphere are genetically modified. So another good reason to thank this courageous woman to speak out
agape423 (3 days ago)
The BIG PHARMA AND THE ITS COLLUDED PARTNER THE FOOD INDUSTRY. Sorry I forgot the pesticide Industry. Are not so concerned about this diminutive army of whistleblowers Their power now is so great that they don't need to move a finger. Because the Money exchanging hands plus the addictive nature of the human being is such that they just relax. They behave like the NY MAFIA used to act. "We even have the Major on our Payroll" so why get worry about that nosy cop? WHAT"S THE MOTO FOR YOU(italian accent)
Tdenginesyt (4 days ago)
Sounds like the low-carb diet proposed by Dr. Atkins. Decades ago. And he was heavily ridiculed by many people.
austin1839 (4 days ago)
Hard to do when you're disabled and on a very fixed income.
Glenna Middleton (4 days ago)
I was identified as having diabetes almost a year ago. I am currently Sixty-four years old. Possessing diabetes is really a distress for me, and also the fact that I will be struggling the effects of diabetes like my father. Found this excellent information “amazing fivu com” (Google it). The main test outcomes show that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. Right after a week of reading the plan, I have managed to lessen my A1C to 5.9.
Eli Barbie (4 days ago)
No one can live w/o carbs. Low carb diet will increase risk for heart diseases ....
Renee CA (5 days ago)
"Stop using medicine to treat food!" *Finally* a western medicine doc breaks out, wakes up and realizes that they are killing Americans with their prescription pads!! Bravo! Let the word get out!
Rusty Wallace (5 days ago)
Eat animals not their food
jarichards99utube (5 days ago)
EXCELLENT PRESENTATION.  THIS VIDEO CONTAINS---Accurate, True, Factual information based on ACTUAL SCIENCE. EVERYBODY should WATCH this Video over and over again until they learn this this information and have it memorized."THE SYSTEM" wants the population to eat mostly Processed Foods and Grain based carbs + sugars...Why..?  Because they can MAKE THE HIGHEST PROFIT MARGINS on this food AND maximize the profits & income for the medical industry and Big Pharma in particular.DON'T be a victim---change your food intact and you WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE...
tuomasish (5 days ago)
She must be rich because she doctor ?
Ellis Toussier Bigio (5 days ago)
I agree with almost everything Doctor Sarah Hallberg says, except I do not agree that her diabetes patient is "sick no more" "no more diabetes" "she no longer has diabetes" (10:15-10:40). Her patient is still diabetic, and should never forget that she is diabetic. She has her diabetes under control, but she has to continue to exercise and eat correctly (low carbs) always... And for her fifth rules of eating, I would say "No grains, potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, sweets, or sugar."
Erik G. (6 days ago)
so I can eat a bacon meal everyday?
noa sasson (6 days ago)
and how would you deal with your patients passing out because they are basically going on a super model diet ?
No Fix (6 days ago)
How about the number one and two killers diseases in the west - heart disease and cancer. Both of these diseases are caused primarily by meat and dairy. A whole plant food based diet can has worked for many to get them off their diabetes meds AND protect then from the primary killer diseases.
Mamatha Bharathi (6 days ago)
Great information.... Diet and excercise is the 1st point in my prescription....
Tim Hassett (7 days ago)
1.When someone says "carb" they should be more specific. Broccoli is a carb so is refined sugar. 2.Everyone has different bio chemistry.
Niroshan Gunaratne (8 days ago)
Follow Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube. All his videos he’s talking about this matter.
Darren Wayne (8 days ago)
ya, it's not their fault for eating junk food every day of their life..
KangenAlec (8 days ago)
Diabetes is what happens when the pancreas starts to malfunction. The main causes are acidic and toxic body. For those who really want to be healthy, you need to start drinking Kangen water. Its the only healthy hydration available in the world today
franci soba (8 days ago)
Respect. Impresive knowlede on simple way.
ravinder kaul (8 days ago)
Yes LCHF diet is the solution to lot of issues with diabetes.
Mark Hughes (8 days ago)
Excellent Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered - Patlarny Diabetes Ruins Principle (just google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for destroying diabetes without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my mate at last got great results with it.
Mike Mayhew (9 days ago)
Is this lady still alive? She’s got a target on her back by BigPharma.
Mike Mayhew (9 days ago)
My two greatest enemies: Rachel Greene and complex carbohydrates.
Joshua Strickland (9 days ago)
type 2 does not always need insulin.
Music Oldies (9 days ago)
Can diabetes be cured? NO!!! You can completely reverse the symptoms of this condition by a combination of medication, good diet, exercise and by getting the proper sleep while also aiming to reduce stress in your life. However, once you go back to your previous living patterns, your blood sugar will abnormally rise again. Type 2 diabetes comes on within most people over time due to age - when the walls within the body's millions of cells become permanently compromised, which prevents them from intaking the proper amount of sugar to provide the necessary energy within those cells, which in turn fuels the body as a whole to function properly. This is a very delicate mechanism which cannot be "cured". With the combination of the above factors that I mentioned, a person can live a normal life and exhibit the same blood sugar readings as if they didn't have the diabetes in the first place, but the damage to the body's cell structures is permanent.
a a (9 days ago)
Sarah hallberg should be tried in court for mass murder with the bad advise she is giving. Is she basically pushing the Atkins diet?
a a (9 days ago)
Is she paid by the medical industry or meat industry? She has missed a key point out here. Watch Dr Neal barnyard. You will get the full facts
Patrick Lee (11 days ago)
Forget about the carb propaganda, animal fats are what's killing people.
scott tracey (11 days ago)
In just 4 months I reduced my weight by 18 lbs .. stabilized my blood sugars to normal Reduced my insulin by 1/2. My goal is to remove insulin and the other meds from my life within a year. This is the only way to get your disease under control. I cut out grains, starches, and sugar.
jonatallman (12 days ago)
Listen to Dr Robert Morse!
USONOFAV (12 days ago)
Or do intermittent fasting
Richard Monroe (12 days ago)
Not all but many doctors want a steady stream of sick people coming their way
Richard Monroe (12 days ago)
I'm not sure if someone who's sedentary can benefit as much as someone who exercises regularly
coit black (12 days ago)
When my father said this EXATE same thing, he was concidered a quak. When Adkins died, even though he was in his seventy and fell cracking his head, the critics said "see, he died" ignoring why?
coit black (12 days ago)
What is she really saying. Adkin's diet was right!
coit black (12 days ago)
How to determine if you are hyperglycenic. Eat like crazy, piee like all the time drink like crazy. Eating to put food in the cells which don't make it. Drink to flush out sugar that creats thrist. Known as Polyphasi, polydipsia and polyuria. You may look at a diabetic and say "no wonder! look at them eat and drink, when in fact, they maybe starving. Preferring simple carbs over complex carbs that take longer to break down.
coit black (12 days ago)
My father, was perhaps, the first bariatric doctor around. "Rainbow" diet pills. Attacked! Patients from as far away as Europe. Rich? No. Kept prices so low that he once even bounced a check. I was obese and he did everything for me.
Howard Greene (13 days ago)
I was diagnosed with Type2 about a year and a half ago. I cut out sugar and carbs. I also went on Metformin and Victoza. My doctor told me that most of her patients take a year to a year and a half to get to where I got in 3 months. Mysteriously, a lot of people don't take Type 2 very seriously. They think that if they take the meds and just cut back on sugar and carbs, they'll be OK. My average blood glucose level went way down. My A1C went from 10.6 to 5.8, and I've lost 75 lbs, so far. My goal is to get off the meds entirely.
Jenny Morales (13 days ago)
I reversed my diabetes mellitus... thanks to my doctor.
S Alty (13 days ago)
Excellent summary. I believe I learned this in each of 3 day long workshops, and then forgot it. Thanks for the emphasis on the need for fats.
Tafadzwa Matibhiri (13 days ago)
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to discover management of type 2 diabetes try Jadonite Proven Diabetes Buddy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my buddy got excellent results with it.
Aser Dada (14 days ago)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover cure of type 2 diabetes try Morundan Proven Diabetes Mastery (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.
MegaVegan (14 days ago)
Give all her patients a glucose tolerance test and see how diabetic-free they really are.
SamLazer (14 days ago)
Body needs carbon hydrates, if you dont consume carbs you'll be out of energy all the time. The point is to consume good amounts of slow absorbing carbon hydrates which will keep normal energy balance through out the day. Consuming pure glucose in other hand is like replacing gas with tnt, it releases insane amount of energy in an instant and it dies out almost as fast leaving behind damage to body.
Who Cares (14 days ago)
Wow 4.9k people in denial
Uncle Gamer (14 days ago)
So I started a low carb diet and I understood the basis of this dietary style. However one thing I was told threw me off. I was told that I could have a huge bowl of berries each day. (I love berries) This seemed odd to me as berries are almost pure carbs. Has anyone else heard this advice and I would love to hear others thoughts.
N SH (15 days ago)
She is genius. My blood sugar was not less than 110 during the last 20 years and recently reached 127 my doctor said you have diabet type 2 and prescribed me some medication. I didnt used them and just didnt eat any carbs after 2 days my blood sugar lowered than 100 my and my blood sugar 2 hours after lunch reached 97 I didnt beleive it happens just after 2 days I have 15 kilos over weight and I hope I can reduce my weight too. She deserves nobble price. I dont believe it was so simple.
Kontra Septic (16 days ago)
..sits down to a good sized steak with garlic butter and a big green salad ...and losing weight .. Atkins was right! Its not a diet - its a lifestyle eating good food in good sizes where you never feel short changed.
Kontra Septic (16 days ago)
So its basically the Atkins diet. I am not surprised and had great results on the classic Atkins. All serious modern diets are essentially watered down versions of the Atkins lifestyle. The classic western food pyramid wants us to eat mostly carbs because they are the cheapest to produce and have the highest profit margin ...sugar is even more profitable. As usual ... it was all about profit, greed and brainwashing.
Carmen Green (16 days ago)
Galblader? Liver? Skin?
Tony G (17 days ago)
I love that you're an MD and have been telling the truth for three years now. Maybe my loss of faith in humanity is premature.
Twyla Castaneda (17 days ago)
Is it possible that the sugar we take in, that is artificial, (as in gmo, not Sachin etc.) is inadequate as a sugar to insulin supply? Like..how an artificial flavor, no matter how close to the original, can never taste correct, maybe our systems can tell gmo cane sugar from actual cane sugar or things made from gmo sources that have carbs, and is not being changed into insulin as efficiently? It's an inadequate source? Just rambles
Bruce Parkes (17 days ago)
Cut out sugar. Coke 16 teaspoons of sugar. One of many products.
Bruce Parkes (17 days ago)
Sugar, sugar hidden in processed foods. Eat natural foods.
Beth Berzas (17 days ago)
Not all diabetes is caused due to being overweight and eating carbs. I weighed 98 lbs, worked every day and walked at least two miles a day on my job. My diet was near vegetarian and I rarely ate carbs. At age 65, I thought I was having a heart attack and was taken to an emergency room. My blood sugar was over 500 pts. Diabetes can be hereditary. My problem is not diet... it’s my parents gift to me. I do like what she has to say “there is money in keeping you sick”.
Szabolcs Keri (17 days ago)
Why aren't all the doctors like her?
Saeed Own (18 days ago)
God bless you Dr. Sarah u said it outloud :)
Peanut Butter (18 days ago)
Okay, I see what you are saying, but ai am of the mindset that carbs are needed for the brain. I am in recovery from an eating disorder, and, I am told that I need to eat all food groups. And also, veggies are carbs.
While in residency in the 90s i encouraged my patients to eat real food! Society is so addicted to sugar and fast food/ convenience foods! We have to keep encouraging them. I love your simple tips!
eric duffy (18 days ago)
Diabetes is NOT A DISEASE! Also on the same note alcoholism or drug addiction is NOT A DISEASE. Its a result of poisoning yourself. If you stop poisoning yourself, you stop suffering the ill effects of the results. Its called "self control" people. All of america should try to have a little, or a whole lot more.
David Shohan (18 days ago)
PCFanatic LetsPlay (18 days ago)
Another issue is, people like me, I'm disabled and the food stamps I get are determined by the government using a cheap high carb diet.. You'd eat less than half a month changing diet and/or have a constant starving feeling. I've tried it, my blood sugar went down but I felt like I was starving because I wasn't eating very much, just a meal a day split into 3. Not easy on $6 a day when you can't stand up cooking constantly.
Gerardo deGuzman (19 days ago)
My alma mater. There is one thing I theorize; Does GMO sugar or artificial sweeteners changes the structure of insulin. The insulin to the cells is useless because it is not glucose that goes to the cells but artificial sweeteners. So you recommend a keto diet.
zThomas Perez (19 days ago)
Why is big pharma allowing her to tell this truth?
Path Finder (19 days ago)
Forget Lebron forget Michael Jordan .... This Woman is My Hero !!!!
Kent S. Merrill (19 days ago)
I hadn't heard of this lady until today. But i have a blood meter and I test on average 5 times a day. I was diagnosed with T2 15 years ago with an A1c of 12.4. I studied the problem. Within 6 months my A1c was 5.2. It has stayed between 5.2 & 5.4 ever since (and I'm no angel- I cheat and eat some sweets). I did it by doing what this lady just explained.
Susan Butler (19 days ago)
How do you eat like this if you are vegan? Do not eat animal products?
Özgür Prepper (19 days ago)
Don't put fruits and soda carbs into the same basket please. Stay away packaged food and you'll be fine.
axiomist (20 days ago)
Josh Isralowitz (20 days ago)
Sorry but the graph on 4:16 is very misleading. Eating carbs with a low GI creates a much flatter glucose/insulin curve.
Connie Schmoll (20 days ago)
How would you recommend a person with hypoglycemia transition to less carbs when their sugar drops to unsafe levels?
Bas X (20 days ago)
The more i learn about this subject, the more i am getting convinced that some people want to sell a lot of drugs to us...
067captain (21 days ago)
So if there are regions of the world that eat a high carb diet, they must be riddled with a diabetes epidemic right - so rural china and Japan - certainly years ago these societies existed almost exclusively on a rice based diet - a classic carb, and low and behold diabetes did not exist! Carbohydrate is not the enemy, well not natural simple carbs. If you eat the diet we are designed to eat, exclusively fruits and veg, and potatos, rice, nuts and seeds, diabetes simply can't exist.
Ron Carr (21 days ago)
These recommendations are not a cure, so much, as a treatment...the person remains resistant to insulin. If they eat the "regular" diet that a person without diabetes does, they will have the same problems...Having said that...this is still a real solution that most of the conventional literature does not address.....
E drop (22 days ago)
She's a doctor, and she's publicly stating that pharmaceuticals make money -off of our suffering?- Respect. Most doctors _I know_ cleverly doge topics like this.
agape423 (3 days ago)
Many Drs. Had their license revoked. Bless her heart.
Renee CA (5 days ago)
They do! Watch "The Truth About Cancer"
amkarei (11 days ago)
Yep...Heaven help her when she tries to find funding, huh!?! Maybe the Dairy Council, dairy being a major source of Fats in our diets, would help support her efforts.
Abdul Classic (22 days ago)
If you are low carb, you have not high bloodsugar, because you don't eat carbs or sugar. But you didn't reverse it. So you have to be high carb to reverse insulin resistance!! Watch out and search for dr. mc dougal or dr. Greger.
harukaru (23 days ago)
European here, diagnosed with Type 2, a years ago, at the age of 33, it was not because of my diet as I was high on veggies, home cooked food, no junk, no soft drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, etc, I didn't eat potatoes or bread. My diabetes is genetic, my family had it always from young age. Doc put me in low to no carbos diet AND meds instantly. The no carbos for me meant I couldn't eat as many fruits I used to (that would be 5) I started with no fruits at all, then I was allowed 1 per day. My meds cost 2 euros per 80 days (box of 40 pills, I consume half per day)(secret for low med prices? BY LAW, ANY TYPE OF ADVERTISEMENT FOR ALL TYPES OF MEDS ARE PROHIBITED) So I honestly DONT understand what docs are doing in the US, suggesting high on carbos diets
DavidFMayerPhD (23 days ago)
What is missing here is a CAUSE for Type 2 Diabetes. It is not remotely possible that such a dangerous disease can be so prevalent in a population for genetic reasons. Such vulnerability would have been evolved out of existence. Hence, we must look elsewhere. The biggest named cause is BAD DIET. Still, I doubt if the MAJORITY of US adults eat a bad diet. One largely overlooked possible is infection, in particular intestinal infection.
Jackie H (23 days ago)
I did not believe I can ever be better or loose weight, I saw this a long ago but now I believe and I loss weight plus my blood test are significantly better. Thank you for your advance knowledge -hope people can really hear you because you are so correct.
Writer C Maverick (23 days ago)
I still love this vid! 💗
lyndsay conkey (24 days ago)
Watch What the Health it talks about some of what this video speaks of and the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association... Much more.
Paul (24 days ago)
yeah get rid of DT2 and then something else pops up, Karma is fate, TED sells snake oil and folks love it. I know more than TED. all these modern day diseases affect mainly atheists. These diseases ain't going any where, any time soon. Like Joe below,,lets see his health in 5,10,20 yrs from now. Fate will always follow if you do not make the spiritual changes necessary.
Tina McLaughlin (24 days ago)
Wonderful, Hopeful, and as a Diabetic soon to be factual in my lil reality.
Maximus Attackus (24 days ago)
Carbs are only an issue if you eat lots of Carbs and lead a sedentary life style , try cycling hard for 3 hours with no carbs , it won't end well
Maximus Attackus (24 days ago)
didnt have this issue in the 60s 70s & 80s
Aulbert West (24 days ago)
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes almost 2 years ago, probably had it before then. Now have a couple of ulcers on my right foot [toe and underneath]. I am no longer as overweight as I once one, in fact the Nurse Practitioner told me that I could not overcome my diabetes naturally because I don't have a lot of weight to lose. The foot doctor said don't go by BMI, which recomends that my normal range of weight should be from 118 to 148, the middle or so being 130 to 136. I currently weigh 172. So, do you have to be obese, not just slightly overweight [according to the BMI] in order to overcome diabetes?

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